Friday, July 31, 2009

Friday Facts

No cartoons today...I know your upset.

However, the weekend is upon let's get our facts straight.

1.) The entire 2nd season of Mad Men is now available on-demand in HD for free! I'm really geeking out over this show and since I didn't really have any plans tonight...the geek fest is going to be at an all time high! Woo!

2.) The big news for this weekend is that I'm going camping tomorrow night with Dude, Melissa, Ben, Megs and Lautaro. We'll all be crammed up in Dude and Melissa's should be good times!

3.) My friend TJ lives in Greencastle, IN. It's about two hours away and, although I've never been there, I'm pretty sure the only reason to go up there is to visit a friend. One day I'll go visit TJ...but it won't be this weekend. However, this is the text message I received from him last night at 9.

"I know you've probably got plans but if you want to come visit me this weekend feel free. Bring Makers."

It gave me a good laugh. I'll come up some day TJ...but I've got Mad Men to watch and camping to do this weekend.

4.) David Ortiz and Manny Ramirez did steroids. Am I shocked? I'm really only shocked by the fact that other people are shocked. It was 2003, people were doing crazy things...lets get over it.

5.) It's official...we suck at trivia. For the 4th or 5th week in a row we would have finished in the top 2 had we answered the final question correctly...but we didn' we lost....again. Boo.

6.) I have to get a haircut next week. I don't want to, but I have to.

7.) Inspired by Ben and his friends' mustache growing for the bar exam...I've decided to go with the mustache look for the camping trip. I'm pretty excited.

8.) Taylor finished her last day of RHD training today! Woo-hoo! She still has lots to do for her job, but it's an accomplishment none the less. Congrats, Dear!

9.) I love donuts. We had some at the office took everything I had not to eat all of them. I friggin' love them.

10.) July is over after today. Is it just me or has this month lasted FOREVER? Oh well, bring it on August.

Have a great weekend peeps.

Song of the Weekend: Johnny Cash - Ring of Fire
GRE Word: Perfidy - A deliberate breach of faith; treachery

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Cartoon Brian

So it's pretty much every kid's dream to be a cartoon. Don't lie, you all wanted to be a cartoon when you were younger. Luckily, the internet provides us with the kind of genius it takes to make that dream a reality. Yup you can customize a picture of yourself in so many ways...and man am I a sucker for these kind of gadgets. I hadn't seen a good one in a while....but luckily my obsession with Mad Men led me to a new little gimmick. But, before we jump into to the Mad Menization of myself. Let's look at my other classics.

1.) Brian as a Simpson:
Pretty funny. Although while the "Simpsonize" deal is pretty cool, I must say that this one is just ok in my book. It's cool that you upload a picture of yourself...but the options it has just aren't that great. However, I did this one like a year maybe they got better. Nevertheless, it's fun to think about how I would get along with the other yellow folks in Springfield.

2.) South Park Brian
This one might be my favorite. I love that I was able to give myself a UofL shirt. I also love that I could give myself a beer and put myself in a bar. I think I would probably be good friends with Randy Marsh.

I think I would date this chick if I lived in South Park...
That's supposed to be Taylor. My one complaint is that the South Park hair options aren't all that grand. Still though, they're pretty hilarious.

3.) Mad Men Brian
Also here is me on my first day of work at Sterling Cooper...
Even though Mad Men is not a cartoon, I think I like this the best. Even though it's only because I get to pretend to wear fancy suits and drink awesome cocktails at work.

Anyway, there you life as a cartoon.

Now I've put links to each of the sites near the 1,2 and feel free to Simpsonize, South Park or Mad Men yourself and share your results for us all to see.

Have a good day guys.

Song of the Day: Monsters of Folk - Say Please
GRE Word: Neologism - A new word, meaning, usage or phrase

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I did it...

I signed up for the GRE. On September 26th at noon, I'll be taking a four hour test that will probably determine whether or not I get in to grad school. Which in turn will determine whether or not I have a future.

I'm not really nervous, it just seems like a big deal. One thing is for sure...I gotta get down to business and study my little heart out in the next 50 days!

I don't really have much else to say. So here's are some things I've been thinking about today.

* I get to play basketball tonight. That's always a really fun time. So I'm looking forward to that.

* Ben and Megs are rapidly approaching the end of their bar exam. I hope they go get hammered after it's done. It will probably only take them like 2 beers since they'll be so drained. At least they'll save some money!

* I haven't obsessed about a show since I started watching The O.C. but let me tell you...I'm pretty obsessed with Mad Men. Also, The O.C.'s first season will forever be known as the greatest season of TV...EVER!

* Here are my favorite commercials right now:


* Also Steve Kragthorpe fired the last Brohm, Greg, from his coaching position at UofL. Seriously Steve, I hope you win 11 games this year...but if you end up sucking...I'm going to find you and treat your man parts like a speed bag.
That's not an empty promise. That man has done 0 things right since being hired coach almost three years ago. ZERO!

Alright guys enjoy the rest of your hump day!

Song of the Day: Chubby Checker - Let's Twist Again
GRE Word: Nascent - beginning to exist or develop

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Tuesday Tidbits...

Who likes to rock the party? I like to rock the party!

* So first things first today...lets all take a sec and wish Ben and Megs good luck. Yup today is the day (and tomorrow) that they take the BAR EXAM! They studied for months, they're smart kids....I'm sure they did/are doing/will do fine!

* Here's a picture of how killer the apartment's bar room is now!
Easily my favorite room in the entire place.

* I watched another episode of "Mad Men" last night. I'm hooked. I've only seen two episodes but there's a weird kinda drama the show builds that just leaves you wanting more. Also the awesome suits and cocktails don't hurt.

* Speaking of cocktails....when did the practice of keeping liquor in your office and having a drink or two at work become frowned upon? I mean seriously, I'm sure it's still done in some places...but on the whole I think this is an activity that needs to be rejuvenized. Who's with me?

* I'm going camping this Saturday! I haven't been camping since last fall, so I'm looking forward to it for sure.

* Shaq (aka The Big Witness Protector) hosted WWE Monday Night Raw last night...and it was hilarious. I didn't see the whole thing (just some highlights on Sportscenter), but that man has charisma like no one else. He's hysterical.

* Guess what? Today I found out that it costs $150 to take the GRE. That's absurd. How about I just pay someone $50 bucks, let them kick me in the junk...and then I get into grad school? I mean seriously, I'd prefer that.

Sadly, that's all for today, I'm sorry for such a lackluster set of tidbits...blame it on the rain!

Song of the day: Sam Cooke - You Send Me
GRE Word: Stymie - to block; thwart

Monday, July 27, 2009

Weekend Recap

So...what did you guys do this weekend?

I was as productive as I've ever been on a weekend...I think. Usually I get a few things accomplished over the weekend, but mainly I just rest up and take it easy. Not this time.

I was up early Saturday morning and after meeting with Dude and Dad for coffee, I headed to Lowe's to get some paint. The reason I got the paint was because my next stop was my Mom's where she helped me fix up these two old chairs we had. 10 bucks and a few short hours later, Lautaro and I had new chairs for our bar room.

After fixing the chairs, I went to the gym for a while (watch out Becky!) and then Saturday night I was able to get in a long distance date with Taylor...which is where we use our webcams and watch a movie together. I know it's cute, you don't have to tell me. Also, we watched Wayne's World and Kicking and Screaming, two excellent movies.

Sunday was equally as productive as I played raquette ball with Dad and Ryan for a few hours, went to the grocery, studied for the GRE, cooked myself spaghetti for dinner and then rearranged the bar room with help from Lautaro and Mom.

So yeah, I'm feeling pretty good about the amount of stuff I did this good that I'll probably take a nap sometime after work today.

Oh, I also watched an episode of Mad Men...that show has me intrigued.

That's all for today. Good luck to Ben and Megs tomorrow as they battle the bar exam!

Song of the Day: Frank Sinatra - I've Got You Under My Skin
GRE Word: Enervate - to weaken; to reduce in vitality.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Top 5: TV Shows I Wish I Watched

I watch a fair amount of TV. My favorite shows currently on (RIP Arrested Development) are, 30 Rock, The Office, Scrubs, South Park, Flight of the Conchords and Pardon the Interruption. However, there are some shows out there (that I have never seen...or only seen once or twice) that look pretty entertaining. So, I give you a list of the Top 5 shows I don't watch...but would like to start watching.

5.) Entourage
I've seen this show exactly one time. It seemed decent and there are lots of people I know who like it...I just haven't ever gotten into it. I even have HBO.

2.) 24
From everything I've heard...Jack Bauer is not to be messed with. I wouldn't know for sure though, I've never seen this show....not even once.

3.) Rescue Me
I know this show is about firefighters. I know Dennis Leary is on the show. I know that a lot of people like it...I've never seen it.

2.) Lost
There's people lost on an island I get that part. What I don't get is why every time it's on everyone on the planet changes their Facebook status to something lame like, "Can't wait to GET LOST tonight!" I mean if it were such a cool show you would think people would be more creative with their Facebook statuses. I wouldn't know though because I've never taken the opportunity to "Get Lost"

1.) Mad Men
They wear awesome suits, drink liquor, smoke cigars and sit in arm chairs. I don't know if that's actually correct or not...but that's all I know about this show. However, if that is in fact true...there is absolutely no excuse for me not watching, because that sounds badass!

So there you go, 5 shows I wish I watched. If anyone has any of those shows on DVD and wants to let me borrow them...that would be swell.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Song of the Weekend: Jamie Cullum - Twentysomething
GRE Word: Virulent - Extremely harmful or poisonous; bitterly hostile or antagonistic

Thursday, July 23, 2009

I need some sports

It's official, I'm through with Summer. You know why I'm through with summer? Because I'm tired of watching regular season baseball games. Growing up I loved baseball, it was my favorite far. I still like baseball a whole lot, but my need for sports is simply not satisfied by the crack of the bat anymore. I need some fast breaks, I need a block, I need a three pointer. Heck I'd even settle for a touch down, interception or sack right now....I just need some kind of emotion from sports...July baseball doesn't have that.

I was able to distract myself with the Derby, UofL's baseball team and the NBA draft for a while...but it's not gonna work anymore. I need it to be September, I need sports.

It's sad...Sports is my drug...and I need a fix.

Here are some remind us of the better times.
Seriously...any one of those things would bring a little happiness into my life right now. Then I could sleep better at night...

No girlfriend sports joy in mudville present. I'm trying to be patient...but it's lame.

Song of the Day: The Toadies - Possum Kingdom
GRE Word: chicanery - trickery or subterfuge

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

E-Mail addresses are lame these days...

Is it just me or is anyone else disappointed in the lack of funny e-mail addresses these days? I mean I guess it's more professional...but how much fun is it to have to email or

Remember when e-mail was just starting and everyone had really clever/funny/lame email addresses? I know I was for a long while. I can remember a girl that I had a crush on in like 8th grade being "hottiebabe143" or something like that.

I also had the email address apparently Briballouie was already I had to add 7 on it. I still call bullshit on that.

I mean seriously I can remember thinking long and hard about what my email address should be. It was crucial because I wanted it to be cool, unique and I wanted to make sure it would also be a badass AOL instant messenger name (AIM is a story for a different day).

It does make it easier to remember email addresses these days because if I want to e-mail a friend I don't have to guess their favorite animal/athlete/adjective combined with their favorite number or year they were born. But, I can honestly say I miss the days when I got to e-mail, and

Oh well, just another thing from my youth that's unfortunately over and done with...just like slap bracelets, dunkarooos and gak.

Have a good Wednesday amigos.

Song of the Day: David Grey - Please Forgive Me
GRE Word: exigent - urgent, pressing; requiring immediate action or attention

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Tuesday Tidbits...

Let's do this thing...

* It's official, Beatles Rock Band is going to be the coolest video game of all time. Here's a new trailer:

I mean's friggin' fantastic. Come on September!

* I heard last night that Kid Rock is going to release his own beer. Surprisingly, while I hate his music, as an individual...Kid Rock has always been ok in my book...but not anymore. That's because the name of Kid Rock's beer is going to be, "American Badass"...Seriously, how is this stuff allowed to happen?

* I know it's wrong to wish your life away and what not...and I know the weather in Louisville has been awesome lately...but I wish it were Fall. Summer is fun for about 4 weeks and my 4 weeks of Summer fun are over. I want there to be leaves falling, sweatshirt wearing, football playing and most importantly for me...Taylor seeing. Only another month or so!

* So Shaq has a new reality show coming out. Apparently it will be called, "Shaq vs." and it will include Shaq taking on athletes such as Michael Phelps, Oscar De La Hoya and Serena Williams in their own sports. I'm not sure how good this show will be, but I am sure that I will watch it...because Shaq is hilarious. It begins August 18th on ABC.

* So I watched the first Harry Potter movie on Saturday. It was my first attempt to get into the Potter series in any way shape or form. Let me say, it was good...better then I thought it would be. So good that I'm looking forward to watching the next movie. Damn it.

* I've been listening to a lot of Ben Folds recently and I've realized that Mr. Folds is perhaps my favorite musician never to be mentioned on the blog. I feel like I may have mentioned him once or twice...but that's not enough. I love Ben Folds and one day I'm going to give him an entire post all to himself. (but for now this tidbit and this picture will have to be enough).
* One last thing...Mark Madsen got traded to the Los Angeles Clippers. I know none of you care, but it's the first time Madsen has been in the news since this...

And I really wanted to post that. It is unbelievable how many stereotypes he embodies while being the only faded jeans wearing, goofy dancing, white, shirt tucking player on the entire Lakers 2001 roster. God bless him for his dance moves though!

Alright gang, that's all for today. Have a good Tuesday!

Song of the Day: Ben Folds 5 - Underground
GRE Word of the Day: Martial - associated with war & the armed forces

Monday, July 20, 2009

Ch-Ch-Ch Changes

It's been known for a while that my post college plans have involved starting up a small brew pub with some family members. While we were hoping to have the pub up and running by now, the economy has prevented us from raising the money necessary to go through with our plan. As a result, I have made the decision to alter my career path a bit. I have decided to try and get into grad school at UofL with hopes of earning a Masters in Sports Administration.

With a Masters in Sports Administration I will be able to find jobs (hopefully) in many different areas involving the "business side" of sports. Whether it's an associate athletic director, a job in sports marketing, or even a high school coach...this masters degree will highly increase my chances of obtaining a job in the field of sports.

Now then, there are a few problems standing in my way.

1.) The deadline for Fall admission was July 1st. So as it turns out I'm shooting for admission in the spring, which means I have to apply by November 1st.

2.) The Sports Administration program at UofL is one of the best in the country and is highly competitive. Each year around 150 people apply for admission and only about 30-40 get in, so there is a real possibility that I will not get in on my first try...or ever.

3.) I have to take the GRE. I'm not bad at standardized tests, but I don't particularly like them. However, it's something that has to be done, so I'm planning on taking it around the end of September.

Further, to do well on the GRE it is important to learn like 500 ridiculous vocabulary words. I started my quest last night and I already feel smarter. Also, because of hopes of keeping my mind focused...the LoB "Beer of the Day" will be replaced with the LoB "GRE Word of the Day" for the foreseeable future.

Now for those of you bummed because you were looking forward to the Brewpub, don't get too down. We're still trying to figure out a way to start that thing, we just have to scale back our plans so that our start up cost is as low as possible.

What it all boils down to is that I just don't want to wait around anymore...the brewpub would be awesome, but there's a great chance that it won't ever I just needed to make another plan. After some long talks and discussion, and extra help from Taylor (she's the one who told me about the Sports Administration gig...Thanks Dear!) I just realized that Sports is what I love. I love other things like music and pop culture and whatever...but at the end of the day, it's sports that always has and always will capture my attention like nothing else. So, why not try to make a living out of it?

I'm not sure if I'll get in and even if I do there's no guarantee that I'll end up with a dream job...but I'm gonna do all I can to make sure that I do get in and make sure I put myself in a position to achieve a nice job.

It's gonna be an uneasy, exciting, nerve wracking couple of months as I try to get into the program, wish me luck!

Song of the Day: David Bowie - Changes
GRE Word of the Day: effrontery - extreme boldness; presumptuousness

Friday, July 17, 2009

What The Hell Is Wrong With Me?

Alright...Something is wrong with me...that's all there is to it.

I'm not sad, I'm not angry, I'm not sick, I'm not stressed...but for the past like two weeks I have just been annoyed by almost everything that comes near me. I'm fully aware that I'm being absurd and I'm fully aware that the things that are annoying me are really not that bad...but I can't help it.

Here are three examples of the crazy things that have been annoying me:

1.) I got annoyed at the guy making my burrito today at Qdoba. He was nice and polite...but instead of just giving me like one regular sized scoop of rice, he just kept tossing little tiny bits of rice into the burrito. I mean it wasn't bad, the burrito was fine and it only took like 4 more seconds then it should have....but something about the way he was doing it just annoyed the crap out of me.

2.) I got annoyed by my i-Pod today. It's working fine, I have almost 7,000 songs on there...but when I was trying to find something to listen to today at work, nothing stuck out as a a good selection. So I did the mature thing and smacked the off button, groaned and then decided that I would listen to nothing for a while since my i-Pod couldn't please my musical needs.

3.) I actually wrote an entire blog post this week about how much it annoys me to dry off after getting out of the shower.

Guy making me a burrito, i-Pod and drying off...yeah those are the type of things that should piss people.

Seriously? What's my deal?

Like I sad, I'm not unhappy and I'm aware that most of the things pissing me off are no big deal (with the exception of the waitress last night at Bearno's and the other drivers on my morning commute today...those were and still are legit things that pissed me off), I just don't really know what to do. I mean I expect to have an enjoyable weekend, I'm looking forward to it...things just keep irritating me.

Really as I sit here typing...I think there is only one decent solution to all of this...

I need a drink....a big one...probably even more than one.

Man, I'm sorry I'm being such a negative Nancy...I promise I'll be better by Monday. Until then, don't talk to me unless you're going to bring me some bourbon. Just kidding...kinda.

Have a great weekend everyone! I'm hopeful I'll be able to calm myself soon.

Song of the Day: REM - Bad Day
Beer of the Day: Bourbon and Ginger Ale

Thursday, July 16, 2009

This Might Be Fun...

I'm having an off blog-week. I dunno what's wrong with me...I just can't think of anything to blog about. I think it's maybe because I haven't been doing much lately.

So when I can't think of anything to blog about...I turn to either Facebook or Yahoo. Luckily I saw this "about me" thing on Facebook and basically you just answer a bunch of random questions about yourself. Some of the questions are dumb...but oh well! Here goes nothing...

Describe Yourself in One Word: Beardo

Biggest Fear: Car Accidents

Biggest Mistake: I try not to think about those...maybe going to UofL for a year.

Proudest Accomplishment: Graduating from Centre & 98 One on One champ at UofL B-ball camp (tie)

#1 Priority in Life: I want to get married and be successful, but in the end I want to be happy and stress free

Dream Job: Director of Basketball Operations at UofL

Special Talents: I can do this really cool thing where it looks like my thumb comes apart.

Famous Person You Want to Meet: Sir Paul McCartney

Song Played at Your Funeral: This is a really good question...I don't have definite answers...but for now I'll go with The Avett Brothers - Murder in the City and The Beatles - In My Life

Place to Visit Before You Die: I would have said Liverpool until last I'll say New Zealand

What Are You Listening to Right Now?: The Who - A Quick One While He's Away

What makes you happy? Being with loved ones....and laughing.

What did you do yesterday? I went to work, played basketball, ate a hotdog, watched TV, read and talked to Taylor

Are you a good driver? I think so...aggressive, but good.

Last time you showered? This morning

What's the last dream you remember? Something about trying to convince the Cubs to let us play wiffleball at Wrigley Field....but Wrigley Field was indoors and the wiffle ball was like a Balzaac....I woke up before we got the official decision on whether or not we could use the field.

What Side of the bed do you sleep on? I like to explore the space, but more left then right.

Do you dress up for Halloween? Always

Do you ever wish you were famous? Kinda, mainly just rich...not so much famous

Where will you be 12 hours from now? asleep

Does anyone hate you for no reason? Nah, they probably all have good reasons

How many hours of sleep did you get last night? 6ish

What color are your socks? I'm sockless....I've got my business flip-flops on

What are you doing tonight? I'm going to lead my trivia team back to the winner's circle.

Well that was fun...I'll talk to you guys tomorrow.

Song of the Day: The Who - My Generation
Beer of the Day: BBC - Cardinal Red

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Another Thing That Annoys Me...

I had something awesome to blog about today...but I can't remember what it was. I mean I've been wracking my brain all day trying to come up with the answer. I dunno, if it comes back to me...I'll blog about it tomorrow...if was probably meant to be that way.

Anyway, today I thought I'd just go on a rant about another thing that annoys me. As some of you may know...there are certain things that just annoy the bejesus out of me, such as:

* Looking at the microwave to see what time it is...only to see that it hasn't been cleared off.
* When the bottoms of my jeans get wet
* Yellow Mustard (although this one might soon come off the list)
* Bikers
* i-Pod lovers
* Bad Waiters
* Bluetooth headset users.

Well the other day...I realized something else that annoys me....

Drying off after a shower.

I hate it! I love taking showers (I'll blog about my showers sometime in the future, I've pretty much made showering an art form). But, to get out of the shower...and have to towel off my entire body...well that's just terrible . I know it's just something you have to do...but there has to be a better way.
I realize that my battles with drying off are worse then most people's because God blessed me with enough body hair for three grown men, but I just don't know why it annoys me so much. Does anyone else get annoyed by this?

I'm not really sure what to do about this whole thing...I just know that it's a bummer to have to start my day off every morning with something that annoys me.

I really wish I could have thought of the other thing I wanted to blog about. I apologize for blogging about how much I hate drying off....I apologize even more for mentioning my body hair.

Have a great rest of your Wednesday!

Song of the Day: Cold War Kids - Hang Me Up To Dry
Beer of the Day: BBC - Altbier (the kegerator is working...Daniel fixed it!)

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Tuesday Tidbits...

Let's roll...

* Happy Harry Potter day everyone. Finally it's here, the day where no one can judge you for being a dork and dressing up like a wizard child while waiting in line at midnight to see a movie. For the record I have never read any Harry Potter book or seen any of the Harry Potter movie. Taylor loves them, most of my best friends love them...Daniel called and invited me to see it a little while ago....I've just never gotten into it. I don't think it's bad or silly, it's just not my thing. But to the other 98% of the population out there...have a blast! Also, spoiler alert...Harry kills Ron in a battle of lust over you can save your 8 bucks.

* Hey you want to know what's lame? College of Charleston's residence life retreat. Yeah, Taylor is away on this retreat thing and they don't get any cell phone service or Internet or anything. I'm sure it's nice for the RA staff to bond together...but leaving me for three days without any significant conversation with my lady...well that'll land you a seat in my rage cage! I've got my eye on you CofC res life more stunt like this and it is soooo on.

* So I'm a total badass at changing guitar strings now. After my lesson yesterday I went home and changed all 6 on my electric guitar. They looked great...then I went to tune it and two of them snapped.....DAH! You know what's even better? You can't buy just two guitar strings...nooo you have to buy a whole pack. It's almost as big a rip off as the whole 8 hot dogs and 6 hot dog bun thing.

* Speaking of Guitars...the new Guitar Hero is going to be awesome. Here are just a few songs to get excited about:

My Morning Jacket - One Big Holiday
Dire Straits - Sultans of Swing
Weezer - Why Bother?
Band of Horses - Cigarettes, Wedding Bands
Thin Lizzy - Jailbreak
Spacehog - In The Meantime
The Rolling Stones - Sympathy for the Devil

It's going to be awesome. I'd by the game just to sing "In the Meantime" let alone play "One Big Holiday" It drops the first week of September.

* So the Home Run Derby was last night and it proved to me one thing...if they're not going to allow steroids...they need to do something to spice up this event. Prince Fielder was great so was the Cruz kid...but I want McGwire at Fenway type of Home Run Derby bombs!

Also, if anyone roots for the American League tonight...we're no longer friends. The DH is the most un-American thing of all time. AL pitchers are pansies. Also the NL has lost 11 straight, so it'd be nice if they got one.

* Finally, Gatorade has released limited edition Michael Jordan bottles to celebrate his getting into the hall of fame. Here's a picture:
Also here's the greatest commercial of all time:

Also, this is and always will be the most amazing athletic performance I have ever seen:

The "flu" game is the most inspiring sports performance ever. While watching that (over 12 years ago) I never doubted for a moment that the Bulls would win. MJ wanted it more and that is why Michael Jordan is the best ever. If you want to debate that I'll punch you in the face.

That's all for today buckaroos. I'll talk to you all tomorrow.

Song of the Day: Spacehog - In The Meantime
Beer of the Day: Miller High Life

Monday, July 13, 2009

Guest Blogger...

Hey gang, I had a pretty good weekend...but my Monday is slow. I'm tired and I'm not feeling all that great. So, I've decided to have a guest blogger. Well really he doesn't know that I'm doing this so it's probably not all that much of a "guest blogger"

Anyway, my brother Ben used to have an amazing blog. It only lasted about a year, but I loved to read it. I found some of the old posts the other day and I'd like to share one of them with you...because they're hilarious. Ben, if you don't want this up let me know and I'll take it down. But I really doubt you'll care.

from Ben's Blog:

February 8, 2006

Hey, I got a new razor! For most, this probably doesn't seem like big news. However, if your facial hair grows everytime you think hard like mine know how big a day like today is. I tried the new Gilette Fusion...because I saw the commercial and it's really fancy looking (5 blades! Plus one on the other side in case you need just a little more!). I was impressed. My beard laughed at it a little less than the other razors I've used.

When I was in high school I had to shave every day. One day I forgot. Detention. That wasn't the bad part. If detention was the only punishment for not shaving, I'd have been in detention way more. No, at Saint X, if you didn't shave, you got to use their razor. The St. X razor was the little plastic one that you got in a value pack for 50 cents at Wal-Mart, and they didn't splurge for shaving cream. I thought it was a joke at first. I was like "my brother and I used one like this when we were five years-old pretending to shave." This dull razor wasn't a big deal to the kid with three out-of-control chin hairs, who forgot to hit that one, but for me, this was borderline abuse. People complained a lot less about wearing ties every day when they saw my face after using the dollar store blade. I felt sorry for whoever used the bathroom after I did because all the toilet paper was stuck to my face. I'll give them credit. They got the job done. I shaved every morning from that point on.

That first shave is a pretty significant event in a man's life. For most kids it's a pretty joyous occasion. Mine was okay, but some of the joy is replaced with awkwardness and uncertainty when you're not quite a seventh grader. I kept thinking, "Should I be doing this yet? What will happen if I do it too early? I've heard lifting weights at this age stunts your growth...God only knows what shaving does. Well I can't go back to school looking like Magnum PI." So I did it. Now I can grow a beard in approximately 2 hours and 34 minutes.

Oh man I miss that blog. Also he's not kidding about the shaving in 6th grade thing...the boy is one of the biggest and most impressive beardos of all time.

Alright gang, I'll be back with my stuff tomorrow. Thanks for filling in Ben!

Song of the Day: The Avett Brothers - I Would Be Sad
Beer of the Day: Keweenaw - Lift Bridge Brown

Friday, July 10, 2009

This Weekend = Mad Porch Time

More often then not I'm a pretty busy dude. Whether it's a guitar lesson, playing basketball, going to the grocery, whatever...I just do a lot of stuff. However, this weekend I have almost no plans.

The best thing about having no plans? Porch time.

I try to sit on my porch as much as possible, but so often I just get too busy and I can't sit as much as I'd like. I like to go out there, sit in my rocking chair, have a beer or a cocktail, maybe listen to some music or play my guitar...but mostly just relax and unwind. It looks a lot like this:
The best time to sit on the porch is at night, unless it's raining. Luckily for me it looks like there is some rain blowing into town around 5 today....and again at 5 tomorrow. Due to this...I'm jacked up.

I'm sure I'll end up doing something this weekend...I'll probably go swimming at my Mom's tomorrow and I might meet up with some friends for a drink tonight...But, for the most part I'll be sitting on my porch...having a drink...listening to music...enjoying life. Feel free to stop by.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Song of the Weekend: Dan Auerbach - Mean Monsoon
Beer of the Weekend: Dale's Pale Ale

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Top 5: Dinner Party

So I saw this little quiz thing on Facebook the other day and you had to pick 1 Athlete, 1 Actor, 1 Actress, 1 Musician and 1 Celebrity for your top 5 something or another. I thought about the little game and then decided I would use those rules to complete my perfect dinner party for 6 (including me). Here is who I chose...

1.) Musician - Paul McCartney
Big surprise there I know. But seriously...he's one of only two men on the planet who were truly Beatles...and the other is Ringo.

2.) Actor - Steve Martin
I dedicated a whole post to why he makes the it here.

3.) Actress - Tina Fey
If I were going for looks I would have chosen either Natalie Portman or Kate Beckinsale. If I were going for conversation quality I would have chosen Diane Keaton. However, Tina Fey is the total package.

4.) Athlete - Michael Jordan
"I wanna be like Mike"....I always have and I always will. There are other athletes who have captured my attention from time to time, but if I'm picking one...I'm picking MJ.

5.) Celebrity - Conan O'Brien
I took the term "Celebrity" to mean "not an athlete, musician, actor or actress." Conan gets the nod here because he's hilarious.

So there you go, if I had a dream celeb dinner...those are the folks I'd be eating with. Here's an honorable mention list.

Bobby Cox
Bill Murrary
Jim James
Barack Obama
Rick Pitino
Muhammed Ali
Will Ferrell
George Clooney

It'd be cool if you guys wanted to come up with your list and then comment on here and share, but if you don't want to publicly admit that you'd pick the oldest Hanson brother for your musician...well I understand your silence.

Have a great Thursday.

Song of the Day: Cat Power - Sea of Love
Beer of the Day: Sierra Nevada - Pale Ale

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

I'm Sooo Phisticated

It's pretty well known that I've spent the last year attempting to "grow up." It's been a struggle at times. I still have "college" tendencies and I can tend to be pretty lazy. For instance, I have lived in my apartment for about 10 months and I have cooked dinner for myself under 5 times (not counting sandwiches and cereal). So, I recently made a pledge to myself that I would start doing more things for myself.

Last night was a step in the right direction.

I have been acquiring cooking gadgets since I got my own apartment and for the most part they have been rarely used. Still, there was always one gadget that stirred my interest...the Big City Slider Station.
Yup I have one and I had never used it...until last night.

So in honor of the late Billy Mays, I decided it was time for me to try this bad boy out. My expectations were low, but my spirits were high and as it turned out...the Big City Slider Station is a cool little gadget. I was able to fix myself a pretty decent meal in about 15 minutes. I also made Shells and Cheese to accompany the sliders which were dressed with either sharp cheddar or pepper jack cheese and topped with BBQ sauce.

Now to you guys this may seem like a pretty lame event...but it was huge for me. Do you know how many times I thought about using the Slider Station only to opt for Qdoba or cereal? Better yet, do you know how many times I thought to myself YESTERDAY, "Eh, I'll just make a bologna sandwich?" Well the answer to both is...a lot.

But I didn't give in this time, I came through and as a result not only did I have delicious mini burgers...I also moved up a tiny step on the "Grow up scale."

Now, in addition to my cooking excellence, I also completed another feat that I thought impossible. I changed the rest of my guitar myself. Sure I still need a new peg for my B string, but instead of taking my guitar back to the shop and saying, "Can you just fix this for me? I don't know how to do it." I decided I could just fix it myself. So now I have five new strings, all in tune and I'll get a peg after work to finish it off.

It's always easier to let someone else fix the problem...but I don't depend on myself enough...but now...well now I'm putting out fires all over the place.

Lookout planet earth, Brian's showing signs of being a responsible human being after all. Woo!

Song of the Day: John Prine - Illegal Smile
Beer of the Day: Left Hand - Black Jack Porter

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Tuesday Tidbits...

Two bits, four bits, six bits a dollar...all for the Tidbits...stand up and holler.

* So let's start off the day with this...

Yes Yim Yames' (Jim James) 6 song EP tribute to George Harrison is now available for pre-order and download. I bought it last night at midnight and I have listened to it about 10 times. I love it. It's so stripped down and raw. Spend the 6 bucks and enjoy Yim's voice and George's songwriting. Also, "Sir Frankie Crisp (Let it Roll)" is worth the entire 6 bucks...that song wails.

* In another bit of music news...The Avett Brothers have released an EP that contains 3 songs from their upcoming release.
The "I and Love and You - EP" contains the songs: "I and Love and You", "Kickdrum Heart" and "Laundry Room". My first impressions are...well I'm not sure. I like it a lot, but it doesn't have the classic "Avett" feel (I gotta have more Banjo). I'll reserve judgment until I listen a few more times. One thing is for sure...I love the Avett Brothers.

* Yesterday I set out to accomplish two tasks. The first was to change the strings on my acoustic guitar. So I went to Jimmy's (guitar shop) and had Mick show me how to change my strings. He did the first and last strings and I felt pretty confident leaving the store. When I got home I sat down to change the other four. After about 20 mins of frustration and struggle, I finally got the A string on. Then I went to change the B string and snapped the peg that holds the string in place. Crapola! So needless to say, I have a 5 string guitar right now.
My second task was to change out my keg. I love my kegerator, I really do...but that thing is a nightmare. I picked up a fresh keg of Altbier from BBC and headed home. I hooked the tap up, adjusted the CO2 and pulled on the tap....nothing. I soon realized I wasn't getting any CO2 pressure. I'm not sure what the problem is because I unhooked it all and the CO2 didn't appear to be empty. looks like I'll have to patiently wait for Dude to get back in town and then sweet talk him into fixing it for me because he's like the Michael Jordan of fixing kegerators. So yeah, it was a frustrating day.

* How do you like the new font on the "Life of Brian" title up there? I'm thinking about changing the layout of the blog...but I'm not sure. Thoughts?

* Hey Harry Potter fans, I read today that the guy who plays Ron in the movies has swine flu. You'd think Harry could use some spell to fix it...oh that's turns out that Harry Potter sucks.

Just kidding...kinda.

* Check out our boy in his first NBA summer game.
He only had 2 points in his first pro effort, But he also had 9 boards, 3 blocks and a few no look assists. I miss him. (Notice the red shoes)

* So when I put up all of those pictures from Charleston yesterday...I forgot the best one. This was taken at the "Moon Pie General Store" or as I like to call it...heaven.
Ok, it may seem a tad cheesy. But, Taylor has a picture of her grandparents sitting on the exact same we had to do it. Plus, it totally looks like we're flying and we stopped to take a breather on the moon.

* There's a tragic article in today's courier journal which states that Knob Creek is...OUT OF BOURBON! Ahhh! Apparently since they age theirs for 9 years they have to just kind of guess what the demand is going to be and they guessed low. So now their stock shelves are empty and there won't be any more Knob Creek for a few months. It really is just terrible news.

* Finally, here's a really awesome video I found the other day. It's an a capella group containing only high school students. They do versions of several popular songs...including this badass version of My Morning Jacket's "Wordless Chorus"

That's all for today...I'm tidbitted out.

Song of the Day: Yim Yames - Sir Frankie Crisp (Let it Roll)
Beer of the Day: BBC - Altbier (I hear it's great on tap)

Monday, July 06, 2009

Holiday Weekend Recap

What's good party people?

Did you have a good holiday weekend? Well I bet it wasn't as awesome as mine. Check it.

Yup those are my sandy feet chillin' on Sullivan's Island just outside of Charleston.

I worked through lunch on Thursday and then picked up mom and we headed down to Charleston to see Taylor for the weekend. We got in just before midnight and got some rest because the next two days were full of Beach, shopping around, food, fireworks, moonpies and more! Here are some pictures from the trip.

Taylor and I acting as Ben and Jerry. I think I'm Ben and she's Jerry.

Celebrating the 4th with an ice cold PBR

This mustached man and his lady ran down the beach with an American flag. It was the most patriotic thing we saw all day...until a group of people dressed like George Washington, Abe Lincoln and Uncle Sam passed us on the way to a bar. The George Washington guy led the way and as they crossed the street he yelled, "Come on, We're Crossing the Delaware! Damn the British!" It was one of the funnier things I've seen in a while.

Mom, Taylor and Me eating at Fleet Landing, the coolest restaurant in Charleston.

Taylor...super pumped that I'm taking her picture.

Me and the at the beach work out best when you hide the chest hair.

Waiting at waterfront park for the 4th of July fireworks. Note: Once you've seen Thunder of Louisville, all other fireworks shows seem silly.

Like I said, I'll hopefully have more pictures this week.

Now, while this was an outstanding trip and I enjoyed every second of it...there was one downfall. And no it's not the terrible, horrible, stupid drivers from Ohio and Indiana that Mom and I about killed on the way home. It's the fact that saying bye to Taylor this time was even worse then when she left for Charleston last week. When she left last week I always had it in the back of my head that I would go and see her for the holiday weekend. Now...well now I probably won't get to see her for a couple of months. You know what's fun about not seeing your girlfriend for a few months? sucks.

Sigh, hopefully the two of us will be busy for the next couple months and the time will just fly by without it being too much of a bummer....but somehow I doubt it.

Mondays are the worst!

Song of the Day: Wilco - You and I
Beer of the Day: Palmetto Amber

Thursday, July 02, 2009

10 facts for the 4th.

I love me some holiday weekend!

* Note, most of these facts will have little if anything to do with the 4th of July

1.) I'm off to Charleston con mi madre in a very short while. I can't wait to get down there, visit with Taylor, eat some good food and relax on the beach.

2.) I have decided that the one thing LoB is in need of is more random pictures. So I've decided to start carrying around my camera with me and taking pictures of whatever I see. So get excited about that.

3.) I've also decided to do a post sometime in the near future that shows off my apartment in a very "MTV Cribs" like manner. I'm not sure exactly how I'm going to do it...but it should be fun.

4.) Wilco (The Album) is quickly growing on me. My current favorite songs are "You and I", "You Never Know" and "I'll Fight"

5.) If you shoot off fireworks this careful. Honest to God, I've almost been hit in the face with fireworks on about 3 different occasions. Also, for the record...I hate fireworks.

6.) I got some new art. Did I tell you guys about the super awesome Beatles paintings that Danielle had at her apartment? Well they are Steve Keene paintings and they are really badass. So badass that I was able to score some for myself. Check them out:
Also, there was a bit of a mixup in the transaction and there is a slight chance I may end up with two sets. If that is the case I would probably try to sell the other set. If you're interested let me know. The paintings are 24x24 and cost $15 each.

7.) Here's a link to my thoughts on America from last July 4th. They're all still pretty true.

8.) The new "Sky Deck" glass balcony on the Sears Tower looks terrifying. I'm not even scared of heights and this creeps me out.
Seriously, get those kids away from there.

9.) I'm leaving for Charleston in less than an hour! Did I mention that yet?

10.) Happy 4th of July everyone. Have a great weekend. America rules all other countries drool!

Song of the Weekend: CCR - Fortunate Son
Beer of the Weekend: PBR

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

You Say You Want A Revolution?

It's known that I started this blog to keep in touch with friends and family as we all did our own thing all over God's green earth. I was inspired by my brother's blog (the wonderful and departed and I had hoped that my blogging would also inspire people to blog about their own lives and adventures.

Finally, after a year...the blog revolution is beginning. Three of my good friends have now started blogs. While I'm fully aware that The Life of Brian isn't 100% responsible for this blog rising...I do like to think that it had a little something to do with it (maybe like 1.73% at the most). But anyway, I'm so happy and proud of my friends for blogging that I thought I'd give them some love on here in hopes that they never have to start a ridiculous campaign in order to get fans.

So without further they are.

1.) Adventures in Texico by Jake H.

Jake is a friend from college who now lives in Texas near the Mexico/USA border.
Jake is there as part of the "Teach for America" program and he is just now entering his second year as a high school teacher. On his blog he shares his thoughts, opinions and struggles with his new teaching career. He also blogs about random feelings on things such as hugs, haircuts, dance clubs and laundry. He has been blogging since May and updates about 2 or 3 times a week. Also, it should be noted that if you click the link above you may not be able to access the blog. Jake has his blog set to invite only because he often discusses his students and talking about them publicly would be a no-no. So, if you would like to check out Jake's blog, let me know and I'll get you in contact with him so you can get on the invite list.

2.) Bluegrass Meets Berlin by Will R.

Will was my roommate for 3 years in college. He is now a grad school student at the University of Alabama (-5 points to anyone who said "Roll Tide" after reading that). Will has always been big into Germany and this summer he has been given a chance to study in Berlin for 8 weeks. He leaves on Saturday and lucky for us...he's decided to blog about his journey. He has said that he would like to do a Monday-Friday post schedule, but he still isn't sure what his schedule will be once he hits Deutschland. Anyway, even though he doesn't leave until Saturday, he's already got a few good posts up. Take a look.

3.) A Kentuckian Too By Sarah M.

Sarah M. is a fellow Centre College Colonel and just so happens to be Lautaro's girlfriend. She'll be returning to Centre for her senior year in a couple of weeks, but for now she's residing in her hometown of Chattanooga, TN. She's only been blogging for a couple weeks but so far so good, she updates several times a week. Her topics include, art, knitting and growing hair (she recently raised over $2,000 for St. Baldrick's and as a result...she shaved her head.). As a former senior at Centre, I'm anxious to read her blog and hear about her senior year (read: realize how much better my life was a few years ago.

For realzies gang...go check out those blogs. They may not have as many ridiculous rants and pictures of T-Will as this blog, but I can promise you they are just as entertaining. Plus all three of those blogs use correct grammar and punctuation!

Keep on Bloggin' in the free world.

Song of the Day: The Beatles - Revolution
Beer of the Day: Sierra Nevada - Wheat