Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Another Thing That Annoys Me...

I had something awesome to blog about today...but I can't remember what it was. I mean I've been wracking my brain all day trying to come up with the answer. I dunno, if it comes back to me...I'll blog about it tomorrow...if was probably meant to be that way.

Anyway, today I thought I'd just go on a rant about another thing that annoys me. As some of you may know...there are certain things that just annoy the bejesus out of me, such as:

* Looking at the microwave to see what time it is...only to see that it hasn't been cleared off.
* When the bottoms of my jeans get wet
* Yellow Mustard (although this one might soon come off the list)
* Bikers
* i-Pod lovers
* Bad Waiters
* Bluetooth headset users.

Well the other day...I realized something else that annoys me....

Drying off after a shower.

I hate it! I love taking showers (I'll blog about my showers sometime in the future, I've pretty much made showering an art form). But, to get out of the shower...and have to towel off my entire body...well that's just terrible . I know it's just something you have to do...but there has to be a better way.
I realize that my battles with drying off are worse then most people's because God blessed me with enough body hair for three grown men, but I just don't know why it annoys me so much. Does anyone else get annoyed by this?

I'm not really sure what to do about this whole thing...I just know that it's a bummer to have to start my day off every morning with something that annoys me.

I really wish I could have thought of the other thing I wanted to blog about. I apologize for blogging about how much I hate drying off....I apologize even more for mentioning my body hair.

Have a great rest of your Wednesday!

Song of the Day: Cold War Kids - Hang Me Up To Dry
Beer of the Day: BBC - Altbier (the kegerator is working...Daniel fixed it!)

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