Friday, January 30, 2009


I'm tired and a little angry today...mostly tired though.

I haven't had too much sleep the past few nights, my apartment looks like a disaster area, I don't have a ticket to tomorrow's UofL game and my conversation with the dude at Arby's during lunch today went like this (I swear...word for word):

Arby's Guy: Thank you for choosing Arby's, how may I help you?

Me: Hi yes, I want a # 2 with a Diet Dr. Pepper (intentional pause by me so this guy can enter the order in) and I want a #4 with a Diet Dr. Pepper

Arby's Guy: Ok, That's a #2 with a Diet Dr. Pepper...and what else?

Me: a #4 with a Diet Dr. Pepper

AG: Ok...and what did you want to drink with your #2?

Me: I want a Diet Dr. Pepper to drink with both of them

AG: You want two #4's with Diet Dr. Pepper's???

Me: No, I want a #2 with a Diet Dr. Pepper....and...a #4 with a Diet Dr. Pepper.

AG: OK, That's All I NEEDED! (in an annoyed voice)

Every instinct in my body wanted to reach through the little speaker and strangle this guy with his headset...but I laughed because it was less violent and less tiring. Also, a bunch of ice slid off the top of my car and broke a little piece of my windshield's just been a super day.

So, with hopes of not bringing any of you wonderful people down during my pity party...I thought I'd just share two things with you.

1.) This is an article by Jay Bilas about toughness in College Basketball. Jay Bilas is the best commentator in all of sports. He is fair, he knows what he's talking about...and he gives great insights about the game that he is covering. It's shocking. This is a great article and it simply makes me like him even more.

2.) I've mentioned the 1000 awesome things website on here before...but in case you don't keep's my favorite post of the past month or so...Celebrities on Sesame Street.

Well, that's all I have for today...I'm sorry for such a weird blog week...blame nature.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Song of the Weekend: James Taylor - Country Road
Beer of the Weekend: BBC - APAltbier

Thursday, January 29, 2009

So, a car blew up in front of my apartment yesterday...

I bet you guys are wondering why there hasn't been a post since Monday, huh? Well it's because this is what me street looks like:
Yeah I bet you're sitting there thinking, man...what a pretty scene, nice snow fall glistening in the winter. Brian must have had a great time on his snow days.


Tuesday was nice, I stayed in, napped, did a puzzle...all sorts of fun.

Well after I went to bed Tuesday, I was woken up by what sounded like bombs going off at about 4:30 in the morning. From 4:30 until I finally got out of bed around 7:45 or so...all I heard was..
Crack, Crack, Crack...BOOM!!! CRASH!!! Tree limbs were frozen and they were falling rapidly. The car in front of our apartment...smashed! Power lines...down!

Here's the real kicker. I heard a loud pop and then saw a flash of light from the window. I looked outside...nothing big, just a fire in the middle of the road!

The fire was probably 10 feet high, not knowing what to do I called 911.

No one answered....for 5 minutes. I finally got through and then I was cut off. WTF? Now, I've never called 911 before, but I was always under the impression that they were a little quicker then that. Oh well.

Here's where it gets exciting. The power line that caught on fire was laying over a car, a nice silver Toyota Camry. Guess what, the car was soon up in flames...check it out.
Before long it blew up and it looked like this:
I saw an Owl on a sign outside of a pizza place on Monday night and I thought to myself, "That might be the coolest thing I've ever seen." Turns out it's not even the coolest thing I've seen this week...because I watched a car explode yesterday!

So now, I'm without power, I'm without heat, I can't drive down my's not awesome. Most of Louisville is without power now and it could be 7-10 days before it's back on. Ben and Megs are allowing me to come over and get warm...which is nice...but hopefully this mess can get cleaned up soon.

Well, I hope your weeks are going better than mine! Yay snow day....sigh.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot...T-Will threw a nasty bounce pass as the Cards moved to 8-0 in the Big East:

Song of the Day: M. Ward - Never Had Nobody Like You
Beer of the Day: Left Hand - Black Jack Porter

Monday, January 26, 2009

That was a nice Sunday...

So Sundays are usually pretty swell's a day of rest, a day of watching sports that you don't care about, a day of eating whatever is in the fridge and a day of just laying around. They're just pretty swell usually.

Yesterday was no exception.

First, the Cards pulled out a win over #8 Syracuse on the road! That makes the Cards 6-0 in the nation's toughest conference with 4 road wins, a win over #1 and four wins over ranked teams. Needless to say their totally Beastmode! Here's a little remix of the UofL intro at Freedom Hall...just to show you how badass the Cards are!

I'm excited, I usually get this excited/nervous starting March 1st...but I feel like there's something special brewing in the Ville!

The next super sweet thing that happened? I ran 5 miles! I'm really not loving this mini-marathon all. My legs hurt, my pants aren't any looser and it's becoming pretty time consuming to run so many miles each day. But, I do feel like there's a little extra pep in my step and I have to think my body is healthier now that it was before I was running everyday...right?

Anyway, to finish off my Sunday...I decided to cook some dinner. However, this was no ordinary dinner...this was the first ever batch of "Brian's PBR Chili"

Now I've never made chili before, I've never even browned meat before...but I really love Chili...a lot. So, I thought it couldn't be too hard, so I bought the ingredients, bought a 12 pack of Pabst and went to town.

Here are some of the highlights:
Rachel Ray ain't got nuthin' on me!

Beard...check, PBR...check, Chili...check. Manliest photo ever? Maybe if it weren't for the lame, "look ma' I did it" face.

My trusty assistant Lautaro. He was there to make sure the house didn't burn down. Also, I wanted to include this picture since it was 7 at night and he clearly hasn't had a shower.

The Chili was pretty good for a first effort, but I've got a long way to go before I enter any chili cookoffs.


Anyway, it was a pretty nice Sunday....I hope your's wasn't too shabby either.

Song of the Day: The National - Secret Meeting
Beer of the Day: Pabst Blue Ribbon

Friday, January 23, 2009

Best TV Characters of the past 20 years....

So I was browsing the wild and wonderful Paste Magazine website the other day and I came across a pretty intriguing list...The 20 best TV characters of the past 20 years.

I agreed with some, disagreed with others and then decided that I would make my own top 5, only using the 20 that they had listed. So this sadly leaves out Sandy Cohen, Seth Cohen, Liz Lemon, Jack Donaghy and Chris Turk since they were somehow left off of Paste's list.

Anyway, here's my top 5.

5.) Cosmo Kramer (Paste's #4)
Seinfeld was a truly hilarious show, each of the four main characters had their own way of being funny...but to think that this show would have been half as successful without Cosmo...well that's ridiculous.

4.) Homer Simpson (Paste's #5)
That yellow skinned moron of a father has become an American icon over the past two decades. He's truly hilarious and while Bart got a lot of the love when the Simpsons first's Homer who has made the show last. D'oh!

3.) Dwight K. Shrute (Paste's #2)
No one man has ever taught the world more about Beets. Ask him to describe himself in three words? "hard working, alpha male, jackhammer...merciless...insatiable"

2.) Eric Cartman (Paste's #13)
There isn't a better cartoon character ever...not Bugs Bunny, not Mickey Mouse, no one. I can't count the number of times Cartman has made me laugh out loud over the years. He's a child, he's vulgar, he's hilarious...nothing else can be said.

1.) Gob Bluth (Paste's #1)
Arrested Development is the funniest show that has been on since I've been alive. The humor comes from every single character at different points during the show's brief three season existence...but more often then not the humor came from Gob Bluth and his ridiculous magic illusions ("they're not tricks, tricks are something a whore does for money"). Paste made him number 1...and I have to agree

Have a good weekend everyone!

Song of the Weekend: The Kinks - The Strangers
Beer of the Weekend: Bell's - Two Hearted Ale

Thursday, January 22, 2009

What ever happened to nicknames?

Before we start let me tell you how this came up...

Last night Lautaro and I were watching the UofL game and by UofL game I mean the T-Will dunk contest that he forgot to invite anyone else to...See:

Anyway, I started thinking that T-Will needed a nickname. I mean surely the school that brought you this guy:
can come up with a nickname for T-Will, a guy who is just as good at dunking as Griff. But then it hit me, T-Will is his nickname....his name is Terrence Williams.

I mean the media calls him T-Will, his coach calls him T-Will...that's his nickname. While I love T-Will and all the crazy-awesome things he does...his nickname represents a sad part of sports for the last 5 years or so...lazy nicknames

When I was growing up nicknames were something you earned, you didn't just take two parts of your name and shove them together to make a nickname (Thanks started it you jerk). I mean in Basketball alone we had The Admiral, The Round Mound of Rebound, The Human Highlight Film, The Glove, The Worm, The Mailman, The Reign Man, etc.

David Robinson was the Admiral because he was in the Navy and patrolled the paint. Charles Barkley was the Round Mound of Rebound because he was great at pulling down boards...and he was fat. Human Highlight Film? Dominique Wilkins for his mind blowing dunks.

Hell even Baseball players, who have the least athletic ability of all pro athletes, had cool nicknames...The Crime Dog, Big Hurt, The Big Unit, etc.

I used to love collecting trading cards and getting a "nickname" card. It was so cool because it was like these players were two separate people. Karl Malone was just a normal guy off the court, but once he laced them up he was the Mailman...and you best get out of his way while he's delivering!

There are a few good nicknames still, The Big Ticket, King James, The Matrix...but it's just not the same.

I don't know why this bothers me so much...Maybe it's because I think T-Will is so good he deserves a really cool nickname and trading card to match? Maybe I've been playing too much NBA Jam and it's taking me back to my youth? Maybe players today just don't deserve nicknames? Sadly, I think it's just another way to show the laziness of our generation. We don't want to say Alex Rodriquez or Terrence Williams because it takes too long...but instead of giving players a nickname that reflects their play on the court or field we just take their first initial and the first syllable of their last name and we try to pass it off as a's just sad.

I miss cool nicknames, I want them back...who's with me?

Just for the record, I still love T-Will and it's not his fault people call him that...but I'm gonna think of a new nickname for him.

Enjoy your Thursdays.

Song of the Day: Fuel - Shimmer
Beer of the Day: Sierra Nevada - Pale Ale

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

What's the Deal with...

people getting pissed when you honk at them?

This is something that has bothered me for a while, but last night I really got pissed.

Chris was in town from Boston last night so we decided to go grab a bite to eat. We're stopped at a red light and the car in front of us is attempting to turn right, as are we. The car doesn't get a chance to go right while the light is red, but once the light turns green he doesn't go either. Chris waited at least two full seconds and then gave the dude a nice little, "wake up" honk. I didn't think anything of it, sometimes I am not paying as much attention as I should while I'm driving and I appreciate a nice little honk to help me out.

However, the dude and his friends in the banged up civic in front of us clearly didn't like the honk. I know this because soon after the honk there was a nice middle finger sticking out of the sun roof. Then the moron in the back seat sticks his head out of the sun roof and sticks his tongue out at us, well he might have been trying to spit at us...but I think he soon realized that it was friggin' 10 degrees last night and he had his head hanging out of a car and realized it was too cold to spit.

Anyway, here's the point...why do people take such offense to being honked at? Very rarely do I see someone getting honked at who truly doesn't deserve it. We all do things we shouldn't while we are driving and sometimes we get caught napping and we need our driving neighbors to get out attention and help us out. Don't be senor macho solo and try to act like you've never made a mistake before and you're going to kick some ass because someone made a beeping sound in your direction. I mean is it the beep that pisses them off? If people would prefer, I'll just start rolling down my window a screaming, "Hey dilweed, get off your damn phone and drive your car before (Insert name of my Jeep) and I run over the top of you!" I mean would that be better? I would much rather be beeped at as opposed to being called a dilweed and being run over by a car, but if that's not what others want let me know.

It's a small thing...but it's one that irritates me. So next time you get honked at while driving, thank the person who alerted you of your shortcoming. Unless you didn't deserve it, then by all means flick them off and try to spit on their car...those horn beeping bastards.

Song of the Day: Belle and Sebastian - If She Wants Me
Beer of the Day: Left Hand - Sawtooth Ale

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Tuesday Tidbits...

Roll 'em.

* So I love the cold weather...I really do....but I'm over it. It's really cold today and for the first time, thoughts of spring, march madness, derby, cookouts and well...warm weather have crept into my head. I want warm weather, NOW.

* We have a new president in case you just woke up and haven't checked everyone's facebook status. Yup, President Obama was sworn into office earlier today and let me just say, I thought it was pretty cool. His speech was inspiring and his little stumble while taking the oath actually made me smile a bit. He's been so calm and collected during the entire process, it was nice to see him get nervous a bit during such a big moment...although I'm sure many Barack haters are now going to claim that he's a moron...or that he isn't in fact our president somehow. Oh well, congrats to President Obama.

* On a side note, how scary is it going to be for President Obama to start work tomorrow (I imagine today is just full of parties)? The first day on the job is usually a bit overwhelming for regular people...I can't even imagine his first day. How do you decide what to work on first? I hope he decides to figure out how to make it rain money...that would be where I would start.

* While I was busy being pumped up about UofL basketball yesterday, I forgot to post this beast mode picture:
I just love T-Will, Samardo and Pitino's faces. It's like they're pissed you looked at them. But seriously, you shouldn't make eye contact with anyone in that picture...they have magic powers!

* I'm still perfect on my training, running 4 miles on Saturday and 14 miles last week's becoming easier....easier to see that this is a terrible mistake.

* Anyone see the new Lebron James commercial? It's pretty cool, but it had some build up before hand that kinda made it a let it is though:

* Does anyone know if calendars are on sale yet? I need a month by month calendar for my cube but I have always thought that paying anything over 50% off the original price for a calendar is one of the stupidest things you could do. Holla at me if you see any on sale.

* Andrew Bird has a new CD out today. I haven't heard anything about it or any songs off of it...but Andrew Bird is an artist who is LoB approved and that means I'll buy his album and you should too.

* Sadly the time has come again for me to get a haircut. As you all know...I hate haircuts. They don't ever look right, they're expensive and now Fritz's man salon (where Rick Pitino and I both get our hair cut) doesn't sell cocktails while you wait. Plus add to that the fact that I look like this kid the whole time:
It's just not a fun time...for anyone.

*Alright, that's all the tidbits I've got for today. I think I'm coming down with a cold which is exciting. Chicken Noodle Soup and Gatorade (Grape, Lemon-lime, Fruit Punch or Orange please) can be sent to my apartment at anytime.

Song of the Day: Third Eye Blind - Background
Beer of the Day: Schlafly - Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Stout

Monday, January 19, 2009

C-A-R-D-S., C-A-R-D-S. C-A-R-D-S...GO CARDS GO!!!!

I know I said I was not going to let this turn into a UofL basketball blog...but you're going to have to bear with me today.

I have been going to UofL games in Freedom Hall for as long as I can remember. I've heard that place get loud before, real loud. I've also seen some pretty amazing games there. I can honeslty look back and name the game that turned me from UofL UofL basketball was January 30, 1997 and the Cards beat the #8 Cincinnati Bearcats, 81-70. That night Dejuan Wheat and company battled Danny Fortson and the Bearcats for first place in the conference. The Cards won and I'll never forget the feeling I had while walking out of the stadium...high fives all around, C-A-R-D-S chants come from everwhere. It was crazy...and it changed my life forever. Now, 12 years later...I've just witnessed what has been, in my opinon, the best three game homestand in Louisville basketball history.

It started when the Cards were coming off a last second loss and hosting their arch rival UK for their first game in 2009. I was lucky enough to score a ticket from Taylor's dad since Taylor's mom was riding with Taylor back down to Charleston. The game was full of intensity and it looked like the Cards had pulled it out until Earl Clark's two turnovers that lead to 4 quick points from the Cats and a tie game....then this happened:

Holy Crap, what a game! What a shot! What a big time momentum swing for the Cards!

Next the Cards went on the road and won their first two Big East games including a last second escape at then #17 Villanova.

All of this set the stage for this week....the #13 ranked Notre Dame Fighting Irish and the #1 ranked Pitt Panthers coming to Freedom Hall.....this is why I love college Basketball.

On Monday, Mom scored last minute tickets for us to the first "Big Monday" game of the year. It wouldn't dissapoint as UofL used their tenacious defense to wear down ND and turn a nail biter into an overtime laugher.

Boo-yah, 3-0 in the Big East, two straight wins over top 20 can it get better than this?

Enter #1 Pitt for a Saturday Night ESPN showdown. Once again I lucked out and my Dad gave his set of season tickets to me and Ryan (thanks again Dad). Ryan and I got there early and were immediatley taunted by a few Pitt fans. The Pitt fans had foam fingers and kept pointing to them and stating, "we're number case you forgot." (Foam fingers? Really? Those things have never been cool...ever.) I leaned to Ryan and said, "They are going to get their ass kicked." I didn't mean the fans...I meant their team. I was oddly confident going into the game.

However, when the game started the Cards were cold and the top rated Panthers flexed their muscles and shot out to a 13 point lead. Soon, with pressure and grit the Cards fought back and trailed by only two at the Half. It was a good game and I began getting nervous.
The second half started much like the first and as Pitt held a ten point lead with about eight to go, I began to wonder how much the Cards had left in their tank...that's when all this happened:
T-Will put away his lovable smile for a bit and shifted into bad-ass mode, scoring the go-ahead bucket by driving past Pitt's Sam Young.

Then he did as he always does and made sure that everyone knew that when there were rebounds to be had...they were his and you best back off.
Next it was the birthday boy's turn. Earl Clark, who ended the game with the toughest and ugliest double double ever, hit a pull up jumper from the top of the key with the shot clock running out. The bucket put the Cards up 6 with 40 seconds to was almost time to party.
Pitt scored a few more points, but UofL was 5-6 from the line and Earl Clark's 21st Birthday party (student section had signs and b-day hats) got a lot happier.
Ryan and I screamed and high fived, I think there were a few hugs and maybe a chest bump in there as well. For the past two weeks the Cards have gone from most dissapointed to most feared team in America. I was fortunate enough to attend the best three game home stand in Freedom Hall history and it's not something I will ever forget.

So now with 14 more Big East games remaing it's time to start getting nervous about buzzer beaters and big wins...March is just around the corner and there's no telling how far these Cards can fly.

God I love being a Cardinal fan!

Side note: I realize by posting this UofL will totally lose their next game at Rutgers....I'll take the blame, but I just felt that the past two weeks of Cardinal basketball deserved an entire post.

Side note 2: Did anyone catch Digger Phelps' analysis of the UofL game on College Game Day after the game? Check it out and be prepared to laugh:

My two favorite lines?
1.) On how the Cards won: "They stayed with what gets them to WHERE they can get domination." What the hell does that mean?

2.) When he talks about how we were able to get Pitt's Dejuan Blair in foul trouble. "Then he's got to go to the bench where he can dominate." Kinda tough to dominate on the bench, but I guess Blair pulled it off.

You really are a lunatic Digger, good job matching your tie to your highlighter though....what a tool box.

Go Cards!

Song of the Day: Get Down Click - Louisville
Beer of the Day: BBC - Cardinal Red (Only available at Highland's Bearno's)

Friday, January 16, 2009

Super Nintendo

This was already shaping up to be a pretty sweet weekend...then I did something to make it an awesome weekend...I borrowed the Super Nintendo from Ben.

Somewhere along the line Ben got full custody of the super Nintendo and the regular Nintendo that the two of us shared growing up. I was always ok with it because I have a Playstation 2 and a Nintendo Wii of my own. However, recently I've had a crazy urge to play Super Nintendo...really for two reasons:

and Ken Griffey Jr. Baseball

These are by far my favorite video games of all time.

I've always preferred sports games instead of strategy games...and these two games are, in my opinion, perfect sports games. They're fast, they're easy to play...and people get knocked around as if they are cartoons.

Every year video games get more and more realistic which is cool and impressive...but not fun to me. Parts of real life are kind of why would I want to play a game that mimicked real life so closely? No one wants to shoot free throws in a basketball video game...just like no one wants to analyze every pitch in a baseball video game...Good news, in NBA Jam there are no fouls. In Ken Griffey Jr. Baseball there are no curve balls or knuckle balls...just fast pitches, slow pitches and outside or inside pitches.

When I was younger I played Ken Griffey and NBA Jam non-Stop. Sure there were other games along the way, but if I had a dollar...scratch that...if I had a nickel for every time I played one of those two games...I would have a crap-ton of nickels.

Technology is great in many ways (I love my Wii, don't get me wrong) But sometimes I feel technology goes too far, especially with video games...that's why this weekend, when I have some down time...I'm just gonna kick back with my Super Nintendo and reminisce about the good old days.


Song of the Weekend: OutKast - Aquemnini
Beer of the Weekend: New Holland - The Poet

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Guitar Lessons

I won't lie to you guys...I really have absolutely nothing to blog about today. Usually something exciting happens to me, or I see a random thing that provokes some thought in my head and I think, "that'd be good to blog about!" Well, today....nothing.

So, I thought I'd talk a bit about playing guitar.

I have a guitar lesson tonight and I'm pretty excited. You see, I've been playing guitar for about a year and a half now...and I'm not very good. However, most Thursdays I get to go learn how to play guitar from this guy:

Honestly, if I had any other teacher I would have folded my guitar playing a long time ago. I've taken guitar lessons from a few others in my life and I took drum lessons in grade school as well...each time I failed because of my teachers.

I don't mean any harm...they were all nice people and they were doing their jobs....but I wanted more....actually I wanted less.

You see, even when I was a kid, I knew that I was never going to be a professional musician. (As a kid I was pretty sure I was going to be short-stop for the Braves...but that didn't work out). I wanted to play an instrument, sure, but I didn't want to play it as a professional. I have never cared about scales, proper techniques or metronomes. I have always cared about the Beatles, Guitar solos and sing-a-longs.

I always just wanted to play guitar as a hobby, not as a performer...and Craig (my teacher) gets that. I bring in a song I like...he shows me how to play it. It's nice because along the way he also shows me how to read music and how scales and techniques are incorporated into the I learn as well.

It's just great because when you learn about finger picking by playing "Blackbird" by the Beatles, you practice more and get a helluva lot more excited when you nail opposed to "finger picking exercise 3" from some music book.

All my life I've wanted to just would have been nice to learn how to be a picture perfect guitarist...but I don't really want that...never have. Basically, I'd love to get to the point where I can pick up my guitar at a party and strum a chord progression and have friends drink beer and sing-a-long with me. To me...that's my dream concert. Not a sold out show at Radio City Music hall...a concert full of covers, played for friends while having some beers.

Craig luckily is good enough to guide me towards achieving my dream concert, while also teaching me a thing or two about guitar. Without him, I would have hung up my 6 string long ago.

Also, if anyone is interested in hearing me play "Blackbird" or Neil Young's "Harvest Moon" grab some beer and come on over...I've got those two down.

Song of the Day: Chuck Berry - Johnny B. Goode
Beer of the Day: PBR

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Life of Brian is ruining the actual Life of Brian

So this blog is a pretty big success in my opinion. Many times I've had readers come up to me and tell me that they enjoy reading and often they get a laugh out of something I've said. When this happens, I feel pretty good about the blog and I'm happy that I can bring some entertainment to other people's lives. However, I'm starting to notice a problem.

This Blog is making me seem lame when I talk to people in real life.

Let me explain, when I hear about something cool, form an opinion on a popular topic or something interesting happens to me, I come on here and share it with you guys. However, the next time I see one of you...I'll want to tell you about the same thing...not realizing that you read it already....then I have nothing to talk about.

Recently this has happened to me 2 times. I saw a friend or a family member and started talking about something crazy that happened to me, or asking them if they've seen such and such new website...then as I get really excited to tell them about it...they drop the hammer and inform me that they read about it on my blog a few days before.

Sigh, it's tough because I like sharing these things with you guys but at the same time I feel totally lame when I see some of you face to face. I mean I'm really in a pickle here.

So, the only solution I have come up with is to start making up awesome stories about myself in order to not be totally boring all the time when I see people in real life. I have a pretty wild imagination so I think I'll always have something to talk about now.

Just kidding, I actually know some people who do that...and it's not very fun...for anyone.

In the end, I think this is just something that comes with blogging. I'll just have to deal with it as best I can. However, if you wouldn't'd be nice if you just laugh along with me if I tell you a story that you've already read about on here...that would make it all easier. If not, I'll just make up stories about all of you out there and share them on here...Just kidding...sort of.

Song of the Day: Little Joy - Brand New Start
Beer of the Day: Coors Original (The Banquet Beer)

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Tuesday Tidbits...


* So I've told myself over and over again that no matter how obsessed I became with UofL basketball, I would NOT let it take over the blog. Well I'm being tested a big way. But, after seeing this:

Can you blame me?

The Cards were awesome last night. T-Will played like an All-American, Andre and Preston played a type of defense that I didn't know was possible, Samardo and Terrence Jennings combined to be effective against the Big East Player of the year...and in case you didn't watch the video..EARL DID THIS
Ahhhhhhhhh NO HE DIDN'T!!!
It was as loud as I've heard Freedom Hall in a looong time, maybe experience a little can watch the Sportscenter clip here.

* To make last night even better...My mom came up with last minute tickets to the game, which meant my running was doomed for the day, right? WRONG. I ran three miles after we got home from the game. If my training continues to go as well as it has been I'm thinking about skipping the mini-marathon and trying to see if I can get a shot at the heavy weight champion of the world. I mean I ran three whole miles for crying out loud...I might actually be a super hero.

* Scrubs is on again tonight. Last week's new episodes were totally hilarious, despite being a tad sad. Hopefully tonight's won't disappoint.

* I was talking to Will and I asked him if he had any tidbits that he thought I should include's what he came up with: Did you know...the University of Alabama has a water slide on campus!!! I know it's thrilling right? Thanks for the info Will.

* Also, you should check out the front page of Yahoo, under the sports tab it says "All-American gets humbled...Notre Dame's Luke Harangody can't stop a Louisville player from dunking in his face." Then it has a link to this in case you missed it:
Yahoo even gives a shout out to my favorite blog, CardChronicle. Also, I'm sorry I promise that's the last time I'll post that crazy-awesome picture....I swear.

* While the game was fun last night, the funniest thing I saw was the 6 year old little boy with glasses sitting next to me. He got up and danced at every time out and finally his dad leaned over and said, "He's actually on an all boys hip-hop dance team...they won nationals in Chicago last year." I believe it too, that kid had some moves.

* So they called for an inch or two of snow to fall last night in Louisville, causing this morning's commute to be harsh. It also caused me to get unnecessarily optimistic about a possible snow day. Guess what I awoke too this morning? 38 degree weather and some rain...hooray.....NOT!

* In shocking news...Super Mario Brothers has been replaced as the best selling game ever. The title now belongs to Wii-Sports. I've played them both and while I like them both a lot, I'd have to say that Mario is my favorite because the injuries you sustain are less serious. Sure your thumbs and maybe your wrist get sore playing Mario, but I've woken up after a hard night of Wii Sporting and felt as if I had been beat up....seriously, you have to pace yourself with that game.

* I got the new Common cd...I felt like I needed a new Hip-Hop cd so I bought it on an impulse buy. After one listen....I decided that it needs another listen until I can give it a proper grade...but the first song bops for sure.

* One last thing for today, did anyone catch #1 on SportsCenter's top 10 plays last night? It looked an awful lot like this...
BOO-YAH!!! I'm sorry I couldn't resist.

Enjoy your Tuesdays party people.

Song of the Day: Common - Universal Mind Control
Beer of the Day: Amstel Light

Monday, January 12, 2009

10 Things I like and dislike these days...

It's time for the latest 10 they are

*LIKE - College Basketball. Now that (yawn) college football is's time to shift all of our attention to College Basketball. On the sport's first weekend in the didn't disappoint. There was a full array of talent on display this weekend like these two crazy-awesome dunks

Plus the Cards won in amazing fashion! It's gonna be a wild ride from now until early April...buckle up people.

* DISLIKE - People who park in other people's parking space. So Lautaro and I have one parking space to share. It's in the back of our apartment and it's a nice, covered parking spot. We do a good job of sharing it between the two of us, but lately there has been some crazy hippie van parked there and it doesn't appear to be moving any time soon. I made some signs today at work to inform them that they will be towed if they don't move...but it just ticks me off that I have to threaten people to stop stealing our spot.

* LIKE - Heath Ledger's Golden Globe win. Yes, Mr. Ledger won a Golden Globe posthumously last night and it was well deserved. I know that the academy doesn't often give the right person the award come Oscar time, I also know that "The Dark Knight" isn't the most Oscar friendly movie...but Heath Ledger should win. His performance as the Joker is one of the best I've ever seen...creepy, funny, cruel and bad-ass. Hopefully the Golden Globe was just the first of many awards.

* DISLIKE - Bills. It wasn't so bad when all I had to pay was like Rent, Electric and Cable...but with the addition of Student Loans and a soon to be car money is not as abundant as it was. Sigh, at least my car (Hank? Sam? Milt? Francisco?) is totally beast mode.

* LIKE - Training for the Mini-Marathon. So I thought that running almost every day would totally be hell. It turns out it's not so bad. I can feel myself getting in shape and I don't get winded nearly as often as I did when I started just one week ago. However, my legs do hurt often. Still, it's not so bad.

* DISLIKE - Training for the Mini-Marathon. Who am I kidding? This whole running in the cold totally blows.

* LIKE - 30 Rock. This has been one of my favorite TV shows for some time now. However, I got the first two seasons on DVD for Christmas and it turns out that it is totally hilarious in every way. I watched about 20 episodes this weekend and often found myself laughing out loud in my myself. If you don't watch it...start watching. It's on Thursday's at 9:30 on NBC.

* DISLIKE - Sleep. Well actually I love sleep, but I wish I didn't. I got up somewhat early both Saturday and Sunday and I was glad because my weekend seemed to last much longer. However, I still went to bed rather late but found myself in zombie mode from like 7 o'clock on each night. I love to sleep, but I would give anything to be able to function normally with only 4 or 5 hours a night.

* LIKE - This Article.
I'm not ready to say that the Cards are hitting on all cylinders (Especially since they could easily go 0-2 this week), but it's fun to believe...and as a sports fan, there's no greater feeling then to believe.

- DISLIKE - Ice Cube Trays. Our fridge doesn't have an ice maker. To cope with it, we use trusty old ice trays. Well not only are ice trays lame and irritating, but also someone poured bourbon in our ice trays at a party a while back (thanks..really cool by the way). As it turns out, ice trays are also really hard to clean. I thought I'd just go buy some new ones...but noooo, you can't find them anywhere. It's really pissing me off...I want colder drinks...I NEED colder drinks.

There's my 10 for today. Enjoy your Monday's everyone.

Song of the Day: Otis Redding - Tell the Truth
Beer of the Day: Left Hand - Milk Stout

Friday, January 09, 2009

Friday Fun!

Hey kids, I don't have much time today...but I wanted to share this really awesome website that I found yesterday.

Everyone is familiar with this famous Obama poster:
I mean even people who don't like Obama have to admit that's a cool poster.

Well, the wonderful people at Paste magazine have given all of us a chance to Obamicon ourselves.

Here are some I came up with:

Then I went UofL crazy...

I even found one on MMJ's website:
I made plenty more, but I just chose those to share. So go a head, upload a picture and have some fun for yourself. Also, while your at it...have a great weekend.

Song of the Weekend: Curtis Mayfield - Move On Up
Beer of the Weekend: BBC - Dark Star Porter

Thursday, January 08, 2009

More From the Angry German

I'm a little sleepy today so i thought I'd let our good friend, "The Angry German", speak to you guys today. For those of you who missed the last post by this guy here's the deal.

These are little blurbs taken from "Esquire" magazine and they're hilarious. Basically they are written by a German guy who has been living in America for about a decade now. He's very truthful and very angry.

As always, these are best read aloud in a German accent.

The Angry German: On Sports Fans

This might come as a surprise, but I became a baseball fan here in the United States. While this is the most un-European of all American sports, I find it fascinating. It might be my obsession with numbers. But one thing that really should change here, and that goes for all U.S. sports, is the fan chants. They are weak and utterly uncreative. Basically, every team has the same "Let's go Team, clap-clap clap-clap-clap" or "Other Team sucks." Mr. Rogers could have come up with better insults. In European soccer, there is a whole science dedicated to this. We have songs -- songs for every opponent and for particularly disliked teams. (Of course, there are also songs for cheering your own team on, but they are not as fun.) Basic rule of thumb is that you belittle the opposing team's city. For example, every team from Detroit should be greeted by a song about how they are unemployed bums, L.A. would be about cocaine and plastic surgery, and Boston teams need to be addressed as racist bigot pigs. With that out of the way, it is time to go after their star players. If one of them has marital problems, you sing about his wife cheating on him and that you had her last night. Even better if he has a record of DUIs, substance abuse, or a criminal record. NFL fans shouldn't find it hard to come up with something.

The Angry German: On Drinking Among the Americans

My dear Americans, you will be happy to hear that the Angry German has applied for U. S. citizenship. It will take a few months to go through, which gives me time to launch my campaign to address America's drinking problems, because there is no way I'm going to be "naturalized" into someone who drinks beer out of bottles (draft beer being, of course, the only proper kind) or starts flashing gang signs after three Bud Lights. Or someone who feels guilt and shame about drinking. God forbid you tip back a beer in a public park--come on, it's a beer, it's meant to be drunk outside in the sun.

Another phenomenon here in the U. S. is the invasion of girlie shots. I see six-foot-six, 280-pound men drinking pink shots and being proud of themselves. A shot must be drunk in one go. (Real shots should give you bodily pain if you drink them slowly.) Also, a shot must not have a second word in the name. Tequila is a shot; "tequila slammer" is a porn-star name.

America is a great country--you can do better. It's time you started treating beer with the respect it deserves. I call for a national beer association, the "NBA." You see, it worked for guns--they have a good lobby in the NRA, and I would make the argument that beer has caused less trouble than weapons. Let us create this "NBA." I nominate David Hasselhoff as initial chairman

The Angry German: On International Stereotypes - American Political Correctness

I play soccer with a bunch of people, a friendly pickup game. One thing about this crew is that it is a very mixed group of all countries of this world. We even let a Frenchman play with us. We don’t really take him seriously, of course, but we let him play. There’s Englishmen with bad teeth and drunken Irishmen, Scots with their sheep, fat Americans, lazy Italians -- every nation you can think of.

In the beginning when I made intemperate remarks about the English or the French, I would be reprimanded by my American girlfriend: “You can’t say these things -- it’s insulting.” But it actually isn’t, at least not to people with a sense of humor. The countries of Europe have been at war with each other for thousands of years. I think it is much better to just tell the English to go brush their teeth than to shoot them.

Living here has taught me to walk on the eggshells of PC, but it’s tough to adhere to these standards. You have to avoid saying “Chinese laundryman,” even though the laundryman is, indeed, Chinese. I can’t even make fun of the Swiss without being reprimanded. It seems the only group that is not off-limits is us Krauts. Even our own companies come up with utterly ridiculous commercials for American TV. But that’s okay -- have a go. You see, we are not humorless, after all.

I love the Angry German!

Song of the Day: Wolfmother - Dimension
Beer of the Day: Oskar Blues Brewery - Old Chub

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

New Year's Resolutions

Ok the time has finally come to share my new year's resolutions with you guys. I have a few of them but there is one that is way more important and more serious than the others...


For those of you new to the game...Becky is the yeast baby that has been growing in my stomach ever since I started college. I've had 3 battles with her, each one doing slightly better than the previous one...but in the end each one failed. However, it's a new year and a new battle.

Now, I'm sure most of you are sitting there thinking, "Brian, this is look amazing and there is no way you need to lose any weight or change anything about the way you look." First of all, thanks for the kind thoughts. Second of all, you're just think I look amazing because my beard morphs all 3 of my chins into one manly bearded chin.

Now, my goal has never really been to lose a certain amount of's simply to just be fit. Dieting is a joke for me because I love beer and Qdoba too my only choice is exercise. My favorite way to exercise is to play basketball and the last time I was without Becky was back when I played basketball 5 times a week. Well, playing basketball 5 times a week is hard to do these days...and it's also hard to find enough people for a game of kickball, frozen catchers or army dodge ball (my other favorites), so I'm left with one way to exercise....running.

Let me tell you a little secret...I hate running.

However, I have figured out a way to force myself to run....I am signing up for the mini-marathon!

I'm super competitive and this is about the only way I could figure out how to be competitive while running, also I have to pay 35 bucks to sign up for the mini marathon and if I put some money into this...I'll do it for sure.

Now, I know you guys are probably all thinking I'm crazy. I mean a mini-marathon is over 13 miles! But, I've already completed 2 days of training and there is nothing that can stop me...outside of a broken leg.

In order to help me with my training I mapped out an excellent route around my apartment, I bought some nice cold weather running gear, and I printed off a day by day training calendar. I'm set!

I bet some of you are also wondering why I didn't just choose to run inside on a treadmill in a nice warm gym. Well two reasons: 1. I don't have a free gym...and...2. Rocky IV.

You see in Rocky IV, Rocky defeats Ivan Drago in an unthinkable Christmas Day clash in Russia. Drago is like twice his size and he had just killed Rocky's best friend Apollo Creed in his last match. Basically, Rocky was doomed for sure. However, in one amazing 5 minute montage...we see the two fighters training. Drago has an indoor facility where he runs on a track and uses machines and such. Rocky on the other hand trains outside in the snow...running up mountains, chopping wood and pulling Pauley's fat lard on a sled. What I'm trying to say is...working out indoors is for pansies...and I, like Rocky, am no pansy.
Here's a taste for those who are unfamiliar:

Yup, that's pretty much exactly what my training will be like...minus the snow, heavy lifting and outfit however will be identical to Rocky's.

So, to sum up this ridiculous post...I'm going to dump Becky in a Rocky IV inspired battle with the mini-marathon 2009!

Also, I'm trying to get other people to run the marathon if you want to, let me know...then we can figure out a training program for you and compare your quest with another awesome Sly Stallone movie...probably the arm-wrestling classic, "Over the Top"

In addition to my perfect plan to dump Becky...This year I'm also going to try to eat a tad healthier, cuss less and cut down on spending.

I'm still going to eat Qdoba and Pizza and all that jazz, but if I have an orange or an apple every other day...that'd probably be helpful.

Also, I don't have a potty mouth by any means...but every once in a while I find my self cussing for no reason. From now on I'm only allowed to cuss for comedic effect...or if a referee makes a ridiculous call.

And as far as spending goes, I'm not going to become a penny pincher...but I could probably do with just one CD each time I go into Ear X-Tacy...and maybe even just one less Qdoba trip every other week....those two things alone should save me about 10,000 bucks in '09.

Alright guys, that's my plan to revamp the life of Brian in 2009. I'll keep you updated on my progress.

Song of the Day: Little Joy - Next Time Around
Beer of the Day: Abita - Turbo Dog

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Tuesday Tidbits...

First tidbits of the new year...get excited!

* Great News! I've got that Beyonce, "All the single ladies!" song stuck in my head. That was sarcasm...there is nothing good about that news at is trying to ruin my day. It would have ruined my day for sure about an hour ago...but it's so damn catchy...and I love Beyonce.

* We have had some pretty good ideas submitted for the "Name Brian's Car" contest. I'm trying each one out for a few days and then I'll narrow them down. Still, if you have suggestions please go ahead and send them.

*Do you guys like the Louisville skyline as the heading for the blog? I mean I like it alright, but I don't see it that often. If you think I should change it up or whatever let me know...I mean hell it's 2009...I'm not holding back at all.

* I somehow stumbled upon this video the other day and I laughed for a while. It's of Tracy Morgan (30 Rock fame) on a morning show in Chicago. He's promoting a stand up performance but he just goes crazy instead. I love the part where he starts calling out the early 1990 Chicago Bulls...God Bless Bill Cartwright!

On second thought...I think he's drunk.

* I forgot to post this picture of the big game...
For the record that was a sick dunk...also for the record, the floor is about 4 feet below him....and he's on his way up.

*Since the Holidays are now over and I no longer work at O'Shea's...I went to the grocery last night to get some stuff to fix myself dinner the next few days. I'm not much of a cook, but I think my chicken patty sandwich with green beans and mac and cheese is probably going to be delicious in a few hours. I swear...I could eat 15 chicken patties at any given time...I love those things.

* Everyone's favorite band My Morning Jacket (by everyone...I mean mine and some other people) put on an amazing show in Madison Square Garden on New Year's Eve. The show lasted almost 4 hours and included soulful covers of Marvin Gaye, Sam Cooke, Curtis Mayfield, James Brown, Dion and Kool and the Gang. I can't wait to find a recording of this somewhere...I bet the people at the show had almost as good of a time as the people who watched the lame guy land his motorcycle on a mini arc de triumph.

*Tonight at 9 Scrubs begins it's real final season. NBC tried to end the show last year, against the cast and crew's wishes, but ABC has picked up the show for one final season. I've been watching Scrubs since it started about a decade ago and let me tell is easily one of my favorite shows of all time. I'm very glad that it will get a proper send off.

* Oh yeah, in case you missed it...this happened on Sunday:


That's all for today amigos. Have a bueno Martes.

Song of the Day: Bill Withers - Use Me
Beer of the Day: Rogue - Mocha Porter

Monday, January 05, 2009

2009 is badass!!!

So yeah, the Holidays are over...Taylor's back in Charleston...Todd, Tom and Chris are back in their places of residence and we didn't even get together once...all my other friends are scattered across the country...I have work all 5 days this arm is sore for some's Monday...booo 2009 right?

WRONG! You know why? Because 2009 has started off with a bang! I was going to talk about my New Year's resolutions today...but those will have to wait because today...despite all the reasons listed above...I'm in a good mood.

Here's why:

To start off the new year I was informed that I would in fact soon be a brother-in-law! Yup Ben and Megan are be married! I've actually known about this for some time now...but I couldn't say anything until it was official. Well, now it's official and I'm truly happy for them.
I mean look at those two...picture perfect. The wedding won't be for a while since the bar exam is about to take over both of their lives...but I'll keep you up to date on what's happening and so on. So yeah...Ben...Megs...congrats!

It seems like there was something else that was preventing me from being sad today...

...what was it?

oh yeah! THIS:


Man oh man. I was lucky enough to attend yesterday's game...thanks to Taylor's dad who offered me a ticket. We got there early and the crowd was awesome the whole game. In fact here's a video of the last shot from a fan's perspective. I love how silent the crowd is while the shot is in the air...also the quick glimpse of the two UK fans behind the guy is pretty funny too..

Here are some more highlights from yesterday!
Francisco Garcia is now officially my favorite Cardinal of all time!

If it weren't for security...I would have let Jerry Smith and Edgar Sosa be the buns for a big Brian sandwich!

T-Will is a better basketball player than most people not named Kobe or Lebron.

When Edgar did this after the game...I almost got in a fight with a UofL fan. The fan kept shouting, "Get off the table're sh*t! That was a terrible shot! You Suck!" I quickly reminded him that the shot went in...then he told me to go *bleep* myself...Oh, UofL fans...sometimes you just don't get it. Oh well

Now, while the game was great for UofL fans (at least those who like winning)...let's make a few things clear.
1.) Kentucky is better than I thought they were. Patterson is a great great that he should go pro, immediatley. Meeks is an outstanding scorer, but his defense and passing left a bit to be desired...he kept them in it though. I thought a few times we would blow them out, but we didn't...they deserve some credit.

2.) This game was GREAT for the rivalry. It is THE best rivalry in College basketball...and yesterday was a great example why. Both teams played hard, shot well, made big plays and showed signs of improvement. The only rematch will be next year...not a month from now...12 months from live it up Cards' fans.

3.) If a UK fan tries to act as if UofL got "lucky" and didn't deserve to win...they're not bright. Was that a high percentage shot by Sosa? Hell no...but it went down. If you want to call Sosa's shot a fluke...what about that 30 footer from Michael Porter and the three by Perry Stevenson? Bottom's a rivalry game...and that's what happens. Do I think UofL is better than UK? Sure, but I'm not about to say that we own them or anything. I do think that if they played each other 10 times the Cards would win 7 or 8...but hey I'm a Cards fan.

4.) The Student section had a "Sign out" where the bookstore gave away free posterboards and encouraged all students to make a sign...the two best signs got a chance to shoot for a free semesters tuition. (they both missed). Anyway my three favorite signs in order:

3.) Jodie and the Pussycats!

2.) T-Will took Ashley Judd out for a nice dinner and NEVER called her again!

1.) Will Scott = 4.0
Billy G = .08

Good stuff!
Anyway, it was a great game and luckily that and Ben and Megs' engagement has put me in a great mood to start the year.

Beer of the Day: Goose Island - Honker's Ale
Song of the Day: Talib Kweli - Joy