Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Tuesday Tidbits...

Let's do this thing...

* It's official, Beatles Rock Band is going to be the coolest video game of all time. Here's a new trailer:

I mean seriously...it's friggin' fantastic. Come on September!

* I heard last night that Kid Rock is going to release his own beer. Surprisingly, while I hate his music, as an individual...Kid Rock has always been ok in my book...but not anymore. That's because the name of Kid Rock's beer is going to be, "American Badass"...Seriously, how is this stuff allowed to happen?

* I know it's wrong to wish your life away and what not...and I know the weather in Louisville has been awesome lately...but I wish it were Fall. Summer is fun for about 4 weeks and my 4 weeks of Summer fun are over. I want there to be leaves falling, sweatshirt wearing, football playing and most importantly for me...Taylor seeing. Only another month or so!

* So Shaq has a new reality show coming out. Apparently it will be called, "Shaq vs." and it will include Shaq taking on athletes such as Michael Phelps, Oscar De La Hoya and Serena Williams in their own sports. I'm not sure how good this show will be, but I am sure that I will watch it...because Shaq is hilarious. It begins August 18th on ABC.

* So I watched the first Harry Potter movie on Saturday. It was my first attempt to get into the Potter series in any way shape or form. Let me say, it was good...better then I thought it would be. So good that I'm looking forward to watching the next movie. Damn it.

* I've been listening to a lot of Ben Folds recently and I've realized that Mr. Folds is perhaps my favorite musician never to be mentioned on the blog. I feel like I may have mentioned him once or twice...but that's not enough. I love Ben Folds and one day I'm going to give him an entire post all to himself. (but for now this tidbit and this picture will have to be enough).
* One last thing...Mark Madsen got traded to the Los Angeles Clippers. I know none of you care, but it's the first time Madsen has been in the news since this...

And I really wanted to post that. It is unbelievable how many stereotypes he embodies while being the only faded jeans wearing, goofy dancing, white, shirt tucking player on the entire Lakers 2001 roster. God bless him for his dance moves though!

Alright gang, that's all for today. Have a good Tuesday!

Song of the Day: Ben Folds 5 - Underground
GRE Word of the Day: Martial - associated with war & the armed forces


Doug said...

You sure that GRE word of the day wasn't supposed to be "martial" instead of "marital"? Just curious....

Brian said...

Haha, yeah it is...I don't have a prayer at passing this thing. Just a typo actually.