Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Tuesday Tidbits

Tidbit time baby...Wooooo!

* I start my job with the O'Shea's Family of Pubs tonight. I'll be at Brendan's from 6-10. I'm not really sure what to expect, but my goal tonight is to not make a giant ass of myself. It should be a fun learning experience...but it should totally suck working 9-5, 6-10/11. Oh well, hopefully it will help make me wealthy in the future!

* The CrapBags suffered their first loss of the season this week. I made the mistake of sitting an injured Brett Favre on the bench and he ended up throwing 6 TDs. I'm kinda glad I sat him though because I still would have lost even if I had played him...and that would have pissed me off a lot more. It also didn't help that Brian Westbrook didn't play. However, in order to light a fire under the Bags (that would probably smell pretty bad) I picked up Michael Bush today!

* I paid my first set of bills! Yup cable, rent and electricity are all turned in and I still have some money left over....woohoo!

* Starting tomorrow Chris is going to begin moving his stuff out. It will be weird without Chris around the apartment, I've had conversations with him that I never thought I would have had with anyone. He's been a great roomie this past month and he will be missed. Although, I am happy to have Lautaro move in and get the apartment cleaned up and looking good.

* On a sadder note, the kegerator is out of commission. I have no idea what is wrong, but for some reason the CO2 tank isn't giving me any pressure. Hopefully it will be up and running soon...I've had to go back to drinking bottled beer...and that just isn't gonna cut it.

* So I don't know about you guys, but whenever I see a really good concert I go into complete geek mode for the next week or so. Well, right now....I'm totally geekin' out with the Avett Brothers. I mean their concert was unreal. I found some decent youtube clips of them in concert. These will give you a little sense of what they're like in concert...but you should still see them if they ever come anywhere near you.

Left on Laura, Left on Lisa

Pretty Girl From Chile

Man, those guys are two rockin' Beardos!

* You ever go through a little spell where you just feel like an inch off with everything you do? Like, you're just a little more clumsy than normal? Well I got it bad right now. I swear in the last 48 hours I have walked into a desk, three doorways, a gate and a wall....not to mention that last night in basketball I missed like all my shots by about an inch. It's weird...and I don't know what causes it...but I bruise like a month old orange so I need to correct it.

* I had a dream last night that I robbed two banks. It was really weird because in my dream Matt C. (the model American) kept forcing me to do it. I had no idea what was going on, but Matt was demanding that me and my other friends help him rob these banks or he would have us killed...it was weird...especially since it was Matt being the mean guy. Thanks for ruining a good night's sleep Matt!

* Just a heads up...there is no Office on Thursday because of a VP debate. I know...it's lame!

* Tomorrow is the start of October and the high in Louisville is supposed to be like 65 with a low at like 47...words can't express how excited I am.

That's all for today, enjoy your Tuesday people!

Song of the Day: Avett Brothers - Distraction #74
Beer of the Day: Rouge - Dead Guy Ale

Monday, September 29, 2008


Here is how I know this weekend was grand...I got a combined 7.5 hours of sleep on Friday and Saturday night, and I have at least three (chest, forearm, right pinky toe) strange pains in my body. So while I sit here and type like the Monday morning zombie that I am...here is a quick recap.

Friday: UofL Game...we got into the game late because we had to wait on Will to get in from Alabama...luckily that gave Lautaro and me about an extra hour of tailgating...so we went into the game in great form. The Cards looked really good for three quarters, then Hunter hurt his ankle and as a team we decided to not think for the rest of the game. Snapping the ball with 8 seconds or more on the play clock while trying to run out the clock, throwing a pick six up by 1 with under three minutes left, wasting a timeout, out gaining the other team by about 230 yards and losing...it was a good thing I really didn't have any concept of what exactly happened because of the late entrance and beer...otherwise I would have been really pissed. For the record, Vic Anderson is an absolute bad-ass....he's way cooler than anyone on UCONN's team...or UofL's for that matter.

After the game Will, Lautaro and I decided to head out to some bars. This was made even better because I had to be up by 7 the next day to play golf. But we headed out at 1 a.m. anyway. We went to Cumberland and Cafe 360 (I hate that place) and we had a pretty good time. However, here was the highlight:

Me: "Lautaro, I can't believe you paid my brother with 15 one dollar bills for your ticket!"

Lautaro: "It was tip money I made at the restaurant the other night."

Me (sarcastically): "Oh well, at least Ben can have a good time at the "titter" now with all those singles."

Will....no talking...he just spits his beer all of himself and the side walk and proceeds to laugh for an absurd amount of time. Apparently he'd never heard a strip club called that before.

The funniest part was that the color of Will's beer coming out of his mouth looked very similar to vomit. It was hilarious to watch the people around us go from being disgusted...to laughing...then to being pissed at how loud and annoying we were...I didn't care though because they were all hippies and lord knows that they've been obnoxious a time or two as well.

Saturday: Waking up a mere 2 hours after going to bed to play some golf is not fun. But, it is funny. When I first walked in to my Dad's house...he and Ryan both laughed at how "tired" I looked and how much I smelled like booze. I didn't care though, I was not about to shower...it was a miracle I was even awake. When we got to the course I was feeling ridiculously good except for when I had to bend down to tee up my ball....then I thought I was going to die. Nevertheless, I was absolutely awesome on the golf course. Everything I hit was in the middle of something....mostly the fairway...but I even hit the exact middle of a lake, tree and a few bunkers....I was on fire. In fact so was our whole team. We played an unbelievable round and ended up winning with a score of -10! It was insane because if Dad, Ben, Ryan and I had had to play our own ball all day...none of us would have broken 90...but as it turns out the four of us make one helluva golfer! Shots of the day...Ryan's first tee shot went about 10 yards. Dad holed out from about 45 yards away. Ben and I didn't have any outstanding shots...but we were surprisingly consistent....kinda.

Saturday afternoon consisted of sitting around watching football and then making the Qdoba/Old Town liquor walk with Will, Roy Lee and Matt before the Avett Concert. Lautaro, Sarah and Ben then joined us for the show...which was awesome.

If you ever...EVER...have a chance to see the Avett Brothers....do it. Even if you don't care for their music you'll appreciate the energy and passion they play with. It was like one big crazy rockin' hoe down! I'll try to find a good youtube video of them live and post it tomorrow.
Also, the hippie nation payed us back for our behavior on Friday by throwing one of their finest at us on Saturday night. This girl in front of us was the funniest dancer I have ever seen...she only had one move and she did it at the same tempo no matter what the tempo of the song was. I mean she was Elaine bad...

I really thought she was gonna start grinding on Will during the show...actually I was really hoping she was going to do that. Oh well, consider us even hippies!

After the concert Will, Matt, Roy Lee and I headed to Bearno's for some beer...and what turned out to be terrible Karaoke. No joke we heard people karaoke to "Gangsta's Paradise" and "Let the Bodies Hit the Floor" It was...weird.

Sunday I went to the Marra family reunion which was great. A bit low key this year....but sitting on the porch overlooking a lake...drinking a few beers and chatting with Mom and all of her cousins was exactly how I wanted to spend my Sunday after a non-stop weekend.

It was a great weekend, great to see all those who came in. But, now it's on to the work week which gets a little longer starting Tuesday.

Oh well...just gotta keep truckin!

Song of the Day: Avett Brothers - Left on Laura, Left on Lisa
Beer of the Day: Bell's - Two Hearted

P.S. Will would probably be a little mad if I didn't at least mention this once....Roll Tide!
If Will said that once this weekend, he said it 200 times...but with a big win for Bama...who can blame him? Oh to be good at Football, I remember that...I remember it well.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Everybody's Workin' for the Weekend!

If you're anything like me...anytime you hear that song lyric...you think of this:

Farley was the best!

Ok, now then...this weekend coming up is an extra bad ass weekend. There is just so much stuff going on, it's unreal! So let's break it down.

Friday: Well as soon as I leave work, I'm gonna go home...put on my Cardinal gear, load the beer in the cooler wait for Lautaro to come over and then head out to start my tailgate! Tonight's game should be extra grand for a few reasons. One is that this guy is making the trek from Tuscaloosa to join in the fun: I haven't seen ol' Will in a while so it will be good to get together, drink some beers and have him laugh at me when I get a little tipsy and yell ridiculous things at the refs/other team. It will be just like college!

The other reason that tonight's game is important is because we play UCONN. Now as we all know last year's UofL football season was a disaster...but no game was worse than the UCONN game. After going at it "Noah style" for a good while, the Cards were looking pretty good against UCONN last year...then Larry Taylor decided to call for a fair catch, but then run it in for a TD against the Cards who clearly stopped. The refs just sat there with their thumbs up their asses and the actually gave UCONN a TD. Naturally UofL went on to loose by 4 and I went on to continue to drink 2 by 2.

The best part was when I woke up the next morning and Roy Lee asked me if I remembered writing in the sudoku book we kept in the magazine rack in the bathroom. I of course did not...but when I looked inside the cover...there was a self portrait of myself with this quote written underneath, "I don't wanna live in a world where fair-catches are as meaningless as pumpkin pie!"

I still believe that! But it wasn't my brightest moment.

So tonight is our revenge game. That Larry Taylor bastard has graduated...but since his jackass coach actually gave him the game ball for cheating against us last year...I would love to get possession...take a knee three times....punt the ball nice and high and then send one guy full speed into their punt returner...and one guy at their coach...it will be worth whatever penalty or ejection they give us...I don't wanna hurt them, I just want them to know that they are in fact sacks of monkey shit!

Saturday: Saturday morning is the 5th annual U'Sellis golf scramble! This is usually a fun event...which gets me out on the links for the one and only time each year. Me, Dad, Ben and Ryan will take on the rest of the U'Sellis male folk and we'll battle it out for the golden keg (a mini keg that I drank and then we painted gold!) Gregg's team is the defending champs...but I have a good feeling about this year. Usually, I have little confidence in my golf game...but when I heard last week that Ryder cup champion Anthony Kim (who is leading the tour championship right now) used to play a lot of his rounds hung over...I realized that anything is possible.

Saturday night will be grand as well as two more college friends are coming up to Louisville:

Yup, Roy Lee and Matt are coming up to join Will, Lautaro and me. For the record, Matt is dancing in that picture...and that's Roy Lee's Halloween costume from last year. We all tried to talk him into something else...but he insisted being Santa's Sack. What are you gonna do?

But anyway, the reason they're coming in is to go to the Avett Brothers concert on Saturday night. If you don't know the Avetts....go buy Emotionalism, their latest cd....they are a great great band....I can't wait for the concert.

Sunday: On Sunday I'm going to the Marra family reuinon. The Marras are my Mom's Dad's part of the family...and while you may think that family reuinons are kinda lame I can assure you that this one isn't. Somebody once said that the Marras put the "fun" in "funeral" So you can be sure that a family reunion would be lots of fun!

So yeah, it's shaping up to be a great/busy weekend. I'm looking forward to all of the events and I'm sure to give you a recap next week.

Enjoy your weekends people!

Song of the Weekend: Weezer - Getchoo
Beer of the Day: Coors Light (It's game day)

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Career Boost!

We all know that in my grand scheme I will soon be part owner and manager of my very own brewpub here in town. There are plenty of things that will allow this to work, but there a few things that are proposing small problems. One of the main problems is that I have never worked in a restaurant. I've read about it, I've eaten in lots of them...but I don't really have much on my side in terms of experience. However, today I got a big boost.

Today at Lunch I had a meeting with a man who runs a bar here in town...three bars actually. He is a very nice fellow and he is doing me a favor that is sure to help me with my future.

Starting next Tuesday...for about the next 10-15 weeks...I'll be an official employee at O'Shea's family of pubs here in Louisville. However, I won't be just any employee...I've been granted the great ability to take a very in-depth crash course on restaurant/bar management.

O'Shea's is easily this best pub in Louisville...they have a great atmosphere, drink selection, location, etc. They do everything well and they do it the right way. The bars Flanagan's and Brendan's also belong to these folks and those bars aren't too shabby themselves.

So like I said for the next 10-15 weeks, I'll be working every Tuesday, Wednesday and most Friday's from 6-11 at one of these pubs. I'll probably work mostly at Brendan's and O'Shea's with a few trips to Flanagan's as well. I'll be learning all aspects of operations in a bar and restaurant, spending time as a host, bartender, dishwasher, chef and manager among others. I'll get to learn how to deal with customers, how to fix drinks, how to manage people and how to deal with drunken buffoons.

It's going to be a bit time consuming, but it's going to be extremely helpful as well! As I said when it comes to Louisville bars...O'Shea's pubs are the best around...and learning from them is surely going to help me get the Brouha House up and running. So if you plan on heading out to one of these fine pubs in the next several weeks and it's on a Tues, Wed or Fri...keep your eye out for a bearded man following an employee around and trying not to break/ruin anything...that'll be me, soaking in the massive amount of information it takes to run a great bar! I'm pumped...this is huge!

***Also, I want to remind everyone that the office is on tonight at 9 on NBC!!! Here are some YouTube clips to get you all in the mood.

The first one is a montage of all the "That's what she said" jokes ever on the show. Man, finding all of these and putting them together must have been really really hard.........that's what she said.

This next one is a collection of pranks that Jim has played on Dwight...easily my favorite part of the office.

This last one is the top 10 Jim and Pam moments...it's a little cheesy, and I don't know why there's a lame song in the background, but, I love Jim and Pam and watching this makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside!

Don't forget to watch!

Song of the Day: Brian Brody - Seven Drunken Nights (Click link and go to bottom for a free download)
Beer of the Day: Guinness

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Bicycle, Bicycle...I want to ride my Bicycle, I want to ride my Bike!

Queen rocks!!!

Anyway, ever since I moved into ol' Sherwood Forrest...I've enjoyed the fact that I can buy a CD, cup of coffee, burrito, vacuum cleaner and beer all within walking distance of my home! However, for those unfamiliar to the Highlands/Bardstown rd. area...there are several other things that are within a few miles of my apartment, grocery store, etc., that are just a bit too far for a walk. So initially I thought about buying a bike. I love bikes, they're fun, easy and help you get some exercise (watch it Becky!)

The problem I faced was the fact that I'm not certain I would ride a bike that often...and I didn't want to spend $100 or so on something I wouldn't use. So I've been pondering it for a while now. Finally I got a big boost because last night my Grandma gave me an old bike that was in her garage!

It will take some cleaning up, some new tires, and a bit of maintenance...but it's free! Also, this bike is awesome looking. Big wide handle bars...retro looking frame with nice shiny red paint...I'll be straight outta the 60's cruisin' around on this bad boy.

Now I know what you're thinking..."Brian, you hate bikers...they're a-holes who always disobey the rules and get in your way...you're not becoming one of them are you?"...Well in short, no! You see, I will always take back roads if possible and if traffic is abundant in my area...I'll just move out of the way until the majority passes. I'll never ride my bike when I'm in a hurry to be places...I'll just take a stroll up to the grocery or wherever from time to time. It's gonna be great.

I realize this post really doesn't have much of a point...truth be told, I just couldn't really think of anything else to write about...and I'm excited about my new bike! Game on Becky...Game on!

Song of the Day: Queen - Bicycle Race
Beer of the Day: Dogfish Head - Punkin Ale

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Tuesday Tidbits

Oh yeah, it's everybody's favorite day of the week...Bring on the Tidbits baby!!!

* Yesterday was the first day of Fall...WOOOHOOO!!! Fall is by far my favorite season for many reasons. Once the weather gets me in more of a fall mood (It's close to 90 in the Ville today), I'll give you guys a full dose of Fall lovin' and explain all the reasons why I would marry Fall if I could!

* I saw "Burn After Reading" this past weekend. Let me just say I was super amped up to see this flick...and I came away...puzzled. It was good, but it was easily one of the weirdest movies I have ever seen. Brad Pitt is absolutely a scene stealer in the flick. It's worth seeing at least once, but leave the kids at home...it gets a bit graphic at times.

* The CrapBags pulled out another come from behind Monday night win last night. The win moves the Bags to 3-0 on the season and sitting at top the Fantasy Football standings all by our lonesome! Some things don't change...the Pope is always gonna be catholic, The Oxy Clean guy is always gonna be annoying, the E-Trade baby is always gonna be hilarious...and the CrapBags are always going to be total bad asses!

* In some sad news...some of you may have heard that Travis Barker, the former drummer for Blink-182, was in a plane crash this weekend. 4 people died, and he and another fella are in critical condition. While I'm not a huge Barker fan, this gets some notice for a few reasons...one is that it is tragic and they deserve to be in our thoughts, two is that Barker is responsible for playing drums on the song that shaped my college life (Blink 182 - Dammit), and three...I read this jewel of an article about the tragedy on MTV.com.
There are two highlights from the article. First, Pete Wentz, of Fall Out Boy "fame", claims that it was really sad that Baker (Barker's assistant) passed away in the crash because he was..."a rad guy!"
- Really? You couldn't say he was an outstanding individual, model citizen, great friend/father? No no, Mr. Wentz is so cool that he has to let it be known that he was a "rad guy"...what an ass-clown!

That quote was only outdone by this gem: DJ Samantha Ronson (who the hell is that?) on her MySpace blog..."led with a sad emoticon and then said:..."
- Are you kidding me? Not only did Ronson find the tragedy so sad that she wanted to express her sorrow with one of these guys, : ( , MTV found that important enough to relay to the rest of the world.

I hate my generation sometimes...but not as much as I hate MTV! Bring back Dave Holmes!!!

* After doing some serious YouTubing last night...I found a pretty cool video. This is of Ben Sollee, the Cellist I told you guys about...but he's playing with Mr. Craig Wagner who happens to be an absolute stud on the guitar. He also happens to be the fine gent who teaches me how to play guitar every Thursday after work. Check out his bad ass solo in this clip (also, don't pay attention to some of the faces Sollee makes...he's a cellist for crying out loud...he's gotta be a little goofy.)

* On another music note...Kings of Leon and Cold War Kids both released new albums today! These are two pretty stellar bands, I'll pick up the albums after work and let you know about them later this week!

* I got some boots! Yup, my everlasting quest for some sweet boots came to an end on Saturday as I bought a pair of brownish boots marked down from $100 to $35! I feel a bit like a cowboy when I wear them...but I think I look kinda cool and not like a huge toolbox...so I'll keep wearing them till someone points and laughs at me. Also, I've never really had boots like this before...and they're really different than most shoes. They're heavy...they're narrow...it's like having two canoes on your feet. Oh well...they totally make me fell like Dirty Harry!

Peace Homies!

Song of the Day: Band of Horses - Monsters
Beer of the Day: Left Hand - Milk Stout

Monday, September 22, 2008

Damn Yankees

The Yankees played their last game in Yankee stadium last night. As most of you probably know...I hate the Yankees...always have always will. But, I also really respect the Yankees. The Babe, Joltin' Joe, the Pinstripes, Jeter...it's hard not to respect them. However, in a time when baseball needs to rely on its history and tradition more than ever...the damn Yanks have committed a sin. Last night, as I watched Yogi Berra talk about his love for Yankee Stadium and Reggie Jackson talk about the stadium as though he were losing a close friend...I realized that I was losing a good friend too...Baseball itself.

Growing up I loved baseball...I still do, but not as much...here is why. Baseball is all about tradition, it's about wooden bats, hot dogs, squeeze plays, double headers, uncomfortable uniforms, dirt, etc. Baseball is America's game. Your grandpa played it and has memories about certain players just as you do...but in the past decade Baseball lost a lot. Baseball has taken a back seat to the NFL and NBA...and there are many things to blame.

For instance, a lot of fields don't have real grass anymore...some don't even have real dirt. How do you react to that bad hop off the infield grass? How do you dig in at the plate? It's all phony now. We all know about the steroids scandals and how baseball has been juiced up for the last ten years or so...and from day one I have said the same thing that I'll tell you right now. Baseball can't go back and catch every player who ever took steroids...so don't even try. Move on. Go back to the basics. Fall back on tradition. Play up the fact that Wrigley Field, Fenway Park and Yankee Stadium are such historic sites! Encourage teams to steal more bases, lay down more bunts and play harder. Then we can forget about steroids and just move on to the future of baseball while continuing the great traditions of the past.

Well, as they've done before, the Yanks crushed my dreams last night. I understand all good things must come to an end...and maybe Yankee Stadium is a bit of a disaster and it needs to be replaced for safety reasons if nothing else. However, I soon found out that the new Yankee Stadium, which costs 1.3 BILLION dollars and is literally across the street from the old one, will also include a martini bar, steak house and art gallery. WTF? This is baseball...the most pure sport around. It's about hot dogs, peanuts and cracker jacks, it's about teaching your kids to score a double play, it's about cheering on your team no matter how many years they let you down...and now the Yanks, America's team, have turned Baseball's greatest landmark into an F'ing circus. When commenting on the new stadium, an official for the Yanks had this to say, "We tried to reflect a five-star hotel and put a ball field in the middle."

Who Wants That???

The people who know baseball, and who represent all that is good about the game...don't want that stuff...they want a bleacher seat, a program, a beer, and a chance to root their team to a win. That's all. But no, the Yanks failed us again. Instead of building a stadium that would remind us of the glory days of baseball...they are basically building a Yankee Stadium on steroids...which is why baseball will never be the same to me.

Damn Yankees.

Song of the Day: Frank Sinatra - Theme From New York, New York
Beer of the Day: Brooklyn Brewery - Brooklyn Brown Ale

Friday, September 19, 2008

A Sticky Situation...

So I realized I have a problem and I need some help. I have noticed that I have a large number of stickers laying around my apartment. Stickers from concerts, sporting events, restaurants, different cities...everything. Some of them are actually really really cool too. Some I have even had for over 5 years. I know this doesn't seem like a problem...and it's not a problem having the stickers...it's a problem because I don't know what to do with them.

I want so badly to just slap one on something I own...my kegerator, my computer, my brother, etc....but I just can't make that commitment. Stickers just seem so permanent. I mean, not only is it a pain in the ass to take a sticker off...obviously defacing the item on which the sticker was planted...but that sticker can't ever be used again.

While thinking about this problem last night I realized why I am so cautious with stickers...it's because growing up I use to love playing with colorforms! For those of you unfamiliar with colorforms...first of all I'm sorry you missed out...secondly, they were like static-cling stickers that you could peel and place everywhere. They usually came with a piece of cardboard that had a scene on it that served as the background...then you would take the colorforms, usually cartoon characters, and place them as you wished. Here is a nice smurf set:
The possibilities were endless. You could make them as creative as you wanted...they use to entertain me for hours at a time. But, the best part was that there was no thinking involved (for the record...any activity that involves almost no thinking...A+ in my book). If you put a smurf in a place and immediately regretted your decision...who cares! Just move it.

Well the colorform technique of peeling and re-placing has really casued me harm in my later life....especially with stickers. You see when you have a bad-ass sticker...you gotta think out where you're putting that bad boy. I mean that opportunity is a once in a life time thing! If your sticker is placed off center or an inch above where you had planned...you're screwed. You're sticker is ruined and you have no choice but to rip the sticker off and then goo-gone the crap out of whatever you were dumb enough to stick it on.

This big long rant really just comes down to one thing...I need your help Life of Brian fans...what should I do with all of my stickers? What do you do with your stickers? Please help me! Colorforms have warped my fragile little mind!

I have to do something with all of these stickers. I owe it to them to stick them on something...because a sticker that hasn't been stuck...well that's just a cool design on a piece of paper...and that just ain't right!

Please help!

Have a great weekend!

Song of the Weekend: The Whigs - Production City
Beer of the Weekend: Samuel Smith - Oatmeal Stout

Thursday, September 18, 2008

What's up with those college grads?

So all of us here have heard about me and how I am adapting to life after college...but what about those other Centre grads trying to make it in the real world? Between new jobs, grad schools and apartments it seems as though most of them are staying busy...I heard from a few of them recently and here is how everyone is doing. (Also, I'm condensing some of the e-mails they sent me...but I'm not going to change the grammar...so blame them for the typos this time!)

Ladies first...

Taylor (Grad School, College of Charleston): Things are great in Charleston - I have a pull out couch (come visit). And Charleston is beautiful. Grad school is weird - I expected it to be like Reigelman (Centre Professor) class all the time but it is NOT. It's longer papers and higher expectations but not as fun. Sigh. Being an RD here is way different - they consider it a sin to drink with your residents (HA) so it's not too fun but it pays the bills and I got some friends out of it, so that's good! Several hurricanes are threatening my new home but I suspect they won't ruin the city (fingers crossed!). It's cool to go through a hurricane though! Anyway, come visit and I miss you all!

Leslie (
News and Public Affairs, Vanderbilt Medical Center): I had my first cover story published today! My job basics are that I'm an intern in News and Public Affairs at Vanderbilt Medical Center. Pretty soon, my very pregnant boss at the Children's Hospital will be leaving to have a baby and I'll take over for her. I'll put out a monthly employee newsletter, parent health tip newsletter and report for the board of trustees. I'll also continue to write short articles for the Reporter and other medical center magazines. My next big project is an inside look at autopsy and I couldn't be more excited. Hopefully I won't puke all over my Reporter's notebook. The job ends in December when the un-pregnant lady comes back from leave, but I'm doing my best to wow their pants off and make them want to hire me permanently.

Outside of work, I live very close to Hillsboro Village, which is a happening place to be. There are great restaurants and a even a non-profit movie theater, and it would be a really fun place to hang out (I'm hinting that more people should come visit me).

Leigh (Southern Living Magazine, Birmingham, AL): I
'm living in Birmingham and interning in the corporate communications/public relations department of Southern Progress Corporation, the Time Inc. subsidiary that produces Southern Living, Cooking Light, Health, Cottage Living, Coastal Living, Southern Accents, and Sunset magazines.

***She also wanted me to tell everyone that she's really hard at work (3 mins of work in 4 hours!) Way to go Leigh!

Valerie (Grad School, East Carolina University):
I just moved to my apartment in Greenville and started classes to go towards my Maritime Archaeology masters. There are only 15 of us in the entire program so we do pretty much everything together.

RoyLee (Student Life, Centre College):
I am working for Centre College as the Student Life Coordinator. Been busy with orientation and getting first-year students settled in. In case you haven't been looking at the Centre homepage, there is now evidence that Abraham Lincoln actually was a student here and built Old Centre with his bare hands (sarcasm). This "Year of Lincoln" is driving me crazy! There are life size cutouts of ol' Abe and John Todd Stuart at Jazzman's (coffee shop). I just look on, raise my shoulders and in a high pitched voice say "Really?!?!" In the market for a new TV...hope to have it soon. Miss everyone terribly. If anyone gets ambitious, you can send snowflakes to me in the mail.

Matt (Law school, University of Kentucky):
Law school is extremely time consuming and morally troublilng (now that I know that because of my choice to go to UK, Hunter Cantwell forgot how to throw a football). Actually, it is not too much differnet from Centre, just different subjects and less cool people.

***Note, Matt did let me know that if I ever wanted to get together and cry about missing our deep south girlfriends (he dates Leigh) he would be there for me. Thanks Matt! Also, Matt sent me this e-mail right after the UL vs. UK game...so that Cantwell comment may sound odd.

Will (Grad School, University of Alabama):
I just gave an exam. How about that? I gave an exam that I made. Everything in TTown is great. The Alabama v. Tulane game was great. The Crimson Tide was a bit crappy, but they won nonetheless. What else do I need to include? My office hours are Mondays 1:30-2:30 or Wednesdays from 2:00-3:00 or by appointment. Oh yea! How could I forget this!? Probably the biggest news in my life right now is that THEO WALCOTT SCORED A HATTRICK FOR ENGLAND!!! BAM!!

***Note, Will is spending his nights becoming a rap artist...he has sent me some of his work and as soon as I can figure out how, I'll post it so we can all enjoy.

Lautaro (Line cook, Louisville, KY):
i work at shiraz mediterreanean grill as a line cook and dish washer. its pretty easy work, i just dont get paid a lot or work full time. BUT one of the hispanic ladies that works in the kitchen did tell me that she told her 19yr daughter in guatamala(i'm sure jake knows how to pronounce that correctly now) that shes working with a young handsome argentine. so i have that going for me.

i am trying to find a full time job that pays atleast like 10 dollars an hour because that way i can move in with brian into an awesome apartment and be an awesome roommate. i have an interview with some insurance company that wants me to be a costumer service rep. which is good because i wouldnt have to sell anything. so lets all hope i get that.

i have also signed up for an ultimate frisbee league here in louville and that started last wednesday. its lots of fun and hopefully i will get into better shape by running for an hour and a half once a week.

oh, my beloved chicago cubs have kept me on an emotional rollercoster but still lead the nl central. believe.

Jake (Teach for America, Mexico/Texas border):
Life as a teacher is busy if nothing else (although there is a lot else). I'm doing really well overall. I love the teaching part of teaching, but down here it seems that 90% of my job is discipline to ensure that the kids are ready to learn and the other 10% is teaching. I'd say I have two good classes for every one that absolutely sucks. So far I've had kids walk out of my classroom, ignore my instructions, and just generally not care. I don't want you to get the wrong impression, I love what I do and the kids have tons of potential, I just have to figure out how to make
them realize it.

Outside of school, things are good. I have a cool roommate from Massachusetts and we get along really well. My other teacher friends are great too. Last weekend I went with my roommate from training to see the Red Sox play the Rangers in Arlington, which is eight hours away. We left at 9 a.m. Saturday, got to the field around 5 p.m., watched batting practice and the entire game from our seats in the first row of the bleachers (I didn't follow the U'Sellis plan exactly, but my evening did include a hot dog, two bud lights, and a huge basket of cajun fries). While we were at the game we saw Nate Blank, who is working in Dallas as a grocery store fish monger. The game ended around 10 p.m. and we began to drive south. After sleeping for 45 minutes in a Whataburger (amazing fast food, if you haven't had the pleasure) parking lot near San Antonio, we arrived back in the RGV around 7 a.m. Sunday. A great adventure if I've ever had one.

So there you have it gang. Looks these folks are doing well with their transition period. Also, to all you other Life of Brian fans...if you want to send me an update about something exciting about you...feel free. I may even create a little segment every week where we'll "meet a LoB fan" or something.

One last thing...tonight at 10 on FX Always Sunny in Philadelphia comes back on the air...I really enjoy this show, so check it out. Here is a clip from last year that gets a laugh like a quarter of the time.

Song of the Day: Ben Folds - Annie Waits
Beer of the Day: Avery - Ellie's Brown Ale

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

What ever happened to blue jeans?

After recently putting a hole through the knee of my favorite pair of blue jeans...I decided I would simply go to the store and buy a new pair. Well the jeans I had came from the Gap and they were about 4 years old. I decided not to go to the Gap to get new jeans for two reasons...#1 they are expensive there...and they WILL get a hole in the knee. #2 How the hell are you supposed to figure out what style you want?

If you are intelligent enough to tell the difference between: low rise, relaxed fit, easy fit, slim fit, classic fit, baggy fit, boot cut, straight fit and standard fit, well then you get to decipher the difference between all the different kinds of washes...which I now realize means shade of blue. It's not just dark blue, light blue and regular blue...No it's aged wash, stonewash, midnight wash, classic wash, true blue, vintage wash, etc.

I figured that the gap was just getting a little too cool for school so I decided to just go to Target and find some jeans. Surely Target has less options than the Gap? Wrong! They have more. They have 5 different brands, including two kinds of Levis. As I sat there defeated and pantsless, I figured the glory days of buying just "blue jeans" were over...so I pulled myself together and gathered up 5 different pairs of jeans all my size. I could just look at the jeans and tell if I liked the"wash" or not...so that gave me no problem. The real problem came when trying on the jeans. The first pair(relaxed low-rise boot cut) were way to baggy. #2, slim fit....didn't get them past my knees. #3 (Easy fit, boot cut) felt pretty good in the legs...but felt as if someone had a choke hold on my private parts. #4 Relaxed straight fit....ding ding ding....we have a winner. They felt good all over! I tried on the 5th pair, but it was a waste of time.

I was thrilled with my purchase and couldn't wait to wear them to work the next day. Well, of course when I put them on the next day it was like they had been shrunk the night before...it really felt as though I was going to rip them with every step I took. Once I got to work I legitimately thought I was going to have to go home and change pants at lunch...What the hell happened to my perfect jeans? Luckily as the day wore on...the jeans broke in and as I sit here typing this I can tell you that the from my waist down hasn't been this comfortable in a long time (that's what she said).

So yeah, if you're like me (and Jake) and don't have a need to be on the cutting edge of fashion, be careful the next time you go to look for jeans...because it will be overwhelming at first. However, grab a few pairs that are your size and take a deep breath...then find the one that makes you happiest and move on with your life...that's what I did and my legs have never been happier! Plus, I don't mean to be cocky...but my new jeans make my heiney look exquisite.

Song of the Day: The Thrills - One Horse Town
Beer of the Day: Coors Light (Cards are on at 8 tonight...I'll be there!)

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Tuesday Tidbits

Yup it's time for that weekly dose of tidbits!

* The CrapBags pulled off a major come from behind win last night as Brian Westbrook and David Akers fought off Jason Whitten and made up 30points. Each week that goes by it becomes clearer that the CrapBags are a team of destiny!

* I had a terrible dream last night. I dreamt that Earl Clark decided to take this year off from college basketball and focus on making the NBA next year. I realize this makes no sense and is not really important....but words can not express how depressed I was in my dream. I would not cheer up for anything....luckily I woke up and realized it was only a dream....but I did check online just to make sure. (Note, I realize I'm totally insane)

* The survey results are in! We had a pretty good turnout for the survey and here are the results:
1.) Ireland and England (tie) are way better than France

2.) Dwight edges out Jim by one vote for fav office character (I voted for Pam!)

3.) Saturday is better than Friday

4.) Red is waaaaayyy better than Blue

5.) Football is twice as good as Futbol

6.) Brian is liked better than Ben! (On a side note, Ben actually came in 3rd in this category..."No Response" received 4 more votes than Ben! I still love you though Benny...if you bring back your blog I bet your readers would like you more!)

7.) October is one vote better than November

8.) A Bear would totally kick a Lion's ass!

9.) Most people read the blog daily!

10.) This is the section where I asked what would better your Life of Brian experience...here are the answers (my comments about each one are next to them):

- "More games and more pictures of Da Kaizah." - I'll see what we can do about that Will.

- "Video Blog like Buster Olney on ESPN.com" - What do you think this is Mardi Gras?

- " More funny YouTube videos" - I can do that...if you have any that you think are funny...send them to me.

- " First of all, America is the real best country...also I want to request songs of the day...maybe like a TRL blog type thing." - Are you kidding me? Never refer to my blog and TRL in the same sentence...EVER!!! If you do want to add a song of the day...just post a comment at the bottom of the post. Everyone can see those and then we can have more than one song of the day! If this isn't good enough for you...start your own blog.

- "More things about me and what a sweet person I am" - I don't know who said this...but own up to it...I'll then decide if you are indeed really sweet...if you are I'll be glad to post more info about you.

And last but not least..."More reference to funny things and more callouts" - Hahaha, basically this person thinks I should be funnier...and make fun of others.

Thanks for the input everybody...I'll work on meeting your requests. If you ever have a comment, question or request for the blog...just use the comment thing at the bottom of each post...it's easy and free and I'll be quick to respond.

* I asked if anyone wanted to share their yearbook photos...no one did...but I found Will's on Facebook:
Very nice Will!

* Did anyone watch USC kill Ohio St. this weekend? Not only did it prove OSU sucks...it also proved that My Morning Jacket is taking over the world. Twice going to commercial breaks ABC used one of their songs while running highlights (I'm Amazed, Highly Suspicious) it was pretty cool.
Also, while were talking about MMJ, check out their new video for "Touch Me I'm Going To Scream pt. 2" It's very "Where the Wild Things Are"

* Here is an online game you can check out....it's The Office Mini Putt...my best score is 18...and I don't think it's possible to score any better.

Alright that's all for now...I gotta get back to work, what do ya think I do write blog entries all day?

Song of the Day: Neko Case and Her Boyfriends - Set Out Running
Beer of the Day: Guinness Draught

Monday, September 15, 2008

The answer my friend is blowing in the wind...

As some of you might have heard, or experienced...the remnants of Hurricane Ike blew through Louisville yesterday and with winds close to 75mph...about 300,000 homes in the Louisville metro area are without power. I was lucky enough to not spend a single second without power yesterday....I was even luckier that I didn't have a tree crash through my living room...or car. Others weren't so lucky. Here are some pictures from the mess.

All of these pictures were taken within a mile of my apartment. YIKES!

It truly was an unreal site around town yesterday. Power lines looking as if they were sprayed like silly string across the road, Telephone poles snapped like toothpicks, Trees coming down like rain...it was weird to say the least. In fact while my mom and I were driving around (we actually tried to go to the movies...we got in but then the power went out) it was rare to see a stop light that was working.

While it is always frustrating when the lights go out, and sad when homes and cars are destroyed...I kind of enjoy the neighborhood element that comes along with power outages. Last night at 9 o'clock on Bardstown road, you would have thought it was Derby Eve....people were out all over the place, partying, drinking and mingling. It was great. Several times I saw neighbors sitting outside together and families playing in the front yard...it was really refreshing. In fact, I actually just sat out on my porch with a candle, some beer and my guitar for about 3 hours last night.

In a time when technology rules...it was kinda nice to just shut it all down for a while. Although, I'm sure it was a lot nicer for me knowing I had power. Oh well. Here's to a speedy cleanup!

Song of the Day: Arcade Fire - Neighboorhood #3 (Power Out)
Beer of the Day: Left Hand - Sawtooth Ale

P.S. If anyone is in the dark still and has beer that might be going bad...let me know...you are welcome to put it in my fridge...or you can at least bring it over and we can drink it! I'd hate to see beer go bad.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Friday Fun!

Woooo-hoooo! After I thought it was Friday all day yesterday....it actually IS Friday today! I was totally going to come on here and rant about how much I hate the process of buying new jeans...but that can wait...because last night I found something hilarious.

Have you ever looked at yearbook photos of other people and wished you had lived in a time when fashion was totally bitchin'? Well wonder no more. Thanks to yearbookyourself.com you can now find out what you would have looked like if you would have graduated high school between 1950 and 2000!

The process is simple, find a picture of your face without anything blocking it...hats, bangs, glasses, etc. I chose this picture of myself:
Pretty scary lookin' guy right? Actually this is the only picture I could find without hair somewhat in my face...and I like to look at this picture and shed a tear for the greatest beard I have ever grown...may you rest in peace sweet beard!

Anyway, find a picture of yourself and then upload it and crop it a bit and then look at your year book...here are the highlights of my yearbook.




Awesome huh? I think 1960, 1970, 1984 and 1988 are my favorites!

So, go try it yourself...it's sure to keep you entertained for at least 10 mins. Then, if you wish to share your funny photos with the entire life of Brian community, send me your favorite and I'll post it on here sometime next week.

Have a great weekend boys and girls!

Song of the weekend: Counting Crows - Anna Begins
Beer of the weekend: Magic Hat - Jinx

P.S. I'm leaving the survey from yesterday up through the weekend...I'll post the results next week.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Let's get everyone involved...

So recently I have been trying to think of a way to get everyone who reads this blog involved in some way. I mean this blog is not about one man...it's about a community of people who come together to laugh at how idiotic one man can be! So without further ado...I present the first ever.....

drum roll please...


Now I realize that some of these questions are lame...but to tell you the truth I was just trying to think of something to put in there because I don't really think this is going to work. Anyway give it a whirl and we'll see what happens.

Song of the Day: The Beatles - Things We Said Today
Beer of the Day: BBC Dark Star Porter (Now on tap at my apartment!)

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

My "Oneders" Moment

So it goes without saying that, "That Thing You Do" is one of my favorite movies of all time. I mean seriously who doesn't love that flick? Also, I would argue that the scene when their song is played on the radio for the first time is one of the best scenes in the history of American Cinema. In case you don't know the scene...here it is:

Man, what a great feeling!

Well, yesterday I had an experience that will probably be the closet I will ever come to hearing my song on the radio.

Remember when I told you about the Dayton Alefest I went to a few weekends back? Well we of course brought along the Brouha House's favorite yeast baby mascot, "Bud" and took him around to different booths. However, the good people at Flying Dog Brewery (recently ranked the #1 brewery in America by one publication) took a picture with Bud and then asked us to send them the picture. I had all but forgotten about it until one of their people sent me an e-mail yesterday with this link:


Holy Guacamole! Can you believe that? I mean the Brouha House is still 7 or 8 months from being open...but when the #1 brewery in America has a blurb about you on the front of their website...and a picture of your little yeast mascot....IT'S HUGE!!!

I realize to everyone else this is nowhere near as exciting as having your song played on the radio...but to me...it is!!!

If nothing else this is great publicity. And, it further drives home the fact that in a few months...I will most likely be the manager at my own brewpub!


Song of the Day: Squirrel Nut Zippers - Hell
Beer of the Day: Flying Dog - Gonzo Imperial Porter

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Tuesday Tidbits

Alright, so let's catch up and what's going on in the LofB right now...

** Last Friday I officially moved into my Apartment. It still feels a little weird, but I'm starting to get used to it. My room is lookin' good and the balcony is flippin' amazing. The kegerator should be up and running tomorrow and the HDTV will be put to use sometime soon as well. I'll put some pictures up once I get totally settled in...I know you guys are dying to see it. Also, feel free to stop by if you want.

** It's beginning to drop a few degrees in the weather which means Fall is just around the corner. I love Fall for many reasons but the most important reasons are...I get to drink darker beer, I get to wear jeans comfortably, I get to wear long sleeves and I get to drink bourbon! I know that makes me sound like an alcoholic who likes to cover up his skin...but that's not it. I just really enjoy all of those things...but in the summer it's just too damn hot (for a penguin to just be walkin' around!). Also, I have certain music that only feels right in the fall. The most notably is "Sunken Treasure" by Jeff Tweedy. You can't buy this album because it came free when I bought Jeff Tweedy's DVD...but if you want a copy (trust me...you do) just let me know and I'll figure out a way to legally smuggle it to you.

** So I went to the UofL game this past Saturday and not only did the Cards look good...I got to see the best beer man moment ever. I was walking back from the bathroom and there was the beer man right at the bottom of our section. This guy walks past him and the beer man takes a plastic cup and just beams him with it. Then the beer man said, "Flag on the play. Personal Foul, Unnecessary DUMBNESS! Walking past the Beer man empty handed!" It was hilarious, easily the funniest thing I have heard in a long time.

**Basketball went well last night, I didn't play outstanding but I felt solid...and I'm only sore today because I took a wicked knee to my thigh...it's killin' me though.

Of course the CrapBags opened up the week in Championship form, posting the highest score (which earns me $2)...and removing any doubt that they are the best Fantasy Football team of all time.

On a side note, I think we'll all agree that I warned everyone that taking Tom Brady away from the CrapBags would be a bad idea...it was.

I actually talked to Tom after he found out he wasn't a CrapBag this year, he told me he didn't even want to play this season. His exact words were, "This is total B.S. I'm a CrapBag or I'm nothing!!! Maybe I'll just let someone tear my ACL so I don't have to play for someone else." I told him he was much to good looking to let that happen, so he should go a head and play...but just play poorly against the CrapBags...apparently that wasn't good enough. Oh well, get well soon Tom.

*** Athlon's College Basketball preview magazine is out and checkout the cover:
You're a bad-ass Earl. CARDS = 2009 NCAA CHAMPS!!!

** Vampire weekend is playing tonight at Headliners, anyone want to go? Oh wait it's sold out so we can't...DANG IT!

Hasta Luego Muchachos!

Song of the Day: Jeff Tweedy - One By One (Live)
Beer of the Day: Sierra Nevada - Brown Ale

Monday, September 08, 2008

Are you ready for some.....Basketball?

I know the NFL season just kicked off and tonight is the first night of Monday Night Football, but I want to talk basketball today. No not because I am giving up on UofL's football team, but because Monday night basketball is starting up tonight...and I'm coming out of retirement.

When I was in High School I was a pretty good basketball player. I'm not trying to sound conceded, I played like 5 nights a week, and I just got really in shape and pretty good at basketball. Well, every Monday from a week or so after Labor day until a week or so after Derby, I used to play basketball with My Dad, cousins, uncles and some other good friends. I had to stop playing when I went away to school...but the league kept on...and tonight, I make my return.

I'm a little worried because when I left I was playing the best basketball of my life. I was in shape so I was able to use my youth and quickness to make some plays. However, as we all know...I didn't play much basketball in college...unless you count shooting on the Michael Jordan Jr. Jammer...in which case I'm an All-Star. So, I'm a little nervous about playing tonight. I know I'm not as in shape as I was, I weigh about 15 pounds more than I did...there is no way I can grab the rim anymore...and I'm just looking to hit the rim on my first few shot attempts.

While thinking about this whole situation...I found out that I could simply use YouTube to show why I should be worried about my ability to play basketball tonight. You see, senior year of high school they picked an intramural all-star team to play a game against the faculty in front of the whole school. I was lucky enough to be picked...and it ended up being a really fun game. I had totally forgotten about it until a few weeks ago when I was messing around on YouTube and found something amazing. Someone actually got some video from the game and made a highlight video with "One Shining Moment" in the background. Hilarious right?

Well in hopes of displaying how I went about life in High School...here is the video. I'm #5 in the Red. My highlights include, playing ridiculously awesome defense against a girl teacher and forcing her into a 10 second count...then over enthusiastically slapping our coach's hand, making a layup, and dishing out a nice assist on a three pointer, I'm also the third person to walk across the screen at the beginning in the yellow shirt, go ahead and laugh...high school is awkward:

What a baller!

Well now it's time for my other YouTube claim to fame. This video illustrates my life in college, which included drinking, cheering for UofL and making an ass of myself. This is Ben and me at a UofL pep rally in Charlotte for the NCAA tourney this past March. What you CAN see is us drunk, stupid and excited. What you CAN'T see is Denny Crum standing about 2 feet away from us. You also can't see the 2 or 3 hugs I made Denny give me for good luck!

So as you can see...my glory days of PLAYING basketball are behind me...while I fear that I am still in the middle of my glory days of drinking and WATCHING basketball. That's why I'm nervous.

Oh well, regardless it should be a great time tonight...and it'll be nice to exercise again. Watch out Becky!

Song of the Day: The Doors - Roadhouse Blues
Deer of the Day: Schlafly - Oktoberfest

Friday, September 05, 2008

Big Time Weekend

Ok, now I know we all want to get crazy because it's Friday...but we can't. There is simply too much to do!

Just kidding, well kinda. There is a lot of stuff going on this weekend, but it's all fun...so it's quite ok to get really excited.

First of all, I will be staying in my apartment for the first time tonight. AHHHHH! It's been a weird week, filled with mixed emotions. The excitement of fixing up my new place, mixed with the sadness of sleeping in my bed at home for the last time has made me feel a bit odd about the whole situation. Right now the edge has to go to the exciting feeling...but I know there is going to be a time in the next few weeks when I really realize that I don't live at home anymore. Damn! That's gonna be tough to handle...but I'm sure it'll be ok. It's a new/exciting/scary/nerve wracking stage in my life...and I think I'm ready.

Tomorrow I get to go to my first UofL football game since I went to school there in 2004. I know, they suck. But hey...I get to tailgate and that'll be fun. Plus, let's be real here...I love my Cardinal Birds and there are few (if any) things I would rather do than drink beer and watch the Cards in action. So yeah, I'm excited...It's because I'm a FAN! GO CARDS!

Ok, the other big thing about this weekend is that it's my Dad's birthday today! Alright Dad! You did it! Another year...wooohooo! wooo! wo! And it's his 60th! ALRIGHT! Man, he's old!

Just kidding, he's actually only 53! But the really exciting thing is that I have a job now...which means I have money...which means instead of borrowing money from him to buy him a cheap present, I can use the money he pays me through his firm for I job I'm not really qualified for...to buy him a kinda nice present!

In all honesty though, when it comes to dads...mine's the best. So in your face! Happy Birthday Dad, I hope it's a good one. And don't worry, I'll call Ben and make sure he remembers. I kid!

Have a good weekend folks!

Song of the Weekend: Ben Kweller: My Apartment
Beer of the Day: Flying Dog - Dogtoberfest

Thursday, September 04, 2008

De Plane De Plane

Today I want to talk about airplanes and airports. As I said the other day, I love airports...but I'm not too fond of the whole flying experience. I mean taking a really heavy machine...filling it with people and then shipping it in the air from one place to another...it's just not natural. However, the whole experience of flying is really kind of entertaining.

You go get your ticket, then you have to take all of your clothes off and put them on a check out counter and walk through a metal detector. If you're like me...you can be totally naked and you'll still beep. I think I'm a perfect 10 out of my last 10. Anyway, when you're lucky enough to pass through security...you then get to wait at your gate.

Now while waiting, if you're like me you will begin to scope out the other travelers and what I have found is that you can break them down into three types of people.

Tom the Traveler
Tim the Tourist
Ordinary Joe

I like to look at people to not only judge them, but to see who I might want to sit around me...if I had a choice. Let me explain.

Tom the Traveler - This person is going to be dressed in business casual attire. They will not have a lot of carry on luggage. They will be alone. And they will have a really nice looking cell-phone. These types of people can be trusted, they do this kind of thing all the time and they aren't excited to be on a plane...they're just trying to get to where they're going. I like to identify at least one of these people once I'm on the plane, that way if a weird noise occurs, or there happens to be lots of turbulence, I can read their face and see if I should be worried or not. CAUTION: This could back fire and you could end up believing that your plane is about to crash...but it works most times. If you are traveling alone, Tom the Traveler is the person you want to sit next to...he's all business and he'll leave you alone...but he will also be polite.

Ordinary Joe - These people are going to look a lot like me. They will have on jeans and a fairly nice shirt, they will be reading a magazine or book of some sort, they will also have some carry on luggage, including a backpack of some kind. i-Pod is another thing to look for. These are the people who not frequent travelers, but have done it enough that they are at least somewhat comfortable. It is ok to sit next to them, but they may strike up the risky in-flight conversation. Often talking to strangers is fun...but it can become dangerous on a plane because if you begin a conversation and soon realize that person is either boring or annoying...you are stuck. You can't just say, "Oh I have to be some where!" You are now forced to either talk to that person, or sit awkwardly next to them. Ordinary Joe is a nice guy, sitting next to him should be ok...but wait until there are only about 45 mins left in the flight before talking to them.

Tim the Tourist - These people are the worst. They will look like a tourist. Cargo shorts, Hawaiian shirts, tennis shoes with tube socks...these are all possibilities. If they're on their way home...they will undoubtedly have on a t-shirt from some "Crazy fun" restaurant they went to. They will have way too much carry-on luggage, they will ask way too many questions, they will want to be the first on the plane and the first off the plane regardless of where they are sitting, they will also ask the flight attendants for something every 10 minutes. These people don't travel much, so when they do...they want everyone to know. If you get stuck sitting next to Tim the Tourist...go to sleep before the plane moves. Otherwise you'll get an earful about how amazing this person's trip to Florida was and how crazy they got at the Crazy Crab!

That's how I see it...you may disagree, but I think if you follow those guidelines you'll end up much happier.

Just for fun, here are a few other things that annoy me about flying: When they start boarding...everyone goes and stands in line. Why? You are all gonna get on, why stand around? Also, when the plane stops...why does everyone immediately shoot out of their seats and proceed to stand in the aisle for 20 mins? It's dumb. Also, stop using my overhead bin space....it's mine!

But the best parts about flying: The drinks and peanuts they bring you, trying to pee during a pocket of turbulance, getting places really really quickly.

Well, that's my rant about airplanes...I enjoy flying...but sometimes it can be a bit much.

Enjoy your Thursday people.

Song of the Day: Avett Brothers - The Weight of Lies
Beer of the Day: Mikkeller - Beer Geek Breakfast

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Moving is awful...

...well not really but parts of it are.

Let me just say I can't have a long post today...because I unintentionally took off work from 10:30 - 2:30.

Well it wasn't totally without knowing, the furniture store told me that they would deliver my bedroom furniture between 10:30 and 1:30. Well of course they showed up at like 1:45, and then they had to assemble it all. So yeah it was great. To make things better, I was starving, but couldn't leave to get food...so I ordered Chinese. However, I just wanted like 6 bucks worth of food. Well of course you have to order at least 15 bucks worth so I just added crab rangoon and then just kept adding egg rolls until I had enough. I finally get up to $14.67 and the lady was like, "well, it's supposed to be $15." I said, "ARE YOU KIDDDING ME? I just ordered like 9 bucks of food I didn't even want...and you won't give me the extra 33 cents?" She quickly saw it my way and said it was fine.....I knew she would...I wouldn't want to mess with me either.

So yeah, I have sweet furniture now and I'll get the rest in there soon. However, I have to go do some work now. But I won't leave you empty handed...I'll give you this to entertain you for a little while longer.

Just for you mom (she may be the only person in the world who thinks that baby is funnier than I do)

Song of the Day: Ben Sollee - A Few Honest Words
Beer of the Day: Highland - Gaelic Ale

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Labor day weekend round-up

Man, I had a great weekend...how about you guys?

**As you all know, I was in Charleston visiting Taylor this weekend, and it was great to see her. We went to the beach, ate some good food, shopped around Charleston...it was just a really great time. Unfortunately, I won't get to see her again until October...but it will be here soon enough.

I flew to Charleston and I spent quite a bit of time in Airports. Let me just say that while I am not a huge fan of flying...I love airports. I'll talk about this more later this week...I don't want to short change you on my thoughts and feelings about the whole flying experience.

** This is a big week, even though it's a short one, because I move into my apartment. I'll move stuff little by little each day with hopes of getting finally set up by Friday or so. It should be fun, pictures and updates will be coming soon.

** If you're ever in Charleston, SC and you want to listen to the radio...tune to 100.5 the Drive! It is the best radio station I have ever heard. Sorry 91.9 WFPK, they're just as good as you and not as snooty (snotty?). They played Band of Horses, Pearl Jam, STP, R.E.M., Nirvana, The Cranberries, Radiohead...it was great.

** It's September now...that's sweet. Mainly because August is gone...but also mainly because it's almost Fall...WOO-Hoo!!

** Can you tell I'm just talking about things to avoid talking about another thing?

** Ok let's discuss. Yes, lets discuss the worst football game I have ever seen! I know UK fans are sitting there thinking, "Yeah, you just think it was bad because we kicked your ass!" Well, yes you did kick our asses...but if you know anything about football...you should realize that every team that plays in a BCS bowl this year will have more wins than UofL and UK will have combined at the end of the year. That's what made it so bad, UK sucks...but we sucked so much we got beat by 25! I want to say the defenses were just so outstanding...but I think the offenses were just that bad. Regardless here are a few observations:
- Douglas Beaumont - I like you...a lot!
- Hunter Cantwell - I like you...but will you play better next game...a lot better?
- Bilal Powell - You have the coolest name for a running back ever...too bad you looked like a total pansy on the field. Get better so I can say your name as if it were an onomatopoeia. "BILALPOWELL!"
- Ron English - I think you're awesome...but I want to watch a few more games before I put you on my "man-crush list"
- Josh Chichester - You're soooo tall...and pretty talented. Way to go!
- Jeff Brohm - Really? You can do better.
- Steve Kragthorpe - I'll give you until the Kansas State game before I make ridiculous remarks about you and your coaching ability. (Note: If we don't beat Tenn. Tech, I get to judge you then.)
- Rich Brooks - You're an alright old man...I don't really hate you at all.
- UofL football team - We can do better, seriously we have too....it's killing me.

I'm not crying...no I'm not crying....It's just been raining on my face.

Also, I of course ran into some UK fans in Charleston (they're everywhere). The first two noticed my UofL shirt and were good sports about it. One said, "Good Luck to you guys today...it should be a good game." The other one, was after the game and he said, "Oh, I'm from Louisville too! But unfortunately, I'm a UK fan." I said, "well, that's fortunate for you today" He smiled and said "yeah I guess." Not too bad. But then as I was leaving a restaurant, this UK fan sitting with his two buddies, he waits until Taylor is out the door and I have one foot out...then yells,


Hahahahaha. First of all Einstein....you just beat us in FOOTBALL! Second of all, way to be a man and yell it as I'm almost out of the restaurant and then look like you're totally innocent when I turn around and give you the, "I'm gonna kick your ass" stare. I mean you just waxed us in football and you bring up Pitino? It just goes to show that there are some morons out there...and a lot of UK fans will never ever get over the fact that Rick Pitino is UofL's coach. This guy's comment really made my day....not really but I at least got to laugh again.

You'll be happy to know I didn't punch anything...but I was upset. The only way to express my feelings is by having help from my friends...

They are who we thought they were...and we let 'em off the hook!

Playoffs? Playoffs?

I'm a Man...I'm 40!

Oh well, it was a shitty game...but a great weekend!

Song of the day: R.E.M. - What's The Frequency Kenneth?
Beer of the day: Avery - Ellie's Brown Ale