Wednesday, July 01, 2009

You Say You Want A Revolution?

It's known that I started this blog to keep in touch with friends and family as we all did our own thing all over God's green earth. I was inspired by my brother's blog (the wonderful and departed and I had hoped that my blogging would also inspire people to blog about their own lives and adventures.

Finally, after a year...the blog revolution is beginning. Three of my good friends have now started blogs. While I'm fully aware that The Life of Brian isn't 100% responsible for this blog rising...I do like to think that it had a little something to do with it (maybe like 1.73% at the most). But anyway, I'm so happy and proud of my friends for blogging that I thought I'd give them some love on here in hopes that they never have to start a ridiculous campaign in order to get fans.

So without further they are.

1.) Adventures in Texico by Jake H.

Jake is a friend from college who now lives in Texas near the Mexico/USA border.
Jake is there as part of the "Teach for America" program and he is just now entering his second year as a high school teacher. On his blog he shares his thoughts, opinions and struggles with his new teaching career. He also blogs about random feelings on things such as hugs, haircuts, dance clubs and laundry. He has been blogging since May and updates about 2 or 3 times a week. Also, it should be noted that if you click the link above you may not be able to access the blog. Jake has his blog set to invite only because he often discusses his students and talking about them publicly would be a no-no. So, if you would like to check out Jake's blog, let me know and I'll get you in contact with him so you can get on the invite list.

2.) Bluegrass Meets Berlin by Will R.

Will was my roommate for 3 years in college. He is now a grad school student at the University of Alabama (-5 points to anyone who said "Roll Tide" after reading that). Will has always been big into Germany and this summer he has been given a chance to study in Berlin for 8 weeks. He leaves on Saturday and lucky for us...he's decided to blog about his journey. He has said that he would like to do a Monday-Friday post schedule, but he still isn't sure what his schedule will be once he hits Deutschland. Anyway, even though he doesn't leave until Saturday, he's already got a few good posts up. Take a look.

3.) A Kentuckian Too By Sarah M.

Sarah M. is a fellow Centre College Colonel and just so happens to be Lautaro's girlfriend. She'll be returning to Centre for her senior year in a couple of weeks, but for now she's residing in her hometown of Chattanooga, TN. She's only been blogging for a couple weeks but so far so good, she updates several times a week. Her topics include, art, knitting and growing hair (she recently raised over $2,000 for St. Baldrick's and as a result...she shaved her head.). As a former senior at Centre, I'm anxious to read her blog and hear about her senior year (read: realize how much better my life was a few years ago.

For realzies gang...go check out those blogs. They may not have as many ridiculous rants and pictures of T-Will as this blog, but I can promise you they are just as entertaining. Plus all three of those blogs use correct grammar and punctuation!

Keep on Bloggin' in the free world.

Song of the Day: The Beatles - Revolution
Beer of the Day: Sierra Nevada - Wheat

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