Monday, July 20, 2009

Ch-Ch-Ch Changes

It's been known for a while that my post college plans have involved starting up a small brew pub with some family members. While we were hoping to have the pub up and running by now, the economy has prevented us from raising the money necessary to go through with our plan. As a result, I have made the decision to alter my career path a bit. I have decided to try and get into grad school at UofL with hopes of earning a Masters in Sports Administration.

With a Masters in Sports Administration I will be able to find jobs (hopefully) in many different areas involving the "business side" of sports. Whether it's an associate athletic director, a job in sports marketing, or even a high school coach...this masters degree will highly increase my chances of obtaining a job in the field of sports.

Now then, there are a few problems standing in my way.

1.) The deadline for Fall admission was July 1st. So as it turns out I'm shooting for admission in the spring, which means I have to apply by November 1st.

2.) The Sports Administration program at UofL is one of the best in the country and is highly competitive. Each year around 150 people apply for admission and only about 30-40 get in, so there is a real possibility that I will not get in on my first try...or ever.

3.) I have to take the GRE. I'm not bad at standardized tests, but I don't particularly like them. However, it's something that has to be done, so I'm planning on taking it around the end of September.

Further, to do well on the GRE it is important to learn like 500 ridiculous vocabulary words. I started my quest last night and I already feel smarter. Also, because of hopes of keeping my mind focused...the LoB "Beer of the Day" will be replaced with the LoB "GRE Word of the Day" for the foreseeable future.

Now for those of you bummed because you were looking forward to the Brewpub, don't get too down. We're still trying to figure out a way to start that thing, we just have to scale back our plans so that our start up cost is as low as possible.

What it all boils down to is that I just don't want to wait around anymore...the brewpub would be awesome, but there's a great chance that it won't ever I just needed to make another plan. After some long talks and discussion, and extra help from Taylor (she's the one who told me about the Sports Administration gig...Thanks Dear!) I just realized that Sports is what I love. I love other things like music and pop culture and whatever...but at the end of the day, it's sports that always has and always will capture my attention like nothing else. So, why not try to make a living out of it?

I'm not sure if I'll get in and even if I do there's no guarantee that I'll end up with a dream job...but I'm gonna do all I can to make sure that I do get in and make sure I put myself in a position to achieve a nice job.

It's gonna be an uneasy, exciting, nerve wracking couple of months as I try to get into the program, wish me luck!

Song of the Day: David Bowie - Changes
GRE Word of the Day: effrontery - extreme boldness; presumptuousness

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