Monday, June 30, 2008

Well that was fun

Yikes...that was an unhealthy weekend.

With many of my college friends about to ship off to various parts of the country to focus on being adults...most of us were able to get together for one last weekend!

On Friday Matt, Leigh and Roy Lee came to Louisville to hang out for a while. After dinner at Ramsi's, we went to Qdoba for the excellent $1 domestic, $1.50 import beer deal they offer on Friday and Saturday nights! The music was awful which was made worse by the jorts wearing keyboardist who was literally making love to his jams (gross), but we sat inside and chatted and learned about Mitch's attempts to pick up women by jumping through windows and pushing them...he's amazing. Then we went back to Taylor's to avoid the thunderstorm....but not before picking up some big cans of beer (I only like them because they make me feel like a midget). After the rain stopped Mitch, Taylor, Lautaro, Roy Lee and myself walked up to cafe 360 for some breakfast food and more drinks. This is where the night got bad as it began to rain on us, Lautaro and I sang "If I had a Million dollars" by the Barenaked Ladies and then I shamelessly put that picture I made to recruit fans as the background on the cafe 360 computer! I'm a moron...but it was fun.

Saturday we went to Lexington for Danielle's 21st b-day. Chase, Gera, Will and Kathleen joined our crew from Louisville the night before at Danielle's for a night of barguments (Who would win in a fight: a lion or a bear?...totally a bear) and drinking. The best part of the night was Danielle's dad who apparently used to embarrass Danielle by picking her up at her friend's houses by showing up with one of his friends and pretending to be lovers. He gave us a bit of a performance...and it was hilarious.

So yeah it was a good weekend to say the least, and with Leigh leaving for Alabama to work for Southern Living magazine and Taylor leaving for grad school at College of Charleston this Saturday (Boo), it is the next round of departures among a group that has had many good times together, and will continue to in the future...just not as often.

Now for a fan update!!! You may have noticed that we are up to 26 (list is on the left)!!! With additions from Will, Roy Lee, Gera, Danielle, Chase, Matt, Meg-Stand and Lauren! Welcome aboard gang...we are now more than halfway there, but time is running out...not even my idiotic attempt to put my face on Cafe 360's computer desktop gained any extra fans. I'm not giving up yet...but we need to get the word can and will be done!

That's all for today people...sorry for a somewhat mild post...but it is Monday and after this past weekend...I think we're all just lucky that I'm out of bed.

Song of the Day; Dispatch - The General
Beer of the Day: Gatorade - Fruit Punch (let's give the beer a bit of a rest)

Also, Taylor and I went to see Wall-E last night. For my money it doesn't get much better than Disney Pixar movies! Can't wait for Toy Story 3!

Friday, June 27, 2008


Ok, let's hold it together...We've come way too far to blow this now!

So, it seems as though I miscounted the number of fans. It is still 18 but that's with the new additions of Taylor, Patrick and Leigh (who joined a while ago without knowing and I forgot to mention her...sorry). So as of Friday 6/27 at 1:16 p.m. We have 18 fans. The names are listed over to the left now so if you think you're a fan and you're not on the me ASAP. Whooo, that was a close one. Now everyone can move on with their lives!


That's right everyone T.G.I.F! You know what that means...get some popcorn and cuddle up on the couch tonight so you can be sure to catch: Family Matters, Step by Step, Perfect Strangers and Dinosaurs! It's gonna be fun fun fun!

Okay, that was a lame way to start off a Friday. So lets make up for it! I'm very excited this Friday and that's because some old friends are coming in to town tonight. Among them: Leigh, Matt, Todd and Roy Lee. I don't know where we will go, but if you see us out tonight feel free to by me a drink! If you do go out and you worry that you won't recognize me because I shaved off my beard last night...well worry no more...I'll be the idiot wearing a t-shirt with this on the front of it(not really)...

That's's time to get serious about this fan thing. We have one more addition today (thanks Erin) so that puts us at 16 fans with one week to go. So I need everyone's help. Print some of these off and post them in your house, local grocery, on your firstborn child, etc. We need to get the word out. I can't do it alone...and it is a feat that can be celebrated by the entire fan club. There are still a few people out there who refuse to be in the fan club and seem like obvious members...cough...Taylor and Ben...cough. Maybe they just don't love me. So yeah...I have no shame...and the campaigning starts now. If I don't get 50 by the 4th, I'm going on a bender...and that won't be pretty.

Now then, for more fun (but less important) things. I pride myself on many things, ability to name UofL basketball starting lineups for the past 20 years, ability to grow hair quickly, ability to name that tune in 3 seconds, ability to hate the guy who sells "Oxy Clean" and the ability to time travel. However, I also like to pride myself on making up words and having them used by other people, as well as bringing back words and phrases from the past and making them cool again (still pretty lame though). So today I have a new word...Beardo

Beardo (pronounced like weirdo with a B) is a term that is used to describe someone with a beard who embodies exactly what it is to have a beard. Meaning that you are a good hearted individual, have a beard more often than you do not, are someone I would really like to be friends with and look as though you could be cuddly like a teddy bear, but able to beat someone up at any moment. My top five famous Beardos of all time are: Abe Lincoln, Jim James (lead singer for My Morning Jacket), Sean Connery, and the ZZ Top guys. The biggest "non Beardo" (really lame people with beards) in the world is Michael Moore. You got it? I'll use it in a sentence or two just to make sure.

1.) I sure would like to make that beardo over there my boyfriend!
2.) What's with that shirtless guy dancing by the bar? Oh he's just a worries.

Alright, I challenge you now to think of your favorite Beardos...and share them with everyone if you so desire. If you have someone who you think might be a beardo but aren't quite sure...just ask me and I'll tell you. (That's a trick to get more fans).

For the record while typing this exact post, my dad copied me on an e-mail that he sent out to several people (good job dad!) but here is what it said:

"If you haven't seen this yet, check it out and then let Brian know you did - email, phone call, text message - whatever. He's shooting for 50 readers/fans by the 4th of July, so I thought I'd try to give him a little boost before he starts shamelessly self-promoting himself.
Well, it might be too late for that, but check it out anyway! And tell your friends!"

HAHAHAHA! He knows me too well. I like that he at least tried to promote the blog and get 50 fans before I could shamelessly promote myself...but he was way too late. Also, this is not about me...this is about us as a community. "The Life of Brian" is bigger than just one individual. (That might be cockier than just promoting myself...sorry) But, his e-mail already gained one more fan...Melissa! Welcome aboard! That's 17 now.

Oh well, sorry for the long post, I get excited on Fridays! Have a great weekend people!

Song of the Day: Wax Fang - WWII Part 2
Beer of the Day: Dogfish Head 90 min. IPA

Thursday, June 26, 2008

FAN UPDATE (I almsot forgot)

One more to the fan total...My cousin Scotty! He made a comment on the "the light beer argument" and brought up a great beer I forgot about...Keystone! That one is just a really good beer, but not any better or worse than all the others! Thanks for the input Scotty! (Side note: I think Scotty goes by just Scott now, but I will always call him Scotty, because his dad is already Scott. If I call him just Scott, I will have to refer to him as "Little Scott" or "Young Scott" in order to avoid confusion. You don't want that to happen...just ask my other cousin, "Little Greg" who happens to be 40 years old. It's just too complicated, sorry Scotty)

Anyway, that puts us at 15 fans. With a week and a day until the 4th of July, it's going to be a tough push to the fan number to 50. But, I'm not giving up just yet. I'm going to start campaigning next week. So you can expect there to be "Life of Brian" stickers and signs all over the place. As well as receiving 7 phone calls a day from me. Well, not really from me...but from a recording of my voice! Seriously though, tell your friends...also if you are reading this then you are a fan and you don't even know it...just contact me somehow: e-mail, comment on a post, phone call (1-900-HOTBODY...ask for Ringo), facebook message, text message, singing telegram, candy gram, stork...whatever method you prefer. Just let me know you're a reader so we can achieve our goal of 50 fans by July 4th. If we achieve our goal there will be a special gift for all members of the fan club. I can't tell you what it is, but like all good things in the world, I can tell you that it will involve Beer and it will NOT involve pants. Come On Team Life of Brian! (It would be cooler if we had a the mongooses or something...we'll discuss that another day.)

Slapped in the Face

Siiiiigh, last night I was slapped in the reality. Ever since I graduated I have lived in this whirlwind where I have constantly been going to Europe, or sweet My Morning Jacket concerts at Ear X-Tacy, or graduation parties, or signing up for a retirement plan. Clearly, I haven't had much time to think. Well last night I started thinking...and we all know what happens when Brian starts thinking and then thinks too much...usually either really crazy things...that often turn out fun. Or, everyone ends up on the floor in the fetal position, sucking their thumb, crying, and looking for someone to hold. Well last night was neither...I wasn't happy, I wasn't sad, I was do you say it...blah!

Yesterday I was able to spend sometime with my little cousin Cullen. First of all he's a really awesome kid...he'll be 12 in August. Anyway, after hanging with him and talking to him a little bit, I realized that I am getting older. He used a few words that I had never even heard before and talked about video games, movies and other things that I could have sworn he was making up. I have always prided myself on knowing stupid things about pop-culture and ridiculous stuff, but it was clear I had missed a few things lately. Also, it was a bit harder to relate to Cullen. I've always tried to go out of my way and do things with kids younger than me, mainly because I know how stoked I was growing up when an older relative or family friend would take time out and throw the football or whatever, but last night while interacting, I realized that even though Cullen and I are still the same 10 years apart, as he gets older...he gets cooler...which in turn makes me less cool. Now it wasn't like Cullen thought he was too cool for me ( even though he totally is) or that it was super awkward between us, we still had just seemed to be a little different. Looking back on it, it's actually a cool thing because hanging out with him...even though he is 12, was a bit more like hanging out with someone closer to my own age, as opposed to a kid. There is nothing happy or sad about is just weird, but also cool...but it did make me feel old.

Also, last night it began to hit home a bit that Taylor will be leaving in less than 10 days for Charleston to attend grad school. This too is a bizarre feeling. Happiness for the fact that she is following her dream of being a professor and taking a chance to move to a new herself. But also sadness, for knowing that the person who I have spent the majority of my time with for the past 3+ years will be about 10 hours away for the majority of the next 2 years. It will all be fine, we'll talk daily and visit as often as we can...but all the sudden life is just very real...and I feel older by the day.

Now I realize that I'm not old. I'm 22 and I've got plenty of good times a head of me. But, it's always good to sit back and reflect on what's going on around you once in a while. If you get caught up in a whirlwind of activity it's going to be a whole lot of fun, but you may miss out on some important stuff. So, to wrap up this depressing post...I'll just say, F it! Enjoy life, don't think too much, but think enough to know what it is that you enjoy and who it is you enjoy being with.

Man, talk about a downer. I didn't mean to get all deep and such on this post. I would assume that my 14 fans read this for laughs as opposed to hearing my think out my life...but tough. It's the Life of Brian and this is what happens when I start to think too much. Somebody better find me and buy me a beer quickly, otherwise we're all gonna be curled up on the floor in a puddle of our own tears soon.

Song of the Day: Wilco - When You Wake Up Feeling Old
Beer of the Day: BBC Jefferson's Reserve Bourbon Barrel Stout

On a side note:
I was pulling out of a gas station the other day and a nice fellow stopped to let me pull in front of him...however, this was not any regular guy...I'm 90% sure it was former UofL Cardinal Ellis Myles!!! Ellis was the starting center on the 2005 Final Four team, and it turns out that he not only was a helluva rebounder, but he is also one hell of a model American! Thanks again Ellis!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Light Beer Argument

There are few things (some UK fans, comb overs, smirnoff ice, people who spend more than 4 dollars on a Taco Bell trip, Drew Carrey hosting the Price is Right) on the planet that are more idiotic then people who argue the difference between Bud light, Miller Lite, Coors light, etc. Now before you go accusing me of being a beer snob let me explain.

First of all, I like light beer. There is way too much evidence to prove that I don't. Such as the fact that every single person reading this blog has more than likely seen me drink a light beer, also perhaps you have seen the yeast baby that has been growing in my stomach since college...I call her Becky! So you see, I'm not going to sit here and tell you that light beer is crap and you should only drink craft brews and imports. (They are better should try them!).

Now then, on to the argument. In the last 2 weeks I have seen 4 cases of people claiming they only drink "Miller Lite" or "Bud Light." If you have a personal reason for drinking this...such as, my grandpa used to drink it, it's brewed in the town where I am from, it makes me think I can fly, it always seems to make me lose my pants...then knock yourself out, drink all you want. HOWEVER, never is it legit to claim you only drink your particular beer because the others taste like water. ERRONEOUS!!! ERRONEOUS ON ALL COUNTS!

You see, while you can tell a difference in the tastes...maybe...they all taste like water with a splash of yeast and hops. To say that Miller simply is just delicious and it has such a strong taste compared to Bud or Coors...well that makes you a bigger liar then our 37th and 42nd presidents.

Here is the real kicker. Coors Light (which is probably one of the ones I drink the most of) seems to get the most "who farted?" faces (You know when you smell it, but don't know where it came from so you scrunch your nose up really tight to your face in hopes of not smelling it), While Miller Lite people are always the most elitist, mainly because they think their beer is served in beer heaven. (PLEASE NO!) Little do these fooligans know...Miller and Coors merged and are now run by the same people, making their argument even more idiotic...which is a minor miracle.

Ok, sorry for the rant is my bottom line. Light Beer is Lite Beer. It doesn't matter how you spell it, it doesn't matter what size the can or bottle's all similar. So if you prefer Coors Original because you think you're classy (you totally are!), that's fine. But don't give the person next to you the "who farted?" face just for drinkin' a Busch Light...because odds are the two of you are going to end up with a child before too long because if you're drinking light have to have at least 7 in order for it to be worth it....otherwise you should just drink delicious craft brews! Duh!

Song of the Day: Neko Case - Deep Red Bells
Beer of the Day: Old Style, Natty, Coors, Bud, Miller, Pabst, Stroh's, Busch, The Beast, Whatever you prefer.

We are up to 14 fans with additions from Jessica S., Todd and Tom. For the record, Tom is now the #1 fan because he told me that reading this blog makes his day everyday. I'm not sure what exactly he is doing with those horses up in NY...but if this blog makes his day can't be too exciting. Go get yourself a lady Tom...preferably one without tube socks and flip-flops this time!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Tuesday's Tidbits...

I know that's a lame title for this post...I just wanted to say "tidbits." (insert 4th grader giggles)

- There are some great things on this morning about our beloved Cardinal basketball team. First, an article about how Rick Pitino is trying to make our schedule the toughest in the nation, because we are going to be that good! (God, please no injuries) Second, is a sweet photo gallery of what the new arena will look like. I love Freedom Hall and when the Cards play their last game there I'm going to take a week off of work to cope with it...but the new arena should help me recover quicker.
Man, I don't know what I'm going to do when we win the national championship this year...but I know it WILL involve lots of beer and it WILL NOT involve pants!

- This week VH1 is airing "I Love The New Millennium" (on at 9 and 10 each night this week). I watched some of it last night and I must say that I am a bit disappointed. I was really hoping to have some of those, "Oh yeah, I forgot about those things" type moments...but I remember everything they talk about (with the exception of the razor scooter...but those things are lame). I mean I graduated grade school, high school and college since the year 2000...and they couldn't come up with one thing to surprise me with. I'll continue to watch, mainly because Michael Ian Black is very funny, but my expectations are not very high.

- Taylor and I went to dinner at Captain's Quarters last night, and it was lovely. We sat out and looked at the river and the food was great. But, the best part was the kid at the table next to us. He was literally the most unhappy child I have ever seen (probably because his dad was a tool). First of all the kid looked like a 9 year old Jim Breuer who had just had broken his Razor scooter.

When the waiter came to take drink orders this is what happened:
Waiter: Can I get you guys something to drink?
Dad: No Thanks, I already have some Chardonnay.
Waiter: What about him? (pointing at the kid)
Dad: Oh yeah, what do you want to drink Tommy (I'm not sure what his name was)?
Dad: He'll just have some water!
(Waiter leaves the table...laughing)
Dad (to Tommy): You better get your act together.
Tommy: SHUT UP!
(Dad gets out of his seat and pretends as though he is going to beat the crap out of Tommy...Tommy is not scared)
Mom: For God sake's Tim sit down!
Dad (Sits down): I still think we can have a lovely dinner.

This may not be that funny to read...but it was hilarious yesterday. Mainly because the Dad was an idiot and his son obviously hated him (I guess that's not really funny...but it kinda was). You shouldn't tell your father to shut up...ever...but I give Tommy the O.K. on this one. Hopefully they got Ice Cream later and everything was fine...but I doubt it.

Crazy times.

Song of the Day: John Prine - That's The Way That The World Goes 'Round
Beer of the Day: Goose Island - 312

Monday, June 23, 2008

Given the choice...I'll Take "Love Actually" every time

Happy Monday Brian fans!
So I had a pretty good weekend. Highlighted by going out to Cumberland Brews on Saturday night for Ben's birthday with Ben, JohnBen, Taylor, Chris, Chris, Faye, Steve and Mike. No so much highlighted by getting my first ever speeding ticket. Dang!

Anyway, last night I went over to Taylor's and watched, "No Country for Old Men." This movie is supposed to be brilliant and such...but it was really just depressing.

I've never been one for really scary/serious/sad movies. I have always been a big fan of uplifting movies. Here is why...If I'm going to take two hours or so out of my life to watch a fictional story...why would I want to come away feeling sad about my life or the world in general? I realize a lot of people love these kinds of things because it makes them "think" or it shows the complexity of human beings...well that's dumb. I think plenty on my own (especially during my marathon showers...but that's a story for another day) and if you need a crazy story about a murderer to show you how different and complex some people can be...well you have some serious problems yourself.

Maybe it makes me lame that I have never seen some "classic" movies (Scarface), but claim "Love Actually" as my favorite movie. But, if I'm watching something fictional for two hours of my life...why not watch something that makes me feel good about life and the people around me. If I wanted to be sad I would think about things that were real problems in my flying squirrels, the Derrick Caracter saga or Man Bear Pig.

So, if crazy slasher movies...or super depressing movies (Pay it Forward)...happen to be what you like, well congrats to you. But, I chose to be happy after watching movies...luckily Taylor also rented "Wayne's World" so we can watch that tonight!

Song of the Day - The Avett Brothers - Paranoia in B Major
Beer of the Day - BBC Nut Brown

P.S. Jimmy Dan and Valerie are now fans...I think that makes 10! 40's gonna happen!

I also want to just let everyone know that I realize there are grammar mistakes and such in this blog everyday. I thought about going back and changing them, but I feel like that would take away from the validity of the blog. The things I write are just whatever I'm feeling at the if I were to edit them in any way, it would soon become a bit fake. Sorry Centre College English department...I know you taught me better.

Friday, June 20, 2008

They say it's your birthday...Brother Benjamin!

Today is a special day. Not only is my older brother Ben celebrating his birthday, it is his 25th birthday! He is now halfway to 50 and a quarter of the way to 100! UGH! Anyway, if you see him today...tell him he's old, but he should have a good birthday anyway.

In honor of Ben's birthday I thought I would share a funny story about Ben. While there are many to choose from (tollbooth, leaving his car running at circuit city) I decided on one particular one...since it has to do with his birthday.

When Ben was two or so...a time before I was even born...he loved watching Sesame Street. So, my mom sat him down in front of the TV one day and told him to pay extra special attention to the part when Big Bird (or whoever?) said happy birthday to some kids. However, after the segment was over, the commercials began to run and Ben sat there...unimpressed and confused as to why he was to watch that part of the show so closely. My mom just sat their and shook her head. Big Bird did not wish Ben U'Sellis a happy birthday that day...but he did give a big happy birthday to...Benjam Usalli. The moral of this story...other than learning how to read if you're going to run a kids TV that while Ben's b-day was a little less fabulous that year. A poor little middle-eastern kid got the surprise of his lifetime...when Big Bird wished him Happy Birthday, even though it was on the wrong day...and little "Benjam Usalli" probably didn't even speak English. Oh well...It was still magical for Benjam and Benjamin!

Anyway, Big brothers tend to have quite an influence on their younger brothers and I can say that no brother on the planet has impacted their younger brother more than mine (yikes!). Happy Birthday're the best! (My mom is totally crying)

Also, in honor of that tear-jerking brotherhood moment, I thought I would share the all-time greatest Ben and Brian picture...It's from the U'Sellis brother drink off 1988. I lost that year, but I think I'll win this year!

Song of the Day - The Faces - Ooh La La
Beer of the Day - Pabst Blue Ribbon (for Benjam)

Also, a warm welcome to Jake...he's now an official fan. Only 43 more!

Thursday, June 19, 2008


That's right, it has been exactly one month and one day since I walked across the stage and got my college diploma...and I'm retiring. Ok, not really. But yesterday I did fill out the paper work to set up my retirement plan! Byahh! So, in just 40 or so years, I'll be a millionaire...hopefully sooner. (Come on BrewPub!)

Even though I've only been working full time for about a week and a half is fun to think about retirement. Here are the immediate perks to retiring and being old.

1.) Shuffleboard! Shuffleboard has and always will be in my top 5 favorite sports. I just love it. Taking gigantic, metal poles and hurling little discs at a, it really is a great game.

2.) Driving a Buick. I don't know why old people drive gigantic cars...but I want one. I also need mine to have a GPS system so I can always find the closest Hometown Buffet. On a side not, as a child I watched wrestling on TV. (So did you, hush) Anyway, I remember once Stone Cold Steve Austin crushed The Rock's new car with a wrecking ball. Oh man, clearly Stone Cold did not smell what the Rock was cookin'! But, as I sat there waiting for the Rock to go lay the Smack Down, I realized that the Rock drove a Buick. This made me sad for a few reasons. At first I thought the Rock was going to retire. I mean he bought a new Buick! Why else would he buy that car? Soon I realized that he wasn't retired...wrestling was just lame...and so was I.

3.) Doing whatever the hell I want...always! If I want to eat cookies for breakfast...I'm doing it. If I want to stop going to the bathroom...I'm gonna stop. I mean I'm still going to go to the bathroom, I'm just not going to "go" to the bathroom. Ya dig? Those adult diapers were made for a reason. I may play some golf, I may play some crazy eights...but it doesn't matter because it will all be on my terms.

Man...only 40 more years!

Side notes*
* My Morning Jacket debuted on the Billboard charts at number 9! Congrats to the boys and as a life long Louisvillian...I'm very proud these days. Also, they'll be on Conan O'Brien tonight...don't miss it, unless you prefer your face which case don't ever come within 10 miles of anything that has to do with MMJ.

* So it turns out that International Brewers Day is July 18th. By no coincidence, the brewpub's brewer, Dude, happened to be born on that day! The stars are aligning out now!

* While reading through a book of useless information, (That's actually the title...woo hooo English Majors!) I learned that former president Ulysses S. Grant was always called, "Useless" while growing up. Welcome to the club my man.

Song of the Day: The Black Keys - Lies
Beer of the Day: Newcastle Brown Ale

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

One more thing!

I almost forgot to say Congrats to the Boston Celtics. Not only did their celebration look like the most fun/genuine celebration of any pro sports team I can was their first championship since 1986. See even though it's been really long, you can still win basketball championships past 1986...your move Cardinals!

In addition, I'd like to proudly announce that we have two more confirmed fans for the blog. Lautaro and my Dad! Woo-hoo, I'm predicting 50 fans by July 4th! For the record, all you have to do to be an official fan is mention the blog to me in an e-mail or in any conversation that we have. This will be enough to prove that you love me and actually wasted your time reading my blog. 16 days left to get 44 new fans! We are gonna do it! (Notice I said, "We"...Because there is no "I" in Brian. Well maybe there is, but it's not a capital "I" and therefore would not be proper to use.)

Things to read while trying to find a Wii fit!

Because how on earth am I supposed to get in shape without a video game to help me?

1.) I heard from my long lost buddy Tom today. He's up in New York training horses and attempting to date some too apparently! Just kidding...I hope. Anyway, apparently he'll be up there for a while, training and gambling. So good luck to you Tommy boy...God knows you need it.

2.) Derrick Caracter is apparently transferring...sha, right...and monkeys might fly out of my butt (Plus 2 points for me, for an awesome Wayne's World quote). Actually, he probably is gone...but I'm willing to bet this isn't the last we'll hear of him. you can read about it today on
On a side note, the guy who writes cardchronicle is my blogging hero. He is the Michael Jordan of blogs. That title once belonged to my brother...but since his website is now dead...congrats stranger who writes awesome things about UofL sports. I have no idea who you are, but you can bet if I ever meet will have all sorts of beer coming your way!

3.) I got a new ring tone yesterday! Woo-hoo. So if you call me and I don't answer, it's not that I don't like you (unless Mitch calls me) it's that I'm rocking out to My Morning Jacket - Evil Urges. Go to to make your own free ringtone.

4.) I almost got to add another thing to my list of things that annoy me. People who don't know how to drive on Bardstown rd. (Highlands) during rush hour. I decided not to add it to the last...because that would be 4 additions in less then 2 weeks...and that's not healthy. But ohhh man...luckily I don't have a cannon on the front of my car...otherwise I would be in deep trouble right now.

5.) We looked at a location for the brewpub yesterday...more news will follow as it develops. But, just know that your mind will soon be blown.

You see that guy right there? Yeah the guy who looks like a normal size person, but has midget qualities. That is the guy that my friend Lautaro sent me a picture of and thought that he might be a long lost brother of mine! Wow! Turns out not only does this guy look and dress like a winner...he's a video game champion! I guess any dark haired person with a beard is my brother. It's ok though because I found someone in Lautaro's family tree that is a bigger loser than this guy...

You should be ashamed Lautaro!

One last thing... which is totally great news! This blog is at an all time high with fans...4! Special thanks to Mitch, my cousin Jennifer, Leslie and my Mom! I couldn't have done it with out you. Tell your friends.

Song of the Day: She & Him - Why Do You Let Me Stay Here?
Beer of the Day: Sierra Nevada - Wheat Ale

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

One Fine Day

I know when you read the post title you think of that George Clooney movie...I didn't do that on accident. "One Fine Day" is one fine movie, and I'm not ashamed to admit that I own it on DVD.

Anyway, yesterday was just a wonderful day in the life of Brian. It all started when I woke up to the sounds of a brilliant thunderstorm! I love waking up to thunder, especially when it wakes me up before I have to get's just wonderful. Luckily the rain stopped by the time I went to work, which was good because we all know how nasty I get when my jeans get wet.

While at work, Dad and I went to Qdoba for lunch and then a stop at Smoothie King before going back to the office...two great stops! Once back at the office, Dad and I spent the rest of the day running around the office like little jo-jo the indian circus boy with a pretty new pet. The U.S. Open was on, and Tiger and Rocco played one of the most amazing playoffs ever. It was a great time running back and forth to Dad's office to update on the scores...then, when it went into sudden death, we were like, "Screw it" we just turned on the T.V. in the conference room and watched it. It was awesome. (Also, did anyone notice when Rocco missed his putt to lose, Tiger tried to give him the awkward handshake? Luckily Rocco smacked Tiger's hand and gave him the big bear hug! At a boy person at a time.)

By that time work was over and I stopped at Ear X-Tacy to check out the used CDs since they are $2 off on Mondays. Wouldn't you know it...ol' Ben-Jam was there too. It's always good to just run into your brother...especially at Ear X-Tacy. I bought Dinosaur Jr.'s Greatest Hits and My Morning Jacket - It Still Moves (don't tell anyone I didn't actually own that CD...I have it on vinyl and now I fixed the problem).

From there it was on home. Mom was at the mall so she picked up Bourbon Chicken for dinner (YESSS!!!!). I got my new cds, and poured myself a nice Bell's Oberon (Thanks Ben!) and Mom and I sat on the deck. It was absolutely gorgeous outside. For my money it doesn't get any better than listening to My Morning Jacket, drinkin' good beer and chatting. We sat and talked for a good amount of time, then noticed that the moon was large and wonderful.

The day appeared to be topped off with a visit to Taylor's, but it wasn't just any visit. Taylor wanted ice cream and since it was nice we thought we'd stroll up to Graeter's. It was a wonderful walk just the two of us and I got some bourbon ball ice cream...which is like a magic show in your mouth.

The day was perfect. Great food, great beer, great music, great weather, great people. All things important to me! If UofL had won a basketball or football game...that would have topped it off, but I'll settle for what I got.

Some days are bad, some are good...Yesterday...well it was a truly wonderful day!

Sorry for the long post. I just wanted to share how wonderful my day was yesterday. I wanted to scream it from the top of a mountain, but I didn't have a mountain...I had a blog, so that's gonna have to be good enough.

Beer of the Day - Bell's Oberon (Thanks Benny!)
Song(s) of the Day - Dinosaur Jr. - Feel The Pain, My Morning Jacket - Dancefloors

I bet you didn't see those coming.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Family Gatherings...Hugs for all mankind

So this weekend was full of family gatherings. On Friday and Saturday I had graduation parties for myself! Then on Sunday of course there was Father's Day. I had a great time, all the aunts and uncles were in from out of town and it was great to see some old family and friends. However, one thing that put a damper on the weekend is the awkwardness I experienced while saying hello and goodbye to some of these people.

You know the scenario: you see a family friend or a cousin that you know well...but aren't super close to...and you go for the uncomfortable handshake. It's awful.

I use to think that if it was a man I was gonna give them a nice firm handshake with a "how's it going?", and if it was a lady I was gonna hug her and tell her how good it was to see her. But that's all bullshit.

From this day's all hugs for me. If you are A. in my family or B. invited to a party at my house (especially one for my graduation) I am probably close enough to you to give you a nice hug. I don't care if it makes some guys uncomfortable or if I get a few hands to the crotch/stomach region as I catch a "handshaker" off guard. I'm sick of feeling awkward around people who I should be closer to. The automatic hug rule is sure to make my life a little happier and I think if more people adopted this tactic...the world would be a better place. So, if you plan on seeing me out somewhere and I have met you at least twice better throw those arms open, because the bri-man is coming in for a big bear hug.

Song of the Day: Billy Bragg and Wilco - Hoodoo Voodoo
Beer of the Day: Sierra Nevada - Pale Ale

Also, special thanks to Vicki, B, Will, Roy Lee and Gera for making the journey to the party!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Things That Annoy Me

I used to have a list of three things that I could not that list is getting larger and larger.

Here are the basic three
1.) Looking at the microwave to see what time it is and having it tell me it's ":17". First of all, if you want to cook something for 30 seconds...don't put it in for 45 and then stop it..just put the damn thing in for 30 seconds. But if you must take your hot pocket out early, please hit the clear button. I can't stand to look at the microwave to see what time it is and have it read ":31"

2.) Wet Jeans. Not wet jeans like I just jumped in a pool with my pants still on. Wet jeans rained a little bit and I walked outside and now my jeans are soaked from the calf down! How does it even get that high! Uggh.

3.) Yellow Mustard. Because it is gross...and yellow.

Now for the new members.

1.) Bikers. Hey...I'm on a bike! we're just like cars, so we are allowed to slow up traffic as much as we want, even if there is room for me to move off to the side. Also, if there is a red light...I'm on a bike and I'm gonna go through it because I'm on a bike and anyone whoever thinks I'm a car is a moron. Also, I'm gonna ride on the sidewalk whenever it looks like fun! F' Bikers. If I could figure out how to knock them off of their bikes and not harm them too badly...I'd do it.

2.) I-pod lovers. I have an i-Pod and I like it...but I hate those people who can't live without it. For instance I went to Home Depot to get some mulch the other day and next to me is a guy who clearly can't pickout mulch without hearing "Creed's Higher." Which brings me to my next part...why would you turn it up so loud that I can just hear a little bit of your crappy music. i-Pods are great...but not when in the hands Creed fans.

3.) Bad waiters/waitresses. Taylor (my girlfriend) and I went to Tumbleweed the other night and our server was awful. I asked for more chips...three times. About 15 mins later she plops some chips on our table and says, "Sorry. I know you asked like 5 times." Well, excuse me Flo...if you know I asked you 5 times why not try to bring it by at least the third time? She did the same thing when I asked for a water. The best was when our food took a long time to come out and she says, "Man, I have no idea where your food is!" Well that makes me feel good, since clearly I have no idea where it is! Also, I hate when waiters sit down at your table to take your order...YOU ARE NOT MY FRIEND, YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO BRING ME WHAT I WANT.

Ok, sorry to get things off to a nasty start...but those things have just been buggin' me. I promise happier posts in the future.

Song of the day: My Morning Jacket - Highly Suspicious

Blog Blog Blog Bloggy Blog Blog

So here I am giving this blog thing a third try. I always seem to forget about this thing, but not anymore my friends...I'll be posting as often as I can. Here is some background for you on myself in case you're wondering.

I'm 22 years old and just graduated college. Now I'm starting my battle with the world.

Here are some things I like:
UofL Sports
Music of all kinds (Top Three Bands of all time: The Beatles, My Morning Jacket, The Temptations)
Beer of all kinds (This may take up most of my time soon)
Thinking about/talking about things that don't really matter
The Beach
DJing Dance Parties
Attempting to play guitar
Funny things
Louisville, KY
There is more, but you'll have to read to figure them out.

I also am very close to my family, I have a lovely girlfriend, and a crap ton of wonderful friends. Overall, my life isn't too bad. So if you want to read about the life of Brian...this is the place. I'll share some stuff that strikes me as funny or odd and tell you things about me. Why should you read this? Well because I just might turn out to be the most important person to ever create a blog...and you would probably want to get in on that action before it is too crowded. Oh yeah, sarcasm is one of the free services I keep that in mind. Cheers kids!