Thursday, July 02, 2009

10 facts for the 4th.

I love me some holiday weekend!

* Note, most of these facts will have little if anything to do with the 4th of July

1.) I'm off to Charleston con mi madre in a very short while. I can't wait to get down there, visit with Taylor, eat some good food and relax on the beach.

2.) I have decided that the one thing LoB is in need of is more random pictures. So I've decided to start carrying around my camera with me and taking pictures of whatever I see. So get excited about that.

3.) I've also decided to do a post sometime in the near future that shows off my apartment in a very "MTV Cribs" like manner. I'm not sure exactly how I'm going to do it...but it should be fun.

4.) Wilco (The Album) is quickly growing on me. My current favorite songs are "You and I", "You Never Know" and "I'll Fight"

5.) If you shoot off fireworks this careful. Honest to God, I've almost been hit in the face with fireworks on about 3 different occasions. Also, for the record...I hate fireworks.

6.) I got some new art. Did I tell you guys about the super awesome Beatles paintings that Danielle had at her apartment? Well they are Steve Keene paintings and they are really badass. So badass that I was able to score some for myself. Check them out:
Also, there was a bit of a mixup in the transaction and there is a slight chance I may end up with two sets. If that is the case I would probably try to sell the other set. If you're interested let me know. The paintings are 24x24 and cost $15 each.

7.) Here's a link to my thoughts on America from last July 4th. They're all still pretty true.

8.) The new "Sky Deck" glass balcony on the Sears Tower looks terrifying. I'm not even scared of heights and this creeps me out.
Seriously, get those kids away from there.

9.) I'm leaving for Charleston in less than an hour! Did I mention that yet?

10.) Happy 4th of July everyone. Have a great weekend. America rules all other countries drool!

Song of the Weekend: CCR - Fortunate Son
Beer of the Weekend: PBR

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