Wednesday, July 22, 2009

E-Mail addresses are lame these days...

Is it just me or is anyone else disappointed in the lack of funny e-mail addresses these days? I mean I guess it's more professional...but how much fun is it to have to email or

Remember when e-mail was just starting and everyone had really clever/funny/lame email addresses? I know I was for a long while. I can remember a girl that I had a crush on in like 8th grade being "hottiebabe143" or something like that.

I also had the email address apparently Briballouie was already I had to add 7 on it. I still call bullshit on that.

I mean seriously I can remember thinking long and hard about what my email address should be. It was crucial because I wanted it to be cool, unique and I wanted to make sure it would also be a badass AOL instant messenger name (AIM is a story for a different day).

It does make it easier to remember email addresses these days because if I want to e-mail a friend I don't have to guess their favorite animal/athlete/adjective combined with their favorite number or year they were born. But, I can honestly say I miss the days when I got to e-mail, and

Oh well, just another thing from my youth that's unfortunately over and done with...just like slap bracelets, dunkarooos and gak.

Have a good Wednesday amigos.

Song of the Day: David Grey - Please Forgive Me
GRE Word: exigent - urgent, pressing; requiring immediate action or attention

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Wilhelm von Rall said...

Remember when you can email and get a response? I say a pax on Long live creative email addresses.