Thursday, April 30, 2009

5 things I like and dislike these days...

I don't have a lot of time I need to cut it down.

* Like: Bulls vs. Celtics. This has been an outstanding series so far. 5 games, 3 of which have gone into OT. Game 6 is on at 8 on TNT. It will be worth watching, I promise.

* Dislike: Boombozz Taphouse. So Lautaro and I were all jacked up to go to this place on Tuesday, which they told us was they day they opened. We walked up there, noticed that it was packed and then noticed the sign on the door that said "Private Party." Well needless to say we were disappointed, but luckily Tuesday is 1/2 price pint night at Cumberland Brews. Still, not a good way to start for Boombozz.

* Like: Lacrosse. My little step-brother Ryan plays on the St. X lacrosse team, he's the youngest goalie on the varsity team, so he's paying his dues before he gets playing time next year. Needless to say I haven't made it out to a game since he doesn't get to play. Well, I decided I'd go to his game last night against rival Trinity. To sum was friggin' exciting. St. X was down 6-3 with like 3 mins to go, but then tied it up with under a minute to play. Finally, with 4 seconds left in sudden death OT, St. X scored to win it. Considering I didn't know anyone that was in the game and that I only barely know the rules of lacrosse...I was pretty pumped up...not nearly as excited as Ryan though.

* Like: The Derby. I am in full Derby mode right now. I realized yesterday that I don't actually attend many (if any) Derby events, but I still love this time of year. For me Derby is just taking it easy, celebrating Kentucky and having a few drinks with loved's the best.

* Dislike: Rain. I usually like rain...but don't you dare try to rain on my parade, Oaks and Derby. I am not happy when it rains on Derby weekend....and when I'm not happy, you run the risk of entering my rage cage. And you don't wanna be in my rage cage...cause it's a good way to die!

Just kiddin' I promise not to kill anyone. Enjoy your Thursdays everyone.

Song of the Day: Patsy Cline - Blue Moon of Kentucky
Beer of the Day: BBC - Bourbon Barrel Stout

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Top 5: Cocktails

In honor of Derby week and Mint Juleps, I give you my five favorite cocktails.

5.) Margarita
I like them frozen and on the rocks...always with salt.

4.) Bloody Mary
None of the ingredients of a Bloody Mary appeal to me by themselves...but all together they're delicious. Go to the Outlook Inn and try one of theirs sometime.

3.) White Russian
It's the Dude's drink and it taste like chocolate milk heaven....there really isn't anything to dislike about White Russians.

2.) Bourbon and Ginger Ale
For the longest time I was a Bourbon and Coke guy...but just recently I started splashing some Ginger Ale in my was a good move, I was missing out.

1.) Gin and Tonic
Good golly are those suckers refreshing. For me, it's all about the lime...more lime = better Gin and Tonics.

Alright gang, feel free to share your favorite cocktails if you desire. I'll be back tomorrow.

Song of the Day: The Clovers - One Mint Julep
Beer of the Day: Gin & Tonic (extra lime)

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Tuesday Tidbits...


* It's Derby Week, get excited.

* So before we get going too far, here is my Derby pick (based on name alone): Mr. Hot Stuff. How could I not put money on a horse named after me! HaHaHa...Ha...ha...I'm a loser.

* Some video has surfaced on Youtube from the Avett Brothers concert at Centre, here is "Pretty Girl from Cedar Lane":

The quality isn't great...but it's still pretty cool. There are about 5 more on Youtube.

* I'm absolutely pumped for tonight because Boombozz Taphouse is opening. Lautaro and I have been wondering what this place will be like and when it will open for quite some time, since it's about a block from our diggs. Here is the little bit of info I could find:
"Boombozz Pizza & Tap House will be a friendly neighborhood restaurant and bar proudly featuring mouthwatering award-winning pizza, pastas, calzones and salads. To quench your thirst it will offer a full bar complete with its selection of beers from around the world and 21 on tap. It will feature Kentucky’s first frosted bar top, an innovative design built into the bar to keep beverages cold."
I think it's safe to say that sounds pretty badass! I'll let you guys know how it is.

* So you want to know the difference between Kentucky and the rest of the world? Well as this week goes on...the party cranks up and work becomes laughter in the Bluegrass state. Everywhere's just another week. For instance, schools in Louisville are closed on Friday for the Oaks and to prepare for the Derby on Saturday. However, at the College of Charleston Taylor has a final at 6 on Saturday night! Ugh, that's a tough thing to deal with for a Kentucky girl. Luckily, after that she'll be done with her first year of grad school! Woo-hoo, Way to go Taylor!

* Speaking of getting finished with school. Ben and Megan will both be finished with Law School in a few hours. Their last finals are tonight. Megan congrats, we knew you could do it. Ben congrats, we were pretty sure you could do it...and we were right.

* Other good news from a grad schooler...Will has been accepted into a language program this summer for 8 weeks in Berlin. Good Job Will!

* My favorite part about the Derby is the buzz that is created around town. I mean from Wednesday night till Sunday morning...there are boatloads of people everywhere in our great city. Bardstown road is always standstill with traffic, the restaurants are all jam packed, Michael Jordan is going to be here, limos are's just awesome. The amount of alcohol consumed in Louisville this week is something that no one should ever take the time to tally....just let it be.

* I feel like I had about 30 other things to talk about today...but I seem to have forgotten them all. I think it's safe to say that I've got a bad case of Derby-itis.

Have a great Tuesday ladies and gents!

Song of the Day: The Rolling Stones - Dead Flowers ("Makin' Bets on Kentucky Derby Day")
Beer of the Day: BBC - Altbier

Monday, April 27, 2009

1st Annual Micro Mini Marathon...

So as you guys know this past Saturday was the first annual Micro Mini Marathon and let me say, it was a blast.

We ended up with 18 participants which was just below my goal of 20, but still something to brag about. In addition, with the help of some outside donations, we were able to raise $190 for Day Spring, which was well beyond my goal of $100 bucks.

Everyone was able to complete the brutal 3.1 mile course and while the person who finished first will receive no prize or name mention, it should be noted what activities people performed while running. There were jump ropes, bubbles, yo-yos, trivia cards, basketballs, water guns, paddleball, baseball gloves, bubble gum, etc. Some of my favorites included Dude as the official photographer of the event (photos will be posted soon), Lauren and Olivia who walked like runway models and Lautaro who played himself in chess (magnetic board). However, the best had to go to Cullen, who sold corndogs while walking the 3.1 miles. He had 36 of them, sold 4, and ended up being crowned the winner of the first ever Micro-Mini-Marathon.

After the race we all headed to O'Shea's, which was a great time (Even if they may have forgotten we were coming), we ate and drank, but mostly we talked about next year's Micro-Mini and ways to improve it.

So with one year under my belt, I'm going to use better planning and better advertising in order to accomplish our goal of 10x in '10! That's right we're shooting for 10x the participants next year, which may seem ridiculous...but nothing is impossible.

Also, I've decided that the ultimate goal is to make this an official Derby Festival Event...I'm thinking it will take 4 years tops.

Oh well, I had a great time and I'm looking forward to next year. I also want to give a big thanks to those 17 other brave souls who participated and will go down in history as one of the original runners in the soon to be epic Micro-Mini-Marathon.

Have a great Monday kids...It's DERBY WEEK!!!!

Song of the Day: Dan Auerbach - My Last Mistake
Beer of the Day: BBC - Dark Star Porter

Friday, April 24, 2009

Another Sign That I'm Getting Older...

So when I was in college, and even for about the 4 or 5 months after college, if I wanted to have fun I would get a group of friends together and we would play drinking games. We would drink a good deal of beers and then after the drinking games were over...we would play video games or invent some crazy game that involved the kind of thinking that can only be brought on after a few drinks.

Well a while a go it became obvious to me that as you get older...those kinds of activities are now only saved for special occasions. For a while I was unsure what 20 somethings did for fun besides meet up for a drink or two at a bar. Well, last night I figured it out...

They play trivia.

I was invited to play trivia with a group of friends last night and let me tell first instinct was to say, "Nah that's ok." But that's because in my mind I was picturing the lame BW3's trivia with the multiple choice questions and electronic boxes. I decided I'd go be social anyway, but once I showed up at Bearno's I quickly realized this was not your ordinary trivia game. Each table was a team and each round a guy would ask a question over a microphone and you then write down your team's answer on a piece of paper and run it up to the microphone man.

As the game went on last night our team kept dominating and by the night's end...our team, "Dunder Mifflin Infinity" came out trivia champions...which earned us a 50 dollar gift certificate to Bearno's.

I have to say...I had a really good time.

In my mind trivia was always a pretty lame thing to do. However, I didn't know what all went into it. Basically it was just a bunch of 20 and 30 somethings getting together to play a different type of "drinking game." I still love a good game of "Kings" or "Beer Pong" but it's also good to know that grown up drinking games are fun too. Also, $2 Sierra Nevada's didn't hurt either.

I guess it's a weekly thing now...because DMI is gonna have to go defend their title next week.

Have a great weekend everybody.

Song of the Weekend: Van Morrison - Wild Night
Beer of the Weekend: Sierra Nevada - Pale Ale

Thursday, April 23, 2009

10 Things for Thursday

I can't think of anything awesome to talk about here's 10 random thoughts.

1.) I mapped out the official course for the Micro Mini Marathon yesterday. It's going to be perfect. I had my concerns about whether or not we could actually pull this off...but it's going to happen. Those of you who aren't participating this year...go ahead and mark it on your calendar for next April, because this thing is going to blow up next year.

2.) I wore flip flops to work today, my nice brown business flops. I'm just excited that it's warm enough for me to do that.

3.) New Office and new 30 Rock tonight.

4.) I changed the picture at the top of the blog, do you like? I had a new color scheme and changed the whole layout and everything...but then I realized I might scare some people I just made the minor change.

5.) Lautaro beat me in "Super Tennis" last night. It's the first time he's beaten me in like a billion tries...I'm devastated.

6.) Today is Will's birthday. Happy Birthday to you buddy! 23 is the best.

7.) The March Madness Mantle at our apartment has now been replaced by the Derby Mantle...thanks to some help from my Mom and the Derby decorations she had in her basement. It's pretty killer, I'll post pictures sometime.

8.) I'm not upset with my new haircut, but I don't like it either. The fact that I also shaved my beard has me looking a little bit like a choir boy...I've got to do something about it.

9.) Time moves pretty fast let me tell you. Taylor just finished her last class of her first year of grad school! Meanwhile earlier this week Ben and Megan had their last law school classes ever. What the what? That doesn't seem possible.

10.) 74 today, 83 tomorrow, 83 Saturday, 81 Sunday...Derby week next week...I do love the Spring time!

Song of the Day: Loose Fur - The Ruling Class
Beer of the Day: Left Hand - Sawtooth Ale

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

3 Hilarious Things...

Today I was sent/found three hilarious things online. I thought that I would share them with you.

1.) I found this on an NBA blog that I read. Are we all familiar with the Heineken commercial with the walk in beer fridge? No? Well here it is:

Now that is a pretty funny commercial I must say. However it's not as funny as the Cleveland Cavs "Playoff version":

I love Lebron. There, I said it.

2.) I found this like a year ago, but I kinda forgot about it until I happened upon it again today. It's an interview with Jim James from the "American Mustache Institute". The interview is long but the whole thing is extremely funny. Also be sure to check out the mention of "Captain Beefheart's: 10 Commandments of guitar playing" (also hilarious). Also, roam around the AMI site for a's pretty funny as well.

3.) Will sent me this hilarious video. I'm not a gigantic soccer fan, but I do follow it quite a bit and I pull for Liverpool. Well, Will pulls for Arsenal and the two played an awesome match yesterday. The match ended in a 4-4 draw (I know draws are lame), but watch these two fans (one Liverpool, one Arsenal) as they celebrate each goal. I have to say this is one of the funniest things I've seen in a very long time. It's just hilarious.

That's all for today gang, I hope you enjoy those things as much as I did. Have a great Wednesday! Also, this is my 200th that's exciting.

Song of the Day: Seth Avett - Rain on My Tin Roof
Beer of the Day: Bell's - Kalamazoo Stout

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Tuesday Tidbits...

Tid-Bits...nuff said.

* Guess what today is? It's Taylor's 23rd birthday! Woohoo Happy Birtday Taylor. Welcome to the wild and wonderful world of 23 year olds, where everything feels just exactly like it did when you were 22. Seriously though...Happy Birthday my dear!

* Also big news that I've known about for a bit but haven't found time to mention...Jake and Leslie are engaged! Woo-hoo! Congrats you crazy kids, everyone here at the LoB is extremely happy for the two of you and we wish you all the best!

* While Taylor's birthday and Jake and Leslie's engagement are both dynamite pieces of news...what I'm about to tell you might just make you a little more excited. Are you ready? The Qdoba on the corner of B-town rd. and Eastern Parkway (yes the one pretty much at the end of my street) is now going to be open 24 hours on Thursday, Friday and Saturday and also they're serving breakfast from 6-11 on those days! YEEEESSSS!!! That means if it's 4 a.m. on a Friday night/Saturday morning...I can get a chicken queso burrito! I'm so excited...I'm not really sure what to do with myself.

* Paste magazine ran a special on Saturday where you could subscribe to their magazine for a year and you could pay however much you wanted. The deal was only supposed to last 24 hours...but yesterday I was able to get a subscription for 5 bucks (I wanted to give them some money). The link is still up on their site so you can try it if you're interested. Paste is awesome.

* Speaking of Paste, I'm not really in to this whole twitter thing, but they had a cool article on their website about 10 musicians worth following on twitter. The best by far was ?uestlove (of The Roots) who recently posted this on his twitter page, "on behalf of big dudes everywhere: im TIRED of mofos thinking im not aware if i sit on a remote or keys or a samurai sword or judd nelson..."

There aren't many people who I like so much that I want to know what there doing at every second...but ?uestlove is one of them.

* So I recently had my fancy tickled by two movie trailers that I saw online.
The first is what looks to be an awesome documentary about Lebron James and his 4 high school teammates:

The next is a new romantic comedy (my favorite) with Zooey Deschanel (another favorite) and that kid from "Angels in the Outfield" and "3rd Rock from the Sun" (Not my favorites):

That movie will be awesome just because it included Wolfmother and Hall and Oats in the preview...that has to be a first.

* I'm in Avett Brothers overload after watching them the other night...this tends to happen after most concerts I attend. Anyway, to help cure it I thought I'd post this YouTube video of their excellent new song, "And it Spread" which will be on their new album (I think), which drops in August.

* Also don't forget about the first annual Micro Mini Marathon this Saturday. We've got about 20 people signed up and we've raised 25 bucks already from people who aren't even participating. Also, it's not too late to join the fun. If you want to participate let me know or just show up at the Bowman Field parking lot at 11:30 on Saturday. It's gonna be wild.

* I'm getting my haircut in 2 hours...crap!

I'm fresh outta tidbits now folks. I'll blog to you tomorrow.

Song of the Day: The Avett Brothers - Please Pardon Yourself
Beer of the Day: Harpoon - I.P.A.

Monday, April 20, 2009

What a Wonderful Weekend...

Let me just say that I had a great weekend.

As you know Taylor was in and on Friday we drove down to Danville to meet up with Roy Lee, Will, Lautaro, Leslie, Danielle, Emily and co. for a night of fun at ol' Centre College. Oh, I forgot to mention the Avett Brothers were there too!

We got down there and grabbed some pizza and a few beers and then headed over to the show. The Avett Brothers were great and as I watched and sang and danced I kept thinking how awesome it was that they were playing at Centre, our little Danville college. After the show we headed back to Roy Lee's for more partying. It was great seeing everyone and catching up with them, it felt just like old times.

*Note: My favorite part of the Avett's show is when Scott Avett was introducing the band and said, "On Cello - Joe Kwon, also know as the chick from Grey's Anatomy. He really does look like that chick, but I bet she can't play cello like him.

On Saturday Taylor and I headed back to Louisville and got ready for her "birthday" party. Taylor's birthday is actually tomorrow, but we went a head and celebrated anyway.

The weather was perfect and the wide range of folks that showed up made the shin-dig a success.

Sadly, like always...Taylor had to return to Charleston yesterday. But even though it was a bummer end to the weekend, I glad I got to see her for a few days and I got to catch up and party with so many great people. Overall, I have to give the weekend a big 10 outta 10! Plus Taylor is home for a month in less then a month!

Back to the weekly! Enjoy your Mondays.

Song of the Day: The Avett Brothers - The Lowering (A Sad Day in Greenvilletown)
Beer of the Day: Red Stripe

Friday, April 17, 2009


It's a B E A Utiful day outside and I'm off to Danville with Taylor for the Avett Brothers show in just a bit. So since there isn't much time today, I'll just leave you with a funny video that Dude sent me a while back.

Basically it's just a stupid hippie who decided to put a shock collar on himself:

I don't want to know how high you have to be to actually go through with that ridiculous idea.

Oh well, have a great weekend everyone!

Song of the Weekend: The Avett Brothers - Will You Return?
Beer of the Weekend: Pabst Blue Ribbon

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Top 5: Bands (Current)

So after yesterdays post I've decided that "Top 5" will be a normal segment on here from now on. Top 5 lists are always fun for me because they're always changing. The top 2 or 3 are usually pretty permanent...but those last few spots are always up for grabs.

Anyway, here are my top 5 favorite current bands, meaning no Beatles, Stones, etc.

5.) Dr. Dog
This band is great, I just got another one of their albums the other day (We All Belong) and it's very good. They have a unique sound and they have two lead singers so there is a lot of variety in their music as well. Check out there songs, "Hang On" and "Ain't It Strange"

4.) The Black Keys
Two guys, one guitar, one drum awesome band. They're like the White Stripes...but dirtier and better...and I really like the White Stripes. Check out, "Grow So Ugly" and "I Got Mine".

3.) Wilco
Wilco would have been number 2 on this list until recently and they haven't done anything to lose that spot...the Avett's just earned it. They have a large catalog and there is a lot of different sounds on their albums. Their live album "Kicking Television" is great. My favorite songs: "Jesus, etc." and "Late Greats"

2.) The Avett Brothers
Two bearded brothers playing some bluegrassy-rock with a guitar and a banjo. My favorite thing about their music is their harmonies and their lyrics. The harmonies remind me of the Beatles and make the songs easy to sing along to. The Lyrics are as perfect and meaningful as any band out there. Check out "Shame", "Salina", "Murder in the City" and "Left on Laura, Left on Lisa" Oh yeah, have I mentioned I'm going to see them tomorrow?

1.) My Morning Jacket
THE Jacket, as I like to refer to them, has been on top of my list since I saw "One Big Holiday" live for the first time. MMJ has something for everyone. Country fans, rap fans, blues fans, jazz fans but most of all...ROCK fans. If you ever have a chance to see them in won't be disappointed. Songs to hear: "Mahgeetah", "Wordless Chorus", "Bermuda Highway" and "Touch Me I'm Going to Scream, Pt. 2"

There you have 5 favorite current bands...currently. The top 3 are pretty set in stone...but those last two could change day to day. Anyway, feel free to share your thoughts or your favorite bands.

I'm off to get Taylor from the airport in a bit...booyah!

Song of the Day: My Morning Jacket - I'm Amazed
Beer of the Day: BBC - Dark Star Porter

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Top 5: Baseball Movies

You can say what you want about's slow, the season is too long, its players are on steroids, etc. However, there is one thing I think everyone would have to admit...Baseball movies are the best kind of sports movies.

Paste ran a pretty cool story about baseball movies and it got me thinking about which ones are my favorites. So, here are my top 5.

5.) Little Big League

This one probably isn't on many people's list...but I watched it a ton growing up.

4.) Rookie of the Year

Two words...Funky Buttlovin'

3.) Bull Durham

If anyone tells you that "Field of Dreams" is the best Kevin Costner baseball movie I would politely tell them that Bull Durham is 100 times better. If anyone tells you that "For Love of the Game" is the best Kevin Costner baseball movie I would politely punch them in the face.

2.) The Sandlot

Great characters, quotable lines. It represents all the reasons why I love baseball.

1.) A League of Their Own

This is my favorite scene in any movie ever. Not just sports movie...all time movie.

Alright, I know I left out some classics...The Natural, Major League, etc. But that's why baseball movies are so great. Feel free to share any comments that may agree or disagree with my list.

Song of the Day: Bruce Springsteen - Glory Days
Beer of the Day: Old Style Light

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Tuesday Tidbits...

Big Gulps huh? Well, see ya later.

* So Tuesdays are kinda lame. However, you what aren't lame? Fridays. Especially this Friday. Taylor will be in town and we'll head down to Centre to meet up with the gang and watch the Avett Brothers. Yes these Avett Brothers:

it's gunna be fun.

* Hey you know what sucks? Colliding with your brother while going after a loose ball at basketball. You know what sucks even more? When your neck hits his knee. I'm all sorts of sore today.

* For the record I've eaten more Easter candy in the last three days then any human being ever. I can't stop, I'm addicted.

* The NBA playoffs start on Saturday, so that's exciting. If you aren't an NBA fan and are wondering why you should tune in to the playoffs, there are many reasons....but none greater than the simple act of watching Lebron James. Head over to to see some sweet highlights of the man. I'm partial to the "Chase-Downs" myself.

* We ave a winner in the Life of Brian "Favorite YouTube Baby" contest. The winner is:

E-Trade Baby and After Dentist Kid tied for a close second. However, we may have to do a re-vote in the future and feature "Dancing Red-Headed Kid" because he's got some moves:

Also, the "lift up your shit and flick your belly fat to the beat" is clearly a move that I need to utilize more often.

That's all for today boys and girls. Have a good Tuesday!

Song of the Day: O.A.R. - City On Down
Beer of the Day: Bass

Monday, April 13, 2009

Micro-Mini Marathon Update

Just got off the phone with O'Shea's....everything is set for the Micro Mini Marathon...Byahh!

The race will start on April 25 at 11:30 a.m. from the Bowman field parking lot (on the corner of Pee Wee Reese Blvd and Taylorsville Road) and continue up the hill through on Pee Wee Reese through part of Seneca Park...and back.

All of the money from the entry fees, as well as any other donations that are offered, will be given to Day Spring. Day Spring is a local non profit organization that provides residential housing and support services for adults with mental retardation. More info on Day Spring can be found on their website at

Also, after the race O'Shea's has reserved their very awesome back patio for all the participants from 12:30 - 4. Sadly, no free food or drink will be offered...but they usually charge a pretty penny to reserve their party space and their giving it to us for we can't complain at all. Plus, if things go well this year...we may be able to plan better for the 2nd annual Micro-Mini Marathon.

The participant list is growing and there is still plenty of time to sign up. If you want to join in the fun please contact me at Also, if you can't participate but you want to donate to Day Spring, contact me at the same e-mail.

Alright guys, what once seemed like a funny little dream is now turning into a pretty bad ass reality. If you haven't signed up and you don't have any conflicts on the 25th I would urge you to please come out and join us for a day of exercise and partying...all for a very deserving charity.

Have a good Monday everyone.

Song of the Day: The Proclaimers - I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)
Beer of the Day: Bell's - Two Hearted Ale

Friday, April 10, 2009

10 things I like and dislike these days...

It's Friday...I get off of work at 3 today...I'm goin' with a 7-3! I'm a wild man!

* Like: This Time of Year. There is something fun going on for the next like 5 weekends, it's starting to get warmer, it's not dark until like 8:30, Derby is right around the corner, Taylor will be home from school in like a month...all signs point to awesomeness.

* Like: WNBA Draft. Louisville's own Angel McCoughtry was drafted #1 overall by the Atlanta Dream yesterday. I'm not a huge WNBA fan, but this is a big deal...way to go Angel! (Side note: if they didn't have team names like the "Dream" I might like the WNBA better)

*Dislike: Guitar Lessons. Actually I like guitar lessons, but I'm having to reschedule from my normal Thursday time and there is a chance I'll have to take a break for a month or so. Boo.

* Like: This YouTube video.

I stumbled upon this while searching for the Barry Manilow kid. I love the "I'm watching you" move.

* Like: Jim James and the Beatles. It's been well documented that I love the's also well known that I love Jim James and My Morning Jacket. Well last weekend Paul and Ringo teamed up for a benefit with a few other musicians...including Jim James. Here's a crappy video of them all playing "Cosmically Conscious"

I would have done terrible things to be at that show...horrible, unforgivable things.

* Dislike: The Lack of Chinese Food near my apartment. I really wanted some Chinese food the other night...but ever since "The Egg Roll Machine" burned down, there just isn't any good place to get Chinese around me. Someone should fix that...quickly.

* Like: I've known about this sight for a while, but I've never fully utilized it until recently. Basically it will give you the guitar tabs for any song under the sun. In the last 2 days, with help from this site, I've taught myself: "This Time Tomorrow" by the Kinks, "What Light" by Wilco, "Rocky Raccoon" by the Beatles and "California Stars" by Billy Bragg and Wilco. It helps that those songs only consist of like 4 chords total...but I didn't know that until the site told me so. I'm totally gonna join a cover band soon.

* Like: Scrubs. 30 Rock is the funniest show on TV, the Office has been pretty good this year too, but Scrubs has been absolutely phenomenal this year. The new interns are funny, Kelso is hilarious as a retired guy, JD has gone back to being really funny instead of weird and funny and Elliot has been top notch this season too. The show has always been hilarious, but it had slipped a bit in the last few years. Even though this will probably be the last season for the looks as if it's going out with a bang!

* Dislike: The Weather. It's 30, it's 60, it's snowing, it's sunny, it's rainy, it's hailing, it's 40, it's 70....just make up your damn mind already. It's giving me a headache.

*Like: This YouTube video. Will told me about this. Apparently this guy takes a few different youtube videos and then pieces them together. The end product is absolutely awesome...

That dude has lots of time on his hands though.

Alright gang...that's all for me. Enjoy your weekend and have a great Easter everyone.

Song of the Weekend: Flaming Lips - She Don't Use Jelly
Beer of the Weekend: Newcastle Brown Ale

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Cover Bands

While I'm having an adult beverage or two my favorite thing to do is listen to music...and if it's music! When it comes down to it...there are few things I enjoy more then having some drinks with some friends and singing and dancing at the top of your lungs. However, your night can easily head in the other direction if the band isn't up to par.

Last week in Charleston we were out having some drinks and I witnessed two of the worst cover bands I've ever seen.

The first band was called "Hot Sauce" and they had a drummer, a guitarist, a DJ, a dude playing a synthesizer, a bassist and a chick singer. The girl actually had a pretty good voice and she killed a good cover of "Sweet Dreams" by the Eurythmics. However, as I mentioned before they had a DJ and he kept scratchin' in the middle of was awful. Also, they played "Lady's Night".

So, needless to say...we moved on. We found another band in another bar...but these guys were actually worse. We stayed and listened for a while...but it was just too much to handle. I have rules that every cover band should obey...but these guys broke them all. Now I will say it wasn't the whole band's fault...just the singer...but they agreed to play with him so they all take the blame.

Now then, here are my rules for a successful cover band.

1.) Do not change the words to a classic song. If you're dumb enough to play "Sweet Home Alabama" do not change Alabama to whatever state/place you are in. In addition, adding cuss words doesn't make the song better and it makes you look like a child. Trying to fit the F word into songs isn't cool to anyone over the age of 11. Also, if you try to squeeze a quick mention of a female body part into "Brown Eyed Girl" I'll attack your face. Just so you know.

2.) If you are a lead singer and you don't play an instrument...the air guitar is not a good "go to move." The only thing worse then playing the air guitar while your buddy plays a solo on the real guitar is smacking the drummer's ride cymbal while closing your eyes and "feeling" the music. He took lessons and practiced, that's why he gets to touch the drums. You on the other hand should invest in a tambourine....those are easy to play.

3.) If it's past 11:00 and the crowd is singing along or dancing, don't play an original song. I know you want to get your "voice" out there...but there is a reason they're dancing to covers of the Beatles and the Rolling's because they were musical masterminds and those are GOOD songs. You can play all the originals you want until 11, but after that...give in to the drunk people...hell just pretend you ARE the Rolling Stones.

4.) If someone in the band has to adjust some equipment in between songs, do NOT use this time to hit on the nice young lady by the bar....believe it or not she doesn't want to sleep with you. If you were in a real band she might...but you're she doesn't. I know you think it's unfair...but that's just how it works.

5.) Stay away from Rap songs. Drunk white people love Nelly...but no one wants to hear a bunch of dudes with guitars try to cover "E.I." Just lock that song selection away and throw away the key.

6.) A really good cover band will have a set list that includes popular songs...but doesn't just include Sweet Home Alabama, Brown Eyed Girl, Mr. Jones, etc. Sister Hazel - All for You...well that's ok in my book. But, if you really want to get the crowd something by the Gin Blossoms or Toad the Wet Sprocket, or maybe the Proclaimers - 500 miles. If you really want to get me Clarence Carter - Slip Away....I heard a cover of that once at a bar and I'll never forget it.

Now then, I know it seems like I'm being hard on cover bands....but I'm not really. Like I said, I love cover bands...I wish I was in one. However, you must follow those rules and realize that you're not an actual rock star. If you want to pretend you're a famous rock star while you're up there...go ahead...just know where to draw the line.

Comprende? Bueno!

Song of the Day: Gin Blossoms - Follow You Down
Beer of the Day: Miller High Life

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Who's Your Favorite YouTube Kid?

Ok's time for a poll.

Three of my all time favorite YouTube videos feature children. They're all hilarious and I've been having trouble figuring out which one is my favorite. So, I thought I'd put them all on here and have you guys vote for them. I'm not asking which is the funniest or cutest...I am just asking which one is your favorite. are the nominees.

1.) "He Was Injured...Injured Bad" Kid

2.) "After Dentist" Kid

3.) E-Trade Baby

*Note, I was going to include the "Barry Manilow" car seat singing kid...but ABC and America's Funniest Home Videos have removed the video from the Internet. I'll still include him in the vote...but it's really unfair without the video. Stupid copyright laws.

Ok gang, so I'll let the voting run till next Tuesday. I was going to tell you who I thought was the best...but I didn't want to swing votes one way or another...also, I don't know who to vote for.

Alright...let the voting begin!

Song of the Day: The Beatles - Baby's in Black
Beer of the Day: Bell's - Oberon

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Tuesday Tidbits...

Have no fear...your tidbits are here.

* So that National Championship was what we in "the biz" call a snoozer. Here were the two best parts...
This John Wooden Gatorade commercial:

and of course...the best part of every tournament:

Samardo, Andre, Preston and T-Will all get some action.

* Tonight at 8:30 the Lady Cards play in their first ever National Championship game. I firmly believe my next statement. If the Cards can somehow pull it will be one of the top 5 upsets in sports history. It's a long shot...but it's a shot none the less. GO CARDS!

* I found out today that Wilco's new album (due out this summer) will have a track featuring Feist. I love Wilco, and I think Feist is pretty good needless to say, I'm looking forward to it. The Avett Brothers have an album coming out this summer as well!

* I realized I need a haircut. I don't like haircuts, we all know this. However, I think for the longest time I've just been getting the wrong style. A new picture of Ryan's "old man" cut has surfaced...and let me tell you...I'm inspired:
Haha, it's just beautiful. My favorite part of the whole thing is that he looks like he could be Ted from Scrubs' son. Am I right?
Man, I think I'll just go with the standard trim up and save the "Ted" for another day.

* Good news gang, I got a call last week and it turns out that good ol' Tom is back in the bluegrass for a while. He was down in New Orleans for a period of time and now he'll be training horses in Louisville and Lexington until about July. (Related note: Margarita Monday's may not be dead yet).

* So here's a hilarious article from Paste. Turns out that Carlos Santana has a way to jump start the economy...his plan??? He reportedly asked President Obama to legalize pot. I don't see it happening, but you can't blame an old hippie for trying. Maybe Santana's feeling the effects of the economy and his life isn't so "smooth" after all. (Hahahaha... See what I did there? Hahahaha ha...ha....ugh)

* Alright, so it's less then three weeks away and there are still dozens (DOZENS!!!!) of you who haven't signed up for the Micro Mini Marathon. It's a exercise party for charity...what could be better!?! I'm still trying to think of what my gimmick is going to be...but I think I'm leaning towards scatting for 3.1 miles....zoooobaaadeyppoppbabbbaabbaa diggitydahdooobey dooo cha!

I bet most of you thought that it was impossible to scat by were wrong.

That's all for today party people....I'll be back tomorrow with a question (and a poll) that'll blow your brain all over your face.

Song of the Day: Wilco - What Light
Beer of the Day: Magic Hat #9 (number 9, number 9, number 9.....)

Monday, April 06, 2009

Weekend Recap

How have you guys been? Good to hear.

So I decided to head to Charleston with Taylor's parents at the last minute last week...and even though I don't have many vacation days was well worth it.

Taylor had no idea we were coming and we were able to pull off a badass surprise on Wednesday afternoon. The look on her face when she saw us was priceless and that alone would have made the trip for me...luckily I got to spend the next four days with Taylor in Charleston as well.

We went to the beach, ate some good food, walked around Charleston...basically we just did whatever we was wonderful. Also, I got a few more chances to hang out with Taylor's new grad school friends and they all seem to be pretty cool folks.

As I've said before it's pretty cool to see Taylor's life in Charleston now and think about the fact that she's only been there for 9 months...she's adapted quite well I must say. I love to visit her and while I may not be able to make anymore visits anytime soon and it always makes me sad to tell her goodbye...I can rest easy knowing that she is comfortable in Charleston and that she'll be back home in about 10 days for the Avett Brothers concert in Danville...Woo!

**One more quick note, as if being away from Taylor and being back at work weren't enough to make me wish I was back in was 82 degrees and sunny when I left's like 35 with rain/snow in Louisville right now....No me gusta!

Here are a few more notes to re-cap my weekend:

* How bout those Lady Cards! UofL's women's b-ball team has advanced to the NCAA title game against UCONN on Tuesday! While there is no way in hell the Cards will beat the Huskies on Tuesday...The season the Cards have put together is one that will change the face of the program forever. GO CARDS!

* Speaking of NCAA title games, the Men's final is tonight with Michigan St. taking on UNC. I'm pulling for the Spartans in this one...mainly because I'm sick of hearing about Tyler Hansbrough. He's a good player, but I wish someone would let the media know that he's not even the best player on his own team. If Ty Lawson didn't play for UNC they'd be an Elite Eight team at best...if Hansbrough doesn't play for UNC there is a pretty good chance there still in the title game. That's all I'm saying.

* Baseball started last night with a big win for my Braves! Believe it or not I actually used to care as much about the Braves as I do UofL Basketball. Here's an awesome Braves commercial from my youth in honor of opening day.

* Another bummer about being back from Taylor's is the fact that I got rear ended yesterday. No worries, I'm ok and after a few stitches to the UofL wheel cover...Francisco is fine too...he's a bad ass!

That's all for today, have a good Monday everyone.

Song of the Day: The Redwalls - Build A Bridge
Beer of the Day: Founders - Red's Rye

Friday, April 03, 2009

Sorry folks!

Hey gang, just wanted to stop by and say sorry for a few things.  First, I'm sorry for the lame April Fool's was last minute and it's the best I could come up with.  Second, I'm sorry I didn't post anything yesterday.  I'm actually in Charleston again right now, I came down here with Taylor's parents and we surprised you see why I couldn't say anything. 

Finally, it's 80 degrees and sunny right now and I think we might go to the beach.  So I'm sorry you're not with us.  

Have a great weekend everybody...I'll resume normal blogging on Monday.

Song of the Weekend: M. Ward - Rave On 
Beer of the Weekend: Sweetwater - 420

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Blog Bummer

So...I'm afraid I've got some not so hot news. Something just hasn't been right in a while and I think the blog is suffering. When I started this blog last summer my mind was full of great ideas to blog about and I had a ton of energy to devote to writing about them everyday. However, as the days and weeks go by...I'm simply not finding the time, energy and creativity to blog at the same level as I used to. The posts are shorter, I'm finding it to be more of a chore then a joy...and quite frankly...I think we're losing readers.

Now then, due to this feeling that's been growing inside me for quite some time's with great sadness that I announce to you guys that I'm canceling the blog. I know some of you will be sad about this decision...and I apologize. However, I signed up to blog to the best of my ability and right now that's just not happening. I think maybe the "Life of Brian" just got too big too fast...kinda like the O.C. Perhaps I just blogged at such a high rate, I emptied the tank too soon. You feel me?

Anyway, I'm terribly sorry to those who have read for so long. I'm sure there's lots of questions you guys have and I'd be glad to answer all of them. One thing I can tell you is that while I won't rule out blogging again sometime in the future...I can honestly tell you guys that I won't be blogging anytime soon. I need to just stop it all for several months at the I said it just got to be too much of a chore. On the flip side I do have one request for you guys...I'd like you to just take a minute and think about today and what this day means....then realize you guys have been fooled. Now that we all realize I was just having some fun, I'll include one final line to dupe the people who skim the LoB and just read the first and last sentences of each post.

Once again, I appreciate your support. I've enjoyed writing for you guys and I hope you guys have enjoyed reading. I'm sorry it has to end like this...but I think it's best to go out on top. Take care everyone.

Song of the Day: Jeff Buckley - Last Goodbye
Beer of the Day: Terrapin - Rye Pale Ale