Thursday, July 30, 2009

Cartoon Brian

So it's pretty much every kid's dream to be a cartoon. Don't lie, you all wanted to be a cartoon when you were younger. Luckily, the internet provides us with the kind of genius it takes to make that dream a reality. Yup you can customize a picture of yourself in so many ways...and man am I a sucker for these kind of gadgets. I hadn't seen a good one in a while....but luckily my obsession with Mad Men led me to a new little gimmick. But, before we jump into to the Mad Menization of myself. Let's look at my other classics.

1.) Brian as a Simpson:
Pretty funny. Although while the "Simpsonize" deal is pretty cool, I must say that this one is just ok in my book. It's cool that you upload a picture of yourself...but the options it has just aren't that great. However, I did this one like a year maybe they got better. Nevertheless, it's fun to think about how I would get along with the other yellow folks in Springfield.

2.) South Park Brian
This one might be my favorite. I love that I was able to give myself a UofL shirt. I also love that I could give myself a beer and put myself in a bar. I think I would probably be good friends with Randy Marsh.

I think I would date this chick if I lived in South Park...
That's supposed to be Taylor. My one complaint is that the South Park hair options aren't all that grand. Still though, they're pretty hilarious.

3.) Mad Men Brian
Also here is me on my first day of work at Sterling Cooper...
Even though Mad Men is not a cartoon, I think I like this the best. Even though it's only because I get to pretend to wear fancy suits and drink awesome cocktails at work.

Anyway, there you life as a cartoon.

Now I've put links to each of the sites near the 1,2 and feel free to Simpsonize, South Park or Mad Men yourself and share your results for us all to see.

Have a good day guys.

Song of the Day: Monsters of Folk - Say Please
GRE Word: Neologism - A new word, meaning, usage or phrase

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