Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Tuesday Tidbits...

Let's all prepare to "tid" farewell to 2008. HAHAHA!

* Is there any hand soap in the world better than good ol' "Dial Gold"? No, there isn't. We have a fresh bottle in the men's room at work and I've washed my hands at least 17 times since I got here today...I mean the stuff is just magical.

* So I'm attempting to rebound from my post Christmas slump...luckily Taylor still in town and College Basketball is heating up....otherwise I'd be on bender status.

* Speaking of college basketball...there's a pretty big tilt scheduled for Sunday. It's the best rivalry in all of college basketball...it's ONE GAME...for state wide bragging rights. Here's some videos on the history of "The Dream Game"

This first one will tell you three things...

1.) Denny Crum is a badass
2.) Joe B. Hall is a sissy
3.) UK should change their name to the University of Kentucky Scaredy Cats.

Also, after UK hit a shot to send the 1983 game into OT...UofL decided to give them the beating of a lifetime...seen here:

Lancaster Gordon is a bad mutha(shut yo mouth)....also I love Charles Jones' goaltend with about 5 seconds left. HOW DARE YOU TRY TO SCORE ON CHARLES!

Anyway, if you want to read a totally unbiased, but awesome recap of the first Dream Game and it's impact on the overall UofL/UK rivalry...head over to this UofL blog.

* Hey remember Michael Bush? The most badass running back to ever play for UofL? Well it turns out if you give him playing time he does crazy awesome things like this:

I will take it to my grave that if UofL has a healthy Michael Bush in 06-07...then UofL has a national championship and Michael Bush has a Heisman trophy.

* Do you ever hear a song in a random place and then realize you haven't heard that song in about a decade and it's one of the best songs ever? No? Well I do and last night at Kroger Stevie Wonder's "Overjoyed" was playing. That song is so pretty I could cry.

* So I was a bit creeped out when 2pac released 18 CDs after being killed...but nothing is as creepy as this new John Lennon commercial:

I mean it's for a good cause so I'm not against it...but the voice is enhanced by a computer and it makes John seem a bit robotic. I dunno, I just thought this was strange...and it has to do with the Beatles...so therefore I have to tell you guys about it.

* New Years Eve is tomorrow...if your like me you don't really like New Years eve that much. It's always a bunch of pressure to do something awesome and if you don't you have to feel like a loser for a whole year! Anyway, I hope you guys have a good one...I'll be rooting on the Cards and then gathering with a good group of friends...that is a formula for a winning New Years eve!

* I'll be back on Monday with some New Year's resolutions. Have fun until then.

Song of the Day: Handsome Boy Modeling School - The Projects
Beer of the Day: Fuller's - ESB

Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Hangover


Yeah, I realize it's four o'clock and the blog has been silent so far today...that's because today sucks. Don't get me wrong, I had a great Christmas...great people, great food, great gifts...it was spectacular. However, the first day of school/work after Christmas is and always will be the second worst day of the year. (The 1st is obviously the day that UofL's basketball season ends...unless it ever ends with a National Championship...in which case it becomes the best day of my life). So yeah, it's sunny and kinda warm outside...and I'm not happy. I hope you guys had a great Holiday as well...and I hope you're dealing with the first day back better than I...unless you haven't gone back yet...in which case...bite me.

So, instead of giving you guys a long and unnecessarily pessimistic post because I'm down today...I'm just gonna end it and hope tomorrow will be better.

Sorry for being Johnny Boo-Hoo....I just don't like it.

Talk to you tomorrow.

Song of the Day: Common - Be
Beer of the Day: Miller High Life

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Tuesday Tidbits...

Tids the season to be jolly!
(See what I did there?)

* C-R-A-P-B-A-G-S! Go Bags Go! Well the Bags gave a valiant effort against the New Orleans Saints this weekend, but sadly they came up just a bit short of there second straight championship. However, since the Saints aren't a Fantasy Football team the CrapBags did end the season as the Champ of "Fantasy" Football for the second year in a row. So, even though they took a loss in the Championship game I still think we can go ahead and name the Bags a Fantasy Football DYNASTY!!!

* Guess what? Ttomorrow is Christmas Eve! Holy Crap that came fast. It seems like just yesterday I was all dressed up in my King Arthur Halloween costume. Sheesh, nothing you can do about it though...it's coming....so you better embrace it.

* So Taylor showed me this youtube video the other day...let's just say it's hilarious.

That kid is awesome. I mean doesn't he look like a 45 year old in a kid's body? I would totally buy real estate from that kid.

* We had a potluck taco lunch today at work for our "Christmas Party." It was pretty sweet, except for the fact that the beef sat in a crock pot all day...in the break room...which is also where my cube happens to be placed. I totally smell like beef right now...I'm sure it's pretty sexy.

* Only one entry in the name the new Jeep contest. We need a few more so think hard everyone.

* Paste Magazine, which has an awesome website, has given The Beatles some love recently by introducing a segment on their website called, "The Coolest Beatles Songs You Might Have Missed". Basically, they point out songs from the Beatles' catalogue that some music fans may not have noticed before. I must say that overall it's a pretty good list and many of my favorite Beatles songs appear on the list. Here are the first three segments, be sure to check them out.
Part One
Part Two
Part Three

* Another cool thing that Paste did was name the 10 best live acts of the year. Coming in at #3 behind only Radiohead and Tom Waits....LoB approved My Morning Jacket

* Lastly, I'll leave you with a video that sums up Christmas for me...

That kid's reaction...is why Christmas time is so awesome.

That's all for me, I'm on a 5 day blog break. But, let me take this time to wish each and every one of you a very MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! Eat, drink, spend time with loved ones....just be merry! Have a great one guys, I'll talk to you soon.

Song of the Day: Dean Martin - Let It Snow
Beer of the Day: Ridgeway Brewing - Santa's Butt

Monday, December 22, 2008

Merry Christmas......to me!

So I bought myself a Christmas present...
Ohhhh yeah! My new ride is a 2005 Jeep Liberty.

The new Jeep is my 4th car which is pretty good since I've only been driving like 6 years. Anyway let's run down the history of my cars and then I'll ask a great favor of all of you guys.

* Karl Malone: My first car was an off white 1989 Toyota Corolla...which I called "Karl Malone". This car is probably my favorite car of all time, while it didn't have any luxury features (no power locks or power windows), it did have lots of character (presidential tinted windows and a Viper car alarm). It cost a mere $800 and got me through my final years of high school

* Jeep: My next car was a 2000 Red Jeep Wrangler. I got this car because since I got a scholarship to UofL and my Dad said he'd reward me with a car. From using the four wheel drive on snowy roads, to dropping the top and driving around the town during the warmer weather months...this car was the shiz. Sadly, I didn't even get to name it because I only had it about a year due to the fact that I transferred to Centre...which meant the car had to go bye bye.

* Malik: My third car was the one that just left me the other day, a 1992 Black Honda Accord two-door. This car wasn't a whole lot to look at, but over the years Malik and I grew close on our journeys too and from Centre. He had a killer CD player (it even had a remote) and he always gave you everything he had...getting rid of him was a bit sadder than I thought.

Now I've got a new car... a 2005 Silver Jeep Liberty. So, with a new car comes a new task....what to name it?

I'm thinking about some kind of patriotic name based on the whole "Liberty" thing, but I'm not sure. So, this is where you guys come in...I want you guys to send me your suggestion for the name of my car. I'll pick the top 3 and then let you guys vote on them sometime later on. You can e-mail me, Facebook message me or post a comment on this post with your favorite name. The winning name will receive a prize to be named later.

So LoB nation...put your thinking caps on and help me name my new car!

Have a great day!

Song of the Day: Dean Martin - Silver Bells
Beer of the Day: Sweetwater - Festive Ale

Friday, December 19, 2008

Friday Frenzy...

Oh man is there lots of stuff going on...I got to make it quick today.

First things first...

This man is a BAD-ASS!
25 points, 16 rebounds, 6 blocks, 5 assists

In all honesty a single player never loses a game for a team, and one player never single-handedly wins a game for a team...but that was as close as it gets.

Earl Clark was awesome last night and when T-Will turned it on down the stretch...the Cards finished off Ole Miss with relative ease. We've got a ways to go to be a legit title contender...but let it be known that Earl Clark is totally...BEAST MODE!

Next on the agenda...I'm pretty sure I'm going to be getting a new car in about 2 hours. Negotiations with the dealer have been going on for days and it seems as though we've settled on a good price for a 2005 Jeep Liberty! Swwwweeeeeettttttt. This is all good news because I'm getting a new car and such, but it's also good news because Malik apparently doesn't want to play anymore. When he caught wind that I was shopping around for his replacement, he pretty much just shut down...he even makes this terrible growling sound whenever I step on him to go faster. Malik was a great car and he meant a lot to me...but to say I'm jacked up about getting a new car is what we in "the biz" call...an "understatement"

Finally, Taylor is en route to Louisville right now and is just over 5 hours away. Soooo, if I play my cards right I'll get my car, grab some dinner and then see Taylor...all within about 3 hours of each other. Boomshakalaka!

Lastly, I've been invited to a rather creative party on Saturday, but I'm having trouble finding a good costume. Anyone know where to get a cheap Ben Franklin wig? Me neither.

Alright kiddos, that's all for today...I'm simply too busy/excited to write anymore. Have a great weekend everyone!

Song of the Day: Beach Boys - Little Saint Nick
Beer of the Day: Guinness

Thursday, December 18, 2008

10 Things I like and dislike these days...

I'm in a pretty good mood today, so I'm going for 6 likes and only 4 dislikes!

* LIKE: the fact that last night was one of the most productive Christmas shopping nights in Life of Brian history! I was a well oiled machine, grabbing good parking spaces, snagging items on sale, finding the register with the shortest line. I never really like to shop, especially when crazy people are out and about...but I was pretty pumped with my performance last night.

* DISLIKE: when stores don't have what I want. If it weren't for Target and a store to be named later...I would have my Christmas shopping wrapped up (well not actually wrapped...but you get the idea). I knew what I wanted at these two places...I went in...and nothing. I've gone to 3 different Targets and 3 different stores of the other...still nothing. A new shipment should be coming in tomorrow or Saturday, but it sure would be nice to be finished.

* LIKE: Today. I've always been a big fan of Thursday, but today is even better because the regular dynamic lineup of "The Office" and "30 Rock" has been added to with the Cards' first ESPN performance. ***Side note, the Cards play Ole Miss...last night while getting ready for the game, Ole Miss coach Andy Kennedy decided not to put together a game plan...but instead to go out, have a few drinks and then punch a Cab driver while shouting racial slurs at him. Wow! The SEC never surprises me...ever.

* DISLIKE: Buying a new Car. Actually if I were buying a new car...I would like that. But, trying to find one and figuring out the financing really sucks. Hopefully it will all be better soon.

*LIKE: This time of year. It's sad that I don't have a Christmas break this year, but you just have to love the feeling this time of year. Family, Friends...it's all good. Also, Taylor is coming home tomorrow which will add to the awesomeness!

* DISLIKE: Melissa's Fantasy Football Championship Strategy. So as you know it's The CrapBags vs. the Powerpuff girls in this weekend's Fantasy Football championship. Melissa is in charge of the P-puff girls and she is using a suspicious tactic for the game. I like to reward my players for getting me to the Championship by not changing the lineup at all. They've been loyal to my team all year, so I think it's fair to let them play for the championship. Melissa clearly doesn't think that. Today she dumped her roster and loaded up with Saints players...because the Saints play the Lions this week...and the Lions are what the French call, "les incompetents." It's a bold move, it's legal...but it's bold to say the least. Sadly, it's probably a good move because I bet it's going to work.

* LIKE: The number of Holiday parties on my agenda. There's going to be like 3 within the next 2 weeks, and that doesn't even count Christmas and Christmas eve....Hooray Holidays!

* DISLIKE: My freshly washed jeans. My jeans fit like a glove, but after I wash them they fit like a three year old's glove. I usually try not to wash my jeans...but every so often you just have to. When I put mine on today they literally felt like spandex. While they do make my buttocks looks as though I invented 8 min. buns...they're also cutting off most of the circulation in my legs. Also, I've been doing weird stretches all day to try and loosen them up...I'm pretty sure the people at work think I've got mental problems....or maybe they think I'm so jazzed up for the Holiday's I just have to dance? They'd be kinda right.

* LIKE: The cheesy Christmas songs on the radio. In Louisville light 106.9 is your home for Holiday music. I love to listen to it because it's such a strange collection of Christmas tunes. While in the car today I got Dean Martin - Silver Bells and Bing Crosby - White Christmas, not too shabby. However, then I got what sounded like a terrible Elton John Christmas song, followed by one that had a line about meeting a Holiday love in the frozen food section of the grocery. WTF? I was hoping they'd say who sang the song...but they didn't. It was bad...but I still love the festiveness!

* LIKE: CHRISTMAS TIME! The songs, the movies, the cookies, the lights, the trees, the happiness of having the perfect gift for someone, seeing friends and family that aren't around that often....it's the most wonderful time of the year...for realzies.

Enjoy the next week as much as possible people. Relax, enjoy those around you...don't let it stress you out.

Song of the Day: Ron Sexsmith - Maybe This Christmas
Beer of the Day: Brouha House - Rye.P.A.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Wednesday Tidbits

Man...now my whole week is thrown off....roll them anyway...

* C-R-A-P-B-A-G-S...GO BAGS GO! That's right, the CrapBags were victorious in a big way this week. Posting the best score in the league and advancing to their second straight title game. The Bags will go up against The Powerpuff girls in this weekend's Championship. It'll be a good game and if the CrapBags can pull it out I think it's safe to call them a Fantasy Football Dynasty!

* I'm in ultra Christmas mode these days. With the big day just over one week away I'll be heading out tonight to get my shopping finished (and started for that matter). Hopefully I can last at least one hour without getting a headache...but it's doubtful.

* So I'm pretty bummed out about not having a Christmas break this year. While everyone I know seems to be sleeping in and playing video games all day...I'm stuck at work. However, there is one good thing about working during the break...gifts! Clients have been sending gifts all week! Cookies, Chocolates, Fruit Baskets, Popcorn tins and of course the almighty Mini-muffin tray! The only one who happens to be happier than me is Becky.

* Speaking of Becky, I've started thinking about possible New Year's resolutions for 2009. I've never made a New Year's resolution, I usually go with the old, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it" strategy with my life. But, as I get a bit older I realize my life may need some tweaks...so I'll have a resolution or two this year...and I'll let you guys know what they are as the New Year approaches.

* The Cards play their first game on national TV tomorrow night when they play Ole Miss at 9 on ESPN. I'm not going to lie, I think the Cards have great potential...but I'm willing to bet we drop at least 3 games in the next month. Their missing that killer instinct that great teams must have. Regardless, it's the first time I'll get to see my Cards in HD this season...and that alone is a good enough reason to be excited. GO CARDS!

* So apparently YouTube decided to go on Christmas Break as well. My brother said he was having trouble watching videos on there and I when I went to go watch a video I was met with the same issue. It's like anything over 2 seconds is just too much for them to handle. Sigh, I was going to post the video of President Bush showing off his shoe dodging skills...but it won't let me. If only we could have put up the tidbits yesterday. For the record, the whole shoe throwing thing was a bit weird, part of me was scared, part of me laughed...it was just bizarre. However, the best part is the President of Iraq's sad attempt to block the second shoe...you got to check it out once YouTube gets their shiz together.

* The excellent HBO series, "Flight of the Conchords" will begin it's second season on Sunday January 18th...but you can catch a free early episode right now...right here...

* I've seen Elf about 15 times in the last week...and it's still funny. As soon as I get around to watching Charlie Brown and Rudolph, I think my Christmas movie watching will be complete.

* After getting some Christmas tunes of i-Tunes, it's been decided that, "This Warm December" the Brushfire records compilation, has been named LoB Christmas Album of the year! Way to go Brushfire records! I'm sure those guys are stoked.

That's all for today kiddos. I hope your Wednesdays will end up grand!

Song of the Day: Zee Avi - No Christmas for Me
Beer of the Day: Sierra Nevada - Porter

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Here's a Funny Story..is funny the word I'm looking for?

Your weekly Tuesday Tidbits will not be given to you until tomorrow. Blame it on this guy:
Some of you may have seen a post that was up this afternoon for about 45 mins. The post explained that there was some stranger danger on the blog and if things weren't calmed in the next few days the blog was going to stop....that wasn't a joke.

The source of all this trouble was a man who simply goes by "Stickermania6513"

On each post you can read the comments that readers have posted by clicking on the link at the bottom of the post. Usually the comments are from close friends and family...but one day in September there was a post by "Stickermania 6513" it said something about stickers and whatnot and I didn't think anything of it.

Well as the weeks passed, it turned out that this Stickermaniac liked reading "The Life of Brian" and he began to comment on almost every post. Finally I asked who this guy was and he said, "Gregory from Philadelphia...I'm obsessed with stickers and I search for blogs that mention them."

RED FLAG....that sounded like a creepy guy to me.

Anyway, I tried to be nice and go on about my business...but with each comment Stickermania got more and more creepy.

I had it in my head that it was one of my good friends, either Will or Roy Lee, playing a pretty good joke on me. However, they both denied it.

Soon, Stickermania was a topic of conversation everywhere I went. My friends were all about it, a few family members questioned me about him as well....I was a little uneasy about the whole situation so I thought...ok, I'll get google analytics, which shows where and when people look at your blog. (Oh yeah, I'm watching you) I thought, this is going to show that there are no hits in Philly...then I can see that it's clearly a big joke on me.

Well, turns out there were hits in Philly....lots of them and I don't think I know anyone that lives there.

So then I wrote an e-mail to my friends that said, if this is a joke good work...you got me. But I will say it's a bit much to go as far as getting someone in Philly to look at the site. But, hey good joke...let's move on.

None of them owned up to it.

Soon I made up some story about people hacking into the blog, in hopes of getting rid of this guy. Finally in late October he said, "You do not want me to comment anymore, so I will not. But I’m still reading. Obviously you have a nice life, I am sorry that my boring and insignificant life has offended you so. I am sorry for ever reading; suffice it to say, I am a sorry individual."

RED FLAG #2, this guy has issues.

I told him not to be so hard on himself because it's just a blog. But he stopped commenting, but kept reading...or at least hits kept coming from Philly.

I didn't care if he read the blog, I didn't even care if he commented as long as it wasn't creeping me out....so I thought nothing more of it...and went on blogging.

Well, yesterday he commented for the first time in 2 months and said this, "I'm sending you a Xmas present. I hope you get it."


I mean I was really scared. I looked back at all my posts to see if I had posted my address or even my last name anywhere....I didn't think that I had and couldn't find that I had...but I was still scared.

I'm not gonna lie when I tell you I had some trouble sleeping last night. I mean that's about as creepy as it gets in my book. I responded by asking him to stop creeping my out and to share some more info about himself.

I didn't get a response so after talking to Taylor, Will and Roy Lee this morning...I decided I would put a post up that stated that the blog wouldn't continue until I got some more information about Stickermania.

I wrote the post, put it up....and then about 30 mins later I got a message from Roy Lee.

He said not to worry because nothing was coming in the mail...because he was Stickermania.

sweet joke my man.

He said that he wanted to play a prank on my because it's tough to pull one over on me. He was going to tell me back in October when I saw him, but didn't for some reason. Then he wanted to spook me a little bit and give me a Stickermania t-shirt at Christmas.

Let's get two things clear.
1.) If Roy Lee ends this joke in October...it would've been a pretty good joke.
2.) If his plan was to scare the shit out of me for the past day and make me lose sleep....well done.

Roy Lee apologized all over himself claiming he meant no harm and it just went a bit too far. But, he also said that the Blog visits from Philly were just dumb luck.

I forgive him and I'm not mad at all....However, I'm not totally sold on the idea that the Philly blog hits were just dumb luck...but I don't really care.

Bottom line is this...practical jokes are fun...but when they put this Blog and the LoB nation in jeopardy...well then we've got a problem.

Anyway, the good news is that we don't have to cancel the blog. The bad news is that I've got at least 15 embarrassing stories/pictures of Roy Lee and I'm now one step closer to posting them on the Internet.

I guess that's not really bad news for anyone but Roy Lee...sweet! Win-Win!

Anyway, what a long strange ordeal...I'm sorry you had to suffer, but I'll give you some tidbits tomorrow.

Song of the Day: Harvey Danger - Flag Pole Sitta
Beer of the Day: Rogue - Mocha Porter

Monday, December 15, 2008

Come on Snow Day!!!

Right now there's a threat of a winter storm hanging over Louisville. Supposedly we're supposed to start getting snow and freezing rain within the next hour or so and it should make traveling treacherous.

Let me start off by saying one thing...there is no way this is going to amount to anything. They always predict these radical storms to blow through town and it usually ends up being sunny and 45 degrees. However, with that said....let me just inform you that I AM PUMPED!

I'm pumped because there is nothing better than a snow day. Growing up there were always four different kinds of snow days...let me explain them all.

1.) The best way to have a snow day is what I call the "surprise snow day". Basically you go to bed, a tad pissed because those 4 inches of snow that John Belski had promised you don't seem to be falling at all. However, you wake up the next day just to be informed that you are off school/work! Yes! What to do now...Go back to bed? Go sledding? Watch Sportscenter five times? It doesn't matter. It's a free day. Even if you sit and stare at a wall all day long, it's still going to be remembered as one of the greatest days of your life.

2.) The second best way to obtain a snow day is what I call the "blizzard" snow day. You've seen the snow on the ground, you know you can't possibly be safe in a car on the roads...hell sometimes they even call off school by the time you go to bed. This is nice because you can sleep in and there's no worrying involved. You start planning your day off and there's nothing better than planning a free day!

3.) The third best way is not even an entire snow day. It's just when you get sent home early. You see the nasty stuff coming down out the window. You can tell there is a special vibe going around. Then, you get the announcement, you're about to be free! This one is equally as exciting because I think this one applies to grown ups as well. I'm not sure how many times in my life my work will be all together cancelled, but I think that being sent home when a blizzard is about to hit isn't totally out of the question. Also, these can be fun when the person in charge jumps the gun and sends everyone home because they don't want to be responsible for wrecks...then the storm never hits. That's always pretty funny.

4.) The last Snow day situation is by far the worst. It's the "delayed opening." What? So we just have to go to school an hour later than normal? Seriously? There is no way the roads are any safer one hour later than they are at the time of normal commute. Plus, this throws the parents' days off too because now they have to arrange to get their kids to school an hour later than normal. Delayed opening...what a slap in the face!

So yeah, it doesn't get much better than a snow day. So while I sit here, filled with Christmas cheer, excited because I may get a new car this week....all I can really focus on is whether or not this supposed storm will either hit soon enough to send me home a bit early, or whether this storm will hit so hard I won't have to go to work tomorrow. I'm banking on both!

Sigh, it's not going to happen...but a boy can dream can't he?

Song of the Day: Jack Johnson - Monsoon
Beer of the Day: Abita - Turbo Dog

Friday, December 12, 2008

Friday Facts...

Alright team, we made it to Friday...way to go. I'm proud of each and every one of you...you kept your heads on a swivel and that's what you have to do when you find yourself in a vicious cockfight.

Anywhoselbees, I don't have anything in particular to talk about today...So I'm gonna give you some random insights about my life right now. You may think, "Whoa whoa whoa Brian...it's not Tuesday...I don't want tidbits on Friday...It'll throw off my whole day." Well don't think of these so much as tidbits...think of them more as Friday Facts...also this won't be a regular thing...I just can't find any one thing to ramble about for a whole post.

1.) My 3 month internship with O'Shea's family of Pubs came to an end yesterday as I met with the managers of O'Shea's and Brendan's. There's part of me that's glad to be done with the internship because I will have much more free time now...but there's a big part of me that will miss going in and working at the bars. It was a blast learning all the ins and outs of the business and you can't put a price tag on the knowledge I gained throughout the experience. A Big Life of Brian "THANK YOU" to the staff at both restaurants!

2.) Outstanding episodes of "The Office" and "30 Rock" last night. My favorite parts?

I loved in the Office when Michael hit Toby in the face with the pen. But the scene where Toby buys the doll from Daryl was one of the best all season....poor Toby.

As far as 30 Rock goes....I don't think it gets much better than, "If all you wanted was a hug from a black person, you should have just hosted 'The Price is Right'!" Classic.

3.) CrapBags are off to a roaring start in the playoffs as the Bears defense raked in 11 points last night. GO BAGS GO!!!

4.) I'm kinda pissed right now because this is the first year since I was like 4 that I won't have a Christmas break...it really sucks.

5.) Also, to make matters worse...I have to start paying back my student loans this month. The good news is that at the rate I'm paying them back I should make my last payment around the age of 35. Woooohooo.

6.) I'm yet to mention a favorite Christmas tradition of mine. Elf Bowling. Elf Bowling is a game you can download online, it's free and it's sure to provide tons of Holiday fun. I'd post a link...but I'm feeling pretty lazy.

7.) My weekend is pretty packed. I'm going over to my Grandma's tonight to help her decorate for Christmas, I'm going to the UofL game with Lautaro tomorrow...followed by a Holiday Party at Ben and Megs'. Sunday? Christmas shopping and such...all day long!

8.) I've thought of some really sweet ideas of what to get people for Christmas....REALLY SWEET. Now I've just got to go find them.

9.) I'm working on my best of 2008 mix CD. It's almost done and I'll tell you guys when it is. But for now I think I've decided on my top 5 albums of 2008....here's a song from each.
5 - Vampire Weekend - Vampire Weekend
Song: A Punk

4 - Fleet Foxes - Fleet Foxes
Song: He Doesn't Know Why

3 - Dr. Dog - Fate
Song: Hang On

2 - She & Him - Vol. 1
Song: I Thought I Saw Your Face Today

1 - My Morning Jacket - Evil Urges
Song: I'm Amazed

10.) Have a great weekend everybody!

Song of the Weekend: Bon Iver - Skinny Love
Beer of the Weekend: BBC - Bourbon Barrel Rye Porter

Thursday, December 11, 2008

A Christmas Miracle

Absolutely Unbelievable! In less than 24hours I've gone from about 6 on the Christmas Spirit meter...to about 18!

It really started with yesterdays post...watching all those videos moved my mood up a bit and I started thinking about the Holidays and such. But then, I got home at about 8:15 last night and wouldn't you know it...Lautaro was watching "Home Alone." Not only had it just started...it was in HD! So I grabbed a Schlafly Christmas Ale and sat down to watch one of the best movies ever. (I had forgotten how much I love that movie. Macaulay Culkin is so good in that movie...it's so sad Michael Jackson molested him and ruined his life).

Anyway, the movie was done at about 10 so I thought, that's a good amount of Christmas joy...I'll just go clean my room or something.


"Elf" came on at 10...in HD!!! Well you better believe I poured myself a bowl of "Christmas Cap'n Crunch" and watched that whole movie too! That movie really might get funnier every time I see it. It's Will Ferrell at his best. The scene where he tells Jovie that he likes her is classic. (I think you're beautiful and when I'm near you I feel warm...and my tongue swells up....so I was wondering if you wanna go eat food...you know....the code?") It's all just classic.

Then, to top things off, I talked to Taylor and found out that she gets to come in a day earlier for Christmas break then I had originally thought.

So yeah, that got me in a good Christmas mood. Also, I decorated my cubicle with lights and gold and silver garland....I'm getting jolly people and you know what I like to do when I feel that Christmas joy....drink and dance in Elf costumes:
Also, the Christmas cheer doesn't show signs of stopping. I've got Charlie Brown Christmas and Rudolph claymation ready to watch...In HD! Plus, it's the Christmas episode of The Office tonight!

God Bless us Everyone!

Also a Happy Birthday to Roy Lee...as if he needed another reason to get excited about this time of year.

Song of the Day: Frank Sinatra - I Believe
Beer of the Day: Thirsty Dog - 12 Dogs of Christmas Ale

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I Need Some Holiday Cheer...

I'm having a terrible time getting into the Holiday spirit and it's really starting to get to me. The decorations are up, I've bought a gift or two, the music is playing, the TV specials are on...but for some reason I just can't seem to reach my normal jolly Holiday level.

I even bought some Christmas beers the other day and drank a few of those...it's just not working.

So, in hopes of spreading some cheer and picking myself out of this Grinch-like mood, I'm going to post some of my favorite Holiday videos. (Note: Some of them are quite long...sometimes YouTube doesn't have exactly what you want.)

Here we Go...Ho...Ho!

Where's the Tylenol?

Yaaaaaannnnkkeee Swap!

SANTA!!!!!! I know him! I know him!

This one is in two parts...but it's easily the most bad ass of them all (plus this has sweet subtitles)

You gotta love the Grinch

This one you may not know...but it's from my youth. It's a cartoon called, "Twas the Night Before Christmas" My favorite is the song, "Even a Miracle Needs a Hand"

Charlie Brown

And of Course Chrismukkah! (Just watch the first 2 mins or so)

Anyway, sorry I didn't write much today. I just needed some outside help with getting in to the Christmas Spirit. I feel much better now though!

Have a great Wednesday people. Spread the Joy!

Song of the Day: Otis Redding - White Christmas
Beer of the Day: New Holland - Cabin Fever Brown Ale

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Tuesday Tidbits...

It's the most wonderful time of the week!

* When I say "Crap" you say "Bags" CRAP-BAGS, CRAP-BAGS!!! The boys went down this week in an insane loss to Ben's awful team, but we made the playoffs! The Bags are the number 3 seed in the four team playoff which starts this week! Here's hoping the Bags find a way to win this thing since I already spent all the Fantasy Football prize money!

* The Cardinal Birds completed a three games in three days sweep yesterday with a win over Lamar. Earl Clark was sensational and Jerry Smith reminded us all why he's my favorite player (hustle mixed with mustache and ridiculous celebratory actions after three pointers). Also, for those who haven't been out to Freedom Hall this year...here is the new intro when the players are introduced:

If that doesn't get you excited...check your pulse!
Also, they need to go straight into an upbeat song after "ARE YOU READY?" because there is like a 1 second pause that kills the momentum...someone get on that. The coolest part is that they have a different player say, ARE YOU READY every game.

In addition I thought I'd post this video from Saturday's game...basically it's T-Will doing crazy-awesome things:

Bonus points for Jerry Smith's illegal block out which freed T-Will for the Dunk...Sad points tossed toward Jarrod Swopshire for the "golf clap" celebration on the bench....he's a freshman, he'll learn.

* Big news...Oprah announced she's put on some weight! In her the new issue of "O" magazine Oprah claims she's "fallen off the wagon" and she's "embarrassed" and "mad at herself" because she now weighs 200 pounds. This is a front page story on Yahoo today so you know it's super serious. My response...WHO THE HELL CARES! To tell you the truth I thought she weighed at least a deuce and a half...don't be so hard on yourself Oprah, we all have our own "Becky" battles at some point in our lives.

* So there's a chance I'm getting a new car sometime soon. Poor Malik (my 1992 Honda Accord) is getting a little sick. He's still running, but he's making funny sounds and smells. I'm going to check out a Jeep Liberty sometime later this week...I hope I buy the first car I look at because I would rather put lit cigarettes out on my face than shop for a new car.

* Life of Brian's favorite band, My Morning Jacket, has been nominated for a Grammy! It's really awesome how far this hometown band has come in the last five years...they truly deserve all the good stuff that comes their way. They work hard, they're talented...and "Evil Urges" is one badass CD. Sadly, they'll lose to Radiohead because people love to listen to Radiohead and act as if they're music snobs.

* And finally, a little Holiday Cheer thrown at you...Life of Brian style!
Send your own ElfYourself eCards

That's all for today kids, enjoy your Tuesdays!

Song of the Day: My Morning Jacket - Touch Me I'm Going To Scream Pt. 2
Beer of the Day: Smithwick's

Monday, December 08, 2008

An Ode to Sweatpants

It doesn't really get any better than sweatpants.

Now let's get this straight, I like flannel pajama pants, I have a pair that I wear quite often...but if I'm trying to make a statement about my laziness, I'm going with my sweats.

I got a pair of UofL sweatpants for my birthday when I was a freshman in high school. Luckily when I was a freshman in high school I was determined to be the next member of the Cash Money Rap family...so my pants were so big they left plenty of room to accommodate Becky and the other weight I've added over the years.

Truth is, there is nothing I like more than wearing those sweatpants. You know why I like wearing those sweatpants? Because they are a sign that I'm not going anywhere....and better yet, I'm not doing anything. Sure I may get up and wash a few dishes at halftime of a game I'm watching. Hell if I get really crazy I may even vacuum in between nap #2 and nap #3 of the day. But, you bet your ass I'm not going out to dinner and I'm probably not spending too much time away from my couch/big chair.

You see, sweatpants aren't just an article of clothing, they're a way of life. It's like hey...I want to be comfortable during my day of nothing...but I also want to have some pants on in case someone rings the doorbell or I have to go get some milk.

Pajama pants, while offering a similar amount of comfort, look sloppier. If I don't change out of my pajama pants until 4 in the afternoon...then I feel bad about myself because I slept in those pants. Plus, if for some reason I do have to leave the house for a brief period of time...those aren't acceptable for actual pants9.

Jeans and other pants are just not comfortable enough. I mean I love my jeans, they fit like a glove, but I can't take 2-4 naps in one day while wearing my jeans.

Windpants? Well they make that god awful swishhh sound...so they're out.

See, when it boils down to it, sweatpants are the best. While they can be used for regular pants for children, grown people can only use them outside of the house in certain instances:

1.) Sporting event, where you actually PLAY a sport, not just watch a sport

2.) Running to the store for less than 7 things. Need milk, bread, Gatorade, Honeycombs and toothpaste? No need to change your pants. However, it should also be noted that any store classier than Target is a no-no for sweatpants. You can't buy a sweater at the Gap while wearing sweats...it's just poor form.

3.) Picking up/dropping someone at some form of event, which you of course won't attend. Daughter has piano lessons? Nephew or little brother has football practice? No need to change the pants.

Basically if you're going to be gone for more than 30mins...Sweats are out, because that's just too much production for sweats.

Sweatpants are only able to reach there full potential when you're in the right mind set. If you are gonna wear your sweatpants, don't make any sort of plans and avoid leaving the couch as much as possible. Also, sporting events and movies on TNT, TBS and USA should be your main entertainment for the day.

I love my sweatpants for one reason( sure they make my ass look great...but that's not it). I love them because when I put them on...I haven't got a worry in the world!

So next time you've got a day on your hands and nothing planned...don't find a movie to see or a group of friends to meet up with...dig out those old sweatpants, do nothing, and enjoy every second of it!

(Final note, gray is the only acceptable color of sweatpants. Although if they have a team name or logo on them other colors are acceptable...your Louisville "L" makes your red sweats ok Lautaro.)

Song of the Day: Lupe Fiasco - Superstar
Beer of the Day: Furthermore - Three Feet Deep

Friday, December 05, 2008

Drink and be merry...

...Because we can!

That's right boys and girls today is the 75th anniversary of the greatest day in American history...the day that prohibition ended.

I'm not going to lie to you guys...I just typed out a big long post about alcohol and why I like it, and why it's great and how I come from a long family history of beer and bourbon drinkers and how alcohol is something that unifies people and such....
....but it all made me sound a lot like someone with a hint of a drinking problem....which is not who I am.

I realize that I strive not to edit myself too much on this blog, but since it's Friday and it's late in the day...and I don't want to make anyone think I'm a bad person...I deleted my original post today.

Here's the bottom line. I like alcohol, I drink it pretty much everyday...and I enjoy because I've been taught how to enjoy it. Truth is I enjoy the taste, the feeling I get when I drink, the conversations I have while drinking with others...etc. But, I also know the dangers of it all and how it can be abused and how it can be used too often or in the wrong circumstances.

Anyway, here's how I see it...
Drinking is a privilege, but with privileges also comes a great deal of responsibility. So, be thankful for this privilege and use it to the best of your ability. Go out tonight and have a drink with a friend or family member...talk about loved ones, re-tell old stories, laugh and most of all...toast the people who were able to repeal prohibition, which in turn allows us all to be much more funny and interesting then we ever should be.


Song of the Day: The Doors - Roadhouse Blues
Beer of the Day: I'm drinking Bourbon tonight!

Thursday, December 04, 2008


Dah Na Nuh, Na Nuh Nah!

Today I want to talk about what is the single most important television program in the history of the life of Brian...ESPN Sportscenter.

As I lay in bed last night attempting to drift off to sleep, I did as I do every night and I flipped on the TV and flipped right to ESPN because I knew my good friend Sportscenter would be there waiting for me. I only watched for a little bit, but the 10 mins or so that I watched TV immediately got me thinking about one thing, "Where would I be without Sportscenter?"

If my friends and family were asked to name one influence in pop culture that has had the greatest effect on me...I'm sure many of them would miss. The popular answer would probably be "The Beatles" and while my life has certainly been changed by those 4 lads from Liverpool, the correct answer would be ESPN Sportscenter

Every single day I watch Sportscenter. I don't often catch an entire hour-long episode, but I catch at least 10 minutes of it every day. The most popular time for me to watch it has always been while laying in bed. I've had a TV in my room for as long as I can remember, and for as long as I can remember...I've fallen asleep to Sportscenter. Sure I like Letterman and Conan and sometimes I'll catch a good movie on TNT or something...but I'd say 99 out of 100 times, I choose Sportscenter.

The reason this is such a great show is because you don't have to invest anything in it. It's not a sitcom where you have to follow a plot, it's not the news where you need to listen to what the anchors are saying...they show sports highlights and then flash the score on the screen. Even without sound you can tell what is going on, and it takes about 1 minute to sum up a game that lasted several hours. Would I ever sit and watch the Reds play the Rockies for an entire 3 hour, 9 inning game? Hell no! I don't care about either of those teams, but I do care about the diving catch, 400 foot home run and critical double play that occurred during those three hours.

The second best time to watch SC is in the morning while getting dressed. There's no time to sit down and follow a love story on a TV show, and I don't want to start my day off by hearing about how someone was murdered in the city last night. So, I'll just watch a few highlights. In fact, if I can time it right, I can watch SC's top 10 plays while getting dressed for work...that makes my day grand. However, usually the top plays aren't until about 10 til and I usually leave at quarter til.

Anyway the point is this. I love Sportscenter. As a sports fan it is the greatest tool you could ever ask for. It's hip, it's funny and it's very informative. If I'm at a bar, I can relate to any sports fan in there because of my life long addiction to Sportscenter. I don't like the Dolphins all that much and I certainly don't follow them, but when they started running the Wildcat formation and Ronnie Brown scored 4 TDs on the Patriots earlier this year...I knew it was something special because I saw it on Sportscenter.

I'm a sports junkie. I watch games all the time that I don't care about. But, if it weren't for the awesomeness of Sportscenter and their cliff's notes version of athletic events (and boy do I love Cliff's notes), I wouldn't be half the sports fan I am today.

Plus, they have great commercials:

Also, the best Sportscenter experience ever is when you're sick and you stay home from school/work. You get to watch it over and over again, the same thing for like 4 hours straight. AWESOME!!!

Song of the Day: Cornershop - Candyman
Beer of the Day: Newcastle Brown Ale

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

10 Things I like and dislike these days...

I'm not in a super jolly mood today...I feel stressed about something and I don't know what it is. Also, when I get stressed I get pissed. So in hopes of venting a bit and realizing there are some cool things in life, I'm gonna give you 10 things I like and dislike today.

DISLIKE: Plaxico Burress. He is a moron, he shot himself in the leg, and he gets more press than anything in the sports world. If I shot myself in the leg it wouldn't even make the local news, but if some dude who's good at football does it I have to hear about it every time I turn on the TV. Plaxico is an awesome name...but if you shoot yourself in the leg you can't be my friend anymore.

LIKE: My Christmas List. It has like three or four things on it now! There not amazing things, but it's enough to buy me some time before my loved ones try to injure me for not giving them ideas. It's just kinda tough now a days. When I was a broke college kid I wanted all sorts of things because I had no money. Now I have a small amount of income and it allows me to buy a pair of jeans or shoes if I need them...so Christmas gifts are harder to think of.

DISLIKE: Kentuckiana. I've hated this word for a while, but it's starting to really bug me. I realize Indiana might have some good things to offer, and that's cool...but stop trying to claim part of our cool stuff by sticking a few of your letters on to our name! I mean seriously I don't call it Indiucky and start rooting for the Colts now do I? So leave our name alone and get your own cool stuff.

LIKE: This commercial

I'm more of an Adidas guy, but Lebron is awesome...and Nike commercials are the shiz.

DISLIKE: Pop Music From My Youth. For the past two days I've had terrible pop songs from my childhood stuck in my head. Yesterday was Christina Aguilera's "Come on Over", today...Spice Girls - "2 Become 1". It's atrocious. It's even worse because I don't know all the words (that probably makes it better actually) and the same 2 lines are just repeating over and over and over in my head...it's weak titty for sure.

LIKE: Christmas specials on TV. Elf has been on like crazy, I know the Charlie Brown Christmas special has gotta be coming up sometime soon, and to top it all off...Rudolph is on CBS tomorrow in HIGH DEF!!! Claymation holiday creatures in high-def...it's gonna be grand.

DISLIKE: Headaches. Where do these things even come from? Sometimes you're just sitting there and all of the sudden it's like BAM...it's headache time! Last night I went to sleep, same pillow, same mattress, same everything. However, today I woke up and it felt like my head had been hit by a dump truck...what gives? I don't remember any dump trucks. Maybe Lautaro hit me in the head or something? I'll have to keep my guard up tonight.

LIKE: The ACC/Big Ten challenge. I don't really like these two conferences that much, but every year they take each other on in this challenge and they provide some good b-ball action. The games are always pretty evenly matched, and even though the ACC wins every year...there's usually one game that is surprising in some way. More than anything, I'm just glad the games involve two teams I've heard of.

DISLIKE: The Courier Journal. I really wish Louisville had a different newspaper. Every time I pickup and issue of the CJ, I can find at least three mistakes in it, and I'm sure there are more because I only read a few articles and I suck at grammar. Also, they have the lamest stories...there is nothing exciting about it, there is nothing new, it's just all so piss-poor.

LIKE: Bardstown Rd. Aglow. This is an annual festival where all along B-town road in the Highlands the shops and restaurants and such will light up their spaces and celebrate with Christmas cheer. It's this Saturday and even though I've only ever been twice before, I'm looking forward to it this year since I live right down the street.

That's all today people. Have a great rest of the day.

Song of the Day: The Avett Brothers - Salina
Beer of the Day: Monty Python - Holy grAIL

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Tuesday Tidbits...

Let 'em rip!

* The CrapBags were not only winners this weekend, they brought home the high score this week as well! With one more week to go until the playoffs one more win is needed to clinch a spot in the tourney.

* All is calm in the Life of Brian on the UofL b-ball front for now. Rick Pitino issued an official apology to all fans on his website. He apologized for the poor performance and said that the unacceptable play was due to bad practice habits which will be corrected immediately! I for one would not want to be at practice this week....who am I kidding, I'd go in a heart beat. Anyway, we'll see how improved the Cards are when they play three games in three days starting on Saturday.

* I'm still in search for a good new Christmas Album for the Holiday season. However, if you don't have Leon Redbone's "Christmas Island" album...do yourself a favor and go get it right now.

* I saw a great commercial during Monday Night football last night. It was a commercial for "Scurbs" the wonderfully hilarious show which was on NBC for the better of decade. Rumor had it that the show was canceled...and NBC did cancel it...but ABC picked it up and new episodes will start in January. I actually heard this a long time ago, but I forgot about it until last night.

* I picked up a new CD this weekend. It's called "Electric Arguments" and it's by a band called The Fireman. Awesomely enough the band involves none other than Sir Paul McCartney. I don't really understand the whole concept of the band and such, but Paul sings on every track and it's probably the best stuff he's put out since "Band on the Run". You can listen to some of the new cd here.

* So I'm not sure where I read this (Facebook?), but try to say "Irish Wristwatch" three times fast...hell, try to just say it once. It's not that easy.

* So there's just a little over three weeks left until Christmas and while I'm at about 79% on the holiday excitement mode, I can't think of a blasted thing to put on my Christmas list. My loved ones keep asking for ideas of things they can get me and I don't have a clue. Anyone have any ideas?

* Finally, Yahoo ran a story yesterday which reveled a secret that has cost me countless hours of sleep since I first laid eyes on this lady:
Yup, they share where that wonderfully mysterious scar on Ms. Tina Fey's left cheek came from. Turns out the story isn't all that grand, some stranger scrapped her face when she was little. I really just wanted to talk a little about Tina Fey because I kinda love her. Still cool to finally know what the deal is though.

Alright children, that's all the tidbits for today. Enjoy your Tuesdays.

Song of the Day: The Fireman - Dance 'Til We're High
Beer of the Day: Fuller's - London Pride

Monday, December 01, 2008

An awesome weekend...with a terrible ending

How did everyone's holiday weekend turn out? Mine was wonderful, Taylor was in and I got to spend mucho time with her, I got to see the fam a few times, saw some old friends for a pretty good party on Friday...it was relaxing, fun and grand on all occasions...until yesterday.

My day started by waking up at 5 a.m. to take Taylor to the airport. As if it's not bad enough to take Taylor to the Airport...doing it at 5 in the morning while it's cold and rainy is about as miserable as it comes. Luckily Taylor will be back soon...for two whole weeks! However, after she goes back to Charleston when Christmas break is over...it's gonna suck...a lot.

So yeah, there I was with a whole Sunday on my hands, bummed out because my girlfriend had left and the mini holiday break was about to be over...but there was still a little bounce in my step because the Cards had a b-ball game and well, nothing cheers me up like watching the Cards! Well for the record, nothing pisses me off like watching the Cards roll out on to the court and take a gigantic dump of a performance against the likes of Western Kentucky.

It was bad, like UofL football bad.

I was super pissed during the game and I'd love to chalk this game up as a fluke or blame the refs (they did kinda suck)...but bottom line is the Cards knew they were ranked #3 and they knew they had more talent than WKU and that's why they got their asses handed to them. Hopefully Pitino will have the guys' undivided attention from now on...since #3 rankings and great publicity sure won't be there to get in their way.

Crapola! (I'm working on cleaning up my language a bit...it was going well until yesterday....I smell a New Year's resolution)

So yeah, Taylor's gone, the Cards sucked, the holiday break is over...I'm not super happy to say the least.

Luckily I got in a little better mood by helping my mom decorate a little bit for Christmas. Also, it's December now and Christmas cheer is in full effect...so I've got that going for me.


Song of the Day: OutKast - Da Art of Story Tellin' part 1 and 2 (2 songs today!)
Beer of the Day: Sam Adams - Irish Red (I'm not a huge Sam Adams fan, but this one's not too bad)

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Story Time

So I'm having a tough time blogging today...some days it's just tough to think of something. But, today I'll just share a story from my past. Somehow the name Patrick Sparks came up yesterday...which reminded me of an awesome moment in the Life of Brian.

For those of you who don't know who Patrick Sparks is let me give you an introduction. He is a ugly little punk who use to play basketball for the University of Kentucky. Now it's been made clear that UK isn't really my favorite team, and while most of their players get on my nerves, I can respect a decent number of them (Chuck Hayes)....However, in my opinion, Patrick Sparks was the biggest piece of crap to ever play the game of college basketball. I honestly think that most UK fans would now admit that he's awful at life.

Anyway, Sophomore year of college I was out with Taylor and some others at a party on fraternity row at Centre. I was in the house on the end of the row and about 30 mins after I got there I started to hear the gossip. "OMG, Patrick Sparks is totally at the Phi Delt house right now" One cat fan would say to another. It soon got on my nerves and after one of my friend's girlfriend exclaimed, "I was just down at the Phi Delt house and Patrick Sparks grabbed my butt!" My buddy, a UK fan, just smiled as if he was pumped that this dude had groped his lady.

I at first attempted to ignore it and go on with my night...I really did...but as I drank another beer or three I soon realized that containing my hate for Mr. Sparks was no longer possible. So, I did what any bad ass would do....I decided I'd challenge Patrick Sparks to a game of H-O-R-S-E on the b-ball courts behind the fraternity houses.

I found a basketball laying around the fraternity house, it was totally flat but it didn't matter, then I rallied up a group of fans to march with me as I went to lay the smack down on this schmuck.

Me and about 6 other people marched out of the SAE house on the end of the row and stomped into the Phi Delt house about three houses down the row.

I walked into the house with terrible Country music playing armed with a flat basketball under my arm, and backed by my army. Once in the house I was immediately met by Phi Delt meathead number one. The conversation went like this...

Me: Where is Patrick Sparks?

Meathead #1: Dude, He's not going to sign your basketball!!! (Attempts to knock the ball out from under my arm)


(gather myself)

Sign my ball? Like hell! I want to challenge him to HORSE so I can show him who's boss and prove to all these people that he in fact is awful....this isn't even my basketball!

Meathead #2: He's upstairs but you can't see him!

Me: Why?

Meathead #1: Because he's just a normal guy like us!

Me: Well that's good because normal guys like to play HORSE!

(I start to walk upstairs)

Meathead #2: No way man, We've got our boys up there making sure no one bothers him.

Me: So he's just a normal guy like us...but you find it necessary to have body guards for him? Even though he's the same age as us and everything?

Meathead #1: Well, look Dude just take your ball and leave...he doesn't have time to play your stupid games.

Me: That's fine, but let it be known the Patrick Sparks not only is a loser who is no good at basketball, he also is afraid to play me in HORSE....and you guys are playing "bodyguard" for someone your own age....in a fraternity house.

I then preceded to march out of the house...probably yelling totally uncalled/untrue things about Patrick Sparks...and I went to the b-ball courts and toed up the three point line and yelled, "This one's for Mr. Sparks...who won't play me in HORSE!"

Then I buried a the Three!!!

I swear that's all true, the shot even went in...although I'm about 99% sure that if that ball had had any air in it whatsoever it would have shot of the rim like space rocket....but that's not the point.

The point is, I had people coming up to me for like a week asking me if I really challenged Patrick Sparks to a game of HORSE....I told them I tried and then told him the whole story about the Meatheads and all.

Anyway, it was a proud moment in my college basketball career and anytime the name Patrick Sparks is brought up...I immediately let the people know that I own him...because he is and always will be a no talent ass clown!

Sorry for the strong language...I just really hate Patrick Sparks!

Also, if T-Will needed a body guard...I'd do it. But I'm not talking about protecting him from drunk college kids who want to play HORSE, I'm saying I'd take a bullet for him....that's totally legit.

On that note, I'd like to take this time and wish everyone a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving! Eat some good food, pass out watching football, enjoy your family and friends, eat some leftovers the next day....I love the holidays!

I'll be back on Monday kiddos!

Song of the Weekend: The Beatles - Girl
Beer of the Weekend: Dogfish Head - Punkin Ale

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Tuesday Tidbits...

Time for some bits of tid!

* The CrapBags moved back into a playoff spot with a nice win this weekend. With two weeks to go before the playoffs...a win this week might secure a spot in the 4 team tourney and a chance to re-peat as Fantasy Champs. My palms are sweating, how about yours?

* I found a new awesome website last night...it's called FaceinHole.com. I know that the name sounds a little odd, but it gives you all of these awesome backgrounds in which you can insert your face...like this gem:

Anyway, try it out...it's fun.

*So UofL started off it's basketball season this weekend....all I can say is, Daaaaaaaaaaammmmmmnnnn. It should be a good year, a year which will be made even more awesome by the new bad-ass intro for the Cards at Freedom Hall....you gotta see it.

* I forgot to mention a few weeks ago that my favorite childhood basketball player, Kevin Johnson, was elected mayor of Sacramento. I know I'm super pumped about it, how about you? You're probably wondering what makes him qualified to be mayor...well THIS DOES:
If you dunk on Hakeem, I'll vote for you no matter what you're running for.

* I got so caught up in telling you about the beer geeks in my class yesterday that I forgot to mention the best dude in the whole class...Chad. Our class was from 9-5, for three days. The first day Chad was fine, he was there on time and wore a white shirt and jeans. The second day Chad was about 2 hours late, appeared very hung over and wore a slightly wrinkled white shirt and jeans. The third day...Chad didn't show up until 4 and he was wearing a very wrinkled/dirty white shirt and jeans. Turns out that Chad doesn't like to brew beer nearly as much as he likes to drink it. He got his car towed on Friday morning and spent all day looking for it, then when he realized it was towed, he had to call his wife and ask for the license plate number so he could get his car back...poor bastard.

* I'm a Maker's Mark ambassador (which means I signed up for this thing and now they send me free stuff in the mail) and it's really awesome. The other day out of the blue I got this little tube in the mail and wouldn't you know it...it had wrapping paper and ribbons and gift tags in it. The best part, the design on the wrapping paper is little snowflakes made out of Maker's bottles. If this doesn't scream ROY LEE....nothing does. But, you should totally sign up at Maker's Mark.com.

* Ok, I know I said I'd give you an amazing dose of tidbits today...but these are gonna have to do. Taylor gets in in like 2 hours and I'm going to pick her up at the airport...so I'm a little too excited to give you a proper dose of tidbits....forgive me readers.

Enjoy your Tuesdays though kiddos.

Song of the Day: Fleet Foxes - He Doesn't Know Why
Beer of the Day: Avery - Ellie's Brown

Monday, November 24, 2008

I'm Baaaaacccck

Did you miss me? God knows I missed you guys. I apologize for not posting more, but the business trip was a little more than I expected. So, let's bring you guys up to speed on it all.

I got to my "Start your own brewery" class and chose a seat around the middle, not too close, but far enough away. I quickly surveyed the room and saw a few guys that I might be able to hang out with after class. For the record, there were 40 people, 36 guys and 4 girls...and the next youngest person was 26.

Anyway, the class got under way and I was pleased with the wealth of information that was being tossed my way. Pointers on how to approach investors, help with writing a business plan, etc. I was also pleased with the fact that the Brouha House is way ahead of about 95% of the people there in terms of making a brewpub a reality. The funniest comments were from the people in the class who were just floored that it would take two people to fulfill the jobs of master brewer and general manager. They're both full time jobs with totally different responsibilities, but all of these other Einsteins seemed to think they could handle it. I really think about 15-20 had their brewpub dreams crushed as soon as it was made clear that the GM and the brewer needed to be two different people.

Anyway, enough about the boring brewpub knowledge...let's talk about something more entertaining...like the fact that I was totally surrounded by beer geeks. Not your ordinary beer snobs...no, people who were incapable of making conversation about anything other than beer.

We would head out for drinks afterwards and I would try to change the conversation to something easy...like sports. I mean I love talking about beer, but only so much. I thought that as a man you should be able to at least carry on a conversation about beer, music and sports. So I asked this guy from Chapel Hill, NC if he had watched the UK vs. UNC game the night before. Here's how it went down...

Me: "Oh, you're from Chapel Hill...did you see the Heels game last night against Kentucky?"

Beer Geek: "Basketball?"

Me: "Yeah, UNC beat UK pretty bad...they have a good team this year, they're ranked number 1"

Beer Geek: "Kentucky is number 1?"

Then I preceded to take the guy's face and smash it into a jelly!

I asked a few other people about sports too, I mean I found out where they lived...thought of a pretty popular team in their area and asked them what they thought about X team, or Y player. The response was always the same...blank stare followed by a question that resembled, "Wait a minute....so you're saying that this is a football team from PITTSBURGH?!?"

I then moved on to my next tactic, music.

I waited for a lead in, like a song playing at the bar...I finally got it when The Rolling Stones - "Paint it Black" came on...but again here's the conversation..

Me: "Man, I haven't heard this song in a while...I love the Stones. Do you like them?"

Beer dork: "Huh?"

Me: "The Rolling Stones, this is their song...do you listen to them at all?"

Dork: "Ah, I mean I've heard a song or two of theirs....I don't get into music that much."

Me: Rubbing my head as I felt a migraine setting in

Beer Dork: "I do like Stone brewery though...do you like them?"


I even tried to just talk about certain cities where these people lived. This one guy said he was from Charleston, SC. I said, "oh really, my girlfriend lives there...I've been down to visit her and it's such a beautiful city." His response, "Is it? I haven't lived there since I was 5."

I did meet a nice guy named Luke and we were able to talk about other things besides beer....so that was good.

But seriously...you should at least be able to talk about 2 things. It was really frustrating because I think some people actually got pissed that I kept trying to talk about things other than, "How much Budweiser sucks, how amazing their home brewed imperial porter is, and how much harder it is to brew lagers as opposed to ales.

I mean I really really love beer, I know a good deal about it and I like to talk about different kinds from time to time. But when you talk about beer from 9-5 three days in a row...would it kill you to talk about Brett Favre or the Beatles for 10 minutes? I really almost ordered an Old Style when we went to a bar one time just to see what they would have said...Oh man, that would have showed them!


Oh well, like I said, it was a great trip. I learned a lot and got the info needed to take the next step of making our Brewpub a reality.

Sorry again for the short number of posts...but I'll give you some extra special tidbits tomorrow to make up for it.

Song of the Day: The Beatles - I Me Mine
Beer of the Day: Rock Bottom - Rye Pale Ale