Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Tuesday Tidbits...

You know how I roll...

* Despite my depression from the loss on Sunday...I was pretty happy last night when the Lady Cards advanced to their first ever final four. I've watched more women's basketball in the last 6 months then I ever have before....It's not always pretty, but I was proud of the Lady Cards last night.

* Even though this is basketball related (and I'm trying to avoid all things basketball)...it's pretty funny:

Pitino is killing those drums.

* One other thing that cheered me up is the fact that my little step-bro Ryan is on a lacrosse trip this week for Spring Break and he had to get his head shaved. Yup he's a junior on the varsity team so the seniors hazed him a bit and made him cut of his hair. It wouldn't be so bad except for the fact that they shave it into some ridiculous cut and make them go out to eat a few times...luckily Ryan took my advice and convinced them to give him the Ben Franklin horse shoe cut...check it:
That's simply fantastic. Sadly they shaved the rest off last night...now he's just bald.

* Only 11 more days until I can have coffee again...I'm still unsure how I've stayed awake this month.

* Hey what are you guys doing on April 25th? What...No plans? Well how about running a Micro-Mini-Marathon for Charity? Ok, well just send me your info and I'll get you all signed up. I'm glad we got that cleared up.

* I did a good deal of porch sitting last night...and I just have to say that there is nothing better then sitting on a porch....nothing.

* Ben and Megan's wedding is officially going to be in Wisconsin...which I may or may not have shared with you guys. But, it's also officially going to be in a hotel with a water park inside of it! To say I'm going to have fun and enjoy myself while in Wisconsin for the wedding...well that's an understatement.

* I went to Ear X-Tacy last night...and left empty handed. If that's not proof enough that the UofL loss is still bothering me...I'm not sure what is.

That's all I've got for now gang...have a great Tuesday.

Song of the Day: Bright Eyes - I Believe in Symmetry
Beer of the Day: Bell's - Oberon

Monday, March 30, 2009

No Joy in L-Ville

I'm crushed.

I've been more upset and more angry at UofL losses before...but I don't think I've ever been as crushed by one particular game.

As if getting to the Final Four wasn't enough for me to want this one so badly...two other things have added to my sadness after the game. One, was the fact that I made a last second decision to attend the game...paying a pretty penny for a lower level seat. Let it be known that I'll never EVER go to an NCAA tournament game again...as long as I live. But the thing that sucks the most is the fact that Taylor had decided to come home to watch the games next weekend if we were to advance to the Final Four. Her last minute travel plans have now been canceled.


A week or so from now...when college basketball season is officially over...I'll look back on this year of Louisville basketball as one of my favorites of all time. I'll remember the three straight wins in the hall against UK, ND and then #1 Pitt, I'll remember how much fun it was to watch T-Will, Andre and Earl, I'll remember the two Big East championships and the first ever #1 ranking. All in all it was a good season...heck it was a GREAT Season.

But sadly, the beauty of the NCAA tournament is that you have to be at your best for three weeks straight...every single game. I will never ever admit that Michigan State is a better basketball team then the Cards...but MSU had their A game...and the Cards simply did not.

Now, I'll tell myself that we'll win it all one day...and the sadness that I feel right now will only make that day even better...and we'll get them next year...and I'll believe it all. But if I told you that I didn't think this was our year...I'd be lying to you. I thought we had it...I really really did.

Now if you'll excuse me...I'm going to go to sleep for the next several days.

Song of the Day: Bill Withers - Ain't No Sunshine
Beer of the Day: Bourbon...Beer isn't gonna get it done.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Fashion Question???

Ok this is a pretty bizarre post, but I just wanted to see if anyone had any insight.

So I was looking on Facebook at some old pictures that someone had put up. The pictures were of the person's parents in the 70s and 80s. I laughed because the short shorts, tight t-shirts and ridiculous glasses were just too much to handle. However, then I started thinking about fashion over the years. I think everyone that is at least 20 years old has looked back at a photo from the past and thought, "What was I thinking." I mean for instance...when I was younger I dyed my hair blonde in the summers, which not only turned out to be orangeish usually...but it really complimented my jet black, gigantic eye-brows. Also one Christmas there are pictures of me wearing and all white fleece sweat suit...the next Christmas, dark jean overalls.

So here's my question...Will I look back at my current style 10 years from now and think..."For crying out loud Brian!"? I mean I feel like what I wear is pretty standard...blue jeans and pants that are neither too baggy or too tight. Shirts that are normal fitting and make me look like I have a home. I mean I don't feel like I wear anything now that I wouldn't wear 10 years from now. Is this the same thing everyone thinks, only to be ashamed of themselves a decade later? Or perhaps with each decade we get closer to a perfect fashion sense and as we enter the 2010s, we as a society are pretty much as close as we're going to get to fashion perfection?

I mean there will always be a few stragglers. Some people will always be stuck in the wrong decade (I'm looking at you guy with jorts on and tube socks), but I think for the most part...we're getting closer.

Side note: If you see someone stuck in the 1990s fashion wise...you have permission to make fun of them...unless they're wearing Zuba pants...because those are the shizz.
Have a good weekend you fine dressing bunch of folks!

Song of the Weekend: Cake - I Will Survive
Beer of the Day: Pabst Blue Ribbon

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Thursday's Top 10...

So I have nothing to talk about today...I mean really, I couldn't think of a single thing. Sooooo, here's a list of ten things that have gone on in my life the past 24 hours. I apologize in advance for the lameness of today's blog post.

1.) When I got home from work yesterday at 5:15 I sat on the porch for about 15 or 20 mins before deciding to be a little more productive with my time. In the next hour and 15 minutes I proceeded to not only put together my new grill...but also make a pot of PBR chili. It was the most productive 75 minutes of anyone's life...ever.

2.) The Headliners for the 2009 Forecastle Festival have been announced. They include, The Black Crowes, The Black Keys, The Avett Brothers and Widespread Panic. This is the best news I've received in a while. This festival has been going strong in Louisville for a while now...but I never imagined it would get as big as it is. I'm pretty pumped.

3.) My guitar lesson has been cancelled for today....but I did teach myself the riff for "I Got Mine" by the Black Keys last night...so I guess it all evens out.

4.) I discovered this game last night and it's pretty awesome....it might even be better then Boneless Girl. Nah, nothing will ever top Boneless Girl.

5.) 10 people have signed up for the Micro-Mini-Marathon so far! Hey you other people out there...sign up already.

6.) The NCAA tourney resumes tonight...here are the picks: UCONN over Purdue, Memphis over Mizzou, Nova over Duke, Xavier over Pitt.

7.) So Taylor ended up having to review a DVD of the security camera to see who broke the dorm vending machine...In my mind it looked a lot like this:

Sadly...I don't think it did. Still, it's a vending machine...a security DVD...really? Not the same as Centre's DPS...not even close.

8.) The Office and 30 Rock are on tonight...DVR them and watch the games. If you don't have DVR or Tivo...watch the Office and 30 Rock while keeping tabs on the games at commercials. You're welcome, I'm sure you wouldn't have figured that out without my guidance.

9.) Ummm??? I had a burrito for lunch.

10.) I got nothing...I need a nap.

I'm really sorry...I told you I was strugglin' today. I'll be better tomorrow. Blame it on the rain.

Song of the Day: Arctic Monkeys - Fluorescent Adolescent
Beer of the Day: Fuller's - ESB

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Micro-Mini Marathon Sign Ups....

The Micro-Mini Marathon is on like Donkey Kong. I received word back from Tom O'Shea and he said that they'd love to help out.

Ok, here's the deal....there are some details that still need to be ironed out...but I can't do any of that until I start to get a feel for the number of participants. I have mapped out a course, but if we get more people then I have planned I'm going to have to move it to a bigger area. Also, I need to let O'Shea's know about how many people will be participating so they can block off an area big enough. In addition, since O'Shea's is going to allow us to have an "after party" celebration at their pub...I've decided that all the proceeds will be donated to O'Shea's weekly charity (every Monday O'Shea's donates 100% of their income that day to a charity), they're getting me info soon about which charity they'll work with that week.

So, right now...we need some marathoners...here are the details for those who may have forgotten.

What: A 3.1 mile marathon to raise money for charity.

When: Saturday April 25, 2009. Time: TBA

Louisville, KY....The Cherokee Park/Highlands area.

Participants may choose to either walk or run the marathon, but participants can not JUST run or walk. Some other activity must be performed while completing the race. For instance, runners could juggle, dribble a basketball, pogo stick, hand jive, dance, etc. A prize will be awarded to the most creative participant. Those wishing to just run or walk may still participate but they will be ridiculed by their peers for the entire 3.1 miles. One stipulation…No wheeled objects such as: bikes, cars, scooters, skates, etc, may be used…unicycles are fair game.

*** A $5 donation is required to participate and larger donations are encouraged. 100% of the donations will be going to charity.

Alright, as I said...the charity, the time and the exact course map will be determined soon and I'll get you guys that info ASAP.

Bottom line...we're gonna get together and exercise while having a good time and then we're going to go over to O'Shea's and party it up for a while....all while raising money for a good cause.

Tell your family, friends, etc. I think this is certainly a case of the more the merrier. Also, start signing up now (this will help get the rest of the details ironed out). To sign up all you have to do is e-mail me at brianusellis@gmail.com (any questions can be sent there too). I'll just ask for your name and e-mail address...the donations will be due the day of the race. So come on and sign up...it's for a good cause!

Song of the Day: Cake - He's Going the Distance
Beer of the Day: Goose Island - Honker's Ale

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Tuesday Tidbits...

Time for some bits of tid...

* This is a long but funny tidbit to start off with. You see, Tuesday is usually the one day of the week where I just don't want to get out of bed...I hit the snooze a few times and even then I'm pretty angry about getting out of bed. That's why I'm glad I'm not Taylor today....because I'd probably be in jail. You see, she's an RD for a dorm down in Charleston so she is constantly dealing with people's idiotic problems. Well, this morning a maintenance man knocked on her door at 8 a.m. to inform her that the vending machine was broken (which she reported to them yesterday). Then public safety called her a few minutes later so she could come view the security tape to try and help figure out how the vending machine ended up broken. Taylor kindly told them she'd do it later. She's a saint, because if someone came knocking and calling about something is lame as that on a Tuesday morning (an hour or so before she had to be awake), I think my actions would have been the ones being reviewed on security cameras...you feel me? Anyway, apparently the idiotic maintenance people left the vending machine open for a while later on in the day while fixing it...and a bunch of students stole things out of it. They of course contacted Taylor and asked her to go find the perpetrators and give them citations. Taylor laughed at them...god bless her.

* Plans for the first annual "Micro-Mini Marathon" are coming together...I'm waiting to hear back from Tommy O'Shea about having the after party at his pub...I'll be sure to keep you guys updated. Also, the name "Micro-Mini Marathon" probably makes you think of Micro Machines....it's not a coincidence....those things were bad-ass.
Man...those cars are MICRO!

* Ok, you're probably wondering why I haven't said anything about the Cards advancing to the Sweet 16. Well I'll be honest with you...it's because I was scared out of my mind on Sunday and I'm still trying to get my blood pressure at a normal level. We played alright, Siena played well...but bottom line is...The Cards are moving on....thanks to T-Will:
* On another note...the jump in my blood pressure has a lot to do with the Cards...but it also has a lot to do with CBS. I swear CBS...you cut off a crucial UofL game again...I'll cut off your face! Deal? Deal.

* There are no words to describe the weather in Louisville...so I'll be forced to make one up to describe it right now...shinetastic.. Some porch time after work is gonna happen. (Note: if it's not sunny anymore I take back this tidbit...I don't have any windows at work...but it was nice at lunch)

* So I know that "Planet Earth" has been on TV for like a century...but I just recently joined the party thanks to Taylor's advice. Let me tell ya, I'm fascinated....that is easily the coolest show on television. Also, Sigourney Weaver is the narrator...what could be better? Nothing.

* I need to go out and buy some new blue jeans....In my book the only thing worse then buying new jeans is getting a haircut...and we all know how I feel about those...
* I'm in a music rut right now. I need something new...something that bops...Suggestions? Please help me!

* Also, I've recently gotten the itch to go back to London. I mean just out of nowhere it's like..."Take me to foggy London town!" You feels me? Anyway, whoever wants to pay for me to go back to London for a week or so as a late B-day present...I'll forgive your tardiness.

* That's all for today kiddos...enjoy the rest of your Tuesday.

Song of the Day: The Cure - In Between Days
Beer of the Day: Newcastle Brown Ale

Monday, March 23, 2009

I'm old

"Do you feel older?"

That's the ridiculous question that people get asked each and every year on their birthday. It's a stupid question. But, you hear it every year because there are some people out there who aren't satisfied with just saying, "Happy Birthday" so they try to think of something else.

Anyway, when I woke up last Thursday...I felt the same way I had felt the day before...I went about my day and nothing was new or different...it was the same kinda day 22 year old Brian experienced.

But, as I look back on my first 4 days as a 23 year old...I realize I'm getting older. I mean if nothing else let's look at some of birthday presents I received..

- a toaster oven
- a Chili pot
- a grill
- a rocking chair

The thing that makes me feel old about that list is that I'm totally excited about every single one of those gifts. But, if someone had given me a toaster oven when I was younger...hell if someone would have given me a toaster oven last year when I was in college...I would have laughed, smacked you in the face and then spent an entire weekend trying to toast beer.

But now....now my life calls for me to own my own toaster over, chili pot, rocking chair and grill...it's just who I am now.

To make things even weirder this weekend...Lautaro was gone for most of Saturday and a bit of Sunday. Ben came over to watch some b-ball for a bit, but for the majority of the day I was just at home...alone. I walked up to Qdoba and went out with some folks for a few drinks later on that night. But when I walked in the door after getting home from the bar and flipped on a lamp....I just kinda stared at my dark and quiet apartment and thought, "Isn't it weird that I live here?" I mean that's where I live....where I sleep, shower and get mail.

I dunno, I always thought I'd have a moment where it seemed weird that I lived on my own...but I've been living in that apartment since September so I expected it to hit me a while ago. Who knows, I guess I just needed a birthday out of college to really realize that I'm getting older.

Now if you'll excuse me it's 4:30...I need to eat dinner and get to bed.

Song of the Day: Bob Dylan - The Times They Are A-Changin'
Beer of the Day: Cumberland Brews - Celtic Stout

Friday, March 20, 2009

March Madness Miscue...

So I'm sure a lot of you have been following the tournament games...hearing about teams you never knew existed, shaking your head at your brackets, etc. It's a fun time of year.

However, my co-worker Jason just informed me of something that is sure to put a damper on everyone's March Madness.

I think it goes without saying that Jay Bilas is the best College Basketball commentator in all the land.
I mean just look at him. Not only is he a lawyer, he's easily the one announcer who pays attention to the game that he is watching and tells you things that you wouldn't notice otherwise. Basically, he's the only announcer who does his job. Also, since he is a Duke grad you'd expect him to constantly talk about Duke and show an obvious bias toward them...but he actually is the most unbiased of all the commentators. He's smart, he's insightful, he's funny...he just tells it like it is.

So while talking to Jason today I was said that I wish Jay Bilas would call all the games in the tournament because he's by far the best out there. Jason agreed that Bilas is top notch...but then he said, Bilas would be even better if it weren't for his one huge mistake. That huge mistake turned out to be this (pay attention around the 48 second mark):

Yeah, that's Jay Bilas as the "good alien" in the back of the car. Turns out that this movie is called, "I Come In Peace" and it stars not only Bilas...but also the one and only Dolph Lundgren.

I dunno what to say about all this really...I just know that I'll think of this miscue every time I hear Jay Bilas call a game.

I just knew that there had to be something wrong with him...he is a Dookie after all.

Have a great weekend.

Song of the Day: Busta Rhymes - Dangerous
Beer of the Day: Pabst Blue Ribbon

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Thursday BIRTHDAY Tidbits...

Happy Birthday...to me!

* So yeah, today is my 23rd birthday. Woo-hooo...Wooo...woo.

* My day started off with a bang...actually it was more of a splash. I took five steps out my front door and a bird dropped off a little birthday present on my shirt. Pretty good joke by the bird...he clearly didn't know what else to get me. Oh well, it gave me a good laugh...but I had to change my shirt which was kind of annoying.

* The worst thing about my birthday this year...is that my birthday last year was much much cooler. I was on Spring Break and even though there was a sandstorm on the beach I proceeded to sit on the beach and drink beer all day long..my friends came out and sat with me in shifts...but I was determined to sit there from all day...and I did. Then I cleaned myself up and went out to eat with all of my friends...and I got a free t-shirt. Here's a picture of me holding up my free birthday t-shirt...after drinking beer all day long:
Thank goodness for Taylor trying to at least put my hat on me correctly...I can't imagine what I'd do without her.

So yeah, I'm at work for my birthday this year...it's not quite the same...but we did order Chinese for lunch...and we're having a brownie celebration later...so suck on that 22nd birthday!

* There is one good thing about this birthday...the NCAA tournament started today! So far I'm 1-2 in my bracket...which means the 500 hours I spent watching college basketball the past 6 months are already looking like a huge mistake. Oh well...it's still fun.

* Speaking of brackets...President Obama was on SportsCenter for a few minutes the other day and he discussed the bracket that he filled out. His final four consisted of Louisville, Memphis, UNC and Pitt. He admitted he doesn't have time to watch all that much...but that he still follows what he can. I thought it was cool that we even have a president who did something like this at all. Coach K was not as impressed...this is what he said, "Somebody said that we're not in President Obama's Final Four, and as much as I respect what he's doing, really, the economy is something that he should focus on, probably more than the brackets." I'd like to think that's a joke...but it was a CNN article and apparently they showed Coach K on tv saying it...and he wasn't really kidding. What a loser.

* If you're still looking for a last minute gift idea for me...I just decided a little while ago that I'd like to have a grill. I realize that's a large gift...so if some of you want to go in on it together...feel free to use the comments section as a discussion place.

* One last thing to get you in the mood for March Madness:

Have a great time celebrating my birthday tonight everyone!

Song of the Day: The Beatles - Birthday
Beer of the Day: Leinenkugle's - Red

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


I'm just not in the blogging mood today...I'm tired...I can't think of anything exciting to share...it's just one of those days.

But, I meant to post this in honor of St. Pat's day yesterday and I forgot..so here:

That sketch of the leprechaun will always make me laugh.

Oh well, sorry I'm such a downer today...I'm gonna go home a take a monster nap after work. Hopefully that helps...I'll be back at it tomorrow.

Hasta Luego Ned!

Song of the Day: Norah Jones - The Long Day Is Over
Beer of the Day: Sierra Nevada - Pale Ale

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Whoa Whoa Whoa Miss Lippy...

Tidbits'lll have to wait...I've got other things to discuss.

While I was super jacked up about Louisville's first ever overall #1 tournament seed yesterday...I didn't mention anything about the other part of my weekend...yeah the part where Todd and I took a bangin' awesome road trip down south to visit Ms. Taylor.

On Thursday after work I headed south, picked up Todd and we barrelled our way to Charleston for a visit with Taylor. The drive down was pretty lame as it took us 10 hours as we were hit with a nasty snow/ice storm for a good portion of our trip. Luckily, with help from a radio broadcast of the epic Syracuse/UConn 6OT game, we made it to Charleston just before 3 a.m.

We rested up that night and then the next day Taylor, Todd and I walked around Charleston taking in the sights. We walked down rainbow road, saw the battery and visited the market. It was grand to say the least.

That night we headed out for some drinks at Wild Wings. We had a good time chatting and drinking and the cover band at the bar was pretty sweet...minus the few original songs they played.

Saturday the ocean called to us and we headed to Isle of Palms for some pub grub at a pretty cool on the beach bar called, "The Windjammer". After that we walked on the beach for a bit and although it was a bit cold...it's always nice to see the Ocean.

Later that night the three of us met up with some of Taylor's new grad school friends. We had dinner at the Mellow Mushroom and I must say that I really enjoyed meeting her friends. As anyone would...I worry about my girl from time to time as she continues to adjust to life in a new city...but it's clear that my worries are not needed. The friend group she has is wonderful and it made me really happy to meet them and get to know them a tad. They seem like very nice people and it makes me feel better knowing that Taylor is hanging out with them when she goes out at night.

After dinner we went to The King Street Grille to get a few drinks and watch the UofL game. Turns out we hit the mother load with this stop. The bar had this special VIP room, but no one was in it...so we asked if we could have it. They said yes...and it was awesome! There were three rows of stadium seating in the VIP room...all filled with 4 leather recliners. In front of us was a 60 inch TV with 2 32 inch TVs on the side. We had our own waitress and they had green beer for a dollar. Needless to say...it was the best way to watch a game ever....EVER!!!

After that we were on to bed and Todd and I left early the next morning. While I am always sad to leave Taylor, and this case is not any different, I did feel better after seeing how she lives on a day to day basis.

To see how Taylor has adapted to life in Charleston in 6 short months is really impressive. She knows her way around, she knows cool places to go, she has great friends...it's just great. Like I said, I always worry about her...just because I feel better when she's near me...but after this trip I realize that she doesn't need me to worry...she's a strong, independent grad schooler...and I am one lucky son of a gun to be able to call her my girlfriend.

One last thing, the drive home was only 8.5 hours...which means Francisco and I will be making plenty more weekend trips to Charleston in the future.

Happy St. Paddy's day everyone...have a good one!

Song of the Day: Brian Brody - Mary Mac
Beer of the Day: Guinness

Monday, March 16, 2009


I'm a mess...I'm about as pumped up and nervous as a human being can possibly be...and I'm not sure it's healthy....but I am sure that I don't care.

Each March for as long as I can remember I've waited for Selection Sunday because I wanted to see if my beloved Cardinals would get into the dance and what their path towards the Final Four would look like. With the exception of a few years...the Cards have always been in the field of 65...making a National Championship a possibility. However, with a few exceptions...UofL hasn't been a very good dancer when it came time to show off their moves. In 1997 The Cards showed some impressive moves and danced to the Elite Eight, in 2005 the Cards busted a move all the way to the Final Four and last year the Cards strutted their stuff to the Elite Eight once again. However, more often then not...UofL has just kind of played the role of the awkward relative who you are required to dance with for at least one or two songs at every wedding. Heck, even those three years that we made a deep run we were quietly put out by a bigger...badder...higher seed.

But this year is different. Each year I dream of a UofL National Championship...but deep down I never really felt like it was a real possibility. However, about 2 or 3 weeks ago I started thinking to myself, "This is probably the best chance we've had since I've been alive." I wasn't thinking we would be the favorite...or even a one seed...I just thought we could honestly beat anyone at anytime if we played to the best of our ability.

As the past two weeks have progressed the butterflies in my stomach have increased...by a lot. First the Cards won the Big East regular season, I was pumped up...I felt a two seed was a lock and the possibility of a one could happen if we played well in the Big East tournament. Sadly, the past three years we were a big time 1-3 in the BET and Madison Square Garden has always caused the Cards problems. However, we went to New York...and won that championship too.
Holy Crap! Now a One seed looked like a lock. With all the other top teams coming up short...it appeared that the Cards would be one of the best four teams in the dance...making them one of the favorites.

Well, that wasn't enough. When I sit down to watch the Selection Show, like I do every March, usually I have to wait a while before our name is announced and then I give a little cheer and I start getting nervous about our upcoming game.

Not this year....

It took about 10 seconds to find out what seed the Cards received...as Greg Gumble announced, "The Overall Number One Seed in this year's NCAA tournament is....The Louisville Cardinals."


I just don't know how to feel. UofL has only ever been a 1 seed once before...and they've never been the overall #1. Also, UofL was voted the #1 team in the nation in the Coaches poll and the AP poll....also first time happenings for the Cardinals.

I'm excited, I'm nervous, I'm unable to concentrate on anything else. The Cards have a tough road ahead of them this year...and I'm not saying the Cards are 100% going to win this thing. But for the first time in my life...The Cards aren't waiting around... hoping to be asked to dance...they're taking the lead!
That trophy and net are nice T-Will....but I've had my eye on another set for 23 years...Take us there my friend!!!


Song of the Day: Nelly - #1
Beer of the Day: BBC - Cardinal Red

Thursday, March 12, 2009

I'm excited today...

There's no hiding it...I'm all sorts of jacked up.

First, in an hour and a half...Todd and I are heading down to visit Taylor for a "grown up" Spring Break. It's not going to be as fun or as long as Spring Breaks of the past...but it's going to be a great time. It'll be good to see Taylor and Todd, it'll be nice to get out of town for the weekend...and it will be nice to enjoy a few days off in warmer weather...bottom line....I'm excited.

If that wasn't enough...today is the official start of March Madness in my book. All the major conferences kicked off their conference tournaments...and the Cards started their March with a big 18 point win. They'll play either Marquette or Villanova in the Big East semi-finals at 7 tomorrow night on ESPN.

Also, the Cards finally got their due last night as they were honored as Big East champions at half time of the WVU vs. Notre Dame game.

People are so excited about the Cards...even NBAer Tracy McGrady has decided to join the fun...

That's all I've got today gang...I can't focus...I'm too excited. Enjoy your weekends and all the basketball! I'll be back on Monday with an official LoB Bracket Breakdown.

Song of the Day: The Hives - I Hate To Say I Told You So
Beer of the Day: Palmetto Pale Ale.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Kentucky is unhappy....

My friends, as it turns out...Kentucky has been named the 49th happiest state in the nation (suck it West Virginia). Now, it would be easy for me to make a joke here connecting the state's unhappiness to the current state of the University of Kentucky Basketball team...but I'll refrain.

It sucks that the state most near and dear to my heart is seen as so unhappy...so I've decided to give ten reasons why I am happy to live in Kentucky (Louisville). It really is a great state for the most part...and here are 10 reasons why.

1.) The Kentucky Derby
On the first Saturday in May the entire nation gets to see what Kentucky is all about. Drinking ourselves into oblivion and then yelling at small people riding at horses in a circle. It's my third favorite time of the year (March Madness and Christmas).

2.) Bourbon
I'm mostly a beer drinker, but I like some liquor every now and again...and when it comes to liquor bourbon is the best....and every ounce of bourbon in the world is made right here in the bluegrass.

3.) The University of Louisville Men's Basketball team
They're #5 in the nation...They're Big East Champs...They're Beast Mode!

4.) El Mundo
There are a lot of good restaurants around town...but my favorite is "El Mundo" on Frankfort Ave. It's cool, It's good, It's not terribly expensive...it's muy bueno.

5.) My Morning Jacket

This band is great...they're from here...they're proud to be from here...everything about them is awesome!

6.) Hot Browns
Turkey, bread, tomato, bacon, sauce, cheese...what's not to like?

7.) Cherokee Park
This park is literally at the end of my street. I drive through it a lot, but ever since I've been trying to plan the Micro-Mini...I've been exploring it more and I've started to realize that it's really one of the nicest parks around.

8.) The Highlands.
It's a big city neighborhood in a medium sized city. In a 10 minute walk I can buy a CD, groceries, beer, coffee, a burrito, vacuum cleaner at two different stores, a piece of art, a kizito cookie and a chili dog. It's amazing.

9.) Muhammed Ali and Louisville Sluggers.
Odds are either one of these legendary things could beat the crap out of you by themselves...but imagine if you combined them...you'd be in for a whoopin'!

10.) The people
I didn't read the whole article about us being the 49th happiest state, so I don't know what they based it on...and I know that my life in Louisville is different then other Kentuckians...but people here are usually friendly and happy. It's the best of both worlds around these parts because you get the southern hospitality without the rebel pride (this may only be in Louisville). Sure we have our fair share of jack-holes....but for the most part...the people in Kentucky are about as nice as they come.

There you have it...I dare you to tell me again that I'm unhappy...that survey/test/article thing is weak sauce.

Song of the Day: John Prine - My Old Kentucky Home
Beer of the Day: BBC - Bourbon Barrel Stout

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Tuesday Tidbits...

These tidbits are really just gonna focus on one thing...

* So I bet a lot of you were expecting me to talk about something else yesterday...some other thing that happened over the weekend. Well, I wanted to get the word out quickly about the Micro-Mini...and I wanted to dedicate an entire set of Tidbits to one thing...
Get out the checkbook and pay grandma for the rub-down...THE CARDS ARE THE BIG EAST CHAMPS!!! Isn't that the most badass picture ever? Look how happy Rick is! WOOOO!

It was nerve-wracking...it was ugly...it was beautiful! T-Will led the way and the Cards became the champs of the toughest league in the nation....possibly in the toughest league of all time.

I watched the game with Taylor at this St. Patrick's day Pre-party and it turned out to be a blast, drunk irish men yelling and cheering...it was all topped off with a free shot of Jamison and a late night beer at the Granville! I'm still riding high after the win and if nothing else...this BIG EAST CHAMPIONSHIP has thrown me into MARCH MADNESS OVERLOAD!!! All I can do is sit and dream about the next game and the tournament and what might be. Truth is...we could win it all or we could get knocked out in the first round...but bottom line...all aspects of my life right now are directly affected by that ball-wrenching, gut-busting, nerve wracking, fun loving, thrill banging excitement that only comes this time of year...I LOVE IT!

* March Madness has even taken over my apartment. Here is a picture of our "Holiday" themed mantle:
We made those heads for Senior night...so I figured I'd hang 'em up. Also, T-Will has taken over our kegerator...as he has now been immortalized forever as our tap handle.
March Madness is better then Christmas...there...I said it.

* Another swell thing about winning the Big East is that it gives me a reason to buy a new UofL shirt. Honestly I have over 30 UofL shirts so buying a new one isn't something I can do on a regular basis anymore...but, when you go 16-2 in the Big East...it's worth a shirt or 3. In all honesty if President Obama wants to stimulate the economy...he should find a way to make UofL the National Champions. The amount of money I would spend on National Champion merchandise would be way more then enough to get us out of this whole...make it happen Mr. President.
* Let's talk about one more thing...T-WILL! This man is the best player in the nation...I don't want to hear about Steph Curry, Blake Griffin or Psycho T. Terrence Williams is the best player in the nation. He does whatever it takes to win, he doesn't care about scoring or stats...but he puts up huge numbers. He's the only player in college averaging at least 12 points, 8 boards and 5 assists. He's been named 1st team all-Big East and while he may sneak into a position on the All-American 2nd or 3rd team...He'll ultimately be denied most of the top honors. But let it be known...there is no way you can convince me that anyone else in the nation is better than T-Will.
* One thing lost in the Big East Champs/March Madness frenzy is the fact that Taylor has gone back to Charleston...it was great to have her home for a week, but sucks equally as much to have her leave again. Luckily, Todd...yes Mr. Toothless Laughing Boy himself...and I are heading down to Charleston this weekend for a visit...so boo-yah!

* Alright, now for all you UofL fans as pumped as I am I thought I'd just throw up some more images to get you guys as ready as I am for March.

Here's a good one of Earl, T-Will and Jerry...celebrating after a big win.
This one is my favorite...
If the Cards play the way we all know they can, in a few short weeks this could be a picture of the two greatest UofL basketball players of all time.

And finally, this is the sign that has been hanging in the Cards' locker room all year:
If that doesn't give you goosebumps...check your pulse!

The Madness starts for the Cards in the Big East tournament on Thursday at noon against the winner of DePaul and Providence. I'm nervous, I'm excited, I don't know what to do with myself...GO CARDS!!!

Song of the Day: Queen - We Are The Champions
Beer of the Day: BBC - Cardinal Red

Monday, March 09, 2009

Brian's 1st annual 'Micro-Mini-Marathon"

So I'm not running the mini-marathon. I set out to accomplish a task...and I failed. I announced on here that I was going to do it and I made everyone of you believe...and now I'm breaking your hearts by telling you that it's not gonna happen. I fought for a long time...but when it comes down to it...there were lots of factors that led to my early retirement from professional running. Here are the factors

1.) I missed the early entry so now it will cost me $65 to sign up for the race.

2.) It's a 13.1 mile race. I don't know why I thought that seemed reasonable.

3.) Running sucks. I mean you're just running...that's it.

4.) The 65 bucks don't even go to a good cause (I don't think)

5.) In the past month 4 different people have mentioned that I look slimmer then the last time I saw them...Becky is on her way out...which was the original goal in the first place.

As you can see, the Mini-Marathon is not for me...I think only Ninjas compete in that thing. So that's why I have decided to make my own marathon event. I felt bad about not coming through on a goal I had set for myself...so now I'm making it up to all of us.

I'd like to announce that on Saturday April 25th, 2009...The 1st ever Micro-Mini-Marathon will take place in Louisville, KY.

Now, in order to make this thing a success...I need all of you out there to join me...here are the details.

1.) This is a 3.1 mile marathon. I know 13.1 is impressive...but for normal people like me (non-ninjas), let's just knock it down to 3.1...because 13 is unlucky anyway.

2.) The race will start in Cherokee park and either end at my apartment for a cookout...or at O'Shea's Pub for a victory party. It's all going to depend on the number of participants (and whether or not O'Shea's will help us out)

3.) It will cost 5 dollars to participate. This 5 bucks will go to a charity to be named later. I'm going to give it to a real charity...I just haven't found the right one yet. Also, people are strongly encouraged to give more...but we all know times are tough.

4.) Here's the catch. You can run or walk the 3.1 miles...but you can't JUST run or walk. You must be doing something else while moving. For instance, you can dribble a basketball, yo-yo, run backwards, cartwheel or just dance the whole way. A prize will be awarded for the most creative way to complete the marathon. Also, those who just want to run or walk may do so...but will be subject to harsh criticism and finger wagging the entire 3.1 miles. Anything besides plain running or walking will do...the only stipulation is that your activity cannot involve wheels of any kind. No bikes, skates, segways, cars, etc. Get it?

Now then, I'm sure that I'll be contacting most of you personally to participate in the first ever Micro-Mini-Marathon...but if you want to go ahead and sign up (save me some trouble)...please contact me in any way...e-mail, blog comment, phone call, Morse code, etc. Once I get a feel for how many people are interested, I'll make some decisions and post more details on the race.

So for those of you who always thought about running the mini-marathon...but decided that it just wasn't gonna happen because it was too long and it costs too much money...well please join me on April 25th as we accomplish a marathon of our own and help out a good cause (to be named soon) in the process.

Who's with me?

Song of the Day: The Contours - Do You Love Me (Now That I Can Dance)
Beer of the Day: Pilsner Urquell

Friday, March 06, 2009

Friday Facts

It's Friday...I'm jacked up...here's what you need to know.

1.) I've decided I'm not going to run the mini marathon. I know it may seem like I'm a quitter and I know I've let you all down...but I've got a plan that is actually going to be way better then running the actual mini. Details will be shared next week.

2.) So if by some strange chance Uconn gets beat by Pitt tomorrow at noon (on CBS) and then UofL beats West Virginia tomorrow at 9 (ESPN)...two things will happen. One, The Cards will lay claim to their first ever Big East championship. Two, I will not be wearing pants for the rest of the weekend. I need this to happen!

3.) Tonight the kegerator will get it's first big test since coming off of the DL. Usually it's just me and Lautaro sipping off of it..but some other folks may swing by tonight to enjoy a beverage or two...I think it's up for the challenge.

4.) I spent 30 bucks at the grocery yesterday and all I bought was bread, Gatorade and cleaning supplies. On the bright side, our apartment smells lemony fresh...and the bath tub drains properly!

5.) We haven't had a mantle piece at the apartment since we took down our Christmas decorations...until now. I forgot to take a picture, so you'll have to wait until next week to see it...but let's just say that this too could be considered "holiday" related.

6.) The ol' Alma Matter, Centre, is in the NCAA D- III basketball tournament again! Their first game is tonight against some team I've never heard of. Last year they went to the tournament and the games were a blast...hopefully the Praying Colonels have what it takes to win it all this time around! Go Colonels!

7.) If you're not doing anything tonight...flip on ESPN at 8 for the Cavs vs. Celtics game. The NBA has been so-so for the last decade or so...but this year I've been watching more and more and it's actually pretty awesome. If nothing else, Lebron James is worth watching for 2 hours...Dude's a beast.

8.) You ever have that dream where you're being chased by a dog and it just keeps gaining on you and gaining on you? Well apparently dogs sometimes dream that they are being chased by humans and no matter how fast they run...nothing will save them until they smash their head into a wall...

9.) 9-9-09. That's the day when The Beatles rock band game comes out. To say I'm excited would be a bit of an understatement. To say that I'm a dork would be an even bigger understatement.

10.) Last but not least...there is a 95% chance that after I have a few beers tonight...I'm going to start talking like the kid in the youtube video after his dentist trip (see yesterday's post for non daily readers)...

"I have TWO fingers.......I have FOUR fingers.....AHHHHHHHHHHHH!....Is this real life?"

There is also a 99% chance that I'll do it one to many times and ruin the humor. Oh well.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Song of the Weekend: King Harvest - Dancing in the Moonlight
Beer of the Weekend: Goose Island - Honker's Ale

Thursday, March 05, 2009

10 things I like and dislike these days...

I'm in a pretty good mood...I'm going 6 and 4...but some of the dislikes aren't even that big of a deal.

* Like: The Weather. It's 65 in the 'Ville right now and it's supposed to stay this way for the next few days. Hooray for Spring!

* Dislike: Going to the Grocery. I used to like going to buy groceries...now I can't stand it. I never get to buy anything exciting (except Gatorade), and it always costs me at least thirty bucks...it sucks and I have to go today! Boo.

* Like: Senior Night.
So after all that worrying about how sad Senior night was going to be...it turned out to be pretty sad...but it also turned out to be the best Senior night I've ever been to...and I've been to 15 straight. Here are some highlights:
The intro video for the Seniors...Earl's cameo is killing me:

T-Will promised four years ago that he'd kiss the bird when it was his senior night...he didn't let us down.
T-Will said it's not goodbye...it's hello because there are still a few championships he wants to win before saying goodbye. I don't know what to say....I love this UofL team and all I've ever wanted was a UofL national championship....make it happen guys!

* Dislike: Potholes. Ever since the big ice storm there have been potholes all over the city. I know Francisco is a badass and all and it doesn't hurt him to drive over them...but it's still annoying and Cisco told me yesterday he didn't really fancy hitting so many potholes....I told him I was sorry, but then reminded him he was a jeep and he needed to sack up. Everything is fine now...he's just so moody sometimes.

* Like: Pranks. So apparently some guy played some "fake engagement" prank on his friend at Yankee stadium a while back. It was a good joke...but the other day the guy got his revenge:

**EDIT: I don't know why that is cutting off the video...but you can also view it here.As far as pranks go...that's about as good as it gets in my book.

* Dislike: Coffee. That's a lie. I love coffee...but I gave it up for lent...so for the next however many days...I HATE IT!

* Like: Billy Gillispie. That man is an idiot...I keep thinking he's hit rock bottom...and then he yanks his two best players out with a two point lead and doesn't put them back in until the other team goes on a 10-0 run. I actually dislike the guy in every way possible...but I'm giving him a "like" today because he's officially taken the focus off of UofL football coach Steve Kragthorpe in the "What the hell is this moron thinking" category. Keep up the good work Bill...you "Lieutenant Dan" looking lunatic!

* Like: This commercial...

I'm sorry UK fans...I really didn't mean to go back to back...but that's a funny commercial. Probably not to you...but to me it's pretty funny. I give you permission to make a U.S. Reed/Denny Crum commercial...but most people probably wouldn't get it.

*Dislike: Mini-Marathon Training. I haven't exactly "given up" yet...but things aren't looking good. I've got some decisions to make in the next week or so...I'll keep you updated.

*Like: This video:

So the kid is all hopped up on laughing gas...but it appears as though he is drunk. Man, kids are funny...It's a good thing they can't drink.

That's all for today...Hasta Luego Ned!

Song of the Day: M. Ward - Poison Cup
Beer of the Day: Avery - Ellie's Brown

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Here's Something Cool...

So do you ever hear a song on a commercial or something and you don't know who it is...or you know who it is and you can't buy it anywhere? Well worry no more....because I found this site today:


Basically, you find a youtube video and copy and paste the address into the website...and in like 20 seconds it gives you an mp3 file with the audio from the YouTube video.

I can't believe how easy it is.

Now, this is highly illegal if you take recorded songs off of youtube and make mp3s of them. We here at LoB are big supporters of the music industry and we would never encourage people to steal music.

But, let it be known that I've been jamming out to the phat beat from the Pacific Life "Whale commercial" all day long.

So for that...Thank you listentoyoutube.com

Enjoy kiddos.

Song of the Day: Semisonic - Closing Time
Beer of the Day: Fuller's - London Pride

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Tuesday Tidbits...

Tidbits, Tidbits, rollie pollie Tidbits...Tidbits, Tidbits...eat them up...YUM.

* Today Neko Case, a LOB favorite, released her new album, "Middle Cyclone".
I have only heard one song of this album...but I do have 4 other Neko Case albums...so I'm gonna go ahead and suggest everyone buy this now and thank me later.

* So it's been well documented how sad I am about tomorrow night's Senior Night at Freedom Hall. Well, it just got a little sadder. Earl Clark is going to participate too. Now it's been known for a while that Earl would be leaving after this season to pursue an NBA career...but that doesn't mean I'm not sad about them bringing it up in front of everyone and killing my tiny bit of hope that he might come back. Sigh....who's gonna do this next year?
I'll miss you Earl. Even though you scored for Marquette the other day...I'll still miss your ability to dunk on people, your flashes of NBA stardom and the fact that your voice is as high as a 4th grader's. Just make March special...please!

* So, guess what's 16 days from now? Yes...the first day of the NCAA tourney...but also, MY BIRTHDAY! I got to kick off my b-day celebration today as Taylor went ahead and gave me my present since after this week we probably won't see each other till after my birthday and it started nicely...she got me a sweet new watch! Now, for those of you still looking for presents...here's a couple you can get me.

These are called TapBoards. Basically they are tap handles with little chalk boards on them so you can always mark which beer is on tap...I would imagine they're perfect for someone with a kegerator!

You could also get me this shirt...
St. Paddy's day...my Birthday...and the beginning of the Cards' quest for a third National Championship are all within three days of each other....I just feel like this shirt needs to be worn for such an occasion.

* Are you ever in the car, flippin' around radio stations when you land on a jam and it makes your day? Well on the way back from lunch today it happened twice! I flipped past Beyonce's "All the Single Ladies" and then found the last 2 mins or so of Queen's "Another One Bites the Dust" and then after that was over...I was greeted with The Rolling Stones, "You Can't Always Get What You Want." It was awesome...I didn't know Francisco's speakers could get so loud. But man, it was the kinda car jam session where even though you've reached your destination...you just sit in the car in the parking lot until the song has finished. It really give me an extra hop in my step for the rest of the day.

Queen rules!

* I think that Digger Phelps is one of the biggest morons in the world when it comes to intelligently talking about college basketball...I don't ever agree with what he says and I often find myself breaking highlighters because of him. But now....well now I have a whole new respect for the man:

He looks ridiculous...but he doesn't care. I love people who can just make asses of themselves and not think twice. I never thought I'd say this...but a big "Life of Brian Salute" to you Mr. Digger Phelps.

* Did anybody watch Jimmy Fallon last night? He has officially taken over the 12:37 time slot on NBC now that Conan has moved on. I only saw part of it because I fell asleep...but here is my analysis. Jimmy appears nervous but I think he'll get better. He had Van Morrison on as his musical guest which is a huge plus...but the most impressive thing is that The Roots are his house band! I don't know how or why this happened...but it's enough to keep me watching...I love The Roots!

* One last thing, speaking of roots...My Dad just relayed some information he heard on the radio earlier...today is a square root day! 3/3/09 (3x3=9 for all you English majors out there). I'm pretty excited about this whole scenario and you should be too...after all, we won't be able to celebrate this again until April 4, 2016! I'm beerin' it tonight...who's with me?

Well that's all for today...have a good one everybody.

Song of the Day: Neko Case - I Wish I Was The Moon
Beer of the Day: Leinenkugel's - Fireside Nut Brown

Monday, March 02, 2009


This is me attempting to write a big long post about Terrence Williams and how proud he's made me as a Cardinal fan the past 4 years...but I'm not really sure what to say.

Over the years I have become attached to certain UofL players. For whatever reason I felt as though these guys can't be replaced: Dejuan Wheat, Marques Maybin, Reece Gaines, Francisco Garcia, Taquan Dean and David Padgett. It was sad each time one of those players left Louisville and while I thought at the time I'd never like a player as much as I liked those guys...I always found a way to claim a new, "favorite player". And while next year will not be any different as Jerry Smith will without a doubt be my favorite on the team....the Cards are about to say goodbye to a player that I can honestly say...will never be replaced.

Usually with my favorite players their is one thing about them that makes them so irreplaceable. Whether it was Padgett and Dean's unbelievable leadership, Gaines and Wheat's ability to do whatever it took to win (especially in the clutch) or Garcia and Maybin's fun loving attitude while playing the game at it's highest level. They each were special...but not as special as T-Will.

T-Will has all those things. On the court he does whatever it takes to put his team in the best position to win. If we need a bucket he'll get one himself or find someone an open shot. If we need the ball back...you better believe he's gonna lock his man down on D and jump as high as need be to get that crucial rebound. He doesn't care about points, he cares about wins...and he does everything in his power to make sure the task at hand is always accomplished.
Now, while T-Will does always put the team first....that's not to say he doesn't get his own from time to time.

He usually does so in fantastic fashion...with a smile on his face. Often in his career he would be having so much fun I would get mad at him and hope that he'd be more serious. However, I finally realized...that's just T-Will being T-Will. He'll get you 15 rebounds when he needs to, he'll score you 20 points...he'll even dish out 10 assists, grab 5 steals or block a few shots. But, you better believe he's gonna throw a bounce pass between his legs, smile at a camera and give a ref a back massage in the process. It's what makes him...T-Will.
While his on the court persona is enough to make him a top 5 Cardinal in my book...the reason he's number one...is what he does off the court.
Nation wide, people are starting to get on the T-Will bandwagon and it's because, the dude is hilarious. He is always joking around with his teammates, the refs, the announcers, the fans...whoever. He's just a kid who's having a ton of fun with the opportunities he's been given.

After the Cards beat Notre Dame this year ESPN analyst Jay Bilas asked T-Will how he keeps such a big smile on his face during such tense moments. Williams responded by saying...Not everyone gets to do this. I'm out here playing basketball with my teammates and having fun.

I can only imagine that if more college athletes had that mind set...the game would benefit greatly.

With one more game in Freedom Hall on Wednesday I'm sure I'll feel the normal "Senior Day Sadness" because one of my favorites is moving on. But I can only imagine the feeling I'll have when the Cards season comes to a close and T-Will walks off the court for the last time as a Cardinal...one hopes he'll be cutting down some nets before he makes his exit...but even if he doesn't...his play, his heart and his attitude have saved him a seat atop my list of all-time favorite Louisville Cardinals.

I wish he'd marry into my family...but a National Championship would do just fine.


Song of the Day: Kenny Loggins - This Is It
Beer of the Day: BBC - Cardinal Red