Friday, October 31, 2008

Trick or Treat

Ghosts, Goblins, Frankenstein, Dracula...the day is finally here. Halloween is, in my opinion, a very underrated holiday. I mean sure Christmas is the best, and Thanksgiving is pretty sweet too...but this Holiday is unique because it's the one time you get to be something you're not. When you're a kid you get to dress up like superheroes, ninja turtles, princesses, athletes, etc. For one day you get to pretend to be whatever person or thing you want to be...and you get to walk around and get candy! It's great! When you get a little older, it's the one day where you can truly act like a kid again. Dress up like a monster or a king or a rock star or Santa's sack and just have a great time without worrying about who you are or what's going on.

My family has always been into Halloween (some more than others...Cough! Aunt Cheryl Cough!). I've grown up with some sweet costumes...never store bought, but always crafted. Luckily my grandpa used to get into Halloween quite a bit and he'd decorate everything in site...he was pretty crafty and he passed his good decorating genes on down to my mom who has made my brother and me some pretty sweet costumes.

So in honor of Halloween, this magically awesome holiday, let's take a trip down memory lane and look at some of my costumes over the years.

My first costume: The 102nd Dalmation.

A devilish child...almost as cool as Ben's pterodaktyl
The Pan man...Peter Pan
That year Ben was Captain Hook...check out his face...great stuff.

Robin...the coolest superhero ever (on left)! Check out those tights! Also, my cousin Scotty is Batman, cousin Kim is the cowgirl, Ben is Mario and cousin Kevin is one awesome lawn jockey.

Ralph Macchio/Karate Kid....Ben's Mario costume makes another appearance. I think he has a tail this year so he's clearly Mario from "Super Mario 3"
Also, that cat in the garbage can is still around...and still awesome.

The all-time best...first grade. I was Garth to Ben's Wayne. We got to parade around the school...the 8th graders thought I was soooo cool. (At least I think they did)

Dennis Rodman!?! Not one of my better years. Sweet touch with the black sweatshirt underneath the jersey to cover up the fact that I'm white.

Kyle Broflovski from South Park. I painted big white eyes on too...I should have taken the picture afterwards. Sweet additions with Mr. Hankey and Ike though.

Now We'll move up to College. Junior Year....I was the Dude from the Big Lebowski!

Last year I went as Steve Zissou from the Life Aquatic. From left to right: Matt went as Lautaro. Lautaro went as "Future Brian" (he's got more hair, he's fatter and he's illiterate! See why I don't want to grow up?) Will as Mr. Rogers, Valerie as a gangster, Roy Lee as Santa's Sack and my favorite...Taylor in the front as a Raptor. Good times.

And now this year...I'm going as.....

Also, this wasn't a Halloween costume...I think Ben and I were just messing around. But I came across the picture and it's one of the best. I mean...that mask is priceless.

Alright gang...hope all of you are enjoying your Halloweens so far. Have a great time tonight, be safe, eat lots of sure to scare at least one child that you don't know.

Happy Halloween!

Song of the Day: Ryan Adams - Halloween Head (I figured everyone knew to listen to "Thriller" at least 6 times today.)

Beer of the Day: Dogfish Head - Punkin Ale

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