Thursday, July 09, 2009

Top 5: Dinner Party

So I saw this little quiz thing on Facebook the other day and you had to pick 1 Athlete, 1 Actor, 1 Actress, 1 Musician and 1 Celebrity for your top 5 something or another. I thought about the little game and then decided I would use those rules to complete my perfect dinner party for 6 (including me). Here is who I chose...

1.) Musician - Paul McCartney
Big surprise there I know. But seriously...he's one of only two men on the planet who were truly Beatles...and the other is Ringo.

2.) Actor - Steve Martin
I dedicated a whole post to why he makes the it here.

3.) Actress - Tina Fey
If I were going for looks I would have chosen either Natalie Portman or Kate Beckinsale. If I were going for conversation quality I would have chosen Diane Keaton. However, Tina Fey is the total package.

4.) Athlete - Michael Jordan
"I wanna be like Mike"....I always have and I always will. There are other athletes who have captured my attention from time to time, but if I'm picking one...I'm picking MJ.

5.) Celebrity - Conan O'Brien
I took the term "Celebrity" to mean "not an athlete, musician, actor or actress." Conan gets the nod here because he's hilarious.

So there you go, if I had a dream celeb dinner...those are the folks I'd be eating with. Here's an honorable mention list.

Bobby Cox
Bill Murrary
Jim James
Barack Obama
Rick Pitino
Muhammed Ali
Will Ferrell
George Clooney

It'd be cool if you guys wanted to come up with your list and then comment on here and share, but if you don't want to publicly admit that you'd pick the oldest Hanson brother for your musician...well I understand your silence.

Have a great Thursday.

Song of the Day: Cat Power - Sea of Love
Beer of the Day: Sierra Nevada - Pale Ale


Dude said...

Off the top of my head I'd go with

Cal Ripken Jr.
Paul Rudd
Kate Winslet
Dave Grohl
Tom Brokaw

Doug said...

I'd go with:

Athlete - Muhammad Ali
Actor - John Cusack
Actress - Charlize Theron
Musician - Eric Clapton
Celebrity - Jon Stewart

Dude said...

good call on John Cusack - I watched an interview with him and he seems very interesting.