Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Tuesday Tidbits...

Jesus don't cry...you can rely on the tidbits...

* Happy Wilco day everyone!
Yup that's right Wilco, a top 5 LoB band, released their latest album today titled Wilco (The Album) I picked it up on my lunch break today but have yet to give it a listen. I do suggest that you guys all go pick it up, though.

* The reason I haven't listened to Wilco (The Album) is because I've been busy with what I like to call Wilco "The Experience." "The Experience" is when you listen to a band's entire catalogue chronologically from start to finish. I've done it with the Beatles, I've done it with My Morning Jacket and I decided I would do it with Wilco while working today. (There were talks of my old roommate Will making us undergo The Mars Volta Experience while driving to the beach for Spring Break senior year...but it didn't happen.) Anyway, it's fun to do this with a band you really enjoy because you can hear the growth of the band throughout the course of their records. I'm on "Either Way" from Wilco's previous release Sky Blue Sky. I'm hoping to have Wilco (The Album) ready to roll by the time I get home...I am a huge dork.

* So we went to "night racing" at Churchill Downs on Friday and I must say that I really had a good time. It was cool to see all the people out on a Friday night and they had $1 beers from 5-8 and 2$ beers for the rest of the night. In fact, my only complaint (besides the fact that I lost some money) was that the beer was too cheap. To put it nicely...I was over served. Saturday morning wasn't pretty.

* Has anyone seen Year One yet? There was so much buzz leading up to that movie and now that it's out I haven't heard much about it. I'd still like to see it, but I'd like someone's opinion on it as well. Anyone?

* So on Tuesdays during this summer you're supposed to get double points when you go to the Qdoba by my apartment. This seems like a great deal...except for the fact that last summer you got double points everyday and Dad and I went there for lunch today and just got regular points. Wag of the finger at you Qdoba...you're better then that.

* Did you guys take my advice and watch Run's House last night? There were two stellar episodes, including one about blogging. Seriously, watch it sometime...you won't be sorry.

* So I had a dream the other night that John Mayer called me. It was really weird because I don't really like John Mayer all that much. Anyway, this is how the conversation went down in my dream:

Me: Hello
John: Hey man, what's up? It's John.
Me: John who?
John: You know, John Mayer
Me: Oh, hey John.
John: Yeah man, I just wanted to call and tell you that I'm a huge fan of your blog.
Me: Thanks, I guess?
John: Yeah, I don't miss a post. I was thinking maybe we could grab a beer next time I'm in town?
Me: Yeah, whatever....just let me know.
John: Cool man, take care, I'll be in touch.
----Hang Up----
Me (to myself): Why in the world did John Mayer just call me and ask me out on a date?

It was really strange because even in my dream I was like, "Why is John Mayer calling me?" Why couldn't it be Jim James or Paul McCartney? I dunno, it was all kinda weird and lame, but I figured I'd share it with ya.

* You guys made plans for the 4th of July yet? I have! No, I won't be decorating a pontoon boat. No, no...I'm going to Charleston! Woo-hooo!

Have a great day! Go buy Wilco (The Album)

Song of the Day: Wilco - You Never Know
Beer of the Day: Left Hand - Sawtooth Ale

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