Wednesday, October 08, 2008

We've Got a Rocker Down & Life of Brian Backlash!

So apparently Jim James, frontman for Life of Brian's favorite band My Morning Jacket, took a spill last night and had to go to the hospital. It seems as though he got a little too excited during a nasty version of "Off the Record" and fell off the stage between two amps. It was dark, he was feeling happened. He hit his head and apparently landed awkwardly in a splits kinda position. He was taken to the hospital and has since been released. He's apparently in lots of pain, and several shows have had to be rescheduled or cancelled.

I realize this seems like no big deal, and he is supposed to make a full recovery in 3 weeks, but what was most surprising to me is how I felt after hearing this news.

I don't know Jim James, he is from my hometown and attended the same school as me...but if he saw me...he'd have no clue. But, he is very important to me. His music has made my life better over the past 5 or 6 years that I have been listening to him. I enjoy listening to the songs, seeing the concerts, reading the articles and overall supporting the's part of who I am. So, when I heard the Jim had fallen...hit his head...and was rushed to the hospital...I was really truly sad.

In an age when people pay far too much attention to celebrities and the clothes they wear, places they eat and so was weird to realize that I too cared for someone who I don't really even know.

I've always said that the day Paul McCartney passes will be a very sad day in the Life of Brian. I'll stop whatever I'm doing that day and I'll devote that entire day to Sir Paul and all that he did. I know that sounds extreme...but to be honest, Paul and his other three mop headed bandmates have impacted my life in a large why wouldn't I care that he was gone?

I've always thought that the Beatles and UofL Basketball were the two most important things to me in terms of entertainment and such. Is it healthy to obsess over something you can't control, someone you don't know, etc? Probably not. But, after hearing about Jim James today I really realized that we probably all have people or things in our lives that mean a lot to us. Of course we all care about Family, Friends, etc....but I bet everyone has their own Beatles, MMJ and UofL sports.

I may tend to be a bit extreme when I discuss my things...but do you mean to tell me that if something happened to Santa Claus...Roy Lee wouldn't have to take some time off of whatever he was doing? See...everyone's got their crutch...something that means something more to them than it does to other people....I just realized today that MMJ has joined the elite crew in my book. Get well soon Jim!

Also, as far as this whole commenting on the site thing goes. There was a mixup with something on the site and I got flooded with a lot of weird comments from weird named people that didn't even really relate to anything on my blog....people named Patchwork 6869, clowneyes9923, etc. I really am not scared or anything...but it just made me realize my blog is maybe a little too personal to be so unsecured. I started this blog as a way to keep in touch with friends and family as they moved away or as I lost touch with certain ones. I'm not trying to do anything with the's just a way for people to see what's up with me...then they can make comments about something and I can see what's up with them. I don't want to stop the blog, or even change it much...because it really has helped keep in touch with folks I care about...but something must be done to secure it.

Comments will now be administered by me...and I've set up a program to see when, where and who(to an extent) the people are that visit my blog. The blogger site sent me the program, and since I can't really block anyone from seeing it...without blocking a lot of others too...I'll just keep an eye on the people looking. If you know me and you like what you're reading...than by all means post a comment and continue to read, if I don't know you personally...I'm not trying to be rude...but your comments will be scrutinized a bit more closely. I appreciate all of you who read my blog and I hope you continue to do so...these are just a few measures the blog site suggested I take to make sure my blog is more secure. The internet is a wonderful thing...but it's open to I just gotta be careful.

I appreciate your understanding...hopefully all of this will be for nothing...and we can just go back to the way it was...when we were just trying to get 50 fans to read the blog.

Enjoy your Wednesdays!

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Beer of the Day: Magic Hat - Jinx

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Roy Lee said...

You know I'd have to take weeks off work if something happened to Santa. I almost cried when Santa fell off of the roof in The Santa Clause...almost! haha! Merry October!