Friday, October 24, 2008

Gotta Make It Quick....

I'm gonna try and head to Danville a little early so I don't have much time we go.

1.) Taylor is home and we're going to Centre for awesome Homecoming festivities as soon as I leave work (and pack). There are no words for my excitement.

2.) Lautaro and I woke up to a nice gift this morning...a lake in our kitchen. Our landlord had been fixing a hole where the rain gets in...but he didn't get it fixed fast's kind of a mess. Oh well.

3.) The blog is now world wide. I checked the traffic site and it turns out we not only have visitors from over 20 states...we also have visits from Mexico, Canada, India and Australia! I'm not psychic but I think soon I'll be getting "Chocolate Rain" type Internet buzz! It's gonna be great.

4.) UofL vs. South Florida this weekend. Ehhh...Just remember that we won the Orange Bowl two years ago.

5.) Monster Margarita and Danville Special from Guadys in my belly in about 5 hours!

6.) Here's some stuff from UofL B-Ball Media Day:

7.) The Office last night...brilliant! This season has been outstanding...they could use a little more Pam though! However, the Bruce Springsteen mix and the "it squeaks when you bang it...that's what she said"...simply marvelous.

8.) The World needs to step up the excitement a bit.

9.) That's all folks...I'm too excited to keep blogging.

10.) Have a great weekend everyone.

Song of the Weekend: Blink-182 - Dammit
Beer of the Weekend: Natural Light

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