Friday, October 10, 2008

Sometimes You Wanna Go, Where Everybody Knows Your Name...

For as long as I've been able to go to bars...I've always wanted to be a regular at one. You know, walk in...have my drink waiting for me...sit on the same stool everyday...know the bartenders and a few others at the bar. The whole "Cheers" business. I don't know why it appeals to me so much...but it just does.

Well lately, I've realized that while I may not be a regular at a bar...I'm was on the verge of becoming a regular at a few other places...places much less cool than a bar.

Today...well today it all happened.

Dad and I headed to lunch at Qdoba. The same Qdoba that's right down the street from my apartment...the same Qdoba that accounted for a meal of mine five days in a row last week. We'll go in there for lunch at least once a week...often twice...and I'll eat it for dinner at least once as well. Never any less than 2 trips a week...never anymore than 7.

I walked up today, prepared to reel off my order and the blonde chick who works there looked at me, kinda smiled and said, "Three cheese chicken nachos, with black beans and the chips on the side?"

"Yes" I replied...cussing under my breath at the fact that I was now recognized at the Qdoba down the street. Oh well, I least she got my order right.

However, after lunch Dad and I wandered over to Smoothie King to grab a refreshing smoothie before heading back to the office...wouldn't ya know it, the old lady working there new our order too.

Son of a bee-sting. I always wanted to be a regular...but at a bar, or someplace really cool...not a mexican restaurant and smoothie place.

There's not much you can feels kinda nice to be recognized...even if it is because you eat Qdoba an unhealthy amount.

Fortunately for me...I'm soon becoming a regular at the liquor store down the street too. (I say fortunately because it's a cool liquor store...not because I have a drinking problem) They know me and know I usually get a mixed 6 pack of whatever new craft beers they have. They'll comment on a few and make a few recommendations from time to time...also if I buy more than a 6 pack, they'll package it up nicely to make it easier to carry since they know I live near by and they know I already have to carry my Qdoba home.

Siigh, it's not a bar...but they're places I like to go and they're in my neighborhood...better than nothing I guess.

Have a great weekend people!

Go Cards!!!

Song of the Weekend: The Kinks - Strangers
Beer of the Weekend: DogFish Head - Punkin Ale

P.S. Truly a great episode of the office last night. The Jim vs. Dwight stuff was classic, Michael was hysterical...I do need more Pam though!

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Sigma Alpha Epsilon said...

Qdoba 7 times a week doesn't sound very conducive to operation dump becky (2.0). Also, I will be in Louisville for fall break. We should meet up or something, perhaps at Arion and Phil's? Love, JD