Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Tuesday Tidbits

It's that time of the week...Give me some Tidbits baby!

* CrapBags got back on the winning track this week with a nice win over Ben and the Zuckercorns. If the season were to end today, we would have grabbed the last playoff spot...but there is still plenty of time to grab the regular season crown. Things are looking a little better these days for the Bags and the fact that Brian Westbrook is going to grow a pair and attempt to play an entire game this weekend is good news as well. Go Bags!

* So I still use my Centre College e-mail address...because it's easier...but I may have to switch after today. Some chick (gotta be a frosh) decided she wanted to start some dance team or something at Centre...so what does she do??? She sends an e-mail to everyone that is in Centre's database. Former students, current students, faculty, etc. I'm not sure how she did this, but I do know that there is a faster and more efficient way to get this done. To make a long story short, this e-mail has slowed the server way down...and it continues to be slowed down by other people who are hitting "reply all" and letting everyone know that they want to be removed from the list. It's really making me mad because I hate when people reply-all when it doesn't concern everyone on the list. Also, if anyone joins this girl's dance society or whatever after she ruined part of my Tuesday...I'll be upset.

* Today, thanks to Dad, I got my travel plans set up for my trip to Chicago next month. I'll be flying up and staying 4 days and three nights as I attend the Siebel Institutes three day course "How to start your own Brewery." It's really going to be awesome and if anyone wants to take off work for three days and join me...feel free.

* I got a question for you guys...it's really been bothering me. Have any of you ever had your mouth wired shut? If so, did it ever worry you that you might have to throw up? I read an article the other day about some athlete having his jaw wired shut and I started thinking how awful that would be. Then I thought, what if that guy sucks down some bad shellfish and has to vomit? Or maybe he just catches the Flu from someone? For the record some people I have asked about this have claimed they believe the vomit would come out of the person's nose (I don't think so), others just claim that this guy would be in big trouble. If anyone has the real answer please let me know...but until I get confirmation that there is some kind of emergency release on the wiring...I'm gonna pray that this never happens to me.

* So the apartment is looking really good these days. The living room has gotten a big lift the last two days with the addition of the fireworks couch, the Beatles coffee table and the Michael Jordan Jr. Jammer. I swear I'll post pictures one day...I know it really keeps you all up at night not knowing what my living room looks like. For that I'm forever sorry.

* Today is Lautaro's birthday! Woo-hoo! Yeah, he's 23 which means he's two years away from being halfway to 50! I was going to throw him a big party...but since most of our friends live out of town these days...I'll just act like I didn't want to throw him a party...that way he's not depressed when no one shows up!

* Anybody see this play in the South Carolina vs. LSU game this weekend? It's pretty absurd....check out the ref...

As with most things that occur in the SEC...I'm willing to bet there was some kinda foul play going on behind the scenes. Apparently the SEC is claiming that there is nothing wrong the ref's behavior and he was just acting out of self defense. Really? Self defense? Is that why he side stepped a few times and the initiated the contact? Give me a break. Also, apparently that ref used to play linebacker at UK...no comment from me on that piece of info.

* I tried the new Budweiser "American Ale" let me just say...it's gross and has made me hate Budweiser. I firmly believe that this beer is a scam and you can read more about my feelings on The Brouha Blog.

* Finally, the moment you guys have all been waiting for...Rick Pitino's first practice update!!!

Have a good Tuesday boys and girls!

Song of the Day: Jay-Z - Heart of the City
Beer of the Day: Kronenberg - 1664


Todd said...

If you have to get your jaw wired shut, they give you a pair of pliers to cut the wire in case you vomit. Don't ask how I know?

Leigh said...

Brian, in a blog I was reading today, the writer actually said, "That's so funny I forgot laugh." Wow.