Monday, October 20, 2008

Weekend Recap

Alright Monday...Woohoo...woohoo...woo. So yeah, I'm DRAGGIN' today. This weekend really got the best of me.

Friday after work Dude and Melissa picked me up and we headed up to Charlestown State Park in Indiana for a weekend in the wilderness. We set up the tent, got the fire going, drank some beer, ate some chili was great. Then we discovered that hot apple cider with bourbon was pretty good as well. We stayed up late chattin' around the fire...good times.

We woke the next morning feeling pretty good, and we waited for the rest of our troop to join us. A few hours later Dad, Ben and Ryan arrived ready to join the fun. We trekked through one of the hiking trails in the afternoon and the weather/fall scenery made this much more enjoyable than I had originally thought.

Once back at the camp, we drank/threw football/ did whatever while listening to the UL and UK games (Dude and Melissa turned the Cats game off before it ended...and they won.). We sat around the fire later on with some more cider and bourbon and chatted about everything from Ryan's unbelievable ability to sound just like Yoda (easily the worst impression I've ever heard) to Melissa's strategy in a game of rock-paper-scissors (she told Dude and I the night before that she thought it was stupid to choose scissors because it got beat by TWO things and therefore it was worthless...Oh, you make our brains malfunction).

Anyway, we ended up going to bed pretty late once again...and then attempting to stay warm in the midst of the falls first frost of the wasn't easy. The next morning after some coffee, eggs and bacon...we packed up our camp and headed home.

Once home, I spent a good hour in the shower (there are few things better than the "after-camping" shower) and then watched football for most of the day...falling asleep off and on. It truly was a wonderful way to spend the day.

Later, I went over to Mom's, fresh back from Vicki's in Virginia, and the two of us grabbed some dinner before moving the fireworks couch over to the apartment....making it possible for more than two people to watch TV comfortably!

It was a good weekend, a tiring one...but a really fun one. And while I drag through the rest of my Monday...I'm upbeat and excited because Taylor arrives on Thursday and we're going to homecoming on Friday! BOOMSHAKALAKA.

Also, I wanted to share this youtube video with you guys. I got it today in an e-mail and laughed pretty hard. I almost just posted the video today...but I was afraid you guys would feel cheated. I think it's funny enough that you wouldn't have minded.

Anyway, here's the Phillies Matt Stairs after he hit a game-winning pinch hit home run. I'm willing to bet his "loving" teammates are gonna give him some shit for this one...

Seriously Matt...just for one day, carry around a tape recorder and listen to everything that comes out of your mouth...I think you'll be surprised at some of your phrasing.

Song of the Day: Dire Straits - Sultans of Swing
Beer of the Day: Leinenkugel's - Fireside Nut Brown

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