Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Tuesday Tidbits...

I'll gladly pay you Tuesday for some tidbits today?!?!?!?!
* CrapBags...lost their third in a row...we're now 3-3 and tied for 4th...I don't want to talk about it.

* I collided with Ben at basketball last night while going for a loose ball...I'm fairly certain that I have either broken a rib or punctured a lung...the pain isn't constant which is good...but every once in a while if I turn the wrong way...I immediately black out and wake up crying because of the pain. It's actually a pretty neat trick.

* I have to share this with you...don't think I'm a pervert. I saw this headline/story on the front of Yahoo today..."Eva Longoria shows off fuller figure" Star claims she, "just stopped working out" Well here is the picture of the new...fuller Eva:
Sheesh, what a fatty!
The good news is that she confirmed that she's gained 7 pounds but is still a size 0. I mean really??? Pretty slow news day, huh? Hey Tony Parker, why don't you use some of your millions of dollars and buy your woman a sandwich (baguette)....she looks hungry.

* Jim James seems to be recovering ok from his little spill off of the stage the other night. MMJ had to cancel a bunch of shows this week...but they've already rescheduled them for December.

* SportsIllustrated.com claims that the one and only Louisville Cardinals will sport the nation's finest frontcourt this season. With T-Will, Earl and Sam-Sam leading the way...all I can say is...sweet!

* Shane Victorino is a bad ass...Youkilis better get it going if he wants to remain the coolest guy left in the playoffs. If Victorino grows a beard or keeps hitting homeruns and wearing his awesome two-ear flap helmet...Youk is in a lot of trouble.

* All Captain Crunch cereal is on sale for $2.00 a box at Kroger this week. Lautaro picked up some Crunch Berries yesterday...I'm gonna stop and get some Peanut Butter Crunch later! Oh how I do love the Cap'n Crunch.

* Big News outta Charleston...Taylor was able to arrange for her flight to be moved up a day so now she gets to spend an extra night in Kentucky! Boo-Yah!!! 9 more days.

* So Lautaro and I met up with JohnBen, Faye, Drew and some others at Cumberland Brews this weekend. It was Faye's birthday so JohnBen was going to drive....then we realized that we could get cityscoot to come get us for 9 bucks. Cityscoot is a company where you call them and they ride on little scooters to where ever you are...then they fold their scooter up, place it in your trunk and drive you home in your car. That way you wake up the next morning and don't have to go through the whole, "Dude, Where's My Car?" routine.
The cool part was, the guy who drove us all home was my drum teacher in high school. I told him who I was and that I had taken his percussion class and he looked at me and was like, "Cool man, I remember your name...but I don't remember your beard!" It was enough to make me laugh for a long time.

*The apartment is really coming together...pictures should come soon.

* Posting that Nike commercial yesterday got me thinking about how much I love other Nike commercials...here are two more of my favorites:

* It seems like I had a few other things to talk about...but I can't remember them...I'm tired today...and my ribs are killing me!

Have a great Tuesday!

Beer of the Day: Magic Hat - #9
Song of the Day: Wax Fang - The Majestic


Anonymous said...

I'm not saying I agree. Just wanted to give you something to enjoy while not working.


Wowwie said...

Get an ace bandage and wrap it kinda tight around your ribcage. It keeps everything together and compacted when you breath or cough and stuff. That should help you a bit... sorry :(