Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Happy October!

Wooohooo! Today's the first day of October! This is the day that I always consider to be the first day of Autumn and the good Lord has blessed my hometown with one helluva day! The air is crisp and you can tell that in a few short weeks it's gonna be sweater time for realzies! I mean, you could easily wear one today in the 'Ville, but it's gonna be 80 next we can't get too jacked up about the sweaters.

So as it has been well documented on the blog I love is a list of reasons why:

* Homecoming - This October is super exciting because it contains my first homecoming at ol' Centre College. This year I'll get to see everyone back at campus for the first time in a while. Most notably, I'll get to see Taylor again and I'm sure Taylor is going to love tradin' the palmettos of S.C. for the bluegrass of Kentucky for a weekend. It'll be great to have her home for a change!

* Chili - Fall is chili time, chili suppers, chili cook offs! Chili can be had the rest of the year, but Fall is when it's in its prime! And as far as I'm all aspects of life...the more chili the better!

* Baseball playoffs, Football heats up, Start of Basketball: This is a great time for sports, which makes it a great time for me. The baseball playoffs are always fun to watch (Go Cubs this year!), Football games when wearing sweatshirts and being kinda cold are the best, and UofL starts B-ball practice in two weeks!

* Camping - I love to camp. I don't love the outdoors...but drinking and listening to music around a campfire is one of my favorite things in the world.

* Camp Fires - The smell of it, the peacefulness, the's all good.
* Drinking Dark Beer - I've had so many wheat, pale ales, light lagers, etc. I want a stout, I want a porter, I want a brown, I want an Oktoberfest, I want a pumpkin beer...I want them now!

* Shorter Days - I know some people don't like it...but I love when it gets dark early...not like 5:00 early, but when it gets dark by 7:00....I really like it. I especially LOVE the Fall around Dusk. It's cool, it's pretty, it's peaceful.

* The smell - campfire, pumpkin, harvest, apple cider, burning leaves, all smells good.

* The colors - The radiant bright colors of spring and summer are replaced by darker warmer colors that are very comforting to me.

* Wearing Jeans and sweaters comfortably - I love to wear a sweater/sweatshirt and jeans....I love it even more when I can do it without sweating....which is not often.

* The scenery - It's just gorgeous, it's relaxing, it's comforting, it's beautiful. The trees turning colors, the leaves crunching under your feet. It's just awesome:
* Fall starts the most exciting time of year - Fall leads you into Halloween (an underrated holiday), which takes you to Thanksgiving. which leads right into Christmas. From now until the end of the year...there is excitement of all kinds!

* Fall is comfortable - That old college sweatshirt, those beat up wrangler jeans, laying in the leaves, sitting by the fire. Those things are all comfortable. But also with fall breaks in school, homecomings, thanksgiving, etc. It gives everyone a chance or two to be with those they love that aren't always around. Fall is about family, friends and loved ones of all kinds and it's about falling back on things that are comforting and familiar in your life.

I probably left some guys can help out by commenting with your favorite things about the Fall!

I LOVE IT and it's HERE!

Song of the Day: Neil Young - Harvest Moon
Beer of the Day: Blue Moon - Harvest Moon

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