Thursday, October 09, 2008

Ohh Baby, It's A Big Ol' Goofy World

So as I do occasionally...I've been doing some thinking today. The reason I'm thinking is because tonight Lautaro will officially move in and be my roommate. Mostly, I'm just thinking what a terrible mistake I have made. Just kidding, it'll be great to have him around. The real reason I'm so deep in thought is because it's just funny how quickly some people can become large parts of your life.

For instance my girlfriend Taylor and I met about 4 months before we started dating. I actually was invited to a party at Taylor's by another girl, I showed up and met Taylor...exchanged pleasantries...and moved on. Now, it would be a lie if I told you I didn't think she was a pretty good lookin' lady...but it would be another lie if I told you from that day forward she was all I could think about and I knew she was the one right then. To be honest, I never once in my wildest dreams thought, "Hey, I bet in about four months I'll be dating that girl and then four years after that we'll still be dating!" Looking back on my relationship with really is great how it all came about...just kinda out of the blue...she was in Danville, I was in inadvertent phone call here, a drunk claim that, "Taylor thinks you're hot!" and boomshakalaka...four years later still dating, happy as can be. One day when we have more time, I'll share the whole Brian and Taylor saga with you could probably be made into a Disney movie...Beauty and the Beast part 2 or something.

Now let's take my good pal Will. Will was my roommate for my three years at Centre and the two of us are very good friends. You wanna know when I first met Will? I was visiting my brother at Centre my freshman year of college and I went over to the freshman dorm to visit a guy I knew from high school. As I sat in this fella's dorm room drinking a beer, this kinda tall, kind of awkward, argyle wearing, goofy as hell kid walks in a plops himself down on the futon. I was introduced and we just kinda hung out for 15...20 mins maybe. I left the freshman dorm then and headed back to my brother's room...not ever once thinking about the goofy kid on the futon (who would later be nicknamed futon by one of our friends...weird). However, a few months later I was dating Taylor and Will was dating of Taylor's best friends from high school. The four of us began to hang out almost every weekend and soon Will and I were friends...knowing that even if Will and Lauren broke up (they did), Will and I would still be friends...and roommates for three years....crazy.

Now for my current roommate. I knew who Lautaro was freshman year of college, I had never met him...but he was good friends with Will and Taylor. I did meet him sophomore year, he lived down the hall...and came down to hang out one time and made a comment about my My Morning Jacket t-shirt and navy blue pinstriped pants. He left our room a little while later and I would see him from time to time the rest of that year and even Junior year he would come by and play Wii in our room. However, I really hardly knew him until last year..but we've been good friends ever since.

It's just so weird how people you meet can seem so insignificant at first...and then turn out to be really important people.

Did I think the girl hosting the party I went to the summer between High School and College would be my girlfriend of four years now??? No way.

Did I think the argyle wearin' fool on the futon would soon by my roommate and we'd be best of friends? Hell no.

Did I think the lazy Argentine from down the hall...who commented on the troubles of matching shirts with navy blue pinstriped pants would be the person I would share my first apartment with after college? Not a chance.

The point is, Not only am I glad things turned out the way they did in all three of these scenarios. (I'm sure I have stories for each of my other friends as well...I mean who would ever believe themselves to be friends with Mitch after first meeting him? Not me.) But also, I'm glad I was at least somewhat nice to these people upon meeting them for the first time...I'm sure that the way I act might turn people off sometimes...but I'm glad that I was able to create and sustain relationships with all of these people...even though the times when I met then seemed fairly insignificant at the time.

Also, for the record...I think I was a huge douchebag to my friend Leigh when I first met her, I don't even remember the whole story (what a conceded jackass!) she'll have to tell you how much she thought I sucked...but hey it was nice of her to give me another chance.

Oh well, be nice to everyone...not just those you THINK will be important...that's what I was trying to express through this long rambling message. Taylor, I love you. Will, college wouldn't have been the same without you. Lautaro, welcome to Sherwood Forrest! Everyone else in my life that has continued to at least act like they enjoy my company, thanks for sticking around and not hating my guts...I appreciate each of you for different reasons...and I feel privileged to call myself your friend.

Enjoy your Thursdays....The Office is on at 9 tonight!

Song of the Day: The Beatles - Fixing a Hole
Beer of the Day: New Holland - Ichabod Pumpkin Ale


Leigh said...

I guess some people are just too cool to come to orientation group meetings and play awkward and unfun get-to-know you games. What a jerk. At least you redeemed yourself junior year by commanding me to sit with you (and, lo and behold, Matthew Cocanougher) in Manheim's class.

Brian said...

Yeah, sorry to make you sit by Matt...he's a little bit awkward and weird.

Roy Lee said...

Really Biran? you mention every roommate you've ever had but me? I won't lie...I'm kind of hurt.

Brian said...

First of all...they can all spell my name correctly so that helps them. Also, I don't really have a story about when I met you that would fit in this post. Don't get upset...this was a post about how weird it is to have become boyfriend/roommates with these three even though I met them way before the fact. When we first met...we started hanging it doesn't really see? Don't take it personally...I'll do a whole post sometime about the life and times of Brian as a roommate with Roy Lee...I'll need like a week's worth of posts though...I'll include spatulas, snowflakes, the table of crap, etc.

wilhelm. said...

i'm touched.

i'd totally use a teary-faced emoticon if they existed.

Brian said...

Yeah I re-read the post yesterday and it did get pretty sappy towards the end there didn't it? Man...oh well. Also, A teary emoticon...well that would just be too much for this world to handle.