Monday, October 27, 2008

Today is not as fun as the last few days of my life...

Homecoming has come and gone, Taylor is back in Charleston, Everyone else is back at their destinations, I am back at work...and it is lame.

This weekend was a really good time though and in hopes of not being super bummed out and writing a blog that is super sad...I thought I would introduce a new segment on the blog called..."10 things I like and dislike these days."

I stole this idea from the "Louisville Sports Report" and basically this is just a list of 10 things that I either like or dislike at this exact moment. Today it's split evenly with 5 and 5...but it won't always be. So here we go...

LIKE: Having graduated.
- I realize this sounds like crazy talk, but it was kind of a good feeling this weekend going back to Centre and feeling a little more grown up. I mean there were still moments of immaturity (Will and I immediately changed Roy Lee's fridge magnets to say, "Welcome Balls Class of 2008" instead of "Welcome Back") and plenty of drinking...but I felt older. It was just nice to see all the old friends, sit about our struggles with the real world...and then go to bed by 2. I don't know, we're not in college anymore and it just felt kinda nice to be older.

DISLIKE: The World Series.
- I mean seriously, I want the Phillies to win and all...but let's at least play some solid baseball. Booted ground balls should be done with...a pitcher should never hit a home run in the Series...and there is no need to make more than 3 pitching changes in one inning! Also Fox, whenever you want to cut down your "pre-game" show and allow the games to end by midnight...all of us would appreciate it.

LIKE: Centre College Couples.
- Taylor and I have always been there, as have Jake and Leslie. Lautaro and Sarah have been going strong for a while now too. However, this weekend not only did Danielle and Will make it official...but Matt and Leigh ended over a year of uncertainty by actually becoming "boyfriend and girlfriend." It's making everyone feel more comfortable. Matt and Leigh have made the last year of my life completely uncertain...I used to get sick to my stomach just thinking about how nervous I got when I was asked if the two were dating...thank god they ended that speculation. Also, if you count co-workers...Roy Lee might be joining the list soon too! Just kidding Wig-O.

- Seriously, it's been two weeks since I collided with Ben at basketball and my back still is killing me. I'm tired of makes me feel like an old man.

LIKE: UofL Sports.
- Ok so really...that defense on our football team is no joke. I didn't get to watch the game but everything I've read/heard about it has me feeling upbeat about UofL football for the first time in a long time. Also, I did get to see the Basketball team play yesterday. Samardo Samuels is better than you at me. That statement is true for any human being reading this blog...not named Lebron or Kobe (well, maybe a few others too...but he is REALLY good). Also, I love Earl Clark. It's a good time to be a Cardinal fan.

- I mean seriously, who out there really likes pants? Not me.

LIKE: The Weather in Louisville right now.
- It's cloudy...and it's really cold. I mean like 44 degrees cold. It's not too early to start thinking about Christmas you know....ok well maybe it is. But, next's not!

DISLIKE: Having Graduated
- All that stuff I said earlier....lies. College is the best and if I could go back...I long as everyone that I chose came back with me.

LIKE: The Life of Brian
- I write this blog for no real reason. I initially started it because I like to say things and I thought it would be a good way to keep all of my friends somewhat in touch with each other. However, it's success (I don't know what that means exactly) is much greater than I could have imagined. It's nice to know that several people told me this weekend they were "daily" readers or that they really enjoyed certain posts. I appreciate all of you that read and if you ever have any suggestions, comments, complaints, ideas, etc. Please let me know. This blog is as much about you as it is about me...well not really, but without most of you who read this blog my life would be pretty lame. I appreciate all of you guys and you all are the reasons why I feel like my life is worth blogging about.

DISLIKE: Charleston, SC
- Ok sure, you're a pretty cool city. But, you know what's not cool? Stealing my girlfriend for several months...returning her for a few days and then taking her back again...I mean seriously...what did I ever do to you? A-Hole!

Alright boys and girls...that's all I've got for today...enjoy the rest of your Monday.

Song of the Day: The Postal Service - Brand New Colony
Beer of the Day: Thirsty Dog - Old Leg Humper


Benjamin said...

Sorry about the back, broseph. What can I say? When I drive the lane I wreak almost as much havoc as the Beems! You probably feel like a flipped F150.

Also, I'm glad you had a good homecoming experience. I remember feeling the same way the first time I went back. You still miss everything, but you feel a little better about being done with it all...a little better.

Dude said...

I have a couple dislikes.

1. People talking on a phone while driving.
2. The cost of replacement blades for a Mach3 razor.
3. Ignorant sports fans that call into talk radio shows.

Brian said...

Oh, replacement Mach3 blades...that's a good one. It's probably the biggest factor as to why I have a beard.