Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Let's bring it back....


I was going to come on here and talk about how awesome the new Guitar Hero is, but I need to play it a little more before devoting a whole day to it. Then, I was going to talk about how UofL's stud WR Scott Long tore his ACL and is done for the year (after 154yds and 2 TDs Vs. USF), but that would make me much too sad.

So instead, I'll talk about something that was inspired by one of Ben's posts on the Brouha Blog.

We've already brought back some classic sayings and catchphrases such as, "Boomshakalaka" and "That's so funny I forgot to laugh" But, today I want to bring back another one of my favorites.


I know what you're thinking...Brian, this has been played out soooo much. There is no rhyme or reason to attempt to make this cool again. Well, I disagree.

When I was a child and that commercial came out I thought it was easily the coolest and funniest thing ever. If I had a dollar for every time I said "Wasssssup" to someone in grade school I would have approximately 85 million dollars. Well that's probably not true, but I probably would have had enough money to pay off the kids who kicked my ass for always saying, "Wasssup" all day long....which would have been nice.

The point is this...I miss it. I miss seeing people and giving them a subtle "wasssuppp" I miss picking up the phone and answering it (when I knew who it was) "Wassssssssuuuuuppp" It was classic fun and it was good for a laugh like a quarter of the time.

So my friends and fellow blog readers, I ask that you please help me in reintegrating this wonderful pop culture phenomenon back into our everyday lives. Also the first person to give me a legit (not forced) "Wassssssup" gets a special prize.

And if that "special prize" isn't good enough to get you to use it again...well, for crying out loud scream "Wasssup" at someone a few times so we can have more spinoffs like these gems.

*Note: I forgot a tidbit yesterday....The CrapBags were victorious and had high score in the league 115 points! Byahhh!

Also, today is Matt's birthday...Happy 23rd b-day buddy!

Song of the Day: Wings - Band on the Run
Beer of the Day: New Holland - Ichabod Pumpkin Ale

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