Wednesday, October 22, 2008

It's Everybody's Favorite Game...

It's Bloons...if I've ever seen Bloons before!

So yeah, I thought I'd take time out today to talk about the one thing that single handedly kept me off Dean's list all three years at Centre...BLOONS!!!

I know some of you are sitting there and thinking that beer may have played a role in me not making Dean's list...and perhaps some of you are thinking that I couldn't make Dean's list regardless of games and alcohol...Well, you're right.

But, anyhow...let's talk about BLOONS!!!

Bloons is an online game where you control a monkey armed with arrows and your task is to pop as many balloons (or bloons) as you can. Each level you get a certain number of arrows...and each level you have to pop a certain number of balloons to advance. I know a lot of you are probably thinking this sounds like a child's game...or perhaps some of you are thinking that hardcore drugs may have been another reason for my absence from the Dean's list. Well...No and No.

The thing about Bloons that kept me entertained for hours at a time...was how difficult and easy it was at the same time. Sure you just aim and click and hope for the best...but some levels are not as easy as they seem.

My first real experience with Bloons was my junior year. Sure I had dabbled with Bloons a few times prior...but with my job at the CTL now...I had a ton of free time, and a computer to mess with during this time. After I finished reading all the UofL articles my little eyes could handle...I'd travel over to and try my hand at a few online games. One day, I just got lucky and happened upon Bloons. To quote Michael Scott, "I didn't work for 5 days" after that. My nights, days and dreams were all filled with monkeys shooting arrows at balloons. My friend and co-worker JohnBen became so obsessed...he even wrote a song about the game (that's where this blog entry title comes from).

Soon, I had beaten Bloons and I felt pretty good about myself. I even was getting excited about the fact that I could live a normal life again. That is until they released, "More Bloons" about a month later. The game took over my life once again and soon "Even More Bloons" was released along with, a site where you could build your own levels and everything! Needless to say, my life was doomed.

From that day on I've never been the same...and because of Bloons I never made the Dean's list...which forced me to attempt to own a bar as opposed to go to graduate school. DAMN YOU BLOONS!

For realzies though...try the game'll be so surprised by the fun that you may want to clear your schedule for the next 3-5 days.

Have a great hump day! (haha...hump day...haha...hump)

Song of the Day: Ben Folds - Silver Street
Beer of the Day: BBC - Jefferson Reserve Bourbon Barrel Stout.


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