Thursday, October 23, 2008

My Oh My!!!

Wowza am I jacked up....let's talk about a few things.

The first being that today is truly an awesome day in the Life of Brian. Thursday's are always a great day for work at the bar, I have a guitar lesson, The Office and Always Sunny are's just like a little mini Friday (Note: until I stop working Friday's at O'Shea's Thursday will be better than Friday in my book.) So anyway, yeah I don't have to work tonight which is good. I get to go play guitar with Craig for a half an hour. I'm going to grab some dinner with Mom and work on my Halloween costume with her...and then not only are the Office and Always Sunny on...but World Series baseball as well!

So yeah you can see why this is such a great Thursday! What I've forgotten to mention is the fact that UofL basketball media day is today. I know what you're thinking..."Brian having this ridiculous blog will not get you media credentials to attend the Cards' media day." Well, you're right...but the reason it's awesome is because UofL will be sporting their new uniforms and that's easily something to be jazzed about. Plus, there's going to be tons of interviews and stories about how bad ass Earl Clark, T-Will, Sam-Sam, Edgar, Andre, Jerry, Preston and Co. are gonna be this year...and then I'll get to think about how we're gonna be the 2009 National Champs! Media day is totally one of my favorite days of the year. seems like there was another reason to get excited about today. I covered the guitar lesson, the office and media day...hmmm.

Oh yeah,


I'm actually almost as happy for her as I am for me. She's been away from the bluegrass since July 5th and I know she's looking forward to being home for a while and seeing everyone...of course I said almost as happy because I'm so doggone excited and pumped for her to get here...I just can't possibly drop my own happiness level one bit! Her flight is in at 11:30ish, I'm heading out to the airport with her mom and dad to get her! Can't wait!!!

Also, I don't know if I've mentioned...but Centre Homecoming is this weekend and Roy Lee has promised Champagne and Pancakes Saturday morning...He better not be foolin'!!!

Ok, since I try not to be self absorbed on the blog ("try" is the key word) I'm gonna share with you something else that's got me jacked up today that might bring some joy to you guys as well...

If you're like like music...and you have a lot on your computer. Well, I have tons of music on my computer, but I've just never really got a chance to listen to it. Well, thanks to i-Tunes...some of that is about to end.

You know when you open your i-Tunes and you get the annoying thing that asks if you want to update to the new version? Well I usually ignore it and just move on. Well, thanks to Will...I updated to the new version and the reason I did was because of "Genius playlists"

Will mentioned these to me and when I asked what they were he couldn't believe I hadn't used it yet. Basically here's what happens.

You download the new i-Tunes version 8.0.1. It takes a while to download and then it's going to tell you that it's sending/checking your song info. Soon you'll need to restart your computer. You'll get a bit frustrated here...but just wait. Next, when your computer re-boots and you open your i-Tunes'll have a new application...the Genius!

What this does is help you get more tunes that you'll like. What you do is pick a song...any song...from your i-Tunes library. Then you click the "Genius" button at the bottom. Soon, you'll have a 25 song playlist (available in 50 and 100 too...I think) made up of songs throughout your entire music library...all based on the song you chose. Some are similar artists, some are similar genres and some just sound a lot similar. Also, the "Genius sidebar" will show you songs on i-Tunes that aren't in your library that you might like as well. It's pretty awesome.

However, while I'd love to sit here and tell you that it creates a picture perfect playlist every time...I won't...because it doesn't. But, if you don't like it...just choose a different song. I would say about 1 outta every 2 or 3 playlists are really worthwhile! Also, the service is not available on the song "Banana Phone" by Raffi...I know, it's bullshit!

Anyway, it's a pretty sweet little tool to play with, and it's sure to bring some songs to your attention that you never knew you had.

Alright, I'm sorry for all the excitement today...I wanted to scream from a mountain top how happy I am today...but I didn't have a mountain...I had a blog...and today's lead story was "Brian is having a super awesome day!"

Take care everyone!

Song of the Day: The Avett Brothers - Shame
Beer of the Day: Rogue - Mocha Porter

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John R said...

random note- your song of the day prompted me to let you and anyone else who may be interested that the Avett Brothers may just be coming to Centre for Carnival. It's in the works with SAC/Centre Radio.