Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Ahh Come On...Not T-WILL?!?!?

Remember last week when I posted about Jim James being in the hospital and how certain things involving people I've never met can ruin my day/week? Well I didn't get any sleep last night...because of this guy:
I found out literally minutes before I went to sleep last night that UofL senior/captain/best player Terrence Williams had blown out his knee during a pick-up game and heard a "pop" when he landed awkwardly. I initially thought the worst. Every year for as long as I can remember, the UofL b-ball team has been hit with an injury...not just any injury but one that usually involves a knee ligament (or an equally important body part that is critical to basketball) and it involves one of our three best players. I'm gonna be honest, Will Scott's a fine young man...but if something pops in his knee...I would've slept just offense Scott.

Anyway, It turns out that he tore his medial meniscus. Which sounds bad...but considering T-Will, Rick Pitino, Me and everyone else was pretty positive that it was a season ending ACL tear...this is pretty good news. Still, there is a 4-6 week recovery time and often this injury can be quite nagging.

Now while I did feel bad for Jim James last week, words can't express the emotions/feelings/thoughts that run through my head when something happens to a UofL basketball team member.

Last season when David Padgett went down with a knee injury...I got some beer and laid in my room for hours. To tell you the truth...if T-Will would have been out for the year....there was no way I was coming to work today...and I would have gone on straight bender status. No communication with anyone...just darkness, booze, crying and videos of old UofL games.

Now, I realize that this sounds a bit extreme to most people...and it is. But, I LOVE UofL BASKETBALL!!! I'm not ashamed of it and I know that I'm a complete and total psycho in reagrds to the team...but so what? I mean really...when UofL b-ball is happening and they're playing life is better...when it's not or they lose a tough game...I'm generally sadder in all aspects of my life.

Luckily today, even though I still have terrible visions of T-Will never playing again, Earl getting hit by a car, Jerry breaking his arm, ect. I can breathe a little sigh of relief since it appears that T-Will will be will just be a few more weeks before he's himself again and doing things like this:


or even this...

I swear if UofL could ever go through one basketball season without a key player getting injured...I'd stop wearing pants for an entire year as a sign of happiness and gratitude!

Oh well, Get well soon Terrence!

Beer of the Day: New Holland - The Poet
Song of the Day: Wilco - Hummingbird

P.S. This has been a pretty sports-crazed week on the blog. I apologize to those who don't care for sports...sometimes I become a bit obsessed.

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