Thursday, October 16, 2008


So as we all know, I've been "interning" at O'Shea's family of pubs the past few weeks. It's all been going pretty well, but last night was insane. I've been shadowing waiters and waitresses all week and last night I was put to good use. A party of 45 people came in...half of them little girls...all under the age of 12! A grade school field hockey team, who had just won the city championship, to be exact. Amy, my manager, asked, "Hey Brian, you think you could wait some tables should be pretty busy?" I replied, "Ah, problem." Little did I know what was about to happen.

The entire team sat in a long row of tables, and I was charged with the task of getting their drink orders. I tried to get them all to settle down (yeah right!) and I told them I was going to start at one end and work my way down to the other. So, I went to the first little girl and said, "What can I get you to drink?" Apparently, the entire table thought I was talking to them because every single one of them shouted their order at me immediately.

"Sprite, Coke with 3 cherries in it, Diet Coke, Surge, Dr. Pepper, Mountain Dew, I want water with no lemon, but maybe put one on the side just in case, blah, blah, blah"

AHHH!!! My two favorites were the kid who asked for Surge (what is it 1997?) .and the kid who demanded Mr. Pibb...even though we didn't have it.

I finally got all their drinks to them and when I delivered the last little girl's I was met with a, "Well, it's about time!" I literally glared at the little girl and thought to myself, "I'll strike a child...I'm not afraid of it...I'll do it right now." But, luckily I just moved on.

I then went to take more kids' orders...except these kids were even younger, obviously siblings of the team members. I went to the first little kid and asked what she wanted...her response: "Mac-a-woney with cheese....but I don't want cheese, just wots and wots of ketchup!" I just laughed and thought ok (I later found her mother and told her what she ordered, the mom smiled and was like...yeah she always wants that...just bring her the regular mac and cheese and I'll give her some ketchup.) The next little girl ordered, "Lots of french fries and some chicken nuggets! But make sure I have way more fries than chicken nuggets!"'re not my kid...I don't care what you eat.

After about an hour and a half of utter chaos and me running around like jo-jo the indian circus boy with a pretty new pet...the team left and soon after I got to go home. It was a rather ridiculous night, but it helped me learn a great deal about how to deal with large parties and bitchy pre-teen girls. The night was then topped off by the realization that I forgot to clock in...instead of telling my boss and having her fix it...I just left, I'm not doing this for the money anyway...although after last night a few dollars for the effort would have been nice, Oh well!


So sometimes I can get a little self absorbed and forget about things that are going on in my life. Also, this blog is in no way a representation of all of my feelings or even the importance of my feelings...I just write on here once a day about whatever I'm thinking about after lunch. However, sometimes I let things slip...and I've let something big time go unmentioned on the blog....the fact that DUDE AND MELISSA ARE GETTIN' HITCHED!

That's right, the Dude man...the masterbrewer of the Brouha House, and the Batman to my Robin for five summers at Farmington is engaged to be married to his wonderful girlfriend Melissa!

I think Dude mentioned to my Dad he was let down that he didn't get a Blog shout out for the big news...and as well he should be...this is an error that just can't happen. In all honesty, I had planned to write a blog about it after Dude proposed last week...but the news hadn't been broken to everyone yet and I wasn't sure who read the blog and I decided to put it off in hopes of not spoiling the surprise for anyone. After the news was shared with all...well I just forget to even mention it...and that's poor.

Truth be told though, I owe Dude a lot of thanks. I worked with him for five summers at Farmington and out there during ridiculously hot summer days he and I become close companions while discussing life's biggest mysteries over cup after cup of Fierce Grape Gatorade. As the years went on Dude and Melissa kept on dating and I began to grow closer to her as well. The two are now important factors in my life as we get together rather often and discuss beer, sports, guitar hero and other ridiculous things.

I'm actually going camping with the two of them this weekend and it should be a blast (it's supposed to go down to 36 degrees on Saturday night!). It'll be great to help them celebrate their big engagement by sitting around the campfire, drinking beer and talking about whatever.

Dude and Melissa, I'm extremely happy for you guys and I'm terribly sorry I didn't get you a shout out sooner. Also, just for the record...if I'm not best man at the wedding...I'm gonna post terrible and embarrassing photos of you guys on the blog...your move!

I'm just kidding...Congrats you two!

Beer of the Day: Young's - Double Chocolate Stout
Song of the Day: The Beatles - You Won't See Me


Sticketmania6513 said...

You do not want me to comment anymore, so I will not. But I’m still reading. Obviously you have a nice life, I am sorry that my boring and insignifigant life has offended you so. I am sorry for ever reading; suffice it to say, I am a sorry individual.

Brian said...

Look dude, I never told you not to comment. The fact is the people who run the website told me to monitor the comments and traffic a little more just to be on the safe side. You seem like a nice guy and such, but bottom line is...I don't know you and some weird stuff happened with some other people trying to post comments and such, so now everyone's comments and viewing are watched. You're free to continue to read and comment or whatever...but I'm just monitoring everything a bit more. Don't be so hard on yourself...It's just a random blog about some guy....take it easy.