Thursday, October 30, 2008

Two VERY important things...

Today is a big day. Yes it's the day before Halloween (Hope everyone's got their costumes ready), but two big pieces of news made their way into my let's talk about them.

1.) Growing up I hated Leonardo DiCaprio. I mean I hated the movie the Titanic, I didn't get why all teenage girls thought he was the shiz and to tell you the truth...I just thought he was a pansy. Well, my thoughts began to change with "Catch Me if You Can" a very underrated movie in my boock. Then, Leo became a pretty stellar dude with his performance in "Gangs of New York." However, it was his role in "The Departed" that made me firmly believe that Leo was a Bad Ass Mudda who don't take no crap from nobody. Now, I'm not saying that Leo is on an even level with Mr. Clooney in my mind, he's quickly climbing his way up my list of awesome dudes...but he was still far behind Clooney, Brady, and a few others...until I saw this:
LEO!!!(in Dr. Evil whisper)

So yeah you're Leo is sitting courtside at a Lakers' game, what's the big deal? Well my friends...look at Leo's hat. Yessssur, that's a hat of the one and only Louisville Cardinals! Wassssup!

I know you're probably thinking that Leo just has that hat because of the "L" and that's what his name starts with...but you'd be wrong. He's actually a HUGE Cards' fan...and soon we're totally going to be best friends and he's going to give me millions of's gonna be awesome.

Man, what an exciting bit of info right? I mean what could possibly be better than a picture of Leo in a Louisville hat? Well my Friends....

2.) The people from the video game "Rock Band" are teaming up with Apple Corps (Not the mac people) to produce a BEATLES ROCK BAND GAME!!!


I mean for real, is this my game or what? Apparently it's going to span the Beatles' entire career in attempts to turn a new generation on to their badass music. I mean, I LOVE the guitar hero type games and McCartney's solo song "Band on the Run" is in the new guitar hero and that made me pretty excited by itself. I mean a whole game where I can pretend I'm a Beatle!!! It really is a dream come true.

For the record, I have a pretty sweet image of what this game will be like in my head and while it's probably not going to be exactly the same (unless Sir Paul and Ringo have some spare time to play bass and drums while I sing and play guitar) I imagine it will still be totally I can wear my Sgt. Pepper jacket while playing....I'm gonna be soooo cool!

Sheesh, that's some big time news for me right there. I mean I would settle for getting one of those pieces of info in a month let alone both in less than 24 hours. What a great day in the LoB!

Take care kiddos!

Song of the Day: The Beatles - Yer Blues (this song totally has to be in the game)
Beer of the Day: Fuller's - London Pride

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