Monday, October 13, 2008

Big Monday

Actually...there isn't anything big about this Monday...I just called it that because I've been thinking about UofL basketball all day and how I can't wait till they start playing on Big Monday on ESPN.

What I do want to talk about is how great of a sports weekend it was. I'd have to say that the excitement meter for me, as far as sports were concerned, was not as high as it should have been. There was a UofL game, some good college football matchups, NFL games on Sunday and the baseball postseason as well...but I just wasn't expecting much. However, maybe cause my expectations were so low...I came away feeling pretty pumped about sports.

Friday night we got the UofL vs. Memphis matchup. This game still leaves me scratching my head...UofL won...and that's awesome...but, they really played poorly on offense. For the 5th time out of 6 games the Cards failed to score in the 1st quarter...which has left us in a hole to start all of those games...and the Cards gained like 200 less yards than Memphis did. Luckily those numbers were a bit skewed because our defense and special teams combined to score more points than our offense. I'm not complaining...I'm just saying it was bizarre. A kickoff return, blocked field goal and fumble recovery all resulted in TDs for the Cards. I don't remember the last time the Cards did all of that in one season...let alone one that was exciting. We got the win, it was ugly...but we had to have it. Good work Cards!

Here are some highlights...just know that Trent Guy (who ran back the kick and scored on a 43 yard TD) was shot and almost died three months ago...he's a badass.

Also, Steve Kragthorpe and Jeff Brohm...I beg you to sit down sometime and watch a real football team attempt to run out the clock with the doesn't involve any of these things:
1.) Snapping the ball with more than 10 seconds on the play clock, game clock running and other team left with one timeout.
2.) Running a RB who weighs less than me up the middle on 3rd and one....give that one to Brock Bolen...PLEASE!!!
3.) CALLING A TO when you just received a gift of a first down that should all but wrap up the game. Get to the line hike the ball and kneel it...DO NOT CALL TIMEOUT (which just gave them more time to review the call). Literally stared at the TV with my mouth open for like a minute when Krags called that TO...holy shit!

Ok, Saturday we saw a see-saw battle between UK and South Carolina end up going in Spurrier's favor once again. I now firmly believe that UK will never beat Steve Spurrier. UK's defense is really good....their offense is absolutely terrible. Also doesn't help that Dicky Lyons Jr. is out for the sucks when you lose a player...especially a starter/senior...I do feel bad for Dicky. The good news for him is that he at least still has a promising career as the next great white rapper.

Texas vs. Oklahoma game was impressive to say the least....there were some for big time athletes in that made the UofL vs. Memphis game look like a mediocre high school battle.

Florida drilled LSU proving that the SEC is really really defense.

How Alabama isn't #1 this week is beyond me...College Football never fails to make me want to smack my head against a wall.

Also on Saturday, the Rays won in extras against the Red Sox. I don't want the Red Sox to win...but I can't root for the Rays....October baseball should never be played in that stadium...ever.

SUNDAY: Looking at the line-up of Sunday NFL games Lautaro and I both laughed at how terrible they seemed. Turns out they were awesome. The Falcons/Bears game was unbelievable. How the Falcons let the Bears score on them with 11 seconds left was the Bears let the Falcons get a field goal to win after that is enough to make me laugh at the Bears for the rest of the matter what.

It was also nice to see the Cardinals beat the Cowboys...I hate the Cowboys and Romo-sexual's "incomplete" pass should have been a TD for Arizona (I don't like the tuck rule) Apparently Romo broke his finger during the game and is out several weeks now...I'd feel bad for him...but now he gets to lay around the house while Jessica Simpson takes care of him...bastard.

The coolest moment of the weekend came in the 3rd game of the Dodgers/Phillies series. After a long saga that involved the two teams throwing at/behind certain players. Shane Victorino of the Phillies stepped up to the plate...knowing he was about to get drilled in the back. However, the moron on the Dodgers threw at Victorino's head. He got out of the way, and then very calmly...motioned that the pitcher was an idiot. You could see Victorino say that it's fine if your gonna throw at him...but hit him in the back/ribs...not the face. Getting thrown at in Baseball is part of the game...but you never go for the head...Shane Victorino is easily the coolest player left in the playoffs...not named Kevin Youkilis.

Ok, now for the best part of the weekend. This commercial...

I saw this commercial several times over the weekend...and then on like three different blogs this morning. It's really awesome. I'm an Adidas kinda guy...but Nike's commercials are always the shiz. I also love Troy Palamalu.

Alright gang, I've recapped a great weekend in sports...but all of that is overshadowed by the fact that UofL basketball practice starts on's a little something to hold you over until then.


Song of the Day: The Beatles - Strawberry Fields Forever
Beer of the Day: Cumberland Brews - Yer Beer

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