Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Tuesday Tidbits...

It's the most wonderful time of the week!

* When I say "Crap" you say "Bags" CRAP-BAGS, CRAP-BAGS!!! The boys went down this week in an insane loss to Ben's awful team, but we made the playoffs! The Bags are the number 3 seed in the four team playoff which starts this week! Here's hoping the Bags find a way to win this thing since I already spent all the Fantasy Football prize money!

* The Cardinal Birds completed a three games in three days sweep yesterday with a win over Lamar. Earl Clark was sensational and Jerry Smith reminded us all why he's my favorite player (hustle mixed with mustache and ridiculous celebratory actions after three pointers). Also, for those who haven't been out to Freedom Hall this year...here is the new intro when the players are introduced:

If that doesn't get you excited...check your pulse!
Also, they need to go straight into an upbeat song after "ARE YOU READY?" because there is like a 1 second pause that kills the momentum...someone get on that. The coolest part is that they have a different player say, ARE YOU READY every game.

In addition I thought I'd post this video from Saturday's game...basically it's T-Will doing crazy-awesome things:

Bonus points for Jerry Smith's illegal block out which freed T-Will for the Dunk...Sad points tossed toward Jarrod Swopshire for the "golf clap" celebration on the bench....he's a freshman, he'll learn.

* Big news...Oprah announced she's put on some weight! In her the new issue of "O" magazine Oprah claims she's "fallen off the wagon" and she's "embarrassed" and "mad at herself" because she now weighs 200 pounds. This is a front page story on Yahoo today so you know it's super serious. My response...WHO THE HELL CARES! To tell you the truth I thought she weighed at least a deuce and a half...don't be so hard on yourself Oprah, we all have our own "Becky" battles at some point in our lives.

* So there's a chance I'm getting a new car sometime soon. Poor Malik (my 1992 Honda Accord) is getting a little sick. He's still running, but he's making funny sounds and smells. I'm going to check out a Jeep Liberty sometime later this week...I hope I buy the first car I look at because I would rather put lit cigarettes out on my face than shop for a new car.

* Life of Brian's favorite band, My Morning Jacket, has been nominated for a Grammy! It's really awesome how far this hometown band has come in the last five years...they truly deserve all the good stuff that comes their way. They work hard, they're talented...and "Evil Urges" is one badass CD. Sadly, they'll lose to Radiohead because people love to listen to Radiohead and act as if they're music snobs.

* And finally, a little Holiday Cheer thrown at you...Life of Brian style!
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That's all for today kids, enjoy your Tuesdays!

Song of the Day: My Morning Jacket - Touch Me I'm Going To Scream Pt. 2
Beer of the Day: Smithwick's

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