Wednesday, December 03, 2008

10 Things I like and dislike these days...

I'm not in a super jolly mood today...I feel stressed about something and I don't know what it is. Also, when I get stressed I get pissed. So in hopes of venting a bit and realizing there are some cool things in life, I'm gonna give you 10 things I like and dislike today.

DISLIKE: Plaxico Burress. He is a moron, he shot himself in the leg, and he gets more press than anything in the sports world. If I shot myself in the leg it wouldn't even make the local news, but if some dude who's good at football does it I have to hear about it every time I turn on the TV. Plaxico is an awesome name...but if you shoot yourself in the leg you can't be my friend anymore.

LIKE: My Christmas List. It has like three or four things on it now! There not amazing things, but it's enough to buy me some time before my loved ones try to injure me for not giving them ideas. It's just kinda tough now a days. When I was a broke college kid I wanted all sorts of things because I had no money. Now I have a small amount of income and it allows me to buy a pair of jeans or shoes if I need Christmas gifts are harder to think of.

DISLIKE: Kentuckiana. I've hated this word for a while, but it's starting to really bug me. I realize Indiana might have some good things to offer, and that's cool...but stop trying to claim part of our cool stuff by sticking a few of your letters on to our name! I mean seriously I don't call it Indiucky and start rooting for the Colts now do I? So leave our name alone and get your own cool stuff.

LIKE: This commercial

I'm more of an Adidas guy, but Lebron is awesome...and Nike commercials are the shiz.

DISLIKE: Pop Music From My Youth. For the past two days I've had terrible pop songs from my childhood stuck in my head. Yesterday was Christina Aguilera's "Come on Over", today...Spice Girls - "2 Become 1". It's atrocious. It's even worse because I don't know all the words (that probably makes it better actually) and the same 2 lines are just repeating over and over and over in my's weak titty for sure.

LIKE: Christmas specials on TV. Elf has been on like crazy, I know the Charlie Brown Christmas special has gotta be coming up sometime soon, and to top it all off...Rudolph is on CBS tomorrow in HIGH DEF!!! Claymation holiday creatures in's gonna be grand.

DISLIKE: Headaches. Where do these things even come from? Sometimes you're just sitting there and all of the sudden it's like's headache time! Last night I went to sleep, same pillow, same mattress, same everything. However, today I woke up and it felt like my head had been hit by a dump truck...what gives? I don't remember any dump trucks. Maybe Lautaro hit me in the head or something? I'll have to keep my guard up tonight.

LIKE: The ACC/Big Ten challenge. I don't really like these two conferences that much, but every year they take each other on in this challenge and they provide some good b-ball action. The games are always pretty evenly matched, and even though the ACC wins every year...there's usually one game that is surprising in some way. More than anything, I'm just glad the games involve two teams I've heard of.

DISLIKE: The Courier Journal. I really wish Louisville had a different newspaper. Every time I pickup and issue of the CJ, I can find at least three mistakes in it, and I'm sure there are more because I only read a few articles and I suck at grammar. Also, they have the lamest stories...there is nothing exciting about it, there is nothing new, it's just all so piss-poor.

LIKE: Bardstown Rd. Aglow. This is an annual festival where all along B-town road in the Highlands the shops and restaurants and such will light up their spaces and celebrate with Christmas cheer. It's this Saturday and even though I've only ever been twice before, I'm looking forward to it this year since I live right down the street.

That's all today people. Have a great rest of the day.

Song of the Day: The Avett Brothers - Salina
Beer of the Day: Monty Python - Holy grAIL

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Roy Lee said...

You said weak titty...and that made me laugh...out my office.