Thursday, December 18, 2008

10 Things I like and dislike these days...

I'm in a pretty good mood today, so I'm going for 6 likes and only 4 dislikes!

* LIKE: the fact that last night was one of the most productive Christmas shopping nights in Life of Brian history! I was a well oiled machine, grabbing good parking spaces, snagging items on sale, finding the register with the shortest line. I never really like to shop, especially when crazy people are out and about...but I was pretty pumped with my performance last night.

* DISLIKE: when stores don't have what I want. If it weren't for Target and a store to be named later...I would have my Christmas shopping wrapped up (well not actually wrapped...but you get the idea). I knew what I wanted at these two places...I went in...and nothing. I've gone to 3 different Targets and 3 different stores of the other...still nothing. A new shipment should be coming in tomorrow or Saturday, but it sure would be nice to be finished.

* LIKE: Today. I've always been a big fan of Thursday, but today is even better because the regular dynamic lineup of "The Office" and "30 Rock" has been added to with the Cards' first ESPN performance. ***Side note, the Cards play Ole Miss...last night while getting ready for the game, Ole Miss coach Andy Kennedy decided not to put together a game plan...but instead to go out, have a few drinks and then punch a Cab driver while shouting racial slurs at him. Wow! The SEC never surprises me...ever.

* DISLIKE: Buying a new Car. Actually if I were buying a new car...I would like that. But, trying to find one and figuring out the financing really sucks. Hopefully it will all be better soon.

*LIKE: This time of year. It's sad that I don't have a Christmas break this year, but you just have to love the feeling this time of year. Family,'s all good. Also, Taylor is coming home tomorrow which will add to the awesomeness!

* DISLIKE: Melissa's Fantasy Football Championship Strategy. So as you know it's The CrapBags vs. the Powerpuff girls in this weekend's Fantasy Football championship. Melissa is in charge of the P-puff girls and she is using a suspicious tactic for the game. I like to reward my players for getting me to the Championship by not changing the lineup at all. They've been loyal to my team all year, so I think it's fair to let them play for the championship. Melissa clearly doesn't think that. Today she dumped her roster and loaded up with Saints players...because the Saints play the Lions this week...and the Lions are what the French call, "les incompetents." It's a bold move, it's legal...but it's bold to say the least. Sadly, it's probably a good move because I bet it's going to work.

* LIKE: The number of Holiday parties on my agenda. There's going to be like 3 within the next 2 weeks, and that doesn't even count Christmas and Christmas eve....Hooray Holidays!

* DISLIKE: My freshly washed jeans. My jeans fit like a glove, but after I wash them they fit like a three year old's glove. I usually try not to wash my jeans...but every so often you just have to. When I put mine on today they literally felt like spandex. While they do make my buttocks looks as though I invented 8 min. buns...they're also cutting off most of the circulation in my legs. Also, I've been doing weird stretches all day to try and loosen them up...I'm pretty sure the people at work think I've got mental problems....or maybe they think I'm so jazzed up for the Holiday's I just have to dance? They'd be kinda right.

* LIKE: The cheesy Christmas songs on the radio. In Louisville light 106.9 is your home for Holiday music. I love to listen to it because it's such a strange collection of Christmas tunes. While in the car today I got Dean Martin - Silver Bells and Bing Crosby - White Christmas, not too shabby. However, then I got what sounded like a terrible Elton John Christmas song, followed by one that had a line about meeting a Holiday love in the frozen food section of the grocery. WTF? I was hoping they'd say who sang the song...but they didn't. It was bad...but I still love the festiveness!

* LIKE: CHRISTMAS TIME! The songs, the movies, the cookies, the lights, the trees, the happiness of having the perfect gift for someone, seeing friends and family that aren't around that's the most wonderful time of the year...for realzies.

Enjoy the next week as much as possible people. Relax, enjoy those around you...don't let it stress you out.

Song of the Day: Ron Sexsmith - Maybe This Christmas
Beer of the Day: Brouha House - Rye.P.A.

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