Thursday, December 04, 2008


Dah Na Nuh, Na Nuh Nah!

Today I want to talk about what is the single most important television program in the history of the life of Brian...ESPN Sportscenter.

As I lay in bed last night attempting to drift off to sleep, I did as I do every night and I flipped on the TV and flipped right to ESPN because I knew my good friend Sportscenter would be there waiting for me. I only watched for a little bit, but the 10 mins or so that I watched TV immediately got me thinking about one thing, "Where would I be without Sportscenter?"

If my friends and family were asked to name one influence in pop culture that has had the greatest effect on me...I'm sure many of them would miss. The popular answer would probably be "The Beatles" and while my life has certainly been changed by those 4 lads from Liverpool, the correct answer would be ESPN Sportscenter

Every single day I watch Sportscenter. I don't often catch an entire hour-long episode, but I catch at least 10 minutes of it every day. The most popular time for me to watch it has always been while laying in bed. I've had a TV in my room for as long as I can remember, and for as long as I can remember...I've fallen asleep to Sportscenter. Sure I like Letterman and Conan and sometimes I'll catch a good movie on TNT or something...but I'd say 99 out of 100 times, I choose Sportscenter.

The reason this is such a great show is because you don't have to invest anything in it. It's not a sitcom where you have to follow a plot, it's not the news where you need to listen to what the anchors are saying...they show sports highlights and then flash the score on the screen. Even without sound you can tell what is going on, and it takes about 1 minute to sum up a game that lasted several hours. Would I ever sit and watch the Reds play the Rockies for an entire 3 hour, 9 inning game? Hell no! I don't care about either of those teams, but I do care about the diving catch, 400 foot home run and critical double play that occurred during those three hours.

The second best time to watch SC is in the morning while getting dressed. There's no time to sit down and follow a love story on a TV show, and I don't want to start my day off by hearing about how someone was murdered in the city last night. So, I'll just watch a few highlights. In fact, if I can time it right, I can watch SC's top 10 plays while getting dressed for work...that makes my day grand. However, usually the top plays aren't until about 10 til and I usually leave at quarter til.

Anyway the point is this. I love Sportscenter. As a sports fan it is the greatest tool you could ever ask for. It's hip, it's funny and it's very informative. If I'm at a bar, I can relate to any sports fan in there because of my life long addiction to Sportscenter. I don't like the Dolphins all that much and I certainly don't follow them, but when they started running the Wildcat formation and Ronnie Brown scored 4 TDs on the Patriots earlier this year...I knew it was something special because I saw it on Sportscenter.

I'm a sports junkie. I watch games all the time that I don't care about. But, if it weren't for the awesomeness of Sportscenter and their cliff's notes version of athletic events (and boy do I love Cliff's notes), I wouldn't be half the sports fan I am today.

Plus, they have great commercials:

Also, the best Sportscenter experience ever is when you're sick and you stay home from school/work. You get to watch it over and over again, the same thing for like 4 hours straight. AWESOME!!!

Song of the Day: Cornershop - Candyman
Beer of the Day: Newcastle Brown Ale

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