Monday, November 24, 2008

I'm Baaaaacccck

Did you miss me? God knows I missed you guys. I apologize for not posting more, but the business trip was a little more than I expected. So, let's bring you guys up to speed on it all.

I got to my "Start your own brewery" class and chose a seat around the middle, not too close, but far enough away. I quickly surveyed the room and saw a few guys that I might be able to hang out with after class. For the record, there were 40 people, 36 guys and 4 girls...and the next youngest person was 26.

Anyway, the class got under way and I was pleased with the wealth of information that was being tossed my way. Pointers on how to approach investors, help with writing a business plan, etc. I was also pleased with the fact that the Brouha House is way ahead of about 95% of the people there in terms of making a brewpub a reality. The funniest comments were from the people in the class who were just floored that it would take two people to fulfill the jobs of master brewer and general manager. They're both full time jobs with totally different responsibilities, but all of these other Einsteins seemed to think they could handle it. I really think about 15-20 had their brewpub dreams crushed as soon as it was made clear that the GM and the brewer needed to be two different people.

Anyway, enough about the boring brewpub knowledge...let's talk about something more the fact that I was totally surrounded by beer geeks. Not your ordinary beer, people who were incapable of making conversation about anything other than beer.

We would head out for drinks afterwards and I would try to change the conversation to something sports. I mean I love talking about beer, but only so much. I thought that as a man you should be able to at least carry on a conversation about beer, music and sports. So I asked this guy from Chapel Hill, NC if he had watched the UK vs. UNC game the night before. Here's how it went down...

Me: "Oh, you're from Chapel Hill...did you see the Heels game last night against Kentucky?"

Beer Geek: "Basketball?"

Me: "Yeah, UNC beat UK pretty bad...they have a good team this year, they're ranked number 1"

Beer Geek: "Kentucky is number 1?"

Then I preceded to take the guy's face and smash it into a jelly!

I asked a few other people about sports too, I mean I found out where they lived...thought of a pretty popular team in their area and asked them what they thought about X team, or Y player. The response was always the same...blank stare followed by a question that resembled, "Wait a you're saying that this is a football team from PITTSBURGH?!?"

I then moved on to my next tactic, music.

I waited for a lead in, like a song playing at the bar...I finally got it when The Rolling Stones - "Paint it Black" came on...but again here's the conversation..

Me: "Man, I haven't heard this song in a while...I love the Stones. Do you like them?"

Beer dork: "Huh?"

Me: "The Rolling Stones, this is their you listen to them at all?"

Dork: "Ah, I mean I've heard a song or two of theirs....I don't get into music that much."

Me: Rubbing my head as I felt a migraine setting in

Beer Dork: "I do like Stone brewery you like them?"


I even tried to just talk about certain cities where these people lived. This one guy said he was from Charleston, SC. I said, "oh really, my girlfriend lives there...I've been down to visit her and it's such a beautiful city." His response, "Is it? I haven't lived there since I was 5."

I did meet a nice guy named Luke and we were able to talk about other things besides that was good.

But should at least be able to talk about 2 things. It was really frustrating because I think some people actually got pissed that I kept trying to talk about things other than, "How much Budweiser sucks, how amazing their home brewed imperial porter is, and how much harder it is to brew lagers as opposed to ales.

I mean I really really love beer, I know a good deal about it and I like to talk about different kinds from time to time. But when you talk about beer from 9-5 three days in a row...would it kill you to talk about Brett Favre or the Beatles for 10 minutes? I really almost ordered an Old Style when we went to a bar one time just to see what they would have said...Oh man, that would have showed them!


Oh well, like I said, it was a great trip. I learned a lot and got the info needed to take the next step of making our Brewpub a reality.

Sorry again for the short number of posts...but I'll give you some extra special tidbits tomorrow to make up for it.

Song of the Day: The Beatles - I Me Mine
Beer of the Day: Rock Bottom - Rye Pale Ale

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