Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Here's a Funny Story..is funny the word I'm looking for?

Your weekly Tuesday Tidbits will not be given to you until tomorrow. Blame it on this guy:
Some of you may have seen a post that was up this afternoon for about 45 mins. The post explained that there was some stranger danger on the blog and if things weren't calmed in the next few days the blog was going to stop....that wasn't a joke.

The source of all this trouble was a man who simply goes by "Stickermania6513"

On each post you can read the comments that readers have posted by clicking on the link at the bottom of the post. Usually the comments are from close friends and family...but one day in September there was a post by "Stickermania 6513" it said something about stickers and whatnot and I didn't think anything of it.

Well as the weeks passed, it turned out that this Stickermaniac liked reading "The Life of Brian" and he began to comment on almost every post. Finally I asked who this guy was and he said, "Gregory from Philadelphia...I'm obsessed with stickers and I search for blogs that mention them."

RED FLAG....that sounded like a creepy guy to me.

Anyway, I tried to be nice and go on about my business...but with each comment Stickermania got more and more creepy.

I had it in my head that it was one of my good friends, either Will or Roy Lee, playing a pretty good joke on me. However, they both denied it.

Soon, Stickermania was a topic of conversation everywhere I went. My friends were all about it, a few family members questioned me about him as well....I was a little uneasy about the whole situation so I thought...ok, I'll get google analytics, which shows where and when people look at your blog. (Oh yeah, I'm watching you) I thought, this is going to show that there are no hits in Philly...then I can see that it's clearly a big joke on me.

Well, turns out there were hits in Philly....lots of them and I don't think I know anyone that lives there.

So then I wrote an e-mail to my friends that said, if this is a joke good work...you got me. But I will say it's a bit much to go as far as getting someone in Philly to look at the site. But, hey good joke...let's move on.

None of them owned up to it.

Soon I made up some story about people hacking into the blog, in hopes of getting rid of this guy. Finally in late October he said, "You do not want me to comment anymore, so I will not. But I’m still reading. Obviously you have a nice life, I am sorry that my boring and insignificant life has offended you so. I am sorry for ever reading; suffice it to say, I am a sorry individual."

RED FLAG #2, this guy has issues.

I told him not to be so hard on himself because it's just a blog. But he stopped commenting, but kept reading...or at least hits kept coming from Philly.

I didn't care if he read the blog, I didn't even care if he commented as long as it wasn't creeping me out....so I thought nothing more of it...and went on blogging.

Well, yesterday he commented for the first time in 2 months and said this, "I'm sending you a Xmas present. I hope you get it."


I mean I was really scared. I looked back at all my posts to see if I had posted my address or even my last name anywhere....I didn't think that I had and couldn't find that I had...but I was still scared.

I'm not gonna lie when I tell you I had some trouble sleeping last night. I mean that's about as creepy as it gets in my book. I responded by asking him to stop creeping my out and to share some more info about himself.

I didn't get a response so after talking to Taylor, Will and Roy Lee this morning...I decided I would put a post up that stated that the blog wouldn't continue until I got some more information about Stickermania.

I wrote the post, put it up....and then about 30 mins later I got a message from Roy Lee.

He said not to worry because nothing was coming in the mail...because he was Stickermania.

sweet joke my man.

He said that he wanted to play a prank on my because it's tough to pull one over on me. He was going to tell me back in October when I saw him, but didn't for some reason. Then he wanted to spook me a little bit and give me a Stickermania t-shirt at Christmas.

Let's get two things clear.
1.) If Roy Lee ends this joke in October...it would've been a pretty good joke.
2.) If his plan was to scare the shit out of me for the past day and make me lose sleep....well done.

Roy Lee apologized all over himself claiming he meant no harm and it just went a bit too far. But, he also said that the Blog visits from Philly were just dumb luck.

I forgive him and I'm not mad at all....However, I'm not totally sold on the idea that the Philly blog hits were just dumb luck...but I don't really care.

Bottom line is this...practical jokes are fun...but when they put this Blog and the LoB nation in jeopardy...well then we've got a problem.

Anyway, the good news is that we don't have to cancel the blog. The bad news is that I've got at least 15 embarrassing stories/pictures of Roy Lee and I'm now one step closer to posting them on the Internet.

I guess that's not really bad news for anyone but Roy Lee...sweet! Win-Win!

Anyway, what a long strange ordeal...I'm sorry you had to suffer, but I'll give you some tidbits tomorrow.

Song of the Day: Harvey Danger - Flag Pole Sitta
Beer of the Day: Rogue - Mocha Porter

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