Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Tuesday Tidbits...

Time for some bits of tid!

* The CrapBags moved back into a playoff spot with a nice win this weekend. With two weeks to go before the playoffs...a win this week might secure a spot in the 4 team tourney and a chance to re-peat as Fantasy Champs. My palms are sweating, how about yours?

* I found a new awesome website last night...it's called FaceinHole.com. I know that the name sounds a little odd, but it gives you all of these awesome backgrounds in which you can insert your face...like this gem:

Anyway, try it out...it's fun.

*So UofL started off it's basketball season this weekend....all I can say is, Daaaaaaaaaaammmmmmnnnn. It should be a good year, a year which will be made even more awesome by the new bad-ass intro for the Cards at Freedom Hall....you gotta see it.

* I forgot to mention a few weeks ago that my favorite childhood basketball player, Kevin Johnson, was elected mayor of Sacramento. I know I'm super pumped about it, how about you? You're probably wondering what makes him qualified to be mayor...well THIS DOES:
If you dunk on Hakeem, I'll vote for you no matter what you're running for.

* I got so caught up in telling you about the beer geeks in my class yesterday that I forgot to mention the best dude in the whole class...Chad. Our class was from 9-5, for three days. The first day Chad was fine, he was there on time and wore a white shirt and jeans. The second day Chad was about 2 hours late, appeared very hung over and wore a slightly wrinkled white shirt and jeans. The third day...Chad didn't show up until 4 and he was wearing a very wrinkled/dirty white shirt and jeans. Turns out that Chad doesn't like to brew beer nearly as much as he likes to drink it. He got his car towed on Friday morning and spent all day looking for it, then when he realized it was towed, he had to call his wife and ask for the license plate number so he could get his car back...poor bastard.

* I'm a Maker's Mark ambassador (which means I signed up for this thing and now they send me free stuff in the mail) and it's really awesome. The other day out of the blue I got this little tube in the mail and wouldn't you know it...it had wrapping paper and ribbons and gift tags in it. The best part, the design on the wrapping paper is little snowflakes made out of Maker's bottles. If this doesn't scream ROY LEE....nothing does. But, you should totally sign up at Maker's Mark.com.

* Ok, I know I said I'd give you an amazing dose of tidbits today...but these are gonna have to do. Taylor gets in in like 2 hours and I'm going to pick her up at the airport...so I'm a little too excited to give you a proper dose of tidbits....forgive me readers.

Enjoy your Tuesdays though kiddos.

Song of the Day: Fleet Foxes - He Doesn't Know Why
Beer of the Day: Avery - Ellie's Brown

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