Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Tuesday Tidbits...

Tids the season to be jolly!
(See what I did there?)

* C-R-A-P-B-A-G-S! Go Bags Go! Well the Bags gave a valiant effort against the New Orleans Saints this weekend, but sadly they came up just a bit short of there second straight championship. However, since the Saints aren't a Fantasy Football team the CrapBags did end the season as the Champ of "Fantasy" Football for the second year in a row. So, even though they took a loss in the Championship game I still think we can go ahead and name the Bags a Fantasy Football DYNASTY!!!

* Guess what? Ttomorrow is Christmas Eve! Holy Crap that came fast. It seems like just yesterday I was all dressed up in my King Arthur Halloween costume. Sheesh, nothing you can do about it though...it's coming....so you better embrace it.

* So Taylor showed me this youtube video the other day...let's just say it's hilarious.

That kid is awesome. I mean doesn't he look like a 45 year old in a kid's body? I would totally buy real estate from that kid.

* We had a potluck taco lunch today at work for our "Christmas Party." It was pretty sweet, except for the fact that the beef sat in a crock pot all day...in the break room...which is also where my cube happens to be placed. I totally smell like beef right now...I'm sure it's pretty sexy.

* Only one entry in the name the new Jeep contest. We need a few more so think hard everyone.

* Paste Magazine, which has an awesome website, has given The Beatles some love recently by introducing a segment on their website called, "The Coolest Beatles Songs You Might Have Missed". Basically, they point out songs from the Beatles' catalogue that some music fans may not have noticed before. I must say that overall it's a pretty good list and many of my favorite Beatles songs appear on the list. Here are the first three segments, be sure to check them out.
Part One
Part Two
Part Three

* Another cool thing that Paste did was name the 10 best live acts of the year. Coming in at #3 behind only Radiohead and Tom Waits....LoB approved My Morning Jacket

* Lastly, I'll leave you with a video that sums up Christmas for me...

That kid's reaction...is why Christmas time is so awesome.

That's all for me, I'm on a 5 day blog break. But, let me take this time to wish each and every one of you a very MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! Eat, drink, spend time with loved ones....just be merry! Have a great one guys, I'll talk to you soon.

Song of the Day: Dean Martin - Let It Snow
Beer of the Day: Ridgeway Brewing - Santa's Butt

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