Friday, December 19, 2008

Friday Frenzy...

Oh man is there lots of stuff going on...I got to make it quick today.

First things first...

This man is a BAD-ASS!
25 points, 16 rebounds, 6 blocks, 5 assists

In all honesty a single player never loses a game for a team, and one player never single-handedly wins a game for a team...but that was as close as it gets.

Earl Clark was awesome last night and when T-Will turned it on down the stretch...the Cards finished off Ole Miss with relative ease. We've got a ways to go to be a legit title contender...but let it be known that Earl Clark is totally...BEAST MODE!

Next on the agenda...I'm pretty sure I'm going to be getting a new car in about 2 hours. Negotiations with the dealer have been going on for days and it seems as though we've settled on a good price for a 2005 Jeep Liberty! Swwwweeeeeettttttt. This is all good news because I'm getting a new car and such, but it's also good news because Malik apparently doesn't want to play anymore. When he caught wind that I was shopping around for his replacement, he pretty much just shut down...he even makes this terrible growling sound whenever I step on him to go faster. Malik was a great car and he meant a lot to me...but to say I'm jacked up about getting a new car is what we in "the biz" "understatement"

Finally, Taylor is en route to Louisville right now and is just over 5 hours away. Soooo, if I play my cards right I'll get my car, grab some dinner and then see Taylor...all within about 3 hours of each other. Boomshakalaka!

Lastly, I've been invited to a rather creative party on Saturday, but I'm having trouble finding a good costume. Anyone know where to get a cheap Ben Franklin wig? Me neither.

Alright kiddos, that's all for today...I'm simply too busy/excited to write anymore. Have a great weekend everyone!

Song of the Day: Beach Boys - Little Saint Nick
Beer of the Day: Guinness

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