Monday, December 22, 2008

Merry me!

So I bought myself a Christmas present...
Ohhhh yeah! My new ride is a 2005 Jeep Liberty.

The new Jeep is my 4th car which is pretty good since I've only been driving like 6 years. Anyway let's run down the history of my cars and then I'll ask a great favor of all of you guys.

* Karl Malone: My first car was an off white 1989 Toyota Corolla...which I called "Karl Malone". This car is probably my favorite car of all time, while it didn't have any luxury features (no power locks or power windows), it did have lots of character (presidential tinted windows and a Viper car alarm). It cost a mere $800 and got me through my final years of high school

* Jeep: My next car was a 2000 Red Jeep Wrangler. I got this car because since I got a scholarship to UofL and my Dad said he'd reward me with a car. From using the four wheel drive on snowy roads, to dropping the top and driving around the town during the warmer weather months...this car was the shiz. Sadly, I didn't even get to name it because I only had it about a year due to the fact that I transferred to Centre...which meant the car had to go bye bye.

* Malik: My third car was the one that just left me the other day, a 1992 Black Honda Accord two-door. This car wasn't a whole lot to look at, but over the years Malik and I grew close on our journeys too and from Centre. He had a killer CD player (it even had a remote) and he always gave you everything he had...getting rid of him was a bit sadder than I thought.

Now I've got a new car... a 2005 Silver Jeep Liberty. So, with a new car comes a new task....what to name it?

I'm thinking about some kind of patriotic name based on the whole "Liberty" thing, but I'm not sure. So, this is where you guys come in...I want you guys to send me your suggestion for the name of my car. I'll pick the top 3 and then let you guys vote on them sometime later on. You can e-mail me, Facebook message me or post a comment on this post with your favorite name. The winning name will receive a prize to be named later.

So LoB nation...put your thinking caps on and help me name my new car!

Have a great day!

Song of the Day: Dean Martin - Silver Bells
Beer of the Day: Sweetwater - Festive Ale


Doug said...

I'll start it off. Ben pointed out that Patrick Henry said "Give me a Jeep Liberty, or give me death" (or something like that). So, obviously, "Patrick" or "Henry". Maybe "Hank"?

Actually, Patrick won't work, because you'll think of SpongeBob's friend every time.

Lautaro said...

Not only that but Patrick Henry was a member of the Sons of Liberty, a revolutionary group back in the revolutionary day. So his father was literally Liberty. But so was Paul Revere who has a rap song named after him and Hank sadly does not. So my nomination is Paul Revere. Or something along those lines.

john r said...

heres a name suggestion, although, unlike all-american Patrick Henry, it's French. But I think the idea of a black card is powerful; the freedom and liberty to do whatever you like. No holds barred. No barriers. No stops. Like a Jeep in the snow or on a mountain; there are no boundaries. Carte blanche.

carte blanche Fr. kart [kahrt blanch, blahnch; Fr. kart blahnsh]
–noun, plural cartes blanches
1. unconditional authority; full discretionary power.
2. a sheet of paper that is blank except for a signature and given by the signer to another person to write in what he or she pleases.
3. Cards. a hand having no face card but with a special scoring value, as in piquet.