Monday, December 01, 2008

An awesome weekend...with a terrible ending

How did everyone's holiday weekend turn out? Mine was wonderful, Taylor was in and I got to spend mucho time with her, I got to see the fam a few times, saw some old friends for a pretty good party on was relaxing, fun and grand on all occasions...until yesterday.

My day started by waking up at 5 a.m. to take Taylor to the airport. As if it's not bad enough to take Taylor to the Airport...doing it at 5 in the morning while it's cold and rainy is about as miserable as it comes. Luckily Taylor will be back soon...for two whole weeks! However, after she goes back to Charleston when Christmas break is's gonna suck...a lot.

So yeah, there I was with a whole Sunday on my hands, bummed out because my girlfriend had left and the mini holiday break was about to be over...but there was still a little bounce in my step because the Cards had a b-ball game and well, nothing cheers me up like watching the Cards! Well for the record, nothing pisses me off like watching the Cards roll out on to the court and take a gigantic dump of a performance against the likes of Western Kentucky.

It was bad, like UofL football bad.

I was super pissed during the game and I'd love to chalk this game up as a fluke or blame the refs (they did kinda suck)...but bottom line is the Cards knew they were ranked #3 and they knew they had more talent than WKU and that's why they got their asses handed to them. Hopefully Pitino will have the guys' undivided attention from now on...since #3 rankings and great publicity sure won't be there to get in their way.

Crapola! (I'm working on cleaning up my language a was going well until yesterday....I smell a New Year's resolution)

So yeah, Taylor's gone, the Cards sucked, the holiday break is over...I'm not super happy to say the least.

Luckily I got in a little better mood by helping my mom decorate a little bit for Christmas. Also, it's December now and Christmas cheer is in full I've got that going for me.


Song of the Day: OutKast - Da Art of Story Tellin' part 1 and 2 (2 songs today!)
Beer of the Day: Sam Adams - Irish Red (I'm not a huge Sam Adams fan, but this one's not too bad)

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