Thursday, December 11, 2008

A Christmas Miracle

Absolutely Unbelievable! In less than 24hours I've gone from about 6 on the Christmas Spirit about 18!

It really started with yesterdays post...watching all those videos moved my mood up a bit and I started thinking about the Holidays and such. But then, I got home at about 8:15 last night and wouldn't you know it...Lautaro was watching "Home Alone." Not only had it just was in HD! So I grabbed a Schlafly Christmas Ale and sat down to watch one of the best movies ever. (I had forgotten how much I love that movie. Macaulay Culkin is so good in that's so sad Michael Jackson molested him and ruined his life).

Anyway, the movie was done at about 10 so I thought, that's a good amount of Christmas joy...I'll just go clean my room or something.


"Elf" came on at HD!!! Well you better believe I poured myself a bowl of "Christmas Cap'n Crunch" and watched that whole movie too! That movie really might get funnier every time I see it. It's Will Ferrell at his best. The scene where he tells Jovie that he likes her is classic. (I think you're beautiful and when I'm near you I feel warm...and my tongue swells I was wondering if you wanna go eat know....the code?") It's all just classic.

Then, to top things off, I talked to Taylor and found out that she gets to come in a day earlier for Christmas break then I had originally thought.

So yeah, that got me in a good Christmas mood. Also, I decorated my cubicle with lights and gold and silver garland....I'm getting jolly people and you know what I like to do when I feel that Christmas joy....drink and dance in Elf costumes:
Also, the Christmas cheer doesn't show signs of stopping. I've got Charlie Brown Christmas and Rudolph claymation ready to watch...In HD! Plus, it's the Christmas episode of The Office tonight!

God Bless us Everyone!

Also a Happy Birthday to Roy if he needed another reason to get excited about this time of year.

Song of the Day: Frank Sinatra - I Believe
Beer of the Day: Thirsty Dog - 12 Dogs of Christmas Ale

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Roy Lee said...

Thanks for the Birthday shout out buddy! See you very soon!