Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Wednesday Tidbits my whole week is thrown off....roll them anyway...

* C-R-A-P-B-A-G-S...GO BAGS GO! That's right, the CrapBags were victorious in a big way this week. Posting the best score in the league and advancing to their second straight title game. The Bags will go up against The Powerpuff girls in this weekend's Championship. It'll be a good game and if the CrapBags can pull it out I think it's safe to call them a Fantasy Football Dynasty!

* I'm in ultra Christmas mode these days. With the big day just over one week away I'll be heading out tonight to get my shopping finished (and started for that matter). Hopefully I can last at least one hour without getting a headache...but it's doubtful.

* So I'm pretty bummed out about not having a Christmas break this year. While everyone I know seems to be sleeping in and playing video games all day...I'm stuck at work. However, there is one good thing about working during the! Clients have been sending gifts all week! Cookies, Chocolates, Fruit Baskets, Popcorn tins and of course the almighty Mini-muffin tray! The only one who happens to be happier than me is Becky.

* Speaking of Becky, I've started thinking about possible New Year's resolutions for 2009. I've never made a New Year's resolution, I usually go with the old, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it" strategy with my life. But, as I get a bit older I realize my life may need some I'll have a resolution or two this year...and I'll let you guys know what they are as the New Year approaches.

* The Cards play their first game on national TV tomorrow night when they play Ole Miss at 9 on ESPN. I'm not going to lie, I think the Cards have great potential...but I'm willing to bet we drop at least 3 games in the next month. Their missing that killer instinct that great teams must have. Regardless, it's the first time I'll get to see my Cards in HD this season...and that alone is a good enough reason to be excited. GO CARDS!

* So apparently YouTube decided to go on Christmas Break as well. My brother said he was having trouble watching videos on there and I when I went to go watch a video I was met with the same issue. It's like anything over 2 seconds is just too much for them to handle. Sigh, I was going to post the video of President Bush showing off his shoe dodging skills...but it won't let me. If only we could have put up the tidbits yesterday. For the record, the whole shoe throwing thing was a bit weird, part of me was scared, part of me was just bizarre. However, the best part is the President of Iraq's sad attempt to block the second got to check it out once YouTube gets their shiz together.

* The excellent HBO series, "Flight of the Conchords" will begin it's second season on Sunday January 18th...but you can catch a free early episode right now...right here...

* I've seen Elf about 15 times in the last week...and it's still funny. As soon as I get around to watching Charlie Brown and Rudolph, I think my Christmas movie watching will be complete.

* After getting some Christmas tunes of i-Tunes, it's been decided that, "This Warm December" the Brushfire records compilation, has been named LoB Christmas Album of the year! Way to go Brushfire records! I'm sure those guys are stoked.

That's all for today kiddos. I hope your Wednesdays will end up grand!

Song of the Day: Zee Avi - No Christmas for Me
Beer of the Day: Sierra Nevada - Porter

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Jake H. said...

It's be tough to get into the Christmas spirit down here in Texico where it'll be 85 on Friday, but last night I threw on Love Actually and my heart was warmed. (Although I think No Country for Old Men is a pretty good flick too.)

What are your New Year's plans going to be? I plan to be in Louisville and if anything's going on, I was hoping to see the crew.

Talk to you soon.