Monday, December 15, 2008

Come on Snow Day!!!

Right now there's a threat of a winter storm hanging over Louisville. Supposedly we're supposed to start getting snow and freezing rain within the next hour or so and it should make traveling treacherous.

Let me start off by saying one thing...there is no way this is going to amount to anything. They always predict these radical storms to blow through town and it usually ends up being sunny and 45 degrees. However, with that said....let me just inform you that I AM PUMPED!

I'm pumped because there is nothing better than a snow day. Growing up there were always four different kinds of snow days...let me explain them all.

1.) The best way to have a snow day is what I call the "surprise snow day". Basically you go to bed, a tad pissed because those 4 inches of snow that John Belski had promised you don't seem to be falling at all. However, you wake up the next day just to be informed that you are off school/work! Yes! What to do now...Go back to bed? Go sledding? Watch Sportscenter five times? It doesn't matter. It's a free day. Even if you sit and stare at a wall all day long, it's still going to be remembered as one of the greatest days of your life.

2.) The second best way to obtain a snow day is what I call the "blizzard" snow day. You've seen the snow on the ground, you know you can't possibly be safe in a car on the roads...hell sometimes they even call off school by the time you go to bed. This is nice because you can sleep in and there's no worrying involved. You start planning your day off and there's nothing better than planning a free day!

3.) The third best way is not even an entire snow day. It's just when you get sent home early. You see the nasty stuff coming down out the window. You can tell there is a special vibe going around. Then, you get the announcement, you're about to be free! This one is equally as exciting because I think this one applies to grown ups as well. I'm not sure how many times in my life my work will be all together cancelled, but I think that being sent home when a blizzard is about to hit isn't totally out of the question. Also, these can be fun when the person in charge jumps the gun and sends everyone home because they don't want to be responsible for wrecks...then the storm never hits. That's always pretty funny.

4.) The last Snow day situation is by far the worst. It's the "delayed opening." What? So we just have to go to school an hour later than normal? Seriously? There is no way the roads are any safer one hour later than they are at the time of normal commute. Plus, this throws the parents' days off too because now they have to arrange to get their kids to school an hour later than normal. Delayed opening...what a slap in the face!

So yeah, it doesn't get much better than a snow day. So while I sit here, filled with Christmas cheer, excited because I may get a new car this week....all I can really focus on is whether or not this supposed storm will either hit soon enough to send me home a bit early, or whether this storm will hit so hard I won't have to go to work tomorrow. I'm banking on both!

Sigh, it's not going to happen...but a boy can dream can't he?

Song of the Day: Jack Johnson - Monsoon
Beer of the Day: Abita - Turbo Dog


StickerMania6513 said...
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Brian said...

Stickermania, you seem like a decent guy...but can you see that this is a bit weird? Bottom line, I don't know you. I wish the world were simple enough that I could just trust you...but I can't. If you want post a comment with a little bit of info about yourself(which will only be seen by me)that would be greatly appreciated. If not, I'll be forced to shut down the blog until I can use the "visitor" tracking software that provided me with and figure out more about who you are and where you're located. I don't mean to be an ass...but this is all making me a bit uncomfortable. Take care man, hopefully we can solve this situation.

Leigh said...

Yeah, Stickermania, you're ruining the world for everyone. Get a life and stop loving stickers and Maker's Mark so much. You're a pathetic loser.