Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Hangover


Yeah, I realize it's four o'clock and the blog has been silent so far today...that's because today sucks. Don't get me wrong, I had a great Christmas...great people, great food, great was spectacular. However, the first day of school/work after Christmas is and always will be the second worst day of the year. (The 1st is obviously the day that UofL's basketball season ends...unless it ever ends with a National which case it becomes the best day of my life). So yeah, it's sunny and kinda warm outside...and I'm not happy. I hope you guys had a great Holiday as well...and I hope you're dealing with the first day back better than I...unless you haven't gone back which case...bite me.

So, instead of giving you guys a long and unnecessarily pessimistic post because I'm down today...I'm just gonna end it and hope tomorrow will be better.

Sorry for being Johnny Boo-Hoo....I just don't like it.

Talk to you tomorrow.

Song of the Day: Common - Be
Beer of the Day: Miller High Life

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