Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas Week!

Good Monday Gang!

How is everyone? Good Weekends?

My time in Charleston was great, visiting with Taylor and Christmas shopping took up most of the time. Friday we drove home through a ridiculous blizzard. It sucked. I'm not lying to you when I say that it either rained or snowed the entire time we were driving and the usual 9 hour drive took us 14 was grand. But, we're here now and we're safe!

Saturday Taylor, Lautaro and I traveled to Murray, KY to visit Will's home town. Danielle and Roy Lee came along and we enjoyed seeing Will's home town and dining at the Big Apple Cafe. Also, Laut, Taylor and I beat the other three in a gingerbread house contest. Boom!

Yesterday was a day of relaxing and such to get ready for this week!

This week always is my favorite week of the year. Lots of fun, food, smiles, and booze! Here's how my week is looking.

Finish Christmas shopping, possibly go see "Fantastic Mr. Fox"

Tomorrow: Drinks with Mom and Ben to celebrate Pop's birthday after work. Followed, by Christmas with my step-mom's family.

Wednesday: Dinner with much of the fam for my grandma's birthday. UofL vs. LA Laf.

Thursday: Christmas Eve. See the fam, wear Christmas sweater, open a present or two, watch Christmas Story while I try to fall asleep...hoping Santa will be good to me.

Friday: CHRISTMAS! Open presents, give presents, play with new toys, visit with family, have a few holiday cocktails, be merry.

Saturday: Sadness sets in.

Sunday: Sleep.

There's obviously much much more to this week, but that's the Cliff's notes. Anyway, I'm excited for Christmas week to be here and I hope all of you have wonderful holidays as well.

Merry Christmas Week!

Song of the Day: Frank Sinatra - The Christmas Waltz

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