Monday, December 28, 2009

On to the New Year...

Good Monday!

Everyone have a great Christmas? Santa good to you guys?

My Christmas was wonderful. Lots of family time, got to see some old friends on was all you could ask for.

Now then, we're plowing through right on to the new year...2010!

Side note: Are we supposed to call it "twenty-ten" or "two thousand ten?" I'm leaning towards twenty-ten, but I just don't know about that.

Anyway, since we have little time between now and then (only three more days) I've decided to change things a little bit...I'm going to be releasing top 5 lists from 2009 and possibly the entire decade! I need to take tonight to plan these lists out in my head (favorite music, movies, sports, etc.) But, when I do finally come up with some...I'm just going to post them immediately. That's right, we have the potential for 3 maybe even 4 blog posts in one day! I may post one tonight, but if not...they'll start tomorrow morning for sure.

If you have any suggestions for a category, or want to comment your top 5's from the decade or year...please do so, it's always great to hear from you guys.

So yeah, check back often as we send out the decade in style!

Song of the Day: Ben Folds - Still Fighting It

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